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“Marching (e.g., March for Our Lives; the Million Mom March) is good. Calling and emailing your congressional representatives is good. Letting Dick’s, Walmart and other businesses championing some form of gun control hear from you is good too. Supporting political savvy and increasingly effective national organizations promoting stronger gun laws is money well spent (especially when directed to Everytown for Gun Safety, the Brady Campaign and the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence).

“But the most important and serious action you can take, if you really want serious federal gun control successfully legislated, is to vote Democratic in 2018 and 2020.” – Greg Lee Carter in Serious about gun control? You have to vote Democratic at the federal level [via]

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    • There are lots of Dim voters, the problem for the enemy of our Constitution is that it is very hard to motivate their base to actually get out and vote. Significant numbers of these parasites never bothered to vote before Obama, and haven’t been to the polls since.

    • My mother was pretty much a stereotypical democrat except for one thing – she voted Republican because she didn’t like the Chinese – yeah I don’t get it either and told her so. My father is her mirror image – he is Republican about everything but hates Republicans (I think ’cause GHW screwed him somehow 27 or 28 years ago) and now he watches MSNBC and votes Democrat. According to them I voted twice last time, once for Hillary and once for the Donald because I didn’t vote.

        • Say what? I musta missed that, kinda busy in Saudi at the time, what was that all about? I know that in Dec ’91 GHWB had a 90% approval yet he lost reelection in ’92, you can tell me why?
          Schoolgoer? Safety? Human rights? Huh?

    • Boomer fudds, “true conservative” bill Krystal types, RINOs who think the Red Scare is still a thing

  1. Those that vote to undermine the US Constitution should literally be considered “domestic enemies/terrorists”. Therefore, seizing democrat voter registration rolls and democrat voting history should be a means to an end toward vicious persecution of those who are advocating, through voting, the destruction of our Constitution and national sovereignty.

      • “In order to save freedom, we must destroy the bonafide enemies of freedom”. FIFY

        Throughout our nation’s history we have never neglected confronting and destroying our enemies. Never in our history have we ever faced a more dangerous and insidious enemy, as they pose an existential threat to our Constitutional Republic. Our Founders warned us of these very “domestic enemies”, and gave us resources to remedy this threat. And only very recently, and as it turns out, presciently, delivered the ultimate tool in destroying this threat, once and for all…the Patriot Act.

        • Yep, take out the evil dems. Purify the country. And after they get rid of them guess who they eliminate next..
          Your type. Look at what has happened historically after violent revolutions.
          You,, pwrserge and the rest will be lined up as soon as they get rid of the dems.
          Remember our first was not a violent revolution. We did not kill off all who opposed us.

        • Our founders didn’t deliver the Patriot Act. That abomination of a law cuts against everything the founders believed in and wanted this nation to be. You’re a fool if you think weaponizing that fascist surveillance machine results in anything that resembles America.

    • You mean vote Republican? If only that meant the opposite outcome. Democrats are universally in favor of 2A infringement. Republicans are by no means universally protecting it. They’re gutless. The media simply brands them as being in the pocket of the NRA and they’r afraid of that.

  2. Yeah, the problem with that statement is, the democrats have become so unhinged that they are going to start pushing people away from their group.

  3. Or, you could just move to New Jersey and find out for yourself what living in utopia is like.

  4. And this is exactly why I am going to be voting republican for at least the next 10+ years. It’s not love for the republicans it’s that the other side is so bat **** crazy that stopping them from being anywhere near the levers of power needs to be job one. It’s comments like above that have turned me from someone who was willing to entertain both sides of an issue and voted across party lines to a single issue/single party voter.

    • Exactly.

      Here we are, roughly an eternity later — It’s been forever, right? Endless, repetitive, grinding, crushing same damn thing again and again. — and they still don’t get it. To their credit, they don’t get it because they’re working very hard to not get it.

      “But, but, but … he’s a horrible person!:” “Yeah, but look what’s happening; look what’s not happening?”

      The people who voted for Trump didn’t vote for Trump. They voted against HerSelf.
      They didn’t vote against Herself, they voted against the D’s.
      They didn’t vote against the D’s, they voted against what the D’s would do.
      They didn’t vote against what the D’s would do, they voted against what their constituencies would demand.
      They didn’t vote against the screeching hordes, as much as vote to keep themselves clear of the screeching hordes.

      When you burn a few major cities under color of law, the people like the ones who got burnt, start wondering: “Am I next?” “When will they get to me?”

      The people who voted for Trump didn’t so much vote for Trump. They voted to keep the screeching hordes at bay: they voted against their minions, and agents. And now, forever into it, the screechy people can’t stop screeching.

  5. It won’t work.

    The Dems are in the process of alienating their more centrist members. By the time they (and Trump) are done, the two major parties will be Republican and Independent/Unaffiliated.

  6. Baltimore is already blue. It can’t really get much bluer.
    But writers gotta write. Words counts and deadlines.

  7. There are 3 parties, DEM, GOP and IND. You will have difficulty in flipping a DEM, you can get them to eat their own like some animal do to minimize their impact but they won’t flip. Once turned on each other, their anemic voters turnout drops because ultimately everyone is out for themselves, not for the greater good.

    On the GOP side, we have to stick together and not splinter like the Dems tend to. The GOP shines when attacked – so I encourages the DEM to attack the GOP with everything they have. Bring out your most vile, arrogant and abrasive persons (check one), attack from all sides (check 2), and violate the rights of your opponents (working on this on). These attack will brings the GOP together with 100% certainty and the GOP voters tend to vote all the time because its their duty to their country and fellow citizens.

    The long path to continuing to win is to address the growing independent voters who have learned not to trust political parties. The IND voters says don’t tell me how good it will be, show me how good you are making it for us now. So far 1.5 years in most of of are doing better than the first few years under Dems. Watching the IND change course is slow, but is it happening.

    • What you say is very true, but the IND’s are Democrat leaning by a 2 or 3 to 1 margin. Fortunately, the Republican leaning INDs vote reliably.
      Exhibit 1: OC and San Diego “red” areas voter registration is roughly 40% DEM, 35% IND, and 25% REP; GOP & GOP leaning IND turn out nearly 100% and DEM/INDS are lucky to turn out 50% resulting in Republican wins by a very slim margin. The Dems also lose approximately 5% of people who vote Green Party to legalize weed and demand solar energy (this same group of greens got California to Make every new home after 2020 require solar).
      Gun ownership is highest in the north coast and Central Valley but these places elect a lot of DEMS. DEMS are reliably anti-gun but REPs are only sometimes pro-gun; the main issue that brings out the GOP is taxes: witness the car tax revolt and the recall of Josh Newman.
      Vote GOP because while we know guns won’t be GOP’s main focus, we have to contact REPs to make sure it stays on their agenda before they trade it away to Dems for a vote on taxes.

    • There are only 2 fundamental parties now: Nationalists and Globalists.

      You either act in the best interests of America and Real Americans, or you do not.

      Pro Tip: Neocons like Ben Shapiro are not on Americas side.

        • It’s because Mack has bought into the new version of anti-semitism… “I’m not an anti Semite… I’m just against Israel and it’s apertheid state!” And so this gives him the freedom to now attack Jews, because Israel.

          So Shapiro becomes a legitimate target. As do the rest of us.

          But it’s not because he’s Jewish… so it’s ok.

          For those saying Israel is apartheid … name 1 Jewish politician in any middle eastern country… now google how many Muslim politicians are in Israel. And then google what happened to the Jews in Iran or Syria 30 years ago.

          I’m now going to don my flame-retardant underwear.

        • Correct on all points. And on top of that, you’d be hard pressed to find a more principled, pro constitutionalist anywhere. And it can’t be argued that Shapiro isn’t freakishly brilliant. And yes, I didn’t agree with his never trump position. I voted for Trump because of my hatred of all filthy leftists, but he wasn’t my first choice. But it’s understandable how some people could feel like Trump wasn’t the right choice. And to be fair, Ben has come around with regards to how effective Trump has been, particularly his deft handling of judicial nominations.
          No need for the flame suit. This isn’t the unhinged, anti-Semitic left here.

  8. I voted Dim exactly once…in 1972. George McGovern was anti-Vietnam and I was 18. Hey back then slightly lesser of 2 evil”s. Nixon hated gun rights too. If you vote D now you’re just EVIL..😩

    • Same here! Had be 21 to vote. Since no longer military draft , needs to be raised back to 21.
      The whole thing about 18 year olds to be able to was the “if I’m old enough to die for my County, I’m old enough to vote”

      • Yeah, and here 45 years later we still have that, because teenagers are pretty reliably accustomed to having mommy and daddy take care of them, will pretty reliably vote Dem looking for continuing free stuff. Oh, that was McGovern in 1972, as well, hey, just take, take, take, never mind owing anything to your country. BTW, I came back from Vietnam in 1972, my brother came back in 1970 (in a box), next door neighbor came back in 1969 (in a box), I’d vote for military service required before you can vote.

  9. Some people are one issue voters.
    I am one of many.
    For me their isn’t a choice of voting for whom I wish.
    I have to go with the odds to keep my one interest alive and taken care of hopefully properly.

  10. You’d think the democrats would be savvy enough to understand if they dropped the gun control issue they’d probably have no problem remaining in power. has anyone ever met another person who voted for the democrats specifically because of gun control? Conversely, how many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, will not vote democrat specifically because of the issue?

    Now that i’m a bit older and wiser, there are many reasons i won’t vote democrat, but the gun issue got me away from them perhaps 5-10 years earlier than i otherwise might have.

    • You would sure as shit think that.

      I agree with the Democrats on many issues, mostly social, but the louder they get about guns, and the more they show their ignorance about the very thing they want to regulate, the further away I get from being able to vote for them any more.

      The only reason I have to maintain a D party affiliation is to be a one-vote moderating force in the presidential primaries, and since I live in a suburb of Seattle, that is the precise definition of “pissing in the wind.”

      WA has a top two primary system for all state level voting; no party affiliation needed. It only matters for the national elections, and those matter quite a bit.

  11. If you vote Dem, you are supporting gun grabbers 100%. If you vote Rep, you are support future gun grabbers also. Both parties are bought and paid for by the few people and corporations that run the industrial world.
    These people and corporations do NOT want guns(of any kind) in the hands of the public. They know that when they tighten the screws, they will be targets of true citizens(who do not want to be slaves).
    The up and coming voters need to know the truth about these parties, Dems(who pander to whatever group they might just get a vote from and take direction from those people and corporations) or Reps(who shill for those people and corporations). The real problem here is the 2 parties have got to go. We need to vote for freedom(in all its forms), support the bill of rights, and get rid of any politician who supports those people and corporations.

  12. I’ll give them credit for being honest for once.

    I think panic is definitely set in. Pure honesty is the last bastion of liars.

  13. I used to be a real middle of the road type guy…. Give each side a chance, listen to both, and then go for whoever seemed to offer the better deal regardless of party affiliation. Now thanks to Obama, identity politics, and idiot college kids I’m a single issue, single party voter.

    • I’m the same way. Extremely middle of the road on most things, most issues that people get worked up about I’m indifferent to, or I can see the pro’s and con’s to both sides. But when it comes to voting, I’m a one issue voter for 2A rights. I constantly argue with my brother about it, he thinks I’m a huge Trump fan. Personally I think he’s a narcissistic asshole most of the time, but Id vote for “Agent Orange” 10 times before Id vote for Killary and her ilk. I’m more than willing to let people live their own lives if they’ll extend me the same courtesy, but the left seems hell bent on telling me “what’s best” for me.

      • I view life and freedom pretty simply.

        If gay folks wanna get married let em just don’t say us straight married guys didn’t warn you….

        You wanna smoke pot smoke it.

        You wanna own guns sure buy all you want and a couple extra just in case.

        Anything you wanna do so long as it doesn’t infringe upon my freedoms to do the something you just go head and do it.

        Past that leave me alone and stay off my lawn. Before somebody mentions abortion, yes it is wrong but ultimately it is not up to me to legislate or dictate how someone should live their life so I have nothing further to say about it. Religion may well outlaw it, as it outlaws many things, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do it just that if you do go through with it you will face divine punishment in the afterlife.

        • “Divine punishment in the afterlife”, what a hoot! All the murder, greed, drugs, everything else, abortion is the least of your worry. Take it from me, god told me. Superstitions are cute.

  14. Getting more laws is the point?

    Silly me, I thought people not getting killed, robbed, menaced was the point?

    The point is people free to live their lives as they want; hard to do if you’re dead or coerced.

    • Wedge259 hit ona point in the post before your’s: the people that vote (D) tend to be narcissistic a**holes who know what’s best for you. They think everybody at their core is a mirror image of themselves and will do and think just like them, if exposed to the same push-and-pull factors that made them in to themselves. It’s just a matter of showing them the light and bringing them in for their own good. Since they never “killed, robbed, menaced” anybody, then it’s a self correcting problem….. “I just have to turn “them” in to me.”

  15. The Surefire Plan For Enacting More Gun Control Laws In America — Die!

    Because dead people vote Democrat.

  16. Ironicatbest enjoyed sending checks of substantial figures made out to Everytown for Gun Saftey then immediately calling his bank and cancelling that check. The small fee for the cancellation , he thought, was worth they’re dissapointmet

    • First you have to get close enough to use it, which in Washington, DC. “Isn’t” a Sure Thing. There are more Law Enforcement Agencies in WDC, than in any other part of the World…

  17. if you really want serious federal gun control successfully legislated, is to vote Democratic in 2018 and 2020.”
    Then you have to weed out the Deep State RINOs.

  18. Greg Lee Carter has recently written two gun control articles in the Providence Journal. Like this one, he constantly repeats his serious gun control measures list. He’s getting good at it.

  19. What can we do?
    involve more people in shooting. Ranges need to make to easier for new shooters.
    Take people to a range. especially journalists and politicians.


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