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Precinct captain Carl Voss of Des Moines holds voter registration forms that he had attempted to deliver to the Iowa Democratic Party headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020. The Democratic Party headquarters was unstaffed. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)
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By Larry Keane

Monday night’s Iowa Democratic Caucus has gone off about as smoothly as a sheet of 24-grit sandpaper. Only 71 percent of results were initially reported nearly two days after the caucuses were held and there are still very few concrete answers, mostly questions remain.

South Bend’s former Mayor Pete Buttigieg appears to be holding the lead, just ahead of Vermont’s Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts’ Sen. Elizabeth Warren rounding out the top three.  Former Vice President Joe Biden trailed a distant fourth.

Glimpse of Gun Bureaucracy

Boxes of voter registration forms are stacked at an unmanned auxiliary office of the Iowa Democratic Party headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

American voters concerned about Second Amendment rights are watching, and the fiasco is demonstrating the party of gun control that wants to run national firearms registry and licensing schemes can’t even run their own election process. When it comes to firearms and the law-abiding Americans who own them, the Democratic party’s leaders are offering just more varying shades of the same gun control and rights restricting message.

The Hawkeye State results are telling and show a stark choice for gun voters. None of the candidates placing in the top three have any respect for law-abiding guns owners. Each has made it their stated goal to enact onerous restrictions on Second Amendment rights and will attack the firearms industry.

Where They Stand

Pete Buttigieg
Democratic presidential candidate former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Buttigieg stated the president is partially responsible for criminal misuse of firearms, and among other goals supports universal background checks, a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and standard capacity magazines, and instituting “red-flag” laws that deny due process to citizens. Each of these solutions has been called “dubious” as none have shown how they’ll reduce crime. They will only infringe on the rights of those who follow the law.

Bernie Sanders
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Sen. Sanders is running as far and as fast as he can from the views he once espoused. He voted for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). Just two weeks ago, though, the self-described democratic socialist said, “I certainly have changed” when it comes to guns. Sen. Sanders also favors a ban on modern sporting rifles and standard capacity magazines and wants a national universal background check system, which would only work if it included a national registry, which is forbidden by law.

Elizabeth Warren
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks at a caucus night rally the Forte Banquet and Conference Center, Monday, Feb. 3, 2020, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Sen. Warren, along with her general “plans” for every other issue offered the same on guns, stating numerous proposals, specifically looking to punish the firearms and ammunition industry by raising taxes on gun manufacturers, from 10 to 30 percent on firearms and ammunition from 11 to 50 percent.

Warren also wants a national firearms licensing scheme, federal waiting period to purchase firearms, a ban on modern sporting rifles, suppressors and magazines, repealing PLCAA and hold exposing firearms company executives to jail time through her expanded definitions of negligence.

joe biden
Former Vice President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Meg Kinnard)

Even fourth-place former Vice President Biden’s proposed gun control plan “would make the biggest changes to U.S. gun laws in decades,” including expanded universal background checks, a ban on modern sporting rifles and a requirement for “James Bond-style DNA and fingerprint match” in order to pull the trigger.

Sliding under the radar was the anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg, funder of Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety. The former New York City mayor declined to play in Iowa caucuses and because of that, he’s able to stay above the fray, point to mess and separate himself from debacle. His campaign announced they were doubling their $300 million advertising buy, pushing the spend to over a half-billion to spread his gun control message.

Get Out and #GUNVOTE

Polling Place Vote Here gunvote

Second Amendment voters across the country, supporters of the firearms industry, and the manufacturers, suppliers, and those working every day within the industry need to keep a watchful eye on the full results from Iowa, as well as what’s in store for the candidates as they compete in New Hampshire next week. That’s why NSSF offers the #GUNVOTE voter education initiative, so voters can know where the candidates stand, where to get registered to vote and where to find polling places.

Iowa showed what’s at stake. These “top tier” candidates are collectively dismissive about lawful firearms ownership, the hard-working men and women producing the firearms Americans purchase and are advocating stripping law-abiding citizens of their God-given rights.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. They can count votes just fine… but obviously whichever Democrat won in Iowa isn’t the Democrat the Democrats wanted to win Iowa. There’s a big difference between stupid and crooked.

    • “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

      • they’re all trying to outdo one another..[on gun control[..just to gain the nomination…obviously they think this issue is a winner for them….

    • But they don’t let the plebs decide. The outcomes are too random. A lot of “thought” and guidance is needed.

  2. The Dims don’t need to do ANYTHING right. They (Dims and MSM) just need to convince the average uneducated/public school brainwashed voter that Trump and Capitalism is doing it WRONG.
    That’s the scary part.

    • Well, they certainly didn’t do anything right in last night’s SOTU, and yet Trump’s approval ratings went up even further, so that kinda disproves your point.

      Thanks for playing.

    • Capitalism is doing very well all by itself, so no problem there.

      Trump has absolutely nothing to do with how well Capitalism is doing. All he has accomplished is to greatly increase the National Dept, drive farmers into bankruptcy and pull off a massive hoax on trade agreement reform.

      Hell yes you can have faith in Capitalism to be an engine of financial growth, strength and prosperity for a country. Putting your faith in a politician of any party tho, that’s always very high risk with near certainty of failure.

      Unless you like to hoaxes, fake news and being lied to. In which case, your party, or both parties, will find ways to make you cheer and vote their way.

  3. It wasn’t that they can’t count, they had to massage the count so that Bernie wasn’t the winner. Much the way they stole the nomination from him last time.

  4. When you want to abolish the electoral college, but can’t trust the popular vote you have to handle things in a democrapic way!

    Onward Socialism where the people are all treated the same & the Rich, powerful politicians & law enforcement are the only ones above the law!

  5. Any candidate who wants to take away my rights does not, absolutely not, get a chnce in hell of getting my vote. Hows about go after big Pharma, gangs, shitty healthcare, no, lets obfuscate the TRUTH! Treasonous bunch of useless people, politics, a career for when selling your soul and selling out your voters go hand in hand. Eff Bernie, Pete, Lizzie and Smokin Joe, heads up you twats, your time is running out, Americans awe waking up, and when push comes to shove you will shove them and they will push back, push your sorry arse off a tall cliff. Take heed, the tree grows thirsty…

  6. “Monday night’s Iowa Democratic Caucus has gone off about as smoothly as a sheet of 24-grit sandpaper.” Which is why the Democraps are as chafing as much as a pair of 24-grit sandpaper briefs.

  7. Secretly praying Nancy Bublome and Diane Swinestien spontaneously combust at the news Trump came out unscathed, let it go down in history the Demmacommie stains tried to usurp the Trump and FAILED, oh poor Mitt, douchenozzle sold out his party and LOST HAHAHA LET IT RIDE!!!

  8. They are promising to fix problems without solutions that work while everyone can see each of them would tank the economy.
    Feeling pretty good about DJT 2.0

  9. I am not betting on the outcome of the November election.
    The social media companies, socialists all, have built databases of young socialist true believers and use their media to turn out the vote. The first major test was in California in 2016 where the Hildabeast got over 5 million votes more than Trump. They took the house in 2018 and last fall they took Virginia for the communist party USA.

    They will go all out this fall to defeat Trump and take over the senate. Combined with Bloomers billions it is not out of the question.

    The solution is for conservatives to turn out and vote. If they falter it will be a disaster for us all.

    Be Prepared !

      • You think th dems won’t just start over next week with impeachment proceedings? I’d think they’d call his entire SOTU an impeachable offense, not to mention the presser today. They’re in too deep to stop now and anything they allow to the floor now that gets signed by Trump will only make them look smaller. I look for at least one more attempt at impeachment this session.

  10. The Leftard Marxists have proven they can’t handle any form of control,not even something as simple as overseeing a 3 year olds birthday party.

      • Par for course especially if you remember the Bernie and Trump rallies in Albany and how one left all kinds of garbage on Washington Ave near the capital.

  11. Do you mean the kind of record-keeping the enables Medicare and Social Security to cut off your benefits because it mixed up your name with another that is close and think you’re dead? Or the VA, maybe.

  12. You don’t need to make an analogy to their inability to handle votes. They’ve already proven problems with NY SAFE and CA ammunition and assault weapon registrations that they can’t implement such systems.

  13. Mayor Pete is a veteran who knows how to handle big guns.

    Mayor Pete is not the type to stay in the rear with the gear, he likes to mix it up and get dirty.

    Mayor Pete doesnt just provide lip service, he gets inside of things and digs deep.

    Mayor Pete is the type who would rather stand on his own two feet than get on his knees.

    Mayor Pete doesnt let the polls dictate, he keeps it up when things get down.

    Do you have Mayor Petes back as he races to the climax?

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