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It wasn’t a very good week for New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. She was on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show Thursday — the name of the show doesn’t really matter since no one actually watches it — and was asked about the prospects for passing federal level gun control legislation “to deal with the issues that seem to invariably surround these shootings.”

As Ryan Saavedra pointed out in his tweet, the Annapolis shooter didn’t use an AR-15, he didn’t use a bump stock, he didn’t use a “high capacity” magazine and he bought the shotgun legally that he used to murder five people, after undergoing a federal background check.

That’s a real narrative killer isn’t it? Well, no, not when you’re a Democrat Senator who’s been briefed over and over again on the approved party talking points so that she can perform like a trained seal when the little red light goes on. That means you push an “assault weapons ban,” bump stock regulation, a hi-cap magazine ban and universal background checks whatever the latest news might be.

The Senator knows what she knows and the facts really don’t have much to do with the party imperative of passing more gun control laws. All the consultants — just ask David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez — have told them this is a winning issue going into the fall. The inconvenient detail that these laws would do virtually nothing to reduce crime in general, or mass shootings more specifically is utterly beside the point.

Speaking of knowing what she knows, during the same interview, Cuomo asked Gillibrand about the new vacancy on the Supreme Court. Gillibrand knows that no Democrats voted for Neil Gorsuch and is sure that none will vote for whomever President Trump nominates to replace Anthony Kennedy either.

When you have to be corrected by Chris Cuomo, one of the dimmest bulbs on cable news, you really need to pick up your game, Senator.

In fact three Democrats voted for Gorsuch’s confirmation, Heitkamp of North Dakota, Manchin of West Virginia a and Donnelly of Indiana. All three happen to be in difficult reelection fights this fall in states that voted heavily for President Trump. And their prospects haven’t gotten much better.

But again, Senator Gillibrand knows that the Democrats hung together to oppose a dangerous radical like Neil Gorsuch. Just like she knows that infringing further on law-abiding Americans’ Second Amendment rights will finally DO SOMETHING about “gun violence” in America. Please, don’t confuse her with the facts.


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    • Yup…she used to be a “moderate” dem from the Catskill region. Then Upchuck took her under his wing.

    • She is pro-gun and pro-2nd amendment. She is just against assault weapons, shotguns, rifles of any kind, pistols, revolvers, single shots, muzzle loaders, flintlocks, wheellocks, air guns, slingshots, knives, nerf guns, toy guns and anything that uses force to propel a projectile. Everything else is just fine.

      • Harry Reed once has an NRA A rating and was considered pro-gun to win locally, but went with the DEM platform when it mattered and is for an Assault Weapon ban.

        • The best part about the Democrats/Socialist or whatever Party they really are is, banning Assult Weapons that flows so freely from their lips matches the lies from their lips! Okay attempt to do that but you can see she makes the old movie Clueless soon to be remade by the great creative individuals in Hollywood. There is no such Firearm named Assult Weapon, so knock yourselves out, using scary looking could be applied in So many ways, but I chose to refrain further out of kindness!

        • Thank you for pointing out the rubber band gun loophole. She’ll be sure to close it as fast as possible….. coming soon to a Florida fishing spot near you.

        • “FortWorthColtGuy says:
          … and anything that uses force to propel a projectile.”

          Sharp sticks are OK as long as you don’t throw them (or run with them, according to my Mama). Same with rocks, wrenches, hammers, boulders, and collapsing walls. JUST DON’T ALLOW ANYTHING TO BE MOVED AWAY FROM YOUR POSSESSION, BY A FORCE UNDER YOUR CONTROL!
          Earthquakes are OK, especially in California. And Washington, DC. And Broward County. And Chicago. And New York City. A motor vehicle that has had its brakes suddenly rendered ineffectual can pick up considerable speed when rolling down Telegraph Hill.
          I don’t recommend any of these methods, because ALL of our @A issues can be solved quickly if we all just sit down and talk it out, right?

      • Pretty sure I heard that after extensive study, she came out opposing matchlocks, too.

      • yes , that was the line she gave , but she said that was before she found out people were getting shot in the city , guess no TV or news papers were she lived

    • Democrats are progressives. There are no “moderates” in the democrat party. This is an argument I often have with liberal friends who really, really want to believe what they’ve always believed and, yet, can’t quite come to grips with the leftward drift of their party. They should know better, but they don’t.

  1. The truth does not matter. If a lie is parroted enough, people begin to reference it and it becomes accepted fact. Example: 43 times fallacy was debunked 20 years ago but still gets occasionally used.

    • Thats called time…. the days of her saying what-ever-the-hell-she-wants and getting away with it because she’s hot have long since passed. It happens to all hot chix eventually.

    • What !? Her? Come’on now Buttercup, she was never hot..

      Men should be taught to leave the pedestal alone.

    • I prefer brunettes….
      even though Bay Area’s own Kimberly Guilfoyle was with Gavin Newsome (healthcare for all and then the Presidency Newsom)

  2. He “legally bought the shotgun he used to murder people”, not “bought the shotgun used to murder people legally”……

      • Yeah Dave, you were not the only one that cringed when reading that. “shotgun he used to murder five people legally” has a totally different meaning than what I am sure was intended.

  3. Pro-gun DIM until they need to get PAID…curiously we have so-called pro 2-A Dims in southern Illinois. Good for NOTHING😡

  4. “…Chris Cuomo, one of the dimmest bulbs on cable news” That’s putting it mildly. He’s so stupid that if he was locked up in a grocery store for a week, he would starve to death.

      • anotherwords he is a carton short of a six pack….. too stupid to be a six pack short of a carton 🙂 but then most “modern” liberals are

    • At least he didn’t entertain the idea (on air) that the reason Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared was because a black hole appeared in the sky and swallowed it up. Don Lemon still the king of doofuses.

  5. The self esteemed bleach blonde air head in all probability,does not know which direction the sun rises and sets in,and that’s being kind.

  6. I really hate liars , tyrants , and I believe honesty is the best policy. If you are decent & honest .tell the truth , it’s much easier to remember. I believe these demonocRATS START off with a lie, followed by another lie beginning a cycle of ? You got it , lies !! The only thing out of their mouths is bullshit. The sick part is that so many people will listen to & believe said crap & it becomes factual in their minds. Get your facts straight & tell it like it is. Here’s a truth for all you Leftards. A gun is a gun. In the wrong hands it can be used to assault someone. Good people with any gun you can imagine have something called the 2nd amendment. It is a right under our constitution. It shall not be infringed upon. Those are truths you can take to the bank.

    • ” A gun is a gun. In the wrong hands it can be used to assault someone. ” You also do not need to fear an honest person with a gun because they are not about to shoot anyone unless they are about to be assaulted.

  7. Gillibrand is smart for a politician. Which is like saying that Peter Dinklage is tall for a dwarf.

  8. I’m not aware of to many things, but I know what I know if you know what I mean

  9. The story is already dead from a media point of view. Didn’t fit their narrative. Ignore it.

  10. The biggest mistake made was to vote for a Democrat because in today’s political climate there are no conservative Democrats. They all have been subdued by progressive Marxism that hates traditional American values and wishes to replace them with Socialistic Communism. All Democrats should be removed from office. They are more dangerous to America than any terrorist.

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