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“I don’t care if that toy gun is plastic,” Leni Calas tells the reporter. “I mean, he’s brandishing a firearm and I don’t care if that firearm is plastic. That’s unacceptable.” Note that the video above edits out the bit about “brandishing a firearm” (which is included in this story). And the assertion that Zbigniew Pawlowski’s kids pointing the plastic pistol at the other kids? I doubt it. Bottom line: this brace of busybodies in a New York City park knew Jack Powlowski was playing with a toy gun and called the cops. The cops knew it was a toy gun used for play, arrested him and charged him with reckless endangerment, endangering the welfare of a child and violating city weapons laws. Unbelievable. Or not. The next thing you’ll tell me is that New York State troopers arrested a gun owner for loading more than seven rounds in a legally registered firearm. Oh, wait . . .

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  1. GodZilla just did an epic face palm over Tokyo! Really?? Seriously?? How stupid are these people?

  2. Eh, no tears from me on this one. As uppity as those “activists in training” soccer moms sounded, I doubt they would’ve been as supposedly alarmed as they were if it had been a couple of Nerf guns in their orange and yellowy plastic glory.
    That little silver-painted M9-ish looking one, in a grown man’s hands, is a DGU gone wrong waiting to happen.

    • I have to agree. Where’s the orange thing on the end of the barrel that is supposed to proclaim “This Is A Toy”?

      • Yes exactally. so the PD doesn’t shoot you when they show up. Another reason the cheap ones are clear plastic so you can tell the difference between real firearm and a bb/airsoft/starter pistol. Why it is illegal to remove the orange tip.

  3. Airsoft guns are illegal in NYC technically je was breaking the law. The fact they would ARREST him over this bs is inexcusable.

    • Really? Damn, that’s insane. We need some common sense. Well, NY, and NYC especially, seems to be a lost cause.

    • Airsoft guns usually aren’t illegal, don’t live in NY. But removing the orange tip usually is.

      Fact is if most on this board saw some tool at the playground pull out something that looks like a HK 9mm and point it at your 2yr-old, you would probably either have them on the pavement or running away…. after you show them the business end of your carry pistol.

      The gun in the cell phone picture looks like the cheap Walmart airsoft pistol the HK M9 that sells for $30. Of course he removed the tip and painted it chrome. That pistol shoots a .20gm airsoft bb (hard plastic not soft and rubbery at all) at 300fps. It leaves welts and bruises even through blue jeans. It could break skin at close range that is soft like inside of arm, neck, cheek of an adult or anywhere on a 2yr-old’s body (he and his kid were aiming it at 2yr-olds). It certainly will easily blind someone if shot in the eye. This ‘cheap’ airsoft pistol shoots harder than the famous Red Ryder. who here on this board would be OK with some tool shooting at or around your toddlers. These ‘mothers’ who called the cops only did so after they asked him to stop shooting at and the ‘father’ told them to get bent.

      Who here is just going to let some stranger shoot anything anywhere near your toddler that is capable of leaving welts, possibly breaking skin or putting out an eye. Everyone is faulting the mothers, why? what did you expect them to do? Airsoft guns are not cap guns that make a pop sound. Not nerf guns that fire a foam dart at 25fps.

      In my airsoft guns that I use at the fields my BBs are biodegradable that have the hardness of glass and have broken windows in cars. My pistol shoots only at 375fps but at 30 feet will make anyone dance.

      This guy broke every rule of gun safety and then let his kids do the same. After being asked to leave, refused, rudely.

      what he did will get him in trouble. he will end up paying a fine and probably community service (cleaning up the park where he left the bbs would be justice, someone has to clean that crap up).

      • Your “justice” is a socialist pile of horse cookies. NYC has went the way of Germany in late 30;s under Hitler.
        If NYC got swallowed up in a large sink hole, as long as my nephew was out of there, it would be a good start.
        All socialist, nit picking, lib tard, weak kneed , cry babies can stay and take you socialist utopia with you. Friend of mine had new job, NCIS investigator, had to lay over and decided to go look for present for wife, perfectly legal, federal permit papers, temp badge, etc.
        One phone call/web call and NYPD could have verified who he was.
        Well he is in the garment district looking at dresses, yes he knows his wifes measurements, and 14 swat tackle him, two on top are beating him in face and neck, he is yelling he is NCIS agent.
        Well they finally mace him, tazer him twice.
        He gets two scratched cornea, broken ribs, chemical inhalation burns from improper deployment of the mace.
        He is battered, bleeding, and even had bruised heart, well the surrounding sack it sits in.
        His service firearm is nearly destroyed by idiot cops that kept beating it up, dropping it on concrete, they stole all his cash, two credit cards, lucky him they were govt issued, lost his wedding ring which was an antique from his wifes grandfather,,,it wound up in pawn shop but later was released.
        The NYPC wouldnt appologize, wont take responsibility and they were using video from this farce as “training video”.
        Took his director and some extra clout from home office to jsut get him to hospital and released.
        Idiot judge kept stopping him from leaving town, he missed a surgery his wife had, and being able to take care of his kids.
        FINALLY they got a federal judge to very deftly put some serious pressure on the NYPD and head of NYC court then they basically had to fly in several federal agents to get him out.
        He is still dealing with NYC stupidity.
        NOW if cops had came to his apartment, confiscated the gun, gave him a big ticket and left, the antis and the idiot mayor of their home town would never have anything to crow about.
        NOW its gonna cost him and city, probably hundreds of thousands of dollars for little of nothing oh and here is to hoping those two bee-yatches have to wait hours for cops while they are afraid of some noise outside and the minutes away cops are hours late for nothing wrong,,, maybe if they were scared enough to call 911 but for a nothing situation, ie they are scared but have to wait for hours to get reassured that nothing bad is wrong.
        Those idiot women, I hope, never have anything happen where they WISHED for a real gun with more than 7 bullets to protect them selves. But karma may shine a nice light on them sometime. Who knows.

  4. I fled NY GUN LAWS back in 2001.

    I can’t imagine living under that kind of dictatorship.

  5. If this insane parent wasn’t stopped, he could have taught his children how to mold assault pop-tarts.

  6. Going to a “park” and playing with a rubber pellet gun is pretty dumb, and I wouldn’t do it, but how is that endangering the welfare of a child? And possession of an illegal BB gun? Honestly, NY is full of p*ssies. I think the Michigan militia could conquer the state…

    • One of the women claim the father allowed his daughter to aim the toy gun at other children.

      Maybe that’s where it comes from, or maybe they just see what sticks.

      • So what? It’s a harmless toy. “I hope he undrestands why people were upset…” I hope she understands why I think it would be better if she did not reproduce.

        • I guess you’ve never been shot by an airsoft pistol. they usually leave welts. no one would condone the guy if he were shooting a paintball gun. The average fps out of a paintball gun is ~250. I think the gun this tool had was a walmart HK M9 which shoots at 300. just look up youtube videos of idiot shooting eachother with them in the back yard.

  7. There was a post sometime back from the NY State Troopers asking gun owners to please not shoot them as they are only doing their jobs. Pathetic.

    • And if that doesn’t work I’ll claim the be “offended”, establish myself a “victim”, and exert power over you that way. But either way, you will bend to my will.

    • The mantra of the leftist, and why they’re insidious monsters that can’t be trusted to coexist with free Americans.

  8. This is REALLY SCARY
    This sort of Fascism migrates quickly. Idaho is looking better all the time!

  9. I love how the news articles all report the gun as a “pellet” or BB gun and not as an Airsoft gun. Pellet/BB guns are much more dangerous than Airsoft guns.

    While the airsoft gun was illegal, the difference is huge in judging this man. BB guns kill, airsoft guns might hurt an eye.

    • You must not have a old gas powered airsoft gun, like my JAC M16A1 which runs off a external tank like a paintball gun. You can also get metal 6mm airsoft rounds. But yeah, in all likely hood this guy just had a spring powered airsoft gun whos power is laughable.

    • BB guns kill? A Red Ryder is deadly? I had one and we used to shoot each other in the butts all the time and only got a little red mark. What kind of BB gun are you talking about?

      • Well it depends on the quality and brand of course. Our BB airguns when we were kids could take many forms of small game when pumped enough. I think many of the spring firing guns (like the Red Ryder I suppose) don’t get high enough velocities to do any real damage.

        That may be the distinction between a BB gun and a pellet gun, though I know ours shot BBs back in the day.

      • There’s a woman, in my town, who’s facing a murder charge. She shot a man, who was arguing with her boyfriend, with a BB gun. The BB lodged in his lung. He died the next day in the hospital.

        • new article reference please. not saying you are lying, I believe you, but a reference would add credibility.

  10. It is a lack of awareness on Mr. Pawloski’s part not to say to himself “I live amongst petty tyrants and utopian liberals jackasauruses and therefore should not come too close to the line in my behavior in public regarding guns as I will likely trip someone’s fragile sensibilities or self-righteous anger. Furthermore, the cops in Michael Bloomberg’s NYC might not take the sensible, view of anything having to do with guns.”

    If you choose to live in NYC this is a mental calculus that you must make. Sad to say.

    • “Fragile sensibilities”? If we worry too much about them, we will have a permanent tyranny of the majority.

  11. The dad should have been more aware of the current political
    environment and did something stupid. That said, those do
    gooder moms seem very proactive with the neighbor-hood
    watch thing and, to paraphrase, they wouldn’t take things lying
    down. Let’s band together and get them to move to Brownsville
    or Clinton Hill and get them to work their busybody magic.

  12. More kids lives saved by the relentless vigilance of people with their heads up their posteriors. They must have been wearing glass belly buttons to see the events unfold. I hope trauma specialists were called in for the children exposed to this horrific incident. I am also very unnerved. I’m going to rest untill my heart rate comes back down.

  13. Good to know there is no real crime in NY to worry about. Don’t they have some people to arrest for concealed 32 oz sodas?

  14. Okay, facepalm time. How stupid do you have to be to play around with a look alike toy gun in NEW YORK CITY!!! This is the place where they elected BLOOMBERG for Mayor.

    There is not a person with a brain in the entire city. Including this dipwad. More stupidity…………..

  15. While I think this particular law is stupid, BB and pellet guns are illegal in NYC. And no you shouldn’t bring a bb gun to a public park and give it to your three-year old to waive around on a bicycle. What did this guy think was going to happen? NO sypathy at all.

    • It was NOT a BB gun, for cryin’ out loud! It was an AIRSOFT. Somehow your reading comprehension seems to be lacking…

      • William, look up youtube videos of people playing airsoft. There is nothing “soft” about airsoft. The BBs are hard plastic. I myself use a biodegradable ‘glass-like’ bb. capable of breaking a windshield. Not at all like the Red Ryder.

    • Indeed. Sometimes people who don’t pay attention won’t realize how far things have fallen until it begins to affect them. I hope good people in places like NYC – and trust me, good people are few and far between there – begin to feel the sting until they fight back.

  16. Many here seem to mix up NYC with NYS , 2 different planets really . Where I live carry permits are easy to get, good for life,no classes to take. My neighbors,friends, co workers all carry and own all kinds of long guns,we grew up hunting,fishing,trapping .

    Sad part is NYC has the population so,we get who they elect.

    • Sure, but you’re still limited to 7 rounds (I get 1o – yay is me!), no ARs, etc.

  17. these wimpy kids and thier parents should move on down here to SC along with
    all the other red necks around here. my brother and i used to shot each other
    in the ass with a 1970 daisy bb pistol. best fun i ever had.makes you grow like a man to take some pain in the ass. they realy would freak out hearing all these
    guns being fired 7 days a week. great place to live free and shot and shot for
    freedom. bang, bang finger point. stick it NYC.

    • best fun i ever had.makes you grow like a man to take some pain in the ass

      Did you really intend to say that? Cause it could mean things a lot worse, or are you a little “funny”?

      • just being funny. its a shame kids cant be kids any more.
        all we had to do as kids back in 60s & 70s was to play army
        or cowboys with our toy guns.

    • SC resident here. For the love of god, don’t invite anymore of those idiots here. The have the side effect of bringing their voting habits with them.

  18. Doesn’t the offending object actually have to *be* a firearm for anyone to be “brandishing a firearm?”

    “…I don’t care if that firearm is plastic.” What that kid has was no kind of arm at all, lady. I can understand being irrationally afraid of guns – everyone’s got hangups – but this vicious dishonesty is repulsive.

    • In certain contexts, no. If you use what looks like a firearm to rob a bank, it will be no defense to armed robbery that the instrument was in fact a plastic replica. After all, you wouldn’t expect the bank teller to ask the perp “excuse me, could you demonstrate that you are carrying an actual, honest to your deity of choice, loaded firearm?”

      Of course not, you take it at face value.

      If you rob a house with a replica and you get shot, you will still be able to claim self-defense and reasonable use of force.

      The same could be said for brandishing, and in fact it could be logical to extend it to brandishing since, except for the fact that this took place in NY, brandishing a replica could result somebody else’s use of force.

  19. I own firearms, adult airguns, and a very realistic looking airsoft Thompson submachine gun. I live in town, so I only shoot the airsoft in the privacy of my backyard. Anytime I transport any of my guns, I place them in a case. I don’t want to alarm anybody. Obviously, after this fool started shooting, it became apparent it was a toy. That doesn’t excuse his recklessness or his lack of concern for others. He makes the rest of us look bad. We don’t need anymore bad p.r.

    • Walking on eggshells around phobics only heightens their sensitivity and will ultimately make our situation worse.

      *Every* kid should be pointing toy guns at everyone every day until people stop noticing.

  20. I don’t know who needs to be hit harder, the man for thinking it was a good idea, (especially in such a communist state) the police for taking it seriously, or the mother for thinking that anyone gives a sh*t about her opinion because she’s a mother. Seriously what is it with mothers thinking that the world revolves around them?

    • It revolves around them when they are in their opinion defending their kids. Or when they know a city councilman

  21. He’s history’s greatest monster. I take it the only reason he hasn’t already been drawn and quartered in the public square is that authorities are awaiting official approval of the punishment from PETA.

  22. Sad thing is, I just left Upstate NY, where this would not have happened. The entire upper 2/3’s of the state of NY is held hostage by the NYC political machine (Albany’s the capitol, but it’s tail-wag-the-dog). The whole state gets a bad wrap because of these busy-bodies.

    • That is why NYC needs to become its own city state. Then it can implode on itself after it goes beyond full retard.

  23. I grew up in an anti gun liberal family in a mostly liberal Connecticut town but I was always allowed to have toy guns. I was able to carry my toy guns around town without question and I even remember running up and down through some of the neighborhoods playing with freinds who also had toy guns. Fv@% I even had inert grenades strapped to my belt from a surplus store. That was barley 20 years ago.

  24. I bought my own .22 with paper route money when I was 11 and could ride all over this county with it on my bike, and no one thought it was unusual. We were expected to act like we had good sense, and not allowed any other options. It was a matter of pride to be trusted, you just didn’t violate that trust.

  25. While not criminal it was a poor choice to use something that appears real to an untrained observer. That said, the blond felt so threatened that she approached him and asked him to leave and then called the cops.

    • I’m losing all sympathy for people who do live in places like that, they are getting exactly what they ask for. I do resent that they try to impose their stupid ideas on the rest of us.

      • I’m losing all sympathy for people who do live in places where they need to carry a gun, they are getting exactly what they ask for. I do resent that they try to impose their stupid ideas like CCW on the rest of us

        fixed it for you

        • Depending on someone else to defend your family is the most insidious surrender of self to the state you can descend to. It is the sort of attitude which turns free men into serfs, citizens into subjects. If you don’t know this you are already there.

  26. a plastic pellet gun- It shoots small light weight plastic that will do no more that the light bee sting effect- you can shoot the palm of your hand and not be scared as most of the frightened children that have been brain washed into being afraid of their own shadows, and all the Trillions of terrorists all living in your towns- You idiots are being duped and trained right out of your heads- I pity the ones of you who believe this crap is justified and needed- You’re some chicken-shit dumb-asses- You play right into their plans for disarmament and then the slaughter of millions- You’re going to wish you had never complained- And you will hate yourself as will those of your fold, that your carelessness neglected to warn or educate in truth- They will push crap on our streets and in our homes before they do all of us the ‘same way’ that they did to 25 other Countries that lay wastelands and the Life destroyed as Millions of un-armed Civilians are robbed, raped, and murdered and all animals killed in horrific fashions- Then these brave monsters return home to become cops- ‘SMILES’ wesley thompson

    • obviously you haven’t been shot by an airsoft gun lately. And besides, they were shooting at and around 2 yr-old toddlers in a crowded park.

      You mean to tell me that if a stranger shot your toddler with a “low powered” 300fps with .20gm BB that feels like a in your words “a bee sting” and made your toddler cry you would be OK with it. What would you tell little Johnny or Susie… man-up a little its not like you are 1 year old anymore. OR would you approach the asshole and politely ask them to leave (or punch them in the mouth your choice). and when they refused would you then just let them, or would you call the cops (or punch them in the mouth again). So I ask you, if you wouldn’t take some stranger popping your kid with a BB, why do you expect these mothers to? Did you expect the mothers to punch the father in the mouth?

  27. Fvck New York and the communists who live there. My apologies to the rational individuals stuck in NY – clearly there are a host of LEOs and detectives who will dutifully enforce asinine laws. I don’t believe I’ll ever visit NY again – definitely not NYC.

    • My wife is enthralled with New York. I’m just glad she doesn’t want to live there. I have no desire to live there. When I travel to NY for business I try to spend as little money as possible.

  28. These people should be killed……with real guns.
    You fail Darwin, you die.
    The traitorous swine who enforce the 7 bullet rule should be tortured before death.

  29. I had a friend in High School whose Mother didn’t let him possess, play, look at, etc. toy guns or real guns. After we graduated in June, 1966, Bennie went out and joined the Marine Corps. Did ground combat in VietNam. Came back and did the full tour with the Kansas City, Missouri, police department and retired.

    So much for keeping toy guns away from your kid.

  30. I hope he files a civil rights lawsuit that bankrupts the city and I hope Leni Calas finds death very soon. That level of stupid should not be tolerated to live in society.

    • Next, NYs arrests Death at Leni Calas’ insistence. He is charged with brandishing an agricultural implement in a residential area.

  31. “I don’t care if that toy gun is plastic,” Leni Calas tells the reporter. “I mean, he’s brandishing a firearm and I don’t care if that firearm is plastic. That’s unacceptable.”

    I don’t care that the Barbie doll is plastic. I mean, they’re keeping women sealed in plastic blister packs with no food, water, or ventilation and I don’t care that they’re just plastic. That’s unacceptable.

  32. Insanity has become the new norm apparently. At least in New Jack City. Thank goodness I moved out of there years ago.

    Anyhow, I played with toy guns all the time as a kid. Both in public and in private. Even in New York- Long Island to exact.

    Somehow I managed to never become a violent person, and I even complete a Doctoral level degree too. I must have been one of the lucky ones who avoided the toxic and evil consequences of playing with plastic guns.

    So, what’s next? Ban citizens (including kids) from even THINKING about firearms!

    Wait. I better not give them any ideas!

    • If you look at some of the reasons schools are punishing
      kids when firearms are involved (or paper, poptarts etc),
      you’ll see they are well on the way to banning thinking
      about firearms. Besides most Universities and schools
      banned critical thinking years ago.

  33. “The next thing you’ll tell me is that New York State troopers arrested a gun owner for loading more than seven rounds in a legally registered firearm. Oh, wait . . .”

    Hardly comparable RF. We can disagree all day with NYS as to whether their laws should be struck down or make sense, but until struck down, they are the law of their land.

  34. The women and police are probably doing greater harm to those children by putting their father at risk for lost wages, a potential police record that may affect his hirability and opportunity for promotion.

    The father was an idiot for expecting nothing to go wrong in today’s political hoplophobic environment, but so were the police and the accusers for having him arrested. Just a whole lot of stupid all in one place.

  35. I doubt they’ll be able to make the “weapons charges” stick, but reckless endangerment might make a twisted kind of sense.

    Should one of NYs “finest” show up and “decide” to let loose 41 shots, a kid or another cop might be harmed.

    Stranger things have passed muster in municipal courts.

  36. I think the father in the video was completely in the wrong. I watched the video and saw the cell phone pictures. The mothers in the video obviously don’t know what a firearm is, so anything that looks like a gun it treated like a gun. The ‘father’ removed the orange plastic tip (what got him in trouble) and spray painted it chrome to resemble a real firearm even more. He broke rule #1 of gun safety and pointed it at people (kids younger than the kindergardeners that got shot up at Sandy Hook). I thought everyone here on this board is for safe responsible gun use/ownership. Many of us teach our children with a BB gun then go up to a .22LR from there. The father in the video let his kid run around pointing a gun that shoots something at other kids. Who on this board would let their kid point a BB gun at any stranger. When I was a kid we shot a cow with a BB gun and got our asses busted, and rightfully so, by Dad and had to fix the fence the cow ran though.

    The gun in question is an airsoft pistol. It shoots a 6mm hard plastic BB that weighs 0.12gm-0.40gm. It shoots anywhere from 200-400fps, faster than a paintball, and faster than many BB guns. This isn’t a cap gun that just makes noise. The BBs leave welts and feel like getting a bee sting. SO IT HURTS.

    The father was shooting it in a crowded park. Letting his kid aim it at 2 yr-olds and other kids. If some tool was shooting your toddler with a BB that HURTS would you not put a stop to it? Why did everyone expect the mothers in the video just to lay down and take it? Because we have our rights…. That include violating the right of a toddler to play in peace at the park?

    One of the biggest complaints gun advocates have with the gun-grabbers is that their arguments are all based on emotion, no facts. We have had an all out assault on our 2nd Amendment rights since Obama was reelected. We have become sensitive to every attack that seems like a gun-grabber attempt that we automatically just fight back without looking at the merit of the argument.

    This is an emotional issue for us. Everyone is posting, “I wish the mom would just die”, “what a bunch of pussies”, “oh, its just a toy, it doesn’t hurt that much”, “give me a freaking break”.

    I say it is emotional because no one has bothered to check FACTS. Just look up “kid gets shot by air soft gun” in your favorite search engine like Yahoo/Google and watch some videos before making a semi-informed decision/posting a semi-informed comment. Almost every one of the videos feature some idiot kid dancing after he volunteered to get shot by a buddy like a scene from the movie Jackass. Or better yet get an air soft pistol for yourself and shoot some tin cans. If you can poke holes in a tin can you can certainly leave a welt (cause significant pain) to a toddler.

    I actually wonder if this stunt was orchestrated by a gun control advocate. If you saw the picture you could image that on the front page of a paper. A middle-aged white male pointing what looks to be a 9mm into a gun-free playground through the fence at kids.

    We should be most vocal when someone is doing something stupid with a gun. If we don’t hold irresponsible gun owners, even if the guns are BB guns or AirSoft guns, accountable, we are leaving it to others to do it. And their solution is just to ban everything.

    • The father certainly was a dork in the way he acted as you described (almost like he wanted to make a splash).

  37. hey, you never know. If I was another parent and saw the guy playing harmlessly with his 3-year-old, I would assume he was Osama bin Laden’s gay lover with a mini-nuke in the trunk of his car and training the 3-y/o how to blow up New York City. On the other hand, the first time I saw him click the toy gun, I might actually mind my own business or at most advise him of the possibilities.

  38. Those mothers are pretty stupid. That guy is also pretty dumb as well. In NYC there are muggings and you really can’t defend yourself no guns no tazers no weapons, the criminals know that so they aren’t scared to swing at an old man or a young women because they can’t do anything about it I live in philAdelphia PA and I sometimes go through very bad neighborhoods I have be beat up by groups of thugs on more than one occasion thank god that won’t ever happen again glock 17 has 18 rounds ready to go at all times and usually have a spare 33round mag or two in my pocket. When criminals see weakness they capitalize NYC is filled with a bunch of people with no knowledge on firearms and they are a weak society. Oh yeah one more thing the NYC giants suuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkll!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Most airsoft guns are not allowed to be sold in NYC due to city ordinances against realistic toy guns. NYC requires that all realistic toy or imitation firearms be made of clear or brightly colored plastics. Furthermore, New York City makes possession of any pistol or rifle or similar instrument in which the propelling force is a spring or air unlawful without a license. New York City Administrative Code § 10-131(b) and New York City Administrative Code § 10-131(g)(1)(a)

    Don’t expect the NYPD to come knocking on your door to seize your airsoft guns unless you do something stupid (see below). Stay below the radar, be responsible and careful.

    Guide to avoid being arrested:
    Don’t display your airsoft guns in public view. The left-wing progressives will drop their cinnamon dolce lattes and call 911 faster than you can say Michael Bloomberg sucks!
    Don’t play airsoft games outdoors even on your own property since your neighbors will probably call the police.
    Don’t let your kids take airsoft guns to school or brag to their friends about your hobby. This will certainly bring the police and child protective services to your door.
    Don’t tell everyone about all the airsoft guns own. Your friends, friends, sisters boyfriend might be a cop and a little curious about your weapons arsenal.
    Don’t use the cool gun cases you got on ebay to transport you airsoft guns. Again neighbors might call 911 when they see what your putting in your trunk.
    Don’t “Gear Up” to impress the boys when they come to pick you up. Looking like you are headed for the battlefield or SWAT operation will draw too much unwanted attention.
    Finally don’t expect the police to understand that’s its just a toy. NYPD is infamous for its officers shooting first and asking questions later.

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