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Fred Guttenberg is the father of a girl who was killed in the 2018 Parkland shooting. Since then, he’s been a vocal gun control advocate. During last night’s state of the union speech, President Trump pledged to protect gun rights . . .

“Just as we believe in the First Amendment, we believe in another Constitutional right that is under siege all across our country.

So long as I am president, I will always protect your Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.”

That’s when Guttenberg — who attended the speech as a guest of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — yelled at the CINC from the cheap seats.

Now Guttenberg claims he’s sorry for the outburst. Here’s the Associated Press’s report of Guttenberg’s misgivings . . .

By Terry Spencer, AP

The father of a student killed in the 2018 Florida high school massacre apologized Wednesday for disrupting President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address by shouting as the president said the rights of gun owners are under siege.

Fred Guttenberg was escorted from the gallery by security officers Tuesday night after shouting about his slain daughter Jaime just after the president said, “So long as I am president, I will always protect your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.” The audience turned and looked up at the ruckus as he was led out.

“I let my emotions get the best of me,” Guttenberg tweeted early Wednesday. “I simply want to be able to deal with the reality of gun violence and not have to listen to lies” about the Second Amendment.

“That said, I should not yelled out. I am thankful for the overwhelming support I am receiving. However, I do owe my family and friends an apology. I have tried to conduct myself with dignity throughout this process and I will do better as I pursue gun safety,” tweeted Guttenberg, who was a guest of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Jaime Guttenberg, an aspiring dancer and gymnast, was 14 when she died with 16 others in the Feb. 14, 2018, shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Her brother fled the shooting physically uninjured.

Fred Guttenberg, a 54-year-old real estate agent, has since become an outspoken advocate against gun violence. His group, “Orange Ribbons for Jaime,” pushes for a law named for her that would require that purchasers pass a universal background check before buying ammunition.

Guttenberg also drew attention in Congress in September 2018 when he attempted to shake hands with Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during a break at the latter’s Senate confirmation hearing. Kavanaugh looked at him, turned and walked away.

This was not the first time a presidential address to Congress has been interrupted by shouting. In 2009, Rep. Joe Wilson, a South Carolina Republican, shouted “You lie” after President Barack Obama said his health care plan would not cover illegal immigrants.

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    • And yet the AP is quoted here as of late…what gives TTAG? Sorry your kid died dad. But my right’s don’t rise or fall on your grief!

      • Someone should introduce that dad to the parents who lost their kids because of sanctuary cities letting criminals free. Sometimes we think our own grief is morally superior to some one else’s.

        • They should give him a copy of “Why Meadow Died,” which proves repeatedly, and overwhelmingly, that the liberal local government, schools, and courts, were far more responsible for why his daughter, and the others died!

    • Breaking News from the AP; This just in… Nancy Pelosi apologizes for ripping up President Trumps speech, says she mistook the speech for the U.S. Constitution.

  1. Sorry, my ass. He’s got Bloomberg cutting him cheques.

    I remember this Jerk Off coming here to Ohio to spout off his Bloomberg talking points at the State Legislature.

    • Yep.

      It’s time to remember that the Globalist Elites are PAYING these protestors.

      This is AstroTurf, NOT Grass Roots…

      • I would really enjoy seeing your evidence thatFred Gutenberg is being paid by the globalist elites, would you please share?

    • “cheques”?

      In the good old USA, it is spelled ‘checks’.

      Maybe have your handler make a note of that, it will make your posts more ‘authentic’.

  2. “I simply want to be able to deal with the reality of gun violence and not have to listen to lies” about the Second Amendment.

    Then stop lying.

      • Shhh, you’re disrupting the subconsciously padded phrasing intended on re-turning our perceptions through their programmed narrative. By anthropomorphizing and personalizing firearms in the psyche, we attribute them to malice and evil instead of the culpable murderous individuals we’re trying to de-personalize and make seem like they themselves were corrupted by the magical dark aura firearms imbue into them, directly causing violent acts simply by existing!

        Marry and Reproduce. Buy. Do Not Question Authority. Consume. Obey. Stay Sleep. Submit. Conform. No Imagination. No Independent Thought. Work 8 Hours. Watch T.V.

        • I saw that movie! Got a pair of those glasses as well. You hit the nail on the head. Only one difference, we don’t need space aliens, we have libritards.

  3. All elected officials swear a oath to the Constitution,perhaps it’s beyond time to hold those who violate that oath accountable, even criminally and yes even the president has violated his oath.

    • That’s exactly what I muttered to my wife as we watched most of the Dems remain seated after Trump said he’d continue to support the 1st and 2nd Amendments. All those yahoos swore to uphold and defend that document, but sat in defiance of it for the entire world to see. Buried their party’s chances for 2020 once and for all.

      • “Buried their party’s chances for 2020 once and for all.”

        *Please*. I beg of you, we can’t fall into the same trap the Leftists did in 2016, thinking their win was inevitable. It is gonna be a tough fight, and they are riding on the energy of their hatred. That’s *powerful* mo-jo that can hand them the victory.

        We must get as many as we can to show up with us to vote. Because you can bet your ass they will be doing the same…

        • Amen, bro. Dont nobody go to napping out there. The toughest teams get BEAT when they underrate their opponent.

      • I Haz a Question, Geoff PR, and Coolbreeze:

        I believe Democrats handed us (on a silver platter) what we need to soundly defeat them in 2020. Notice that I said we need to defeat them — which means we still have to do the hard work.

        Democrats refusing to stand up for rock-solid core principles that EVERYONE supports shows how unhinged they really are.

        Note: I understand why Democrats would not stand up for some things that Trump said in his State of the Union address. There were some things, though, that they absolutely should have stood up and supported.

  4. Well Pelosi did a good job all by herself. WTF was her deal?. If I was Trump I’d load up on beans and cabbage next time. Counting votes now, looks like the Democrats are going to have to try again.

    • “Well Pelosi did a good job all by herself. WTF was her deal?”

      Even some Leftists are giving her shit for pulling that stunt :

      “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was widely rebuked on both sides of the aisle after tearing up her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union Address Tuesday night.”

      “Several C-Span callers who identified as Democrats said that Pelosi’s stunt was beyond the pale.”

      • We should be grateful to that classless, clueless harridan. She’s making sure Trump gets a second term.

        Who saw that spectacle and didn’t see the dems have completely lost it?

        • “Harridan”

          (noun) “a scolding woman; a hag; a shrew”

          Never knew that word before. Now I do. Thanks, jwm. I’ll use it.

        • If they were trying to fire up their leftist supporters, they probably succeeded. If they were trying to win over independents and keep more moderate Dems, they failed miserably. I think we are going to see more Dem voters voting for Trump this time. I just hope it translates down ballot, so Trump can actually get more done.

        • Harradin? Certainly. Classless? That’s in the eye of the beholder. Clueless? Nah.

          She’s been in damage control mode for nearly two years because she, and her party, are between a rock and a hard place vis a vis the economy and the Left.

          On the one hand she has to try to get rid of Trump but knows it’s a really long shot with the economy as it is. On the other the Left is mutinous, just look at AOC’s moves to try to effectively take over the DCCC.

          At this point Pelosi knows she very likely can’t get rid of Trump or take the Senate but she also knows an insurrection from the Left side of her party will lose them the House. So, knowing what she can’t win she’s trying to herd the cats to avoid losing the one thing that’s not a foregone conclusion.

          Expect more kowtowing to the base as the realization of the situation starts to dawn on the slower members of the Left and their anger rises as the inverse of their chances of winning.

        • Haz. I stole it from Dyspectic Gunsmith. He gets the credit.

          S9. The left is without any real leadership or goals at this point. The young hot heads cannot have failed to see that the dems are the party of the uber rich elitest. bloomberg out right buying the dnc, a filthy rich white dude, has been a real gob smacking to them.

          A bunch of rich white folks telling you the gop is bad cause they’re a bunch of rich white folks has not gone unnoticed. I’m hoping that the dems will be fractured and splintered for at least a full generation.

        • “The left is without any real leadership or goals at this point.”

          I would argue that the first portion of this statement is partially correct and the second portion is a misread.

          The Left’s goals haven’t changed much at all since, oh, 1880 at least. What you’re seeing in an internecine conflict over strategy and tactics to advance those goals. Part of that is due to a foreign injection of both in the 1950’s, part of it is due to recent tactical failures and shortsightedness, part of it is the monsters they can’t control, some of it is that a large portion of the Left doesn’t understand the basic principles of the objectives and policies they espouse and part of it is a mental disconnect in those who have been raised in a culture that has deeply embedded values and thought processes that are at odds with the goals they badly desire which is creating a political form of PTSD.

        • Pelosi has real problems, not the least of which is her age. Not being agist, just observing. Did you see her hemming and hawing and gurgling, chewing on her teeth, stammering, through her post SOTU nonsense? Tearing up the speech was planned and prepared for, she hopes it would be perceived as a “baller move” by millenials/GenZ to a) tap into AOC’s base and B) stave off what is a very real threat by AOC, exacerbated by Trump’s comments in that regard. Pelosi is tough, but the ol’ gray mare ain’t what she used to be, and losing again and again and again takes its toll. Meanwhile, people are crapping in the street back home. The end of her era is in sight.

      • Pelosi has a very serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. She won’t be happy until Donald Trump is completely erased from history.

  5. There were a number of guests whom Trump invited to emphasize points in his speech. Jack Wilson should have been one of them. He would have been the perfect answer to Guttenberg.

    • Fred Guttenberg doesn’t want justice for his daughter. He wants VENGEANCE, and he doesn’t care who suffers. Since he has taken Bloomberg’s shilling, he has to follow his master’s bidding.

      His list for revenge would achieve more if it was directed at the school board and the sheriff’s office who acted in a corrupt collusion for mutual bonuses.

      • Exactly.

        And screw that guy. There’s a time when lashing out in grief can be expected and forgiven, and also when doing something — anything — about the perceived cause is part of coming to terms with loss. And then there’s a point when you just become an asshole with a moral superiority complex. This guy is way, way beyond the latter.

        I sure hope he doesn’t have any other children…if he does, I feel sorry for them, because that deranged excuse for a parent won’t be doing them any good.

      • If Guttenberg wants vengeance, I would expect him to appear in court to argue for the death penalty during the sentencing phase of his daughter’s murderer’s trial. However, it’s more likely he is one of the idiots who think all of society should be turned into a combination prison and mental hospital to avoid singling out the minority who can’t or won’t behave themselves.

  6. No, he’s not sorry, he was put up to it by the miss Trump hater, pigloski. And David Hogg?? I thought we were finally rid of him. Hey Freddy, I’m sorry that your daughter was murdered by a criminal. The gun did NOT kill your daughter. It was in a gun free zone, (in which criminals love so much), the criminal had the gun and pulled the trigger. You need to put the blame where it belongs……on the CRIMINAL!! Leave our rights alone!!

  7. Congratulations on the bravery of an action which has no consequences.

    Now try the same thing in the socialist paradise of your choice.

  8. Sorry his child is dead, but by acting like an a$$hole doesn’t bring her back or honor her memory. It could have been a bomb by a terrorist or a car with a drunk driver or a million other ways, the fact is she’s gone. His grief does not supersede my rights. If he wants to do something, maybe he should get trained and start patrolling the school halls while armed. And if he’s looking from someone to blame, start with the cowards at the FBI and local police that allowed the little jerk to kill by doing nothing to prevent or stop it.

    • Clearly, this man can not control his emotions. Steps must be taken to protect ourselves. He should be denied guns, access to a vehicle, be kept off an communication devices and have a tracking bracelet installed. After all if one child can be saved we need this man confined.

  9. Oh yes, how dare a man whose daughter was killed by gun violence in cold blood be against guns. What an affront to our POTG way of life!

    • I’m not going to berate you just offer a differing take. It’s not that this man is entitled to an opinion. This behavior however is not the way to properly voice it. If anyone decides they can just interrupt a state of the union at any time well then… that’s not a healthy precedent. Others take concern because his opinion does indeed run in the face of an amendment right. Not the third or fourth kind you, the second. Our country is largely shaped the way it is because it was designed in a way where the general population given reason can force the government by arms to their will. Just another thought to mull.

    • Hey Derp,

      You didn’t even spell your name correctly to convey the insult you wanted to give to POTG. Try again.

        • Wow derp, homophobic too?
          You are just F’ed up on all sorts of levels, aren’t you. Go play the game elsewhere loser.

        • Janes Campbell sounds like a shitty garage JA cover band that would cause Flea and Navarro to seriously consider the Chris Cornell route.

        • “Janes Campbell sounds like a shitty garage JA cover band that would cause Flea and Navarro to seriously consider the Chris Cornell route.”

          That made coffee shoot out of my nose this morning. Nice.

    • His daughter was not killed by gun violence. Rather she was killed by the failure of others who allowed someone who was violent to dodge repercussions of his behavior over a extended period of time. Not taking this individual to to task for his behavior only reinforced in his mind he could get away with it. That is why his daughter died.

      I understand his pain, I understand his anger, but it is misdirected. I hope he will find peace. But he has to find the truth to begin that journey.

      • But there is no money in going after a broken system that has unlimited ability to defend itself……….. I hope I am being too cynical here.

    • Well, …..yes. Exactly. I believe you have correctly grasped the concept. Thank you for playing. Don’t forget the lovely parting gifts on your way out. Buh bye.

  10. There’s nothing wrong with being against gun violence. It’s just how you try to stop that’s the problem. Sheepels can’t or don’t want to understand that the reason that persons are called criminals is they don’t care about laws. Whatever they intend to do will be breaking a lot more serious law than some piddly gun law.
    All you sheepels want to stop gun violence, go buy a gum and shoot a damned criminal and don’t try to make us honest people one.

  11. “…pushes for a law named for her that would require that purchasers pass a universal background check before buying ammunition”

    The ideas keep getting more and more stupid, don’t they?

  12. FYI to anyone
    You are still on your own. Even in jail as guards.

    Parkland Scumbag Attacks Detention Deputy

    • Wow, he’s still alive?! How has he not caught a shank in the ribs yet? C’mon America’s convicts, you’re letting us all down here.

    • Turn off camera, bash the POS kid’s skull in, say he slipped on a banana.
      Seriously, we put down rabid dogs, why is this worthless animal still breathing?

      • You must be a tough guy, let me know what you look like so I can make sure I am not on the same side of the street when I see you.

  13. Do we have to get a background check every time we drive a car ? Of course not, we get a license as a privilege and renew it every 4 years . When you get a firearms permit you get a intensive background check , when you buy a firearm you get another and another etc. When is it enough ? If Guttenberg had his way firearms owners would be background checked everyday . It’s clearly not about “gun safety” or he would be having gun safety classes mandatory in schools . You know, that would be “commonsense gun safety ! “.

    • You actually get a different form of background check in order to operate a car legally. Your DL is your “background check,” it can get suspended, revoked. It is also used as an ID. Sure you can buy a car without a DL, you can also buy guns from a private seller without filing any kind of paperwork.

      • Hey! Get your own screen name or else I may have to go by “AD of the Hinterlands.”
        You know what? I like it. You’re forgiven. I only request that you do the same for the next interloper.

    • Excellent observation, the automobile analogy is a good one.

      The most important factor being a skills test before a license is issued, excellent suggestion for lethal weapons as well.

      And thanks to the ‘well regulated’ requirement of the Second Amendment, regulations requiring a proficiency test are well within the purview of the Founders.

      • Boy, are you bass ackwards! The “well regulated militia” is a great justification for laws requiring every citizen to own and maintain weapons and proficiency with them or pay an annual fine and forfeit other rights (such as voting), for example, but no justification at all for restricting the right. Go ahead and push for that, I may support you!

  14. If criminals would just register their guns first, we could catch them before they could do anything. Sounds brilliant.

  15. And you don’t think that Nancy didn’t invite him because she thought something like this would happen? If you can’t respect the man, respect the office. (That goes for the Democrats in office as well.)

  16. I feel sorry for the man’s loss but the guilty party was the school and the sheriff’ dept for not doing their jobs when the young man was reported as dangerous and they did not take him in at least for an evaluation to where he would be on the no-buy list

  17. For most people, losing a child is an unimaginable tragedy.

    For some, it’s a career opportunity.

  18. Sorry, son, but using ONE person to attack a Constitutional right isn’t right. Would you go after the 5th and the Miranda decision because someone who stabbed a person to death went free? If so, we’d have problems with all rights and privileges including driving.

  19. Apology accepted. I don’t blame that poor guy, rather the Billionaires eager to exploit his grief to their ends of disarmament.

  20. The Termagant of the House deliberately invited this man to disrupt the speech. He wasn’t going to be recognized by the POTUS.

    The “tear up the speech” stunt was pre-planned and executed a little bit at a time. Look at the video closely, starting just before President Trump recognized Rush Limbaugh. You will see The Termagant start tearing a few pages at the left edge of the papers for about one inch. Then she brings the papers above the desk, and stacks them to her left. Then she moves down the stack of papers, tearing more of them, stacking them to her left.

    She didn’t have the manual strength to tear those papers in one go, so she had to start the tear ahead of time. The “tear up the SOTU speech” was not a spur-of-the-moment deal. It was pre-planned, and executed in stages.

  21. The man lost a child, if you “don’t care” about that you have no soul. This is not about giving up 2A rights but understanding how someone walking in this guy’s shoes can think and act that way. Some folks are brutal here.

    • People lose children all the time still no reason to punish everybody by taking liberty away. Oh and 50 cents have been deposited to your account.

    • He has a public platform and a megaphone that only exist because of his child’s death. And he uses them not to honor his child, but to make his own personal grief the most important thing in the world to everyone.

      He’s turned his daughter’s death into a jumbo-sized narcissistic power trip. It’s a nauseating spectacle, unworthy of sympathy, pity, or respect.


  23. “A mentally ill criminal took my daughter from me, now I want the rights of innocent people taken away to console my grief” You can’t have them. Sucks to be you buddy.

    • I believe he’s sincere…just misguided…curious to see just what he thinks our second amendment rights should be…if any….

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