‘Stay In Your Lane,’ They Explained

“Stay in your lane!” they yelled, as I barged into the OR. The self-righteous Neurosurgeon glared at me icily as I marched over behind him. “Get the hell out of here – I’m in the middle of Mrs. Jones’ brain, and her glioblastoma! What do you think you’re doing ?!?” he yelled. “I’m the neuroradiologist, […]

Playing the ‘Gun Violence’ Blame Game

By Dr. LateBloomer Let’s play a little game, just between us physicians, shall we? Are you offended by the implication that you, as a lawful prescriber, are to blame for the opioid epidemic? Are you tired of the government telling you how you should practice medicine–all because of the actions of the criminal and the […]

The Epidemiological Fallacy of Gun Control

By MarkPA Humans are injured and die from gun-shot wounds; and so, doctors lay claim to gun-control as a “public-health” issue. If this were true then it would follow that warfare is likewise a public-health issue about which doctors – and epidemiologists – have special expertise to contribute. Here at DRGO, we reject this assumption. […]