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From Gat Monkey . . .

Gat Monkey, American manufacturer of streamlined premium rifle slings, is proud to announce the expansion of their product line to include several new functional but fashionable sling patterns, available immediately.

Founded in 2020 and veteran owned/operated, Gat Monkey has sought to fill a gap in the market by offering high-quality low-profile slings in unique patterns that range from functional to fun. Using a unique Cam-Lock system, Gat Monkey slings offer smooth, rapid, and secure adjustment eliminating the frustration of slings backing out of their adjustment under recoil or movement. Gat Monkey has also taken a lower profile with it’s slings to limit interference with other gear, and to keep slings easily stowable on the rifle.

With two dozen sling colorways, four new patterns are now available: Desert Battle Dress Uniform, Rhodesian Brushstroke, Russian Red Dawn, and PewPew. Three classic vintage camouflage patterns to allow end-users to effectively LARP in any environment, and a classic comic book throwback pattern to our youth because sometimes, going to the range is still just as fun as we imagined it to be while reading G.I. Joe comic books with a flashlight.

Regardless of pattern, Gat Monkey slings feature all steel hardware, and carry a 100% Lifetime Quality & Satisfaction Guarantee. While Gat Monkey slings are fun, the care and attention put into their products could not be more serious. Every sling is manufactured in the United States by US Military Veterans, with materials, hardware, and stitching patterns thoroughly tested prior to selection for production slings.

Gat Monkey slings are available in 23 different patterns, on their website;

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  1. Cool…oddly my go to LGS(s) never have slings in stock or have super cheapo crap. Affordable from their site.

  2. Okay, some of those patterns are funny. Might get you laughed at, but Homer Simpson donuts or the comic book pattern sling would be a novelty.

  3. The pink donuts sling is perfect for police departments that have been emasculated over the past two years…kinda puts that woke seal of approval on Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis and NYC Police Departments.

    A little disappointed my fave camo – Tiger Stripe – is not one of their offerings.

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