Donald Trump, Wayne LaPierre
President Donald Trump shakes hands with NRA executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre as he arrives to speak to the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association, Friday, April 26, 2019, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
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This is TTAG’s weekly roundup of legal and legislative news affecting guns, the gun business and gun owners’ rights. 

The NRA and the President Both Have Phones, Apparently 

Last week saw a host of reporting on the NRA’s chief executive having chats with one of the few people in the world embroiled in more controversy than himself–the President of the United States.

The NRA reported that Trump assured LaPierre that a universal background check bill was “off the table,” after which the President chirped back “nuh-uh!” (but really yeah he did.)

At the end of the day, it’s all just political posturing. From where I’m sitting, it looks like the NRA was seizing easy capital by saying, “Look what we did!” after what was really an informal conversation.

This capital is valuable to the organization, the value of their advocacy being the subject of ongoing public scrutiny. As for the President, we have enough data points to know his position on gun control depends entirely on who the last person he spoke to was.

At the end of the day, this highlights the problem with trying to concentrate something as broad and important as the right to keep and bear arms in individual personalities. We can’t waste time honing in on what the last thing said in a particular phone call was. What matters is what we, the people want and need. That should be the start and end of the discussion.

governor andrew cuomo gun control red flag law
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

New York’s Red Flag Law Takes Effect

On Saturday, New York State boldly and uniquely became the umpteenth state to put a red flag law on the books. New York’s law gives the ability for law enforcement officers, school officials, and family members to initiate confiscation proceedings against a gun owner.

“This is a big step forward for common sense gun safety,” said New York Governor Cuomo of the law which has proven to do exactly nothing positive, despite decimating due process protections.

Noticing the microphone had not been taken away from him yet, and unable to help himself, Cuomo continued. “My message to President Trump and Senate Republicans is simple: Stop kowtowing to the NRA. Enact a national red flag law now. Lives depend on it,” frothed the governor, exhibiting wholesale contempt for federalism, separation of powers, and anything that isn’t a SWAT team enforcing his view of the world.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, center with Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen, right, and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, left, makes opening statements during a round table discussion, Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019, in Austin, Texas. Abbott is meeting in Austin with officials from Google, Twitter and Facebook as well as officials from the FBI and state lawmakers to discuss ways of combatting extremism in light of the recent mass shooting in El Paso that reportedly targeted Mexicans. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Texas’ Abbott Hosts One-Sided Gun Reform Meeting

In an effort to “do something” following the El Paso shooting, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has begun holding meetings on what to do about guns in his state. He claimed he would be inviting representatives from “both sides” of the gun debate, but pro-gun voices were (initially) distinctly absent. Worry not, though, because the Governor invited representatives from social media companies, which is not at all horrifying!

This, naturally, pissed Texans off pretty badly.

After the meeting, Abbott recommended that Texans snitch on each other more, and made clear that he distrusted private firearm transfers. This was the first in a series of meetings, so keep your eyes on this.

The Governor’s worrying over private firearm transfers is most concerning, as individuals have traded firearms for generations without significant issue. Oh, that and his apparent desire to monitor and e-snitch on everyone for everything. That’s kinda concerning, too.

California Blames Nevada for Gilroy Shooting

California state lawmakers this week called upon Nevada to help close non-existant “loopholes” after the Gilroy shooter purchased his rifle in the Silver State. The only way this could have any “teeth” would be to basically force Nevada to enforce California laws, something Nevada already does to a great extent.

It’s an open secret that Nevada allows neighboring California jurisdictions to prowl Nevada gun show parking lots seeking out-of-state plates to “check in on” them once they’re back over the border. Even so, the blame for the shooting has to fall somewhere, and when it’s California casting the blame, you can be sure the finger is going to fall on the fact that they haven’t managed to make literally everything illegal there. Yet.

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  1. Ummm OK. Good to see old Wayne “do something”. Resign old Wayne and I’ll renew my NRA membership…

    • ^^This^^

      I just received my (presumably) final edition of American Rifleman last week. Thumbed through it, saw a couple of commentaries explicitly propping up Wayne and how good he is for the country, and the tossed the whole thing into the trash can. Got another mailer from them begging for more money because “all my rights are at stake as never before”, just like last week, or last election, or somesuch.

      The NRA is a gun community juggernaut that we want to see far into the future doing good for all of us, but it’s currently undergoing a reputational nightmare. They don’t another dime from me until they perform a thorough housecleaning and get true conservative pro-2A blood at the helm

    • Please tell me who you think will replace the NRA in lobbying in Congress for our 2A rights? Don’t get me wrong, I have written and emailed to the NRA telling them WLP needs to step down. But canceling your membership only helps the Liberals who want to strip us of our rights, it doesn’t help us as gun owners.

    • I am a NV Chapter Member! AB291 will be challenged after 01/01/2020 in NV. and I bet Trump Vetoes all gun bills ! The gloves are off between Trump,Pelosi and Chuck you America Schumer.The emotional battle cry from the anti Americans is defining our sovereign rights.All Red Flag law is a lie since Route 91 and the ex Calif Bi))*tch who wrote the Lying Bump Stock Emergency Bill for Bloomberg Pick Governor Steve Sizzolacks for brains Lies turned out to be a Red Flag Herring after Preemption force like in California gun jurisdictions from County to county, was kicked out of the Laws Language.Federal Oversight will destroy Bump Stock bans and Red flag as laws are already on the books listed on the 4473.
      Solution Redefined the Dr.Patient Privacy issues in the Hipaa laws.An Argument Wayne Lapierre had with FNS Chris the weazel Wallace in 2012, after Sandy Hook. A CT Sponsored bill before Sandy Hook happened was kicked out of Committee by Chuck You America Schumer in the Senate.

  2. I’m a lifer, but keep getting calls to increase my support at bargain prices. I’m guessing they’ll be offering me Waynes job, depending on how much I have to pay them for it, I may grab it. Let there be no doubt the emloyees coffee will be free again!

    • I would consider filling Wayne’s shoes when he steps down, but it would mean a haircut, shaving every day and wearing suits. He probably doesn’t get to Conceal carry a lot of places he goes either. They would have to pay me a lot for that….

  3. quote———————It’s an open secret that Nevada allows neighboring California jurisdictions to prowl Nevada gun show parking lots seeking out-of-state plates to “check in on” them once they’re back over the border.—————-quote

    Big Brother is always watching you. They use spy cops, they use master charge records, they use magazine subscription records, they use ammo purchase records, they photo graph license plates at “in state” gun shows and “out of state” gun shows. They monitor internet gun forums and of course any comments made on facebook.

    If you still think buying used guns without paperwork will let you someday keep banned guns you will soon be in a cell next to the “uni-bomber”, he was a genius and eventually they caught him too. And you are not even in his class.

    • So sorry, everyone. My little poopskie didn’t take his medication this morning during his breakfast. He just grabbed his avocado toast and pop tarts before running back downstairs into the basement where he keeps his computer. The door is locked, so I suppose my little snookums is with his friends in computer land.

      • I’ve posted responses to Clad several times about the reality of what a gun confiscation would look like should one ever be attempted.
        Never a response.

    • When I lived on the Calif. side of the Oregon border The Calif. Bored of Equalization (Tax People) would go into Oregon looking for Kalifornians that made big purchases so the could tax them.
      Oregon has no sales tax.

    • When the boy was a teenager, one of his more serious run ins with the law occurred when the third grade girls kicked him out of their Barbie club. He was plotting his revenge, following them around, going to their houses at night and peeking into their bedroom windows. He said he was just “collecting intelligence” to be used in his Barbie registration and licensing scheme.

      When the police showed up, I told the boy he should hide from them by putting on his Scooby costume and barking. I let the officers into the house and warned them that the
      “dog” was a biter and probably had rabies. To my utter disgust, not one of those LEOs would pull the trigger.

    • Took Philly cops 8 hours to deal with one guy in a rowhouse with an AR and a few pistols. Can’t wait to see the big confiscation take place all over the country.

    • If you think California’s snooping on gun shows is bad, the People’s Republic of New Jersey has been known to go into neighboring Pennsylvania and photograph cars with NJ plates at FIREWORKS shops!

      And then on the 4th of July, New Jersey sends police cars and fire marshall cars to patrol the suburbs looking for people shooting off fireworks so they can arrest them for celebrating freedom on Independence Day!

      Because fireworks are considered weapons of mass destruction in NJ, or something like that, just like air guns (BB guns and .177 pellet guns) with factory-installed suppressors on them (as most air guns now have), which NJ treats the same as a silenced .45 Glock with a sound suppressor (also banned in New Jersey, but I was surprised to learn that most airguns are also banned in New Jersey because most airguns have built-in suppressors!)

      I’m not kidding. It sucks to live in the People’s Republic of New Jersey. Someday I hope to escape to a free state!

  4. For the first time in a decade, I did not round up for the NRA when placing a MidwayUSA order. I just can’t, in good conscience, toss even a penny at WLP’s lavish life style at the 2nd amendments expense.

  5. The Gilroy shooter had an apartment in Walker Lake, NV (SE of Reno). He bought the gun from a dealer in Fallon, NV (E of Reno). A NV citizen buying from a NV business is none of CA’s business. Yes, he illegally brought a prohibited gun into CA, where relatives lived, and he illegally used it to murder innocent people. It’s as if people with criminal intent don’t pay attention to laws.

  6. Most of this is the Kabuki Theater I have learned over 50+ years around politics is just most of the political posturing process and generally ignore, particularly when they immediately ask for money. I do find two issues concerning.

    1) I am just about one year younger that Wayne LaPierre and, although in good health, have been retired for almost two years. Sometimes it is best to let someone else take the reins, offer a little guidance and ride off into the sunset. When all is said and done without regard to palace intrigue Wayne should have probably already done this for the good of the NRA. He is not immortal!

    2) I do not live in Texas and don’t plan to, but my father was born there and I have many relatives in several parts of Texas, so I pay some attention to Texas Politics. Greg Abbott’s summit is very concerning as he has always been put forward to me as a conservative second amendment advocate, but much like Scott of Florida his recent actions are beginning to make me wonder.

  7. “From where I’m sitting, it looks like the NRA was seizing easy capital by saying, “Look what we did!” after what was really an informal conversation.” Idiotic observation by the author. In the very minimum, NRA and WLP can at least speak directly to President Trump, probably about any time either would like to have a conversation. Regardless of how much you hate NRA, none of the other so-called pro-gun groups could even get an answer from the White House switch board. GOA-who? There are a lot of delusional people sitting in their bunkers and contributing to the ebb and flow. Intentions have zero results in this battle…

    • Great, now if only the NRA, when they call the White House, didn’t say “yes, more gun control!” They are singly responsible for the NFA, the GCA and the Hughes Amendment. If the NRA didn’t exist, we’d at least have senators and reps who understand that their constituents oppose any and all gun control rather than a pack of corrupt, lying snakes telling them that we’re all okay with “just one more compromise” to protect the other half of our (constitutionally protected) right — each and every time gun control his the floor of a chamber of Congress.

      The NRA should just burn to the ground already. With friends like them, who needs enemies? More to the point, with frienemies like them our real friends can’t get enough recognition and influence to actually help us. The reason the GOA can’t just set up a meeting with the executive or any member of his cabinet, or a senator or most US representatives is precisely because of the NRA. If they spent half as much time fighting gun control as they did edging out their own competition we’d be well on our way to full NFA repeal.

      • If NRA “burns to the ground”, your rights will go with it. Oh, sure, you big tough guys will all band together with your oversized BDUs and customized SKSs and Moisins and storm the Capital. Right. You’ll continue to do what most of you are doing now- bitch and moan about why someone else isn’t doing anything. And you’ll look at pics of guns you wish you still had but you joined in with Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer and the like against NRA. Careful what you wish for, boys.

        BTW- NFA (1934) was passed long before NRA, and anyone else saw a need for a pro-firearms organization. Of course you know that or your either ignorant or intentionally making stuff up. As per the Hughes Amendment, if you were around at the time you know it was a democrat poison pill to FOPA, and I believe it was Senator Dole that allowed it to the Senate floor and to pass, being signed by President Reagan. NRA was supporting the original FOPA, Hughes was added, basically, at the last minute in waning session.

  8. More than six decades on earth and the old saying is still true… You can tell a politician is lying by watching his lips move.

  9. None of this folderol is necessary because 2018 data reveals gun homicides declined seven percent, firearm injuries declined 10 percent, fatal child shootings (under 18) declined 12 percent and unintentional shootings plummeted 21 percent. Generally, since 1991, the murder rate has fallen by 45 percent and the overall violent crime rate has fallen by 48 percent.

    Further, shooting incidents involving students have been declining since the ’90s. During that time, citizens were buying a record number of firearms. In 2018, more than 26 million firearms were purchased, a number exceeded only by 27.5 million in 2016 when purchasers were mortified that Hillary might be elected.

    Murder rates nationwide, generally by any means, have dropped 52 percent over 20 years and violent crime by 49 percent to a 41-year low. Only about 323 deaths a year are caused by rifles characterized by democrats as assault weapons. In the same year, 496 Americans were killed with hammers and 650 with knives.

    Bottom line is half the nation’s murders occur in only 63 counties while the other half are spread across the other 3,081 counties. Said another way, 15 percent had one murder and 54 percent of the nation’s counties had no murders at all. Seems the democrats want to change all that.

    • But thanks to the media’s unending propaganda, people FEEL in danger. After the crime problem dwindled to half of its original size, while gun ownership soared to record levels, they declare it a “crisis”, “epidemic” about which we need to “do something”. Funny how that “something” is always disarmament of the part of the populace that doesn’t commit any crimes.

      • And that is exactly what occurs when the touchy-feely types and others who FEEL rather than THINK.

    • The NRA doesn’t charge Americans diddly squat. The NRA extends VOLUNTARY membership to anyone that wants to join. Those that support the 2nd, want instruction, want competition or even to anti gun trolls. If you don’t want to contribute $ VOLUNTARILY then just FOAD. Go sit in the corner, thumb in mouth and pout.

      • ++2. The key point is “voluntary” — as opposed to “legislated” or “mandatory”.

        If you do not wish to be a part of a national organization that represents a large number of pro-firearms positions, why that is your choice.

  10. “My message to President Trump and Senate Republicans is simple: Stop kowtowing to the NRA. Enact a national red flag law now. Lives depend on it,”
    WHAT?!!! We’re being told on a daily basis by the “real 2A supporters” that the NRA is balls deep in RF law support. LOL!
    Viva La NRA
    #KAG 2020

  11. Jews want Wayne out because of the European-style socialists thing. NRA tank and file is tired of the $20k on suits. One part of me likes him for having the balls to call out The Jewish problem, but he is corrupt.

    What do you think ?

    Dale in Alaska
    Army MOS 92s retired.
    I am a warrior and a member of a team!

  12. My NRA membership expires at the end of this month. I replied to the email telling me that from the NRA that until Wayne is gone….no more NRA. I’ll join the 2nd A foundation or some BS.

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