Remington SMKW Baby Bullet Knife Prospector
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From Remington . . .

Remington has announced a licensing partnership with Smokey Mountain Knife Works (SMKW) to develop and distribute the 2021 Remington Bullet Knife, “Prospector”. Originally introduced in 1922, the Remington Bullet Knife series is widely known and sought after by Remington fans, knife enthusiasts and collectors alike.

“This knife has it all: nostalgia, functionality and quality,” said Danny Evans, Remington’s Director of Licensed Products. “SMKW has a longstanding relationship with Remington in licensed products. It was a natural fit to build on our partnership with SMKW and their long tradition with the Bullet Knife series.”

Remington SMKW Baby Bullet Knife Prospector

In 2021 Remington Ammunition continues to define a new era for such a heralded brand and the Remington Bullet Knife is another example of just how far Big Green has come. This Remington “Prospector” Bullet Knife is hand-crafted and finished to the highest quality standards by trained craftsmen. Remington Bullet Knives have been among the most collected knives of all time, and this knife both continues that long tradition and ushers in a new level of quality and craftsmanship delivered by SMKW.

Remington SMKW Baby Bullet Knife Prospector

“The most important fact about the Bullet Knife is that it has always been USA made,” said SMKW Founder Kevin Pipes. “We partner with the finest knife craftsman in the country to produce our knives, including Great Eastern Cutlery who is making this year’s Bullet Knife. The overwhelmingly positive comments attest to the knife’s quality and collectability. You can’t go wrong making an investment in “The Prospector.”

Made in: USA
Price: $169.99


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  1. This knife has it all: nostalgia, cosmetics [if you’re into that look], and a pageful of subjective adjectives.

    How about steel alloy, hardness, grind type and angle, locking mechanism type?

    Or, better yet, how about you lock up the Good Idea Fairy until zero of your core products are “Out of Stock / No Backorder”?

        • ‘Staff writer’ is the euphemistic phrase for “somebody else’s staff writer wrote this advertisement, and we’re getting paid to print it verbatim.”

          On the other hand, ‘Yes, it’s steel alloy; It’s hard enough to sharpen. It was definitely ground, as one edge is kinda sharpish. The angle is less than 90 degrees. There’s a springy thing that locks into a notchy thing to keep the blade open, more-or-less, but don’t get your fingers in there.”

    • I thought that too, don’t go shilling knives with your “new” Remington until you get the important stuff like guns people want (that work) and ammo going.

      On the other hand .. They don’t have to actually make this. So easy sell. Still .. get the guns working, we can talk about knives and t-shirts later.

  2. ,,,, this appears to be a well made knife, the brass lining is hard to find nowadays, even victornox swiss army went with aluminum. Real bone handles, made in the U.S.A 👍 for sure thought it would be China brand.
    I’ve often wondered what cartridge is inlaid. I’m guessing 35whelen or is that a .32rem?

  3. That’s a nice folder. I’m not sure I’d be willing to part with $170 for it as an every day knife, but it would make a very nice Christmas present.

  4. gec fit and finish are very nice. if you like slip joints you cold do worse. that main blade looks like a pretty good whittler, what’s the other, a spey? i’d never use it; the mom skwurrils chew the nuts off of most of the tree rats climbin’ around here. a little wharny would be more useful. maybe i’m missing that which makes this a bullet knife. is it just the imprint or a design for patches, lead balls and extraction stuff?

  5. I don’t know what the market is like now, but several years ago I watched an acquaintance make a deal to buy a partial collection of these. He handed over a quite large wad of cash, and was glad to do it. Personally, I prefer knives that have some utility, but everybody has their own ideas about investments and utility.

  6. I usually have a slip joint knife in my pocket, plus a more tactical knife. Pulling the slip joint out to do an easy task doesn’t make those around me nervous.


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