guns are in america's dna
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Presented without comment:

While wise men crafted what many today consider as a brilliant and enduring blueprint for a new nation, they were products of their times with individual human shortcomings and biases.

Just coming off a war of independence against one of the world’s great colonial powers, it was reasonable to expect the leaders to ensure people the capability of defending themselves against any potentially tyrannical government. In this regard, they established the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights granting people “the right to bear arms.”

Since then, firearms and their supporting culture have been encoded into the very DNA of U.S.-American identity and what it means to be “an American.” But what may have been “reasonable” in the 18th century, without substantial reform, ranks as unreasonable today. …

With the relatively easy access to firearms in the United States, few of us have not already been touched by the ravages of gun violence. Hardly a day goes by that we hear of yet another high visibility mass shooting, which doesn’t even begin to reflect the seemingly countless number of lives taken in small towns and large cities throughout the nation that never make it to the national spotlight.

What will it take for us to cease fighting insanity with insanity? How many more of our precious people of all ages will have their lives cut short under the banner of the “freedom to bear arms”?

What will it take for us to reverse the unholy alliance between corporate America and powerful pressure groups controlling politicians in the service of firearms manufacturers?

When is enough, enough?!

– Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld in How do we stop shootings when gun culture is encoded into the DNA of American identity?

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    • His web site tells us everything we need to know about him:

      Describes his research interests as follows: “Multicultural education, queer studies, special education, educational psychology, social identities (race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, socioeconomic class, religion, physical and mental abilities) and the ways in which they affect educational outcomes; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues in education; gender fair education; intergroup relations; school bullying; cyberbullying; Christian privilege; African American and Jewish American relations.”

      If that is not the definition of someone with a good foundation in logical thinking I don’t know what is…../s

      He has all the credentials to be a top candidate for the communist party USA (democrats).

      • I imagine something like this –

        “Each year tens of thousands die on public roads. What will it take for us to stop this senseless slaughter? How many more of our precious people of all ages will have their lives cut short? Travel by automobile is not a mere privilege which a city can prohibit or permit at will, but a common Right which he has under the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    • “Hardly a day goes by that we hear of yet another high visibility mass shooting . . .” This is a lie. “Mass-shootings” are actually quite rare which, of course, makes them seem all the more horrific when they do occur.

      • There appears to be a positive correlation between high profile shootings and pre-planned government visits on site prior, during, and after, to include instant c n n network coverage, unified msm propaganda and politicians who promise action, then as the front page news fades, so does their resolve.
        Vegas, IMO-IMFG Opine, was a much more complex chess game.
        Larps, n carps, fools become tools. Parkland occurred on Hildebeast turf, DWS, where Epstine had 57 counts, Federal PEDO, cut loose to state circuit. Epstine got 8 hours a night, at a flophouse, with no restrictions, the others, stI’ll in the Fed. pen.
        Yea, that’s the sheriff, Izzer, with the famous wahabbi deputy.
        Who was Epstine”s attorney? One Alan Dershowitz.
        Our politicians are in the bag, going along with total b.s. f.f. We are way in more deeply in the quicksand than we realize.

      • I thought the same thing as I read that. According to him, there’s a shoot-out at “12 o’clock high” everywhere.

        • A couple of difficulties that we always need to keep in mind.

          First, the US is a BIG country. We have about 1/3 of a billion people and a huge territory. We are ethnically and culturally diverse. There is a lot of opportunity for diversity of events to occur in such a place.

          Think, in contrast, of Iceland. Tiny country. Population 350,000; area of 40,000 square miles. Ethnically/culturally as uniform as one might imagine due to tight immigration and remote location.

          Second, communications in the US are ubiquitous and free. So, whatever the news of the day might be, it can easily travel and become published.

          Think, in contrast, of Africa or Asia. If terrorists shoot-up a village in some remote area Reuters won’t necessarily think it worthwhile to send in a reporter and camera crew. Local press might cover it and it might merit a back-page mention in some papers in our country – a week later.

          Couple the foregoing with a media with an agenda and we should easily understand why a few mass-shootings each appear prominently for 30 or so days. (Every day for a week; alternate days for another 2 weeks; once a week for the remainder of the year; and so forth.) Likewise, multiple DGUs are surpassed because – if reported at all – they are deemed to be of exclusively local interest. One appearance in the Times-Picayune; that’s it.

  1. Once again, the tyrants obfuscate the fact that the Bill of Rights does not grant anything. The Bill or Rights lists inalienable rights granted to all people by the mere fact that they are people.

    Of course it serves the goals of a tyrant to make claim the all rights are derived from the government as that means they can be taken away by that same government.

    • This right here.
      This is a big point that gun control advocates dont understand: The 2nd Amendment is talking about something that is TIMELESS. So the duration of time between then and now is irrelevant.

      The big point they try to make (as the article’s author clearly demonstrates) is that the 2nd amendment is somehow outdated or it doesn’t apply in its current form today. They try to smear the character of the founding fathers by asking “Who cares what a bunch of old white slave drivers said hundreds of years ago?”
      The founding fathers weren’t some group of benevolent geniuses that could commit no sin; actually some of the things they did were quite detestable. However, they did have the intelligence to recognize that the right to bear arms is something inherent in the simple fact that WE ARE HUMAN. THAT is what makes it TIMELESS!
      All organisms have the right to defend themselves for the sake of self preservation. This is a law of nature. As humans, we aren’t gifted with claws, horns or sharp teeth. All we have is our brain and the tools we can create. Therefore, as long as we are still humans in our current physical form, the right to bear arms will always apply. All the founding fathers did was write that observation down on a sheet paper.

    • Indeed, it was not “reasonable” in the 18th century, it was essential. And it still is.

  2. “What will it take for us to cease fighting insanity with insanity?”
    Amen! Tell your progressive brethren to stop screwing with our rights and focus on actually fixing the root of the problem.

    See also: 1st amendment is antiquated when it comes to stupid people today getting way too much exposure.

  3. Dr. Blumenfeld is obviously correct: the second amendment is an outdated artifact of a myopic era. Tyranny hasn’t occurred anywhere on earth since the late 1700’s. [citation needed]

    • My thought exactly. What have we learned in the last 230 years? That the founding fathers had no way of imagining the kind of tyranny imposed by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Ho Chi Minh, the Kim Jong family, Idi Amin, Bashar al-Assad, Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeini, etc. Surely if they had known that such tyranny would exist in the world they would have never enshrined the right to keep and bear arms in the Constitution. (sarc/off)

      • Governments devolve into mortacracies that commit democide on a monumental scale – to the tune of about 262 Million in the 20th Century (Jan 1, 1901 to Dec 31, 2000). That’s right: 262 million, and there’s an avalanche of data to support that conservative estimate of civilians murdered by governments over 100 years – at least 6 times more people than died in combat in all the foreign and internal wars of the century. Read it again and let it sink in: 262 MILLION.

        I would ask if he trusts his government now, and forever in the future, to protect him, keep him safe, and never commit theft or violence against him? Only a complete fool would answer yes when confronted by the evidence.

        If you have even the smallest doubt, then there is nothing to debate on gun control – the argument is over. Some people are unwilling to stake their life and freedom on suppositions concocted by intellectually lazy drones who exchange reason for infantile logical fallacies.

        If a choice is to be made, Mr. Blumenfeld will be a good and loyal serf, show his submission to the state whom he will call “Lord”, and to the mass murder that will inexorably follow.

        • spot on however i would also posit that the level of theft going on by govt even in the US right now is at a level the founders would have long ago risen up and hung the lot for and it is lesser in the US than here in australia or in most EU countries.

          part of the blame for it getting so bad is the introduction of govt controlled education system as children are being taught what to think and not how to think.

        • People like him will always assume that they will be on the top of the heap, when shif. The academics and politicians think they will be part of the protected class, too. That’s what happens when you live in a bubble.

          • I always thought, as social norms and civility are rendered to upheaval, those of the poison pen are always among the first to disappear, not flourish.
            Apparently, they are so busy trying to write the history they prefer that they fail to evaluate their value in the new paradigm.
            Me? I always embraced para-dijums…but they usually needed more garlic.

          • yes but they forget that bubbles dont tend to last and end up bursting. I hope their bubbles go up with a bang that is heard around the world

      • You’re actually write, they wouldn’t have enshrined it as a right. They would have made it mandatory if they could imagine the sheer scale of slaughter the next 200 years would see.

  4. Dr Blumenfeld, if you and your cohorts feel strongly about your position, then you’ve only got one legitimate action to take…. have the democrats campaign on the repeal of the Second Amendment through a Constitutional Amendment. Any attempt to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms through legislation should be deemed the highest crime against America with death penalty implications.


    • Excuse me!!! Repealing the Second Amendment will have zero impact on one’s inalienable right to self defense and to overwhelmingly crush tyranny. That right comes from God. The Bill of Rights merely recognized it to put potential tyrannical governments on notice. Heads up Progressives/Leftists/Socialists.

      • Absolutely right! The right protected by the Second Amendment exists for every Human Being. It existed before the Constitution and exists whether the Constitution was ever written or not. It will exist if the Constitution is abandoned or nullified.

      • Well, that is not entirely correct. The right would continue to exist, BUT….What it would do is remove the governmental guarantee against infringement.

      • If I remember correctly, the 1st ten amendments are part of the Bill of Rights and cannot be repealed. Correct me if I’m wrong. (I’m recalling 8th grade civics class.)

        • You are wrong. Simply being one of the first ten (originally twelve) gives those amendments no greater weight than the others.

          And don’t take that the wrong way; I don’t mean to insult you by saying you’re wrong – that’s simply a product of your (and my) liberal public education. In the decades since, I’ve done my best to counter the effects of it by reading and learning enough to fill in the holes, and to shine a bright light on the glaring lies we were told.

  5. If these geniuses think they have the masses behind them, then it should be easy to have the constitution amended.

    A century ago, the general government felt the need to amend the constitution to outlaw a chemical substance, alcohol. After the disastrous consequences, the constitution was amended again. Notice the distinct lack of amending the document a few decades later to outlaw other chemical substances, and with a surprise to absolutely no one with a brain, the consequences are once again disastrous.

    • At least Prohibition was passed and repealed in a totally lawful manner, where the “war on drugs” has zero constitutional foundation, has been illegal since day one, and that is over 50 years, now.

  6. ‘…it was reasonable to expect the leaders to ensure people the capability of defending themselves against any potentially tyrannical government.’

    So what’s changed in the last 230 years? Are tyrannical governments now more benign than they were in the 18th century? Have we evolved as a species so much in that time that wicked and evil men can now be assuaged by reasoning and maybe a group hug? I’d say history shows we need the 2nd Amendment more now than ever.

    • Last month I took a cruise to Cuba. I *strongly* recommend it to anyone who thinks governments can do no wrong. Hint; the average family income ranges from $30-50 per MONTH.

  7. Make America Venezuela again!
    Better yet, North Korea!!

    What has changed in 250 years?

    Not much.
    Your move.

    • There are plenty of posters here that would welcome a North Korean form of control of health care. And they pretend to support individual liberties.

      • And tell us what drugs did you consume to reach this intellectual conclusion?

        • WTF are you smoking.. Really? North Korean and healthcare are two terms I never thought I would hear (no, actually it never even occurred to me to put those two things in the same sentence, the same paragraph hell the same thought)… Do you even know who, what and or even where North Korea is? Their healthcare is much the same as their retirement plan, get sick, get well or die get too old to work, die…

        • Lots of people here fully support government control over an individuals health medical/health care. Not sure why you came unhinged over the a fairly obvious statement, at least obvious to someone with an IQ over 80 anyway

  8. The (not so) good doctor is toeing the progressive line, referring to “gun violence”. It does no good to point out that the problem is not an inanimate object but is the vast population of people who ignore laws to do violence.

    Conservatives continue to use logical and factual arguments to counter the left when it is obvious logic does not apply. The left spews a constant stream of emotional falsehoods on endless subjects and the useful fools soak it up.

    Until conservatives find a way to counter the emotional indoctrination of those useful fools we will continue to lose…I won’t say argument because there is no argument when the other side doesn’t hear; they block you out.

    In the long run, maybe ten or twelve years, the left will have full control of the government through demographics. After that happens the field of play will likely devolve into wide spread violence. Some will call it civil war, but no war is civil.

    Be Prepared !

  9. The thing he doesn’t understand is the reason that it was thought important to clearly enumerate our rights was so people like him couldn’t whittle them away over time. This includes the ability to defend those rights by force if required. Ruled by the enlightened has worked out fairly poorly over the centuries.

  10. Yeah, well that’s one guys opinion. He will never st policy. If anyone tried to do this they’d have a problem implementing it for sure. This ain’t VZ, UK, or NZ

  11. If the framers could come back and see what’s happening today, I believe their response would something like this, ” this is what we were warning about, keep your powder dry!”

  12. Hey, Doc, repeal 2A and get ready to relive the 18th Century. And LGBTQ folks like you will be the first to go.

    What a schmvck.

    • I don’t think it has as much to do with that as him being one of the revolutionaries; They never see that they are in the middle of the line to the guillotine even though they are pushing others towards it.

    • Sometimes I feel sorry for how STUPID these people are, but then I remember all who have fought and died to protect our freedoms and then my sorrow turns to straight hate…
      These people should definitely be careful what they wish for….smdh

  13. Like the man said, “You can’t fistfight tyranny”. It is more important today because a government is far more powerful today in relative terms compared to the 18th century and would much more difficult to resist making citizen ownership of firearms important. The leftists and other gun-grabbers know this. What the hell, even Machiavelli favored an armed citizenry and any ruler opposed to that untrustworthy.

  14. “Few of us have not already been touched by gun violence….” I guess I must be one of the few. Then again, I don’t live in the ‘hood, don’t live in California, don’t go to gay bars. Did worry about school shootings, but this was due to uncontrollable drug trafficking a few blocks from our child’s high school.


  16. Do these people never look at just what portion of political money is from the firearms industry and NRA? OpenSecrets makes it so easy to see that gun rights money is dwarfed by the scores of larger interests. I equate it to people saying that there is no manufacturing in the US anymore when easily available information handily quashes that notion.

    • Pharma lobby is largest in DC by miles. It is more than twice as large the oil and gas lobbies. Even AIPAC has power that would make the NRA blush.

  17. Just goes to show you what I’ve been saying for years now is true,,, give a idiot a piece of paper that says he some kind of brainiac & now he’s special & got his own soapbox,,, well guess what , he’s still a idiot…this is America, he’s free to move away if it’s so terrible here, & please do,,,

  18. The fact that this “doctor” is so hell bent on taking guns away from Americans, and getting rid of that “needless Second Amendment” so strongly, is every reason why we need it in the first place. I can only imagine how bad things would get in the United States if the Demon-Rats and RINO’s were successful. They are this bad now with Americans being armed. How much worse would it be if our Forefathers had not had the wisdom to know we would need that Second Amendment so many years later? Oh yeah, we would be getting shot like dogs, such as you find in other countries around the world.

    • He is a professor of queer studies. Here is his main credential:
      University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts, 2001. Area of Concentration: Social Justice Education

      Multicultural and Diversity Issues in Education Focusing on Sexuality, Gender Identity, Race, Religion, Ethnicity, Physical and Mental Ability, Biological Sex, and Socioeconomic Class.
      Doctoral Dissertation: “
      Black And Off-White: An Investigation of African American
      and Jewish Conflict from Ashkenazi Jewish American Perspectives”

      • What a resume, Vic. It is enough to make my brain hurt. It is too bad during this “doctors” “studies”, that he did not read up on what happens to people when they are disarmed and defenseless. Oh, such as the Jews during World War 2. But then again, this “doctor” seems to be all in favour of such-so long as it was not his sorry butt being thrown into the gas chamber.

      • Sadly, another wasted life. Poor Dr. Blumenfeld.
        Blumenfeld’s creds look like he is big pro-Diversity . Ah, ole Diversity. Liberal speak for Dilution.

      • SJWs appear to want to write dissertations about themselves more than anything else. Members of one “identity” rarely get a degree in another groups study. It seems a bit self-involved.

  19. The founders were also intimately aware that it wasn’t a 2nd Amendment that would primarily save a free people from tyranny … it would be a favorable alliance, because it was the French who ensured “ultimate victory” in the War of Independence:

    “France provided the money, troops, armament, military leadership, and naval support that tipped the balance of military power in favor of the United States and paved the way for the Continental Army’s ultimate victory, which was sealed at Yorktown, VA, five years after Franklin embarked on his mission.”

    Soooo … how does that impact Mr. Spartypants argument?

    • We got lucky on the naval support. A safe harbor from hurricanes was the thought, so they ended up there. We had a first rate experienced French officer among Continental ranks, he was all in.
      Other French were on the fence as they say. Scales tipped to savor the favor and it was a done deal.
      I had relatives, the “Carolinians” as they were called. Our pine pitch was the backbone on the British naval war machine. Pine pitch sealed deck and lapstrake planking. They floated.
      French came and said “We wanna buy all your pine pitch.” We replied, Yea, but we got all this turps too. Want the pitch, got a take the turps.”
      So, there was at that time, a grape blight in Froglandia, and the wine industry was ducking badly.
      My mentor, a Nuremberg war crime prosecutor, in the 70”s mention the wine Chateau Yakem. I never remember names, but this I did.
      Decades later, watching BBC Connections, it went into this conflict between the Brits and French. There was a French writer, a blue blood, who owned an estate, who had such vino problems. Seems ya can’t get good hired help, even back then, and apparently, some idiot got terps on a grape vine and dang, if it didn’t cure the problem.
      That estate, and the dude were named Yakem.
      Now, Judge McCoy has been gone since my last Christmas card was returned from Sevierville, Tn. He was a full Bird JAG, 30 years in Europe.
      We met in late 60’s. He carried a very desirable Beretta shotgun, over under, same strap as in the Godfather scene in Sycily.
      Scared the bejeepers out of me in his Turtleback Porche.
      A most refined, cultured man. I still say, they broke the mold when they forged our WWII people.

  20. Dear Doctor, Do YOU remember Dr. Josef Mengele? Politics and The medical community DON’T make good bedfellows…So Doctor for tyranny, look to thine own self…

  21. “10 Million school kids could die from ‘gun violence’ every day and it still would trump my natural right to self-defense”

    – meme that I enjoy

    • Comments are open on the sourced article. Those that civilly state objections haven’t been removed.

      • And he’s getting a *ton* of push-back in the comment section…

  22. Everything this Blumenfeld person said is antithetical to the concept of what it means to be a Human Being upon which the American Constitutional Republic was founded. Herein lies the essence of the disease that afflicts so many people who claim to be “Americans” today and will destroy the ACR if not cured.

  23. Send him to the favellas of Brazil. They have strict gun control. He’ll love it there.

  24. “With the relatively easy access to firearms in the United States, few of us have not already been touched by the ravages of gun violence.”

    B.S. So called ‘gun violence’ happens to around 4/100ths of one percent of the population each year. Even if we say that several people are “affected” when one person is the victim of a crime involving a gun, we are still talking about something that happens to a fraction of a percent of the population each year. The vast majority of people in this country are not “touched by the ravages of gun violence”.

    I’m sick and tired of this “Everything is terrible and we have to do Something!” line of “reasoning”. If everything in the U.S. is so terrifying and dangerous then why do approximately 328,522,489 people not experience any violence each day – much less “gun violence”. As I type this, I’m sitting in a cafe with two dozen or so strangers and people walking in and out from a somewhat busy parking lot near a downtown area of a city of about 600,000 people. What is not happening? No one is getting shot – just like virtually everywhere else in the country on virtually every day.

    • Excellent. Thanks. From some friends, I understand that most residents of Chicago can say the same thing.

  25. Little Warren may be an ignorant, intolerant and hate-filled bigot but, you have to admit, he does seem to be impressed with his own cleverness.

  26. Second Amendment applies to all of past, present, and future military weapons and equipment. It was written in to the Bill of Rights as a principle and recognition as a natural right. Principles don’t just get old and cease to be relevant.

    If the 2A doesn’t apply to the weapon of the day, the first amendment doesn’t apply to the medium of the day either. Ideas are dangerous and we can’t be having socialism, communism, UBI, LGBT, and other abominations spread by radio, television, internet, etc. speech and expression will be limited to the Gutenberg press in terms of technology, hand written word and paintings, and the the mutterings of your own lips.

    Join a cult or religion founded after 1789? Tough luck, freedom of religion only applies to existing religions at the time. No more Scientology for you!

    The fourth amendment doesn’t apply to your phone, computer, texts, emails, voice calls, meta data, etc. Only to the papers in your safe.

    • I should add that those papers in your safe better be HAND WRITTEN or copied by the gutenburg press if you want them to have protection at all. After all, methods of printing after 1789 aren’t protected.

  27. “The Second Amendment May Have Been Reasonable in the 18th Century, But Not Now”

    That sounds an awful lot like “The 1st Amendment may have been reasonable in the 18th century, but not now” and “The 13th Amendment may have been reasonable in the 19th century, but not now.”

    Support for racially invidious gun controls is ALWAYS rooted in a desire for authoritarian power, and usually over perceived inferiors.

  28. So another wealthy connected white homosexual man wants my guns?
    This is why I asked in a previous post. What are the names of the white homosexuals in the movie business in LA county who have gun pirmits???
    Since the socialist progressives are confiscating gun permits there.

    I’m sure the private armed security companies will not lose their gun permits. Because they have many white entertainers both homosexual and heterosexual who are willing, and able to pay, big money to protect them.
    And they are the ones always complaining about the possibility of gay bashing???

    Gun control is racist.

    I’m sure this “doctor” a man of “education” is a big supporter of the welfare industrial complex. That has undermined the traditional family. Something that I’m sure he and people like him do not support.

    He and people like him totally support replacing the father and his guns with a government check. And then replacing the father’s guns with the government police force. To protect people in “gun-free” zones.

    My question to gay gun owners who read and participate on TTAG have you written letters to people like this so-called doctor? Do you challenge his position about disarming the civilian population in gay forums?

    Pat Buchanan journalist and columnist was correct in his speech about the cultural War in the United States. And while people said he was anti-gay. Pat Buchanan had an open homosexual man as his campaign manager.

    That speech was 20 years ago.

    • Gay readers here are hardly responsible for the advocacy of other gay people. As a more or less white man I don’t feel the need write letters to white supremacists admonishing them. Also, I haven’t seen a study that indicates that, other factors being the same, gays are more likely to be anti-gun than straight people.

      • vic nighthorse
        If you are honest with me, then you are really totally clueless, about the threat elected open homosexual politicians are when their working to disarm the civil population.

        And the fact that you are not involved in trying to stop it, tells me a great deal about you. You are one of those persons who is “riding in the 2A wagon”. Instead of being outside and pulling your own weight in this fight for civil rights.

        There are many gun owners like you. Both gay and straight, who are lazy, when it comes to supporting civil rights.

        • personally i dont give a flying whether the politician is gay or straight if they are against any natural human rights they are a wanna be dictator and it does not matter if it is fascist, socalist, communist or any other ist or ism. They are TRAITORS and must be removed from the public permanently. personally i am not a fan of Jail for serious offenders as it cost the public to keep them. maybe dump them on an island that has little resources and is in shark infested waters.and they just have to survive there by whatever means. would need to be well of the coast so they have buckly’s chance of swimming to shore even if the sharks dont get them.
          Treason IMHO is worse than murder because acts of treason especially against the people of the nation by officials in govt (as opposed to individuals against the govt) tends to affect the whole nation adversely and often for generations rather than just a short period of time. It is either hang these individuals or do the above. i would also suggest that it might also be a good way to deal with murderers and the like especially the repeat offenders

        • Toni
          Being an open homoseuxal politian is an signal to me they are anti-civil rights. Homosexuals are socialist progressive in their political orientation. They totally support the Welfare Industrial complex. That replaces a father and his guns with a welfare check and government police to “protect” the “gun free zones ” that homosexuals support.

          I don’t care what kind of sex you have. But don’t tell me that homosexuals have a track record of supporting gun rights. Because they don’t. After the Pulse murders they all of a sudden have found “religion” when it comes to civilian gun ownership?????

          No, they have not.

  29. Of course, the British in 1776 saw themselves as a beneficent government and were quite horrified at the idea of the American colonists rising up against them. Indeed, it went against everything the learned authorities of the day considered “reasonable.”

    • So they sent an army and tried to kill them all. Good way to prove personal firearms were not required!

  30. I am sick and tired of all of these “professional victims” who deem it necessary to tell me what I need and should want. They need to just leave me alone and I’ll leave them alone. This clown hates conservatives, heteros, gun owners and apparently anyone who has a different view of the world than him. I always find it strange when any Jew comes out for gun control, they must have very short memories.

  31. As our greatest President said: “About the Declaration there is a finality that is exceedingly restful. It is often asserted that the world has made a great deal of progress since 1776, that we have had new thoughts and new experiences which have given us a great advance over the people of that day, and that we may therefore very well discard their conclusions for something more modern. But that reasoning can not be applied to this great charter. If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, that is final. No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions. If anyone wishes to deny their truth or their soundness, the only direction in which he can proceed historically is not forward, but backward toward the time when there was no equality, no rights of the individual, no rule of the people. Those who wish to proceed in that direction can not lay claim to progress. They are reactionary. Their ideas are not more modern, but more ancient, than those of the Revolutionary fathers. “

  32. There are about 329 million people in the US(some say more due to higher than reported illegal immigration). The murder/suicide rate for any other group of people, is lower here than most other places in the world. The fact that every gun related death is marked in our country, in the national news, does not mean it is more prevalent, it just means it hits the national news and is reported.

    A murder is a murder, if it is done by automobile, sharp or blunt instruments or by firearms. It doesn’t matter, the end result is the same. If the public can not protect itself, does anyone think that the murder rate will go down?

  33. Dumbass lefty! Go to Venzuala and see how taking away guns worked out there for the plebs.

    • They did. They see the power exercised and the billions of dollars stolen from the Venezuelan people and they lust after it. That is why they are pushing to disarm America – it is hard to enslave an armed people.

  34. And now we need the second amendment even more since the government in D. C. ( district of crooks ) turned into the same government that our founding fathers fought against.

  35. Send this soy boy to Iran where they will throw him off a building for his lifestyle. He’ll then know why the right to keep and bear arms is important for everyone regardless of race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation.

  36. Oy vey Doc! I bet yer tribe wished they’d had some of them thar obsolete guns circa 1933-1945…😄

  37. IF you are still a DEMOCRAT because your parents or grandparents were, then its time to CHANGE PARTIES! The modern Democrat party stands for murdering babies (after birth), violence against police, releasing violent criminals into society, political violence against opponents (even in their own party), rigging elections (ask Bernie), suppressing Free Speech (Berkley, most any college campus), regulating what you see on the internet, and keeping blacks from enjoying economic freedom (blacks in Detroit, Chicago and NYC do worse than blacks in conservative states). The socialists who have taken over the party have more in common with the NAZI socialists than they do with Kennedy Democrats. Google Venezuela to learn what they want to do to your home town. It’s time to get Woke! #WalkAway

  38. I dont know what kind of Dr. This person is but its time for him to get or give himself a rectal exam. He seems to have his head stuck up his ass.

  39. Well the first thing would be to remove the electoral college so coast states could reign supreme and whip the cattle in the flyover states into shape.

    Then they would stomp on the constitution. When the Kommisar could do it by edict.

    • Ironically, Specialist, that is exactly what the Democrats are now calling for. They say (much like they talk about the Second Amendment) that the Electoral College is “outdated”, and they want to get rid of it-and go strictly to a popular vote for electing future presidents. Thus, folks in my state will have no reason to vote. And well, no reason to be a part of the Union, either, for that matter, because we will never have a say in anything.

  40. According to Google:
    “An estimated 15,458 people with an AIDS diagnosis died in 2015, and approximately 658,507 people in the United States with an AIDS diagnosis have died overall.”

    So what else should we prohibit, I wonder?

  41. We have not had to fight a war with a foreign country on American soil since 1783 when the last British troops left New York. Why? It’s not because of our “all powerful” military which I was proud to be a member of (USMC 1968/1975) but because as Yamamoto supposedly said “we can not invade America, there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”. It is We the People and our 2nd Amendment rights that are the real first responders and the last line of defense for the United States.

    The 2nd Amendment, Americas Original Homeland Security and Guardian of the 1st Amendment…

    • Chances are that he never actually said that quote. Regardless, the sentiment still rings true.
      One of the collective traits that sets Americans apart from many Europeans is that we harbor a deep-rooted fear of invasion. We’ve never been invaded (in the traditional military sense at least), but the same cannot be said for many European countries (and they dont fear invasion as much as they’ve survived through it; invasion is nothing new to them). We, however, are heavily fearful of that unknown, but I believe that fear is a good thing as it prevents us from becoming complacent (and thus vulnerable). I also believe propagation of that “quote” is a result of that fear.
      So a gun control advocate might try to dismiss your quote as unsubstantiated (which very well might be true from a historical perspective), however the collective mindset it represents is a very real defense our country has against foreign attack and one we should maintain.
      Oh, and thank you for your service sir 🙂

      • Understand the controversy about the statement (though a number of credible individuals were supposedly witnesses) and it is just too cool for someone to not take credit for it, however no matter who said it the facts are irrefutable, the private citizenry of the U.S. is more well armed and possesses more knowledge about the use and maintenance of firearms than the armies of most countries…. To the other point about invasion, most of Europe and part of Asia would be speaking German right now if we were like them.

    • “the facts are irrefutable, the private citizenry of the U.S. is more well armed and possesses more knowledge about the use and maintenance of firearms than the armies of most countries.”

      With regards to knowledge and marksmanship, I completely agree with you. However, in terms of other arms, I think we’re behind. Sure there are some civilians that own night vision, body armor and damn near every AR owner has a red dot, but the majority of us don’t even have select-fire weapons. Even the shoddiest third-world rag-tag militias have select-fire small arms, technicals, RPGs, and some degree of light-armor. And those militia members are probably in far better physical shape than most American citizens. As American citizens (a third of which are obese) all we generally have are semi-automatic rifles and pistols at the ready, if that.

      Man… we’ve been on the defensive for so long with regards to semiautomatic firearms that I never took the time to stop and realize just how little power we (as citizens) actually have. Semiautomatic firearms are our final hope in keeping the USA… well, the USA. You take semiautomatics away and we’re fundamentally no different than any other oppressed populace in the world.

      • How many countries in the world are capable of landing even light armor on our soil in numbers significant to make them a “superior force” I have all of the above including body armor and night vision as well as the capability to “convert” a semi auto weapon if needed, however I think auto and burst fire are over rated and an RPG is somewhat distance challenged… There is a lot to be said for home field advantage which I quickly learned as a young Marine playing in the South East Asian League….and it doesn’t matter how many Vietnamese we helped die for their country ultimately our government lost it’s will and sold us out… 2nd place is the first loser and there are no ties in war.

        • How many countries in the world are capable of landing even light armor on our soil in numbers significant to make them a “superior force”

          Touché, but that still leaves the matter of domestic tyranny, but history (and the present even) has shown us that an armed populace can do a number in opposing better-equipped forces.

          “There is a lot to be said for home field advantage which I quickly learned as a young Marine playing in the South East Asian League….and it doesn’t matter how many Vietnamese we helped die for their country ultimately our government lost it’s will and sold us out… 2nd place is the first loser and there are no ties in war.”

          I hear ya. You know way more about this than me so I’ll subscribe to your wisdom.

  42. To that same logic, the first amendment should be scrapped. The founding fathers could never have envisioned a world where social media platforms existed giving countless millions access to the ramblings of buffoons (like the author of this article).

    • “Buffoon”? You are being way too kind to this guy….. Anti-gun, low information, know-it-all, Progressive Liberal interested only in disarming Americans so the Communists can take over without having to bleed.. All of these so called Socialists who just can’t seem to take a hint and shut the hell up are in reality Communist sympathizers (yeah Bernie included) who want to control every aspect of our lives from conception to the grave (if they allow you to make it to live birth).. and private gun ownership is just not compatible with their agenda…

  43. Tyranny has spoken yet again from the dark, starless abyss that IS ignorance.
    In the words of an illustrious mind: no time better will soon come to “Refresh the Tree of Liberty with the blood of tyrants and Patriots”. Good luck to you when this arrives.

  44. I adjusted the wording so that after they conquer guns (never happening btw) they can just recycle the feel good lines….because england.

    “With the relatively easy access to knives in the United States, few of us have not already been touched by the ravages of knife violence. Hardly a day goes by that we hear of yet another high visibility mass stabbing…”

    and then….

    Don’t these daft people realize the pandora’s box they are attempting to open by saying something is outdated in our founding documents. Do they not realize that the effect to be had on the second amendment would transcend into other areas? Or is that too much thinking?

    1st – Maybe the first is outdated and we shouldn’t allow freedom of religion as that would deal with the Islamic wackos.

    4th – maybe the police don’t think that a search of this author’s home is out of line, just because they don’t like what he wrote.

    8th – maybe after searching the author’s home they arrest him when finding something (they can always find something) and then place his bail amount at $1,000,000,000.00. Because they found this to be a reasonable amount.

    19th – maybe the framers felt the right of females to vote only applied to those females alive at the time the amendment was passed. How do we know what their intention was?????

    I am obviously joking in my examples, but if you want to change one, your reasoning does not matter, then all are up for discussion, including ones I’m sure the author holds near and dear to his little heart.

    I think a forrest gump quote is appropriate here. ” Stupid is as stupid does.”

  45. I am a Constitutionalist. I became one shortly after returning to the U.S after four years in an openly socialist nation run by what amounted to a card-carrying communist ‘Labor Party’ government. I became one because upon returning to the United States I found the same philosophy of governance here as I had found there. I began studying the Constitution, and our national history of dismantling it piece by piece, and I found out what is going on.
    Put simply, we have been the victims of a concerted covert enemy insurgency that has been going on for so long, and has been so successful, its perpetrators are now going overt. They believe the Constitution no longer matters because no one knows what it says any more, no one believes in it any more (because they don’t know what it says), and no one knows that it is one of the two most important and effective documents defining and protecting our liberty under the rule of law in the history of the planet. The other is the Declaration of Independence, upon which it is based.
    But I know. Very shortly, you will know: It is capable of stopping the covert/overt insurrection against our liberties like a mosquito being swatted by a pile driver.
    I have spent a great deal of time searching out members of what I call the “opposition” – the Leftists, the gun-banners, the anti-rights apparatchiks and their useful idiot doofuses, the legislators at the State and federal levels who perjure their oaths of office daily – and informing them of what I am now informing you. I believe I have had some measure of success, especially on the March For Our Lives (MFOL) Facebook forum where I have pretty much dominated the conversation, if you don’t count the hundreds of one-line “rah-rah-sis-boom-bah” support messages. Most of them come from either fake accounts or aging 1960’s-era hippies who never outgrew kindergarten. (MFOL finally got around to blocking me two days ago after six months.)
    It dawned on me yesterday that I have been missing the most important group at all if the object is to preserve and protect our nation of liberties under the rule of law: Gun owners. Specifically, gun owners who have fallen for the NICS-check scam, who think they have a civic duty to give up every right they have in exchange for government permission to keep and bear arms in the interest of “keeping guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.”
    Let’s face reality: You are not, EVER, going to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. The claim that you are, or that you have a civic duty to try, is part of the scam you have been suckered into to deprive you of your rights – ALL of your rights.
    The fact is, no crime or criminal access to a firearm has ever been prevented by a background check, nor were background checks ever intended to: The objective of that scam is not only to deprive you of your right to keep and bear arms by converting the right into a revocable government-issued permission, but to sucker you into waiving every other right you have in exchange for that permission.
    The democratic socialists trying to bring down our freedom-based nation are just salivating over the prospect of one day declaring the permission revoked, and declaring all our other rights are gone too because we waived them all in exchange for unauthorized government permission we don’t need.
    Again, let’s face reality: The federal government doesn’t even have the lawful authority to license firearm dealers. It doesn’t have the authority to compel us to ask permission to exercise a right. It doesn’t have the authority to restrict, monitor, oversee, infringe, permit, deny, or interfere in any way with our RIGHT – NOT privilege – to keep and bear arms:
    The 10th Amendment says “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
    Nowhere in the Constitution is the power delegated to the federal government to even license firearm dealers. Nowhere in the Constitution is the power delegated to the federal government to compel us to ask permission of government to purchase or transfer a firearm. No federal law requiring this is valid, but rather, is null and void from the moment of its inception for want of subject matter jurisdiction.
    The 4th Amendment guarantees our right to be secure from unwarranted search and seizure of our rights or our property in the absence of probable cause of criminal conduct – not “maybe, possibly gonna,” but CRIMINAL CONDUCT. This prohibits both the federal and State government from searching our records on government databases fishing for some reason to deny us our rights, and it prohibits so-called “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” (ERPO), or so-called “Red-Flag Laws.” If a citizen is not accused of a crime, confiscating his property OR his rights is a violation of the 4th Amendment. Further, if the property to be confiscated is not “particularly described” – make, model, caliber, design – it violates the 4th Amendment.
    The 5th Amendment guarantees our right, among others, to DUE PROCESS before any of our rights may be taken. The purchase or transfer of a firearm between law-abiding citizens is not evidence or probable cause or even suspicion of a crime. Being compelled to ask for government permission to exercise a right is a TAKING of the right and converts it into a revocable government-issued permission. No government at any level has any lawful authority to TAKE any right without due process by conviction of criminal conduct in a Court of Law.
    The 9th Amendment guarantees our long-standing doctrinal right to be secure from being compelled to give up any right in order to exercise any right. No government at any level has the lawful authority to compel us to give up the aforementioned rights, or any of them, in order to be allowed to purchase or transfer a firearm.
    The 10th Amendment guarantees our right to be secure from the federal exercise of power not delegated and State power prohibited by the U.S. Constitution. The federal government is not delegated the authority to abridge, infringe, monitor, permit, deny, or interfere in any way with the aforementioned rights, and the State governments are prohibited the authority to abridge, infringe, monitor, permit, deny, or interfere in any way with the aforementioned rights. (States have the Police Power to regulate the USE of arms, but is prohibited the power to regulate or interfere with the right to keep and bear them.)
    The Brady Act, which brought this evil and illegal background check into existence, needs to be abolished, and it would be better to do it now than wait until the democratic socialists declare their power and then have to do it kinetically. It has had no effect whatever on the crime rates and was never intended to. Like all gun control laws, it exists for the purpose of stripping us of our right to keep and bear arms in preparation for the take-over. They can’t impose it without our help, and we need to stop helping them. We need to start demanding our rights be honored – by the hundreds – every time a gun banner opens his mouth, every time a legislator introduces gun-related legislation, every time a cop enforces a color of law on a victim exercising his or her rights.
    We can stop this anti-rights insurrection. But we have to stop helping the insurrectionists.

    • all i am going to suggest is that maybe it needs to be a hanging offense for any politician who puts forward legislation that is not constitutional as it is in effect treason. Maybe asset forfeiture as well so they cant see to it that even after they are gone their family has not profited from their treason.
      May also need an independent body that reviews supreme court rullings to keep them in check as we have seen when the leftists get a majority in the supreme court it is again more of the same. Again same punishment for justices that rule against the constitution

    • The Constitution was not designed to give authority to the Fed gov it was written to protect individual and states rights, the majority of amendments use terms like no, not and nor in reference to gov as the right to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed. This amendment does not grant the right to keep a gun that right exists in natural law, the 2nd is meant to be layer of protection between the people and a possibly oppressive gov such as we see attempting to form right now. Keeping in mind that it requires a 2/3 majority vote in the house and the senate just to send changes to the states where 2/3 of them must approve by 2/3 majority votes in their respective governing bodies we are a long way from ever seeing any of the 1st 10 being abolished or even changed… So clowns like this guy and all of those alleged “Constitutional Scholars” that walk the halls of our Capitol building putting their ignorance on display can spend the rest of their miserable lives trying to bring misery to mine but I think I will take 6 or 8 of my well used weapons to the range tomorrow and enjoy myself and my God given freedoms….

      • Not trying to nitpick your post, but it takes approval by 3/4 of the state legislatures to ratify an amendment to the Constitution after a 2/3 vote by both houses of Congress.

  46. When people like you get their head out your ass
    And learn to read and understand that 2nd is also to prevent such things when guns are outlawed. OUTLAWS DONT CARE THEY WILL HAVE THEM STOP BEING SUCH A SISSY

  47. funny that he posted that on a lgbtq’BI’
    those same people WHO might want a gun for protection???

  48. The Democrats plan to end the use of fossil fuels, end Capitalism, take guns and kill those who refuse, raise taxes, let Mexican drug gangs free passage etc. So how is it so different from when we fought the revolutionary war? People aren’t killed under the banner of the “Right to Keep and Bear Arms, they are murdered by criminals and terrorists and sometimes the government. A gun ban will only enable criminals, terrorists, and the government to kill even more. After all the state of New Jersey already killed a man over their new gun control law.

    • The modern democrat party are THE domestic enemies our Founders warned us about. These terrorists are irredeemable and there can NEVER be any reconciliation or reconstruction. There is only one remedy to their “War of Leftist Aggression”. Clean and oil your rifles, folks. This is justn he calm before the storm. It may be weeks, months or even a couple of more years. But it’s unavoidable and it’s us or them. For me, I choose to save America, even if that means a literal, genocidal victory. How many of those terrorists die is entirely up to them.

      • No doubt about it. I figure, for now, Trump keeping the lid on chit, but post Trump Admin., is the fork in the road, as the demonrats, rinos, and deep chitters will rush in to fill the power void, assuming it will be back to bidnez as usual.
        I have to agree with you. I’d rather be on the activated list to muster out, than have subsequent generations get stuck with the tab.

  49. Just what are these people up to that they need us disarmed?
    Everytime I hear my employees talking of disarming me I think it’s time to take their guns.

  50. “few of us have not already been touched by the ravages of gun violence”
    few of us have not already been touched by the ravages of violence

    Fixed it you Dr. Blumenfeld

    Guns, knives, baseball bats, rocks and all other inanimate objects can not be violent. People and animals can be violent.

  51. Thomas Jefferson referring to Shay’s Rebellion…

    “God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion…
    …The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure…
    …And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.”

    – Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith in reference to Shay’s Rebellion, Paris, 13 Nov. 1787

    Jefferson acknowledged that Shay’s Rebellion was “founded in ignorance” but served the useful purpose of reminding the leaders that the “people preserve the spirit of resistance.”

  52. it is interesting that his article was published in lgbtqnation. LGBTQWHATEVERs suffer from attacks all the time, you would think this writer would encourage that group to arm and protect themselves

    • It’s published there because he’s one of them. He’s not pandering to a group. He’s pandering to his group.

      • lol i agree with you that there are many LGBTQ people that do fall under the umbrella of clowns like this but there are also many who are awake and would rather go well heeled and ignore the BS on “climate change” and other “culturally aware” BS topics. in fact what i see in the leftist media makes me cringe, even in your average TV shows. My partner likes to watch a lot of TV series (none of the latest ones out, most of the ones that she likes are finished or finishing up soon) and i pick up on all the propaganda in them yet she does not see it. she hates when i comment on it

  53. Or, in the words of Crowder, you shouldn’t have a first amendment right because that was developed in the age of the printing press, not the internet, email or social media.

    Imagine if the wrong ideas were disseminated on such a massively accessible scale, professor! To compensate for the Founder’s obvious shortsightedness, you shall only be allowed two sentences and restricted to approved punctuation when posting online.

  54. How? Eliminate the democrats, criminals, illegals, thugs and terrorists imported by democrats!

  55. Eloquent wording does not necessarily make a compelling argument. I’m not at all convinced as this is exactly the type of rhetoric used to sway sheep to the liberal side. As for me, I will choose dangerous Liberty over the perception of having my safety provided for me.

  56. If the 2nd amendment doesn’t apply to today’s firearms, then the 1st amendment can only be for newspapers and magazines. Your “free speech” won’t apply to TV, radio, internet or any electronic media.. because they weren’t around then.

  57. “With the relatively easy access to firearms in the United States, few of us have not already been touched by the ravages of gun violence. Hardly a day goes by that we hear of yet another high visibility mass shooting, which doesn’t even begin to reflect the seemingly countless number of lives taken in small towns and large cities throughout the nation that never make it to the national spotlight.”
    Where the hell does this asshole live? Not even in Chicago does a MASS shooting occur almost daily and as a news junky I think I can place myself as an authority on the fact that HIGH VISIBILITY MASS SHOOTINGS are NOT reported almost daily. If this clown is correct I must say I consider myself EXTREMELY fortunate to be among the FEW of us who have remained UNTOUCHED by the ravages of gun violence with the exception of a couple of tours in the RVN.. This is EXACTLY the kind of propaganda bullshit being fed to kids in our schools by alleged “experts” and they (their minds having been numbed with Ritalin and video games) lack the intellectual ability to question and or research the veracity of claims like this made by idiots like him….

  58. I just want to say that the responses posted above have somewhat renewed my faith in my fellow Americans. Thanks for speaking up.

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