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The math checks out! He’d probably believe it, too, as long as there’s no “shoulder thing that goes up.”


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  1. That’s not true.

    They are not 5 Ar’s safer.

    Beto or Francis is smarter than that. Someone needs to tell him.

    Where is dacian when I need him to write a phone book on this?

    This is fake news!

  2. Between shoulder things going up and single-use magazines I guarantee you a not insignificant amount of Brady bunchers believe this.

  3. I’ll trade mine in for a 243 Win, .358 win, 338 Fed, or a 6.5 Creed variant please. I would even suffer 220 Swift in the name of safety. A glass upgrade would also be great…..

  4. I don’t know about safer, that’s up to the person standing behind the weapon, but the AR-10 is at least a better weapon.

  5. One of my AR15’s is available to trade in under this plan. I really would like to have an AR-10. The devil is in the details though, I get to pick the brand, the model, the options or it’s no deal!!!

    • Love me some 5x safer AR-10. ๐Ÿ‘
      An NP3 (Robar electroless nickel w/ embedded Teflon micropellets) coated POF P308 SPR piston driven AR-10 is my favorite rifle. Can run for days without any lubrication.
      POF did a 10k rds in under 10k seconds vid, with Wolf steelcase no less.
      Passed with flying colors.
      San Bernardino PD did over 70k rounds thru an FA example. Had to replace some parts on the BCG, but it was still 1.2 MOA with the original barrel.
      This is among the AR-10s to get.๐Ÿ‘

    • Armalite holds the trademark to the AR-10 name. There are other manufacturers that make AR style 308 rifles. But, if you want a genuine AR-10 it’s Armalite or nothing.

      • ๐Ÿ‘
        Patriot Ordnance Factory uses the P308 designation for their version of a piston driven AR-10. The final POF iteration is called the P308 Gen4 Edge SPR. Has an 18.5″ barrel plus comp.
        POF also produces an AR-15 length upper/lower rifle that runs the 308/7.62×51 cartridge, it’s called the Revolution.
        POF is the originator of the first successful piston driven AR platforms brought to market. They run much cleaner and cooler then direct impingement ARs, and don’t blow burnt powder fumes in the shooters face when running suppressed.
        Fun fact; The POF adjustable gas plug allows for dialing in the BCG cycling force based on load and suppression/muzzle device back pressure. Even has an “off” position, acts as a bolt-action rifle (hand cycle each round).
        My example broke in to have .6 MOA accuracy with off the shelf 168 gr Fed GMM.
        On low wind days, 10 round groups at 500 yards can be covered with the palm of my hand.
        MAC (military arms channel) did a used/ex LE Agency trade in POF P308 vs a Vepr AK video, showed similar accuracy results between both rifles.
        I called him out in the comments, provided a forum where he could PM me. Told him to provide a time and place (in the cont US) to run my P308 against his Vepr AK. I would gladly pay my travel and lodging expenses, just to outshoot his Vepr AK.

  6. Heโ€™s not going to last very long anyway if he does get elected. With the voter and election fraud thereโ€™s no telling what will happen next in Texas.

  7. Lets see here. I use an AR15 on coyotes, and an AR10 on feral hogs.
    Should I change up to a Ruger Mini 14 for the “yotes, and a Springfield M1A for the pigs?
    Can I split the difference and get an AR12?

    • Initially purchased my AR-10 for use as a Texas “hog hammer”, it quickly became my favorite rifle.

      A 20″ barrel Steyr Aug NATO w/3x Swarovski optic fitted with Magpul 60rd drum mags is a close 2nd.
      Not a great trigger, but the bullpup design makes up for that by being the same length as a 12″ barrel AR-15. Great rifle for quick vehicle ingress/egress.
      Provided the ballistics and accuracy of 5.56 thru a 20″ barrel, yet really compact.

    • Yes, it’s for catching brass. Most the ones I know that have ’em just cut the top off of a magazine to make a reliable catcher. It’s cheap and it works.

  8. Must be safer in Maryland; AR-10=legal, M1A=illegal because ‘scary’. BTW AR-15 legal in certain configuration cuz Md. broke Federal law in writing the law [you cannot favor a specific manufacturer and ban all others i.e. Colt Heavy Barrel (that is no longer made)].


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