The Obamas’ Netflix Civics Lesson ‘Remix’ Spins Second Amendment Rights

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“Our goal from beginning to end,” [We The People co-creator Chris] Nee says, “was to remind us that, first and foremost, civics is a nonpartisan conversation.” Is it? “The Second Amendment,” sings Adam Lambert in the voice of an unidentified Founder, is “the right to bear arms, which were very different back in my day.”

Now, I hate to break the news to the producers, but the press also relied on “very different” technology when the Bill of Rights was ratified. As did the government. “Very different” religions dominated America in those days, as well. The Founding generation not only experienced their own technological advances, but many of them demanded these rights be codified lest someone one day say, “Hey, things change.”

One can debate whether the Second Amendment was a mistake. It takes an imaginary Founder, however, to make the case that “unalienable rights” were conditional on the vagaries of progress.

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  1. With politics, the more things change, the more things stay the same.

    To understand why things are the way they are: ALWAYS… follow the money, follow the path to power

    • Politicians and media moguls are spinning the BoR? Shocked, I tell you. Shocked. I must confer with a manufacturer of bubbly corn syrup and a billion dollar athletic organization profiting off the slave labor of a totalitarian regime before I decide how I really feel about this.

      • Prior to Heller b.h. obama the “Constitution Scholar” would not and refused to confirm The Second Amendment is an Individual Right. That kind of stupidity is to be expected from being a confirmed long time, close understudy of the communist terrorist “kill your parents” bill ayers. And being a bozo who did not know who Memorial Day was about or a bozo who could not even pronounce Navy Corpsman properly. That’s 3 strikes and the self serving lord marshal b. h. obama needs to sit down and stfu…Actually it’s 4 strikes. Who in the right mind would ever spend one damn second around a sicko who advised followers to, “kill their parents?”

        • “refused to confirm The Second Amendment is an Individual Right”

          it’s not. it’s about the militia.

        • It is.

          Where did the Minute Men get their guns?

          Answer= They owned them. Militias are not supplied guns by the government.

        • “They owned them”

          and were required to participate in a militia with them. “a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state” is not about individual rights, it’s about the rights of “the people” as a whole as expressed in their state.

        • Well, Ant-man, I guess you find yourself at odds with the US Supreme Court then. You can assert all you want, but I’ll take the word of the court over you.

        • “I’ll take the word of the court over you”

          until their next ruling. in any case I’ll take the actual words of the actual text in the actual context.

        • Ant7…

          “We The People” were NOT required to participate in the militia in the 17 or 1800s.

          You’re welcome to believe 2A is not an individual right, and that SCOTUS only recently with Heller made it an individual right. You’d be wrong…

          Article 1 Section 8 of the US constitution states (among other things) that Congress is responsible for:
          To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the militia

          So, if it’s the governments job to arm and train the militia, and if 2A were to only apply to the militia, then 2A would be declaring that the government cannot infringe on its keeping and bearing of arms. That is ridiculous on the surface.

          Take the Dred Scott ruling which in part said Mr. Scott was property, with no rights, further stating that if he was not property, he would have all rights assigned to free Men, including the ability to posses arms.

          Now, I’ve referenced legal documents indicating 2A is and always has been an individual right (there are many others). Now show equivalent documents which state otherwise or stop lying to yourself and everyone here

        • Ant, you need to sit in on an 8th grade English class, and attempt to find any restriction on the right to keep and bear arms, anywhere in the second amendment, because there aren’t any. There is an attempt to explain “why” the right shall not be infringed, nothing more. Attempting to find all manner of hidden meanings in twenty seven words is an exercise in mega spin, you know damn well what it says, and you’re lying to us, possibly to yourself.

        • Wasting your time with Antbrain7. He’s another Minor69er also uses the false pretense of being a Christian too.

          People seriously need to read the Federalist Papers before they should be allowed to comment on the BOR. Perhaps the only censorship I support.

        • ant7,

          I’ve been straining to find the words “the right of the militia” in the Second Amendment, but I keep coming up empty. Can you point them out to me?

        • Antman,

          So, you think a prefatory clause overrides the clear language of the operative clause of the 2A. So, what you’re telling us is that you not only flunked high school Civics, you also flunked English. Thanks for that disclosure – as if we needed it. Also, what’s your explanation for the concurrent facts that (i) the right is granted NOT to “the militia” but to “we the people” – which by definition includes people who were not and could not be in the militia, and (ii) the 2A was expressly stated, in the Federalist Papers and in the discussions over the BoR as PROTECTING an INHERENT RIGHT that existed prior to the BoR OR the Constitution? Or did you sleep through that part of the class, too??

  2. We’re losing the Culture Wars.

    B******* about what we know is CCP bankrolled, Silicon Valley produced, Maobama made propaganda in our echo chamber isn’t doing us any good.

  3. “Your comment is awaiting moderation”.

    Has the CCP taken control of the blog. Didn’t know ny comments needed to pass through a “Moderation Filter”.

      • And sometimes they disappear entirely. Mine sometimes get flushed, try to repost and it says “you already said that” doesn’t track to machine or OS on my side. WordPress SuCk5.

        • Been happening to me a lot for more than a year.

          Comments replying to a specific person get posted at the bottom of the page, comments “awaiting moderation”, comments disappearing entirely, etc.

        • “Comments replying to a specific person get posted at the bottom of the page”

          should always preface your comment with a quote from the post you are replying to. makes it easier to follow.

        • “When the site works properly”

          if you follow that practice, it doesn’t matter if the site works properly or not. it also allows proper attribution of answers when the stack of non-reply-button replies gets too big to follow

      • “Sometimes WordPress snags comments for no apparent reason”

        usually it’s because certain words are proscribed.

        by the way, thanks for the blog.

  4. Where in the Constitution does it say we can have an Air Force or Space Force….Times change, the Constitution is made to adapt…

    • Quote: PaulB

      “Where in the Constitution does it say we can have an Air Force or Space Force….Times change, the Constitution is made to adapt…”

      The Constitution itself has the process on how to “adapt” it. It is called a Constitutional amendment. There are rules that must be followed, not just on the whim of some group or the other to ignore or “reinterpret”.

    • Wow are you that slow or do you just have reading comprehension issues..??
      Unalienable right…
      Space force and air force have nothing to do with this conversation whatsoever..

      • Actually it has everything to do with the conversation…there saying our rights are limited because the founders didn’t envision things that fly or go into space. The government, without an amendment created these forces. The 2nd amendment affirms our right to keep and bear arms…no amendment is needed to keep with the times. Stop being a jerk…

  5. An angle I have been working on is to ask them :

    “Why, of the first 10 amendments, 9 of them are clearly a check on government power power, and one of them is not? Inconsistent logic was not a hallmark of that document. And why, ‘The People’, means all of the people in the Declaration of Independence, and not in the 2A?”

    Then I ask them to consider a thought experiment – I have them read the 2A again, but this time, the same way the other 9 read, as an understanding of limits on government power.

    And how it is then perfectly consistent with the other 9…

  6. Our kids are being subjected to a relentless, integrated propaganda campaign and this is an example. It starts in pre school and continues through college. We now have several generations of kids who have internalized this Marxist narrative, believe it, and vote accordingly. When they become the elected politicians, bureaucrats, teachers, and leaders in industry, they’ll put these concepts into action and the experiment started by the Founders will truly be dead. I hate to be a defeatist but the demographics aren’t on our side. The change that has taken place in this Country since Obama was first elected is just unimaginable and now that he has his third term, it’s accelerating.

    Look up what Lenin said about educating kids and you’ll see the roadmap “progressives” are following.

    There is no effective counter to it from our side.

    • There is no effective counter to it from our side.

      Preserve and teach the history. Be a guardian of the truth. Never cease in cleaning the cesspools of public education, local media and tyrants in office.

      To give up countering their propaganda is to be a “defeatist”.

    • The most effective counter to their arguments is to spend an hour or two with your children by first asking them what they learned in school today. Then spend however long it takes to set them straight.

      • I recall doing this for an entire month with my eldest son when he was in 9th grade (now an adult). I wanted him to write out “proofs” for all his math homework to show me his thought process for arriving at his answers. He argued heavily with me that his teacher never required proofs, so he didn’t want to do it and I was being “unfair” by requiring him to do more work than the teacher required.

        I clearly remember looking at him and saying, “Son, I am always your head teacher, and what I say trumps anything and everything anyone at school tells you. Now get to those proofs.”

      • “asking them what they learned in school today”

        the teachers know this. they counter it by making the lessons “our little secret for special people, you can’t expect your older backward racist parents to understand”, and by giving the student some other ready-made answer to feed to the parent.

      • Muckraker, debriefing your children after all day indoctrination is wasted effort. The best thing to do is homeschool your children yourself. The next best thing is private schools typically run by a church. The public school system / indoctrination system must die.

    • “There is no effective counter to it from our side”.
      Have more kids than your enemies, indoctrinate them with the ideas you know to be right. Your neighbors too.
      There’s your counter.

    • Ticked Off,
      “There is no effective counter to it from our side.”

      Conservative social media
      John Wick movies
      Talking with our children

        • “in the same way that you aren’t”

          oh, nice counter. like john shooting through the wall at an assailant. cool.

          but just a movie.

        • ” in what way are those any kind of positive counter to leftist propaganda?”

          Are you *serious*?

          What did John Wick do after they stole his car and killed his dog?

          He hunted them down and dealt with the miscreants. Proving –

          Guns save the day. Guns can right a wrong. And, (on occasion) get the girl. The 18 -34 group watch that, and want it for themselves. Hollywood is the best friend the 2A has. Their greed for money is more powerful than their hatred for us… 😉

  7. Note how the nine SCOTUS Justices in the article thumbnail image (on the TTAG splash page) show 6 women and only 3 men. I thought the Left was all about equality, so why the heavy imbalance (we all know why…I’m just throwing that out there)?

    I also noted the depiction of an Ilian Omar-esque Justice. Due to how vociferously anti-American the Minnesotan Muslim is, I wonder if one on SCOTUS would attempt to interpret cases through Sharia law instead of the USC? Interesting that the Obamas would want to push that angle.

    • “I thought the Left was all about equality, so why the heavy imbalance”

      because they want to get us used to the notion that imbalance in their favor is equality.

      and they’re right. that’s the only way they’ll ever be equal.

    • After exposure like this, I would very seriously wonder how the Obamas ever got INTO law school, much less graduated, except that one look explains how.

  8. The left has been playing the long game. Get control of education at all levels, control entertainment, control culture. Those are the tools for indoctrinating children. We know what happens after that.

    We homeschooled. My daughter, now in college, sees through the gender-fluid, Marxist BS.

    Most of my Christian and Jewish friends see through the racism and communism the left is pushing, although some of the mainstream churches seem woke-left.

    Conservative social media is growing. More that 80m of us voted for Trump. The CCP is running the country right now only because the GOP was complicit in the steal. Patriots are rising, getting louder, election forensics will accelerate. We will take back the USA. Would not mind seeing Obama and Biden do the frog march. Don’t care that some people would see it as a disgrace. It is what you do to traitors.

  9. Those morons need to keep up.
    SCOTUS ruled (properly) unanimously to overturn a MASJC in a taser case. In that case, the MASJC ruled that stun gun could be banned because they did not exist in 1789. “First, the court explained that stun guns are not protected because they “were not in common use at the time of the Second Amendment’s enactment.”
    Imagine the damage that could be done by the most power hungry if a ruling stating that technology invented after 1789 is not protected.


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