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“Most doctors don’t know jack diddly about guns. It’s none of your damn business. If I come in to you with stomach pain, it has nothing to do with how many guns I have or where I keep them.” – DRGO’s Dr. Arthur Przebinda in Don’t be surprised if your doctor asks you about guns [via]

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        • Ha! I’m going to use that. I always state that yeah, I have enough guns to start a small Central American war. Stand up for your rights, don’t hide them like you are ashamed.

        • Danny gets it. If we let grabbers to push us into obscurity, they win. Gun ownership and carry is nothing weird or shameful. Get out there, armed, normal, nice and be an ambassador.

  1. This has been going on in The People’s Republic of Massachusetts for some time now…As soon as you check to an E/R *(after a weapons and contraband screening—of course.)* Your subject to nurses and Emergency room doctors asking if your a hunter, have firearms or other weapons. Your given a subjective “personal stress evaluation”. And most like asked if you have guns or other weapons at home, in your car, or in The workplace…Very much like a Communist country or having an Authoritarian interrogation…NOT a medical check up, or physical medical eval…No, not at all…Less doctoring and more invasive politics…And of course, a very large bill $$$$$$$ for nothing….My dads 75, and his doctors office grills him all the time regarding these “political interrogations without charges, or arrest, or due process….”

    • The answer to all those questions is no, not none of your business. You are not under oath so you are free to lie. Even better tell then how anti-gun you are.

      • Before I answer your question, I have a few for you. When did you last have sex with your wife/husband/partner? How many times that night? Did you do any of the following?

        (insert various acts here)

        None of my business? That’s ABSOLUTELY GODDAM RIGHT. Just like your question.

        Now, can we get back to my flu symptoms?

    • And, if you don’t answer their questions in a satisfactory manner, they can have you declared potentially dangerous to yourself and others and have your guns confiscated. Makes me glad I live in Texas.

  2. My regular Dr. has never asked but my Endocrinologist did the are you depressed, do you feel useless, do you own firearms routine this year .
    Nope, pretty happy to be retired. When do I have time to feel useless since I’m retired? ( how did I ever have time to do all the stuff I do now when I was working? ) Yep I do own a few, how many might surprise you. Not enough to be called a hoarder but more than enough to be an arsenal per the news.
    Actually number three was answered with I do not think that has anything to do with diabetes or crohns. He did not say anything and we left it at that.

  3. Sometimes it is good to live deep in the mountains in the sticks. I would be shocked if my doctor ever asked me about guns. I live just below my doctor on the road between her and her office and hospital. She frequently sees and hears me shooting at my house and waves as she passes by.

  4. Went with my wife to a new doctor for her first appointment. The doctor asked if she felt safe in her home. She said “Absolutely. We have four Ridgeback hounds and a lot of guns”. The woman’s jaw hit the floor….

  5. Article in the paper this morning, 16 April 2018, “Laws fail to slow epidemic of gun suicides”.

    Typical anti gun screed. I skimmed over it. The goal of the article is to get laws passed to seize guns because someone says you have mental problems (or any other made up excuse).

    Democrats (Communist Party USA) are making a full court press to keep any and all anti conservative ideas in the news. The goal is the national election in November. They have stated that Nancy Polosi will be the Speaker of the House in the next State of the Union address.

    All conservatives need to stand up and fight. Get involved in local, state and national elections. Make donations to conservative candidates. For some reason many republican lawmakers are not running again. This provides an opportunity for democrats to take over. They have successfully used the method of running a candidate who is registered as a republican and runs a conservative campaign while planning to support the democrat agenda. I have seen it here in two recent races, local and state.

    Not only “Be Prepared” we must now enter the fight in the political arena.

  6. I don’t have anything to do with doctors these days (30 years as an RN before I retired), but I do see a dentist once in a great while. The first time I was there he asked about what I was carrying (my OC sidearm), and we talked about different guns and shooting until the chairside assistant suggested we “might” want to move on to the tooth problem I’d gone in for. We both smiled and then got down to business.

    • My dentist is the same way. He ONLY wants to talk guns. His staff keeps pointing out that YOU HAVE PATIENTS WAITING. Oh right. Teeth.

      He”s a really nice old guy. I hope he doesn’t retire soon.

  7. Any doctors worth visiting should ask about lead and noise exposure if they know you are a shooter.

    • Sure, if one is exhibiting abnormal CNS issues or sudden hearing loss. Otherwise, it’s as dumb as asking if one shags livestock when one is there to treat an obvious laceration.

  8. I told my doc, any questions about what’s in my house and I’m gone. Same as my auto mechanic. You fix, I pay. That’s it

  9. A pee shooter you ask doc ? Why yes I do have one , Its in my pants & it works just fine, as long as I aim it safely at the center hole of my toilet !! Do you have one ??

  10. My Dr. is the MN NPR weekly medical commentator. Even he has never asked me anything even bordering on non-medically intrusive. Well, actually, he did ask me some sailing questions once.

  11. Most doctors don’t know jack diddly about guns

    Most doctors don’t know jack diddly about medicine either.

    • MDs know plenty about medicine, at least what the pharma reps that sell them their drugs tell them about the drugs. Most MDs know very little, if anything, about health.

    • It may not surprise you but most of them are sitting in the back, googling the answer on their phone and looking it up on

  12. My doctor belongs to a group joint venture with a local hospital. He asks and I always tell him, “Yes, it’s America, why wouldn’t I?” 🙂 He’s Indian and originally practiced in England as a surgeon before he got fed up with the UK’s NHS and came to America. I asked him why he asks and he said because if you are depressed and suicidal it would be relevant. He told me about a cop patient of his who was suicidal and they reported it to his chief of police. The chief took his duty gun away and presumably put him on desk duty.

  13. Was at my doctor’s twice in March and he never asked. I wouldn’t say anything even if he did.
    None of his business.

  14. Yup, the leading cause of DEATH in America, is, hold on to your backsides. MEDICAL SCREW-UPS. Now will some tell me where the hell are the Tide Pod eaters, demanding action? Maybe busy coughing up condoms.

  15. My Doc, whom I grew up with, carries one of those Nighthawk Custom Hi-Powers. In his office. Daily. We shoot together occasionally.

  16. My docs in No. VA have not asked me anything about my guns or shooting habits. I’ll tell them to mind their own damn business if they do, and if they don’t, I’ll find more ethical docs to give my Medicare money to. In my view, docs are there to fix you when you’re broke, cure you when you’re sick, and make you comfortable when you’re dying. And that’s it. Psychology is art, not science – it all depends on who’s doing it. Get three shrinks on a case and they all come up with different diagnoses and all charge you up the whazoo for it. I stay the hell away from them.

    • If you say NYB you have answered yes. The answer is always “no, I don’t believe most people should own guns.”

  17. There is no health crisis in the US in regards to firearms. Take out the suicides and gang-on-gang shootings, and you have numbers that are hardly worth mentioning in a country of more than 350 million people who legally own at least, if not more than that number of firearms. There is however a mental health crisis in this country……it’s called Liberalism.

  18. “If I come in to you with stomach pain, it has nothing to do with how many guns I have or where I keep them.”

    It’s called the “medicalization of deviance”. The gun-control movement has been working overtime to label routine gun-owners and gun-ownership itself as deviant behavior. That’s one reason they’re anti-gun narratives always incorporate a strong moral imperative. If you can turn the “bad” behavior into something deviant and then turn the deviance into an illness it can then be “treated”. Fill in the blanks.

  19. When I was at the urologist office, one of the front office ladies noticed my carry license in my wallet and ask if I was carrying a gun. I said no, I left it in the car. I figured I was going to have to drop trou, and I didn’t want to deal with it. She said TMI, and I looked at her and said this is a urologist office, how else would they check my prostate.

    • She wanted to know if you have a gun in your pants and accused YOU of TMI when you diverted the conversation to the medical exam???

  20. My former FNP asked me if I could teach her to shoot…and after several lessons three other women in the practice asked as well. I counted that question as a win.

  21. I was visiting my new primary care doctor (previous one had moved out of state) for a head cold. Was an older gentleman, and as part of the intake questions about medical history etc, he asked me if I kept any guns in my house. I immediately asked him if he were capable of sexually satisfying his wife. He got VERY flustered and defensive and asked why one earth I had asked that. “Oh I thought we were asking completely inappropriate and personal questions that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic of conversation or the reason for my visit”. That kinda made him pause for a second and before he could respond I informed him that if he wanted to continue that conversation it would make it pretty clear to me he’s not capable of meeting my needs as a patient and I’d be happy to look elsewhere for a doctor. He immediately got back to brass tacks and the topic has never been brought up again. Actually turns out he’s a pretty good doc and we get along very well.

  22. In Australia 70x as many people die yearly from intentional self-harm than by firearms. Deaths from medical malpractice are reported to be much higher again.

    Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

  23. ” If I come in to you with stomach pain, it has nothing to do with how many guns I have or where I keep them.”

    Unless you are keeping them in your appendix carry holsters and your pants are too tight. 😀

    Couldn’t resist…..

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