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By R. Erin Lenth via

A masked hatchet-wielding man wreaking havoc in a Burien, Washington 7-11 was shot and killed this morning by a good Samaritan with a concealed firearm. Though the attacker’s motive is unclear, the as-yet unidentified suspect entered the store shortly before 5:45 am today and, without saying a word, immediately started swinging the hatchet. He first attacked a customer before turning his sights on the store clerk, who suffered only minor injuries to his stomach before a good guy with a gun stepped in . . .

The 60-year-old morning regular was seated in the store drinking coffee when the attacker came in. Responding immediately, the un-named man pulled out his firearm and shot the assailant, who died at the scene.

King County Sheriff Sergeant Cindi West, called the man a hero, saying, “Fortunately, because of this customer with his weapon, this could have been a lot worse…we believe had this good Samaritan not acted, we might have a dead clerk on our hands right now. The clerk could be the one laying there dead on the floor right now.”

Investigators describe the area as a “quiet neighborhood,” saying this is the “first violent incident at the store in recent memory.”

Though the need to be prepared to defend yourself couldn’t be more obvious in some areas (think Chicago, New York City, Detroit, et al.), the importance of remaining vigilant, even in so-called quiet neighborhoods, can’t be overstated.

I know a lot of concealed carry licensees who only carry when they’re headed to an unfamiliar or known dangerous area. Had the good Samaritan in this story had that same mindset, things would almost certainly turned out much worse.

If you’re licensed to carry a concealed firearm, make sure you have not only the license to carry it, but also the training to use it should you need to. And make a habit of carrying it every single day, no matter where you’re going.

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  1. This story is obviously a plant by the NRA propaganda arm. As Lord Bloomberg is more than happy to tell us on a regular basis defensive gun uses never happen

    • screw the government and politicans,you can be sure mr politican is guarded with armed guards.or carrys himself.looks like the government and mr politicans have done a lousy job of protecting we the people,so being i can,t count on paying for armed guards,and i,m not a politican so i will just have to protect me and my family.because i don,t see the government sending any armed guards to help me out.remember the only one in charge of protecting you and your family,is you and your family.and to all the anti gunners allow us to put gun free zone signs in your front yards,and gun free zone stickers for your home and car windows.and allow us to photograph and show the world that you really our a person of your word.and you mean what you say god bless all legal american veterans/citizens

    • “quite” as in quite likely to sacrifice one first.

      They’re more common than you’d think, and VERY PREVALENT everywhere that they “CAN’T HAPPEN”.

    • HaHa I’m sorry but calling Burien/White Center, WA a “quiet neighborhood” is laughable. It is one of the roughest areas in King County. There are a few rougher in Seattle proper but it is REALLY bad there.

  2. Soon, good guys with guns are going to have to run into a few places and preempt.

    Getcha big glass o’ milk ready.

    • Some newsholes are reporting it as a “machete” attacker. If your favorite newshole is saying “hatchet” cause it sounds more non-POS religion then FTHEM.

      • I think it’s far more likely that urban journalists simply don’t understand the difference between a machete and a hatchet. We’re talking about a group that’s not quite clear on the fact cows and bulls are members of the same species.

  3. I carry all the time. If I knew when trouble was going to happen, I’d avoid it, or have a 12 gauge handy. I don’t know why so many ccw holders leave their guns behind constantly. I’m working on a SHTF kit to keep in my vehicle for the upcoming upheaval. This is separate from my normal ccw handgun, and will include a shotgun or an AR pistol. This was an example of why you don’t leave your pistol in your car all the time, either.

    • Luckily, living here in NM, most places of business are not posted; with only the federally mandated places like post offices and schools posted with the gun wielding homicidal maniac empowerment signs.

      Now, after carrying for about 18 years, I feel lopsided if i don’t have my EDC on me.

      For a vehicle gun, I found the AK-47 pistol with the arm brace to be more accurate than the carbine length AK-47 at 50 to a hundred yards, (I think because it flexes less than the full length barrel). Plus, I think the larger bullet is a more effective man stopper at the lower velocity of a short barrel versus the AR pistol.

      • “Now, after carrying for about 18 years, I feel lopsided if i don’t have my EDC on me.”


        Feel weird without my EDC on board.

        First rule: Have a gun.

  4. So, if guns had been banned the bad guy would have had free run with his ax. Just what kapo bloomberg and the hildabeast want.

  5. Hatchet wielding mad man randomly attacking innocent by standers.

    Well, if he was yelling Allahu Akhbar, we can figure why he did what he did in the “qui(e)t” neighborhood.

    It’ll be reported as just another incident of “work place violence”.

  6. Or you could carry regardless if you have a concealed permit or not. Poor folks in Jersey (new york, murderland, commie-fornia etc). Lots of people believe that their lives matter regardless if they have governmental permission to protect it or not.

    • Not disagreeing with your sentiment, but I think the comment was aimed at those that DO have the legal permission slip yet STILL don’t carry.

      There is a subset of CCW-holding POTG that carry significantly less than 90% of the time, or even less than 50% of the time that they legally could. It’s almost as if the permit itself has been given the ‘magic protection powers.’

      “I’ve got my CCW” seems to be, at least among that subset mentioned above, a social status flag. Sounds cool. Gives the “option” to carry, but…

      Consistent carry is hard enough for some folks so as to be deemed just not worth the effort. There’s always the convenient excuse, “Nothing’s going to happen THERE.” I think people that say that sort of thing is who the comment in the article was aimed for.

  7. I saw this on the WaPo and Christian Science Monitor feeds this morning with unusually fair and balanced reporting. And then right on cue I hear later today about yet another employee I may need to fire for cause, which firing will probably cause a foreclosure and eviction. And they wonder why we get CC permits and wish that we didn’t have to! (This means yes to Constitutional carry and also what the heck is wrong with people today.)

    • What is the matter with people today? The lack of FEAR. Fear me, I am armed, you will die. Armed, be it gun, knife or fist and feet. Your aberent behavior has it consequinces.

    • He clearly thought is was 4:45 (the traditional ‘witching hour’) but forgot to set his watch 1-hour ahead, and quite naturally flew into a hatchet rage.

      It happens.

    • If I’m in a 7-11 at five forty five am I’m already in a foul mood.

      Come at me with an ax, bro.

  8. Nice job, good guy with a gun, saving the clerk’s life.

    I carry everywhere (everywhere I can legally carry, anyway), even at home. My wife thinks it’s overkill. I don’t.

    • Not true, the old foreign (middle eastern of some sort) dude would sell booze to us when I was in high school. He seemed to take as much delight in corrupting us as we did in being corrupted.

  9. Wonder why no one is posting “Criminals welcome, unprotected citizens in here” signs at all of the businesses that post as gun free zones. Just to remind the herd what they are: sitting ducks. Maybe a sitting ducks sicker? Interesting, looks like they can be brought online. Of course you might have to get permission from the establishment before adding the sticker.

  10. When I first heard about this this morning it was the clerk who shot Mr Hatchet and my initial thought was well Southland Corporation is gonna fire another employee, but at least he lived. Then I heard it was a customer that fixed the problem. I will never stop this sort of thing at a 7-11 because I never give them any business as they are very anti-gun.

  11. This happened in my neighborhood… literally, minutes away.

    The 7-11 is a family owned store. Most of the folks in the neighborhood are blue collar, hard working, good folks. But a significant (and loud) small percentage of people (I’d ballpark, oh 5%) are dangerous. We border White Center, a neighborhood with significant issues of poverty, crime, and drug use.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Hatchet Swinger was high on paint / meth or some other wacked out substance. Glad to hear a customer was carrying a gun to save lives.

  12. I carry concealed 100% of the time, unless I have to pass through a metal detector. I hate to use the hackneyed “better to be tried by…” and other expressions of freedom, especially since I shouldn’t have to, but such is life in the U S of A. At least we can still (barely) obtain handguns here.

  13. He didn’t ‘SAVE’ lives, he killed someone! With a gun! Someone had a little hatchet and this rambo/Zimmerman wannabe with his assault weapon goes and blows him away when he was just turning his life around. I hope you’re all happy, instead of a clerk with a papercut we have another dead young man.

    This message brought to you by Bloomburg.

    • Yeah. Cue some crybaby commentary about how he could have shot him in the leg or shot the hatchet out of his hand.

      Disconnects from reality are hard to repair…The hard core anti-gunners are about as divorced from reality as one can get. They should be careful about forcing the ‘mental health’ issue…

  14. Hatchet dude has been identified now, and had multiple arrests for violence and meth. As a general rule, I’m for drug legalization, but that shit is pure evil.

    I live in Burien, and it’s mostly fine, (violence from White Center and Kent spills over) but this just goes to show that shit can happen anywhere. That’s why I carry.

  15. Please note that this is Washington state, so getting a CPL requires only fingerprinting, a background check, and paying a relatively small fee. There is no training requirement, and the issuing authority is statutorily required to issue the permit in thirty days or less if nothing disqualifying comes up on the background check.

    That’s not “check with us in thirty days and we’ll let you know”, it’s “the process must be completed and the permit issued in thirty days, absolute maximum, by state law”.

    But what I really want to emphasize here is no training required. People clutch their pearls over the idea that someone might be carrying without the state requiring them to sit through some sort of course. Well, that’s exactly what happens in Washington, and for all we know this guy has never taken a firearms class in his life. The point is, people safely carry and successfully defend life in Washington all the time, without additional, burdensome requirements.

      • I applied for my first one during my coffee break. I was framing walls at the Bothell P.D. and filled out the paperwork during break. That was 1990, it took almost the full 30 days. My wife got her first one about 12 years ago. It took less than a week.

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