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The world’s most popular firearms website says “the next great gun and ammo sales surge is on” and wouldn’t cha know it? It’s on. Yes and no. Yes, the pre-Hillary presidency firearms industry sales surge is already under way. But no, we didn’t start the fire. Ms. Clinton struck the match by labelling the NRA and its members extremists. Then she set pro-gun passions aflame by admitting that Australian-style gun confiscation “is worth looking at.” You know; to her. If Ms. Clinton manages to survive the Benghazi hearings, if the Committee can’t prove that . . .

the former Secretary of State told or maybe even just agreed with the decision to stand down the rescue team itching to pull Ambassador Stevens and his people out of the Benghazi consulate (as we’ll see in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi), gun sales will escalate dramatically.

If the former First Lady somehow wiggles out of the FBI investigation into her email indiscretions – which probably depends on how much President Obama hates her – there’ll be another significant firearms and ammo sales increase.

If Hillary Clinton puts Bernie Sanders in his place – at least keeping him at bay until winning the big primaries – and secures the Democrat party’s nomination, OMG. If she wins the election, the shelves will be bare. Completely. Bare. You heard it here first – even if you knew it anyway.

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  1. Screw all that, I’ve been buying and resupplying {and stockpiling if you will} at every chance for a long time. I will never be caught short again.

  2. Articles like this are just clanging the bells of profiteering to get all the gun advertisers cash registers ringing. Instead of doom and gloom how about an article on why Ted Cruz would be the best choice to protect the RKBA? Would that put too much a damper on gun sales?

    • +1000000 Fred-not wafting in the wind like so many so-called republicans. But I really want Ted in the Supremes. And Hillary for Prison 2016!

        • Do you really think he has a shot in the general? If love the guy, but I just worry that the Dems/MFM will succeed in painting him as a wide-eyed radical, and Hillary! as the safe and stable choice.

          Yes, I know, the irony burns.

    • Just finished Ted’s book, “A Time for The Truth”. A very good read. I have always been a supporter of his and the book makes it even clearer as to why. We need this man in the White House!

  3. Lesson learned and I’m currently buried in ammo and mags. More than I’ll ever need. Still, after this shooting season ends and the last courses I’ve signed up for wrap up I’ll be getting quite miserly with my ammo until the drama passes.

    • I’ve had people ask me why I need 40 AR magazines , all the ammo and guns I’ve acquired and I simply respond by pointing at them and saying , for you .

      • Whenever anyone asks me why I “need ‘x,'” I offer to come to their house and divest them of every possession that isn’t absolutely necessary for their continued existence, since they’re so into Zen living. I’ve yet to have any takers.

        • I’m into Zen living and simplicity. I do, though, feel I should be able to protect the ten-thousand creatures and defend the sages, those who can wait patiently for the mud to settle. And, while living close to the land, being useful to the humble folk…. if the elite lords abuse the mandate of heaven they seem to think they have, I should be able to defend the village. Thus the accessories, accoutrement, and spare barrels have a purpose, but do not tie me down. They are not excess baggage, a snare of the world to seduce me from the simple Way. I could let them go tomorrow without any feeling of loss…if you could pry them from my cold dead hands.

  4. No I didn’t hear it here first, I heard it from my own lips as soon she announced candidacy. That’s ok, I purchased a few weeks extra range ammo of 9mm as soon as the college in Oregon was attacked by that loon.

  5. Pfft, every time our current leader has a press conference, I buy several cases of ammo.

    It’s like a drinking game except it seems like he’s the one getting more drunk.

    All I want to do is pew some IPSCs on the weekend… why must I live in fear that such will be taken away from me?

    • If there was an internet , a web site , a post about gun control and a commenter named ready,fire,aim in 1932 , this comment would have been : HITLER……HITLER……HITLER…..HITLER …..HI

      • just cause you don’t like the guy does not give you the right to make an asinine comment like that pull your head out of your ass jag off

  6. Just keep buying a few things every month. That way you will be fine when the Firearmageddon 2016 starts. I know I still need a few more standard capacity magazines for a few of my pistols to feel fully ready for it. I probably could do with a few more cases of ammo in my favorite calibers.

  7. No panic here. Learned my lesson in 2009 and took care of the problem over a year and half of working 6 different Wally Worlds.

    I’ve got enough for several administrations. Hell, at the rate I’m shooting I’ve got enough for life!

  8. the issue is not gun or mag availability. . . . It is about PARTS. Buy extra springs and normal wear and tear parts for all your toys. . . . . things will run forever

    • This is excellent advise DD , I instruct people all the time about this very thing and have compiled a small list of the stuff that breaks or malfunctions the most often in ARs and some of the most popular firearms but I find a lot of pushback from regular folk that are afraid to dissemble their guns period , so I instead spend a lot of time just sitting down with people and working with them and their guns , taking them apart and having them reassemble them , grease , lube and oil them , and all the basics , showing them what each part does and how and why there might be malfunctions . I personally think there should be classes offered in public primary education on firearm safety and maintenance because of the level of sophistication in modern technology and the fact that most parents today do not have these skills to pass on to their children , unlike the days when our forefathers penned the Constitution . The reason we have so many people afraid of guns is because they don’t understand how they function and seem to think of a gun as a living dangerous organism ready at any moment to go bang . It is basic human nature to be weary of things we don’t understand . I taught all my children the very basics of gun smithsmenship at very young ages . I would often take my pistols and rifles apart on the kitchen table on a pile of newspapers while the kids watched and could ask for a magazine catch spring and I wouldn’t be handed a trigger part . As a result , my kids aren’t presenting arguments against guns based on emotion and approach the subject logically . They don’t necessarily go lock step with me and we have had some real strong debates in these issues but I know they are grounded in logic and it helps tremendously when you send them off into the universities of Progressive America and they can witness first hand the utter ignorance of their intellectual professors on guns and gun control . I also insisted each of my children learn the US Constitution when they learned their multiplication tables in school and had all but one able to quote lines from several of the Federalist papers before they graduated high school . I have one daughter that I have nicknamed the head butter because that’s all she has done since she was born . I think she is most like me .

    • Agree. Spare bolt carrier groups, fire control groups, springs, and such. For the M4 Benelli spare firing pin, gas rings, springs, chokes. For the hunting pieces backup glass and firing pins. These parts assure that the next generation can keep the items running…if they are properly stored.

      and because frankly there simply isn’t any more room for cartridges.

  9. I bought an AR for $400 the day of the oregon shooting. My guess is within two years i’ll be able to sell it for over a grand.

  10. Our family has been stocking up over the past few years; arms, ammo, reloading equipment + components, spare parts + rebuilding supplies, service tools, mres, and first aid kits. Spread across several locations and packed for long term storage as well as that ready to go. Last inventory looked like we were good till 2030, unless shtf. NE Louisiana will be safe and secure.

  11. People question my motives in buying a .40 caliber glock..

    I then show them the 9mm and .357 sig conversion barrels and spare extractors for each.

    • I have an XD40 which I am glad I bought back in 2011. I was still able to buy ammo during the shortage. I have a 9mm conversion barrel and I want a .357 Sig conversion barrel just for the heck of it. I thought I wouldn’t be buying any other .40 cal pistols and then I found a CZ100. I’m covered for carry pistols no matter what.

  12. Anyone wanna go halvies is a Ghost Gunner unit with me? We’ll start spitting out completed 80% lowers rapid fire. We’ll flood the market like so much oil. Now we just need the 17-4 SS and inconel printing to become cheap and a way to print ammo.

  13. I was already on a bit of buying spree since early this year.
    Gun-wise, I’m kind of OK. Lately it’s buying components to reload a bunch of ammo.
    I like having ammo in stock and it seems components are readily available…. At the moment.

  14. Have more than enough of everything I need. That said, articles like this make me shake my head, because all they do is fan the proverbial flames of fear and tighten the tinfoil on the heads of so many. Goodbye, good deals! TTAG sure doesn’t do anything to calm the hoardes.

  15. Fred Friendly,
    Sorry but you are wrong. Waking up people is required. There is a thing called cognitive dissonance. Basically, as ominous events occur, as it gets closer we tend to go into denial (can’t take the stress) more.

    By allowing so much illegal immigration, the democrats are stacking the voting booth or 2024. Take a look at Venezuela, Argentina, and Australia. Argentina was the breadbasket of beef for Europe in the ’50’s. Today they import. In Australia, there was gun confiscation. .period. Venezuela is a complete mess. We are headed that way and I doubt if it can be stopped.

    Stock up on medicine, food, water, guns and ammo. It won’t be pretty. You have had your warning, There will be price gouging.

    • The nasty old moonbat D-bag Granny Pantsuits has as much chance getting elected as a commie muslim named Hussein. This is the USSA pal! The electorate is way too smart! They all have IPHONES!

      PS: Ted Cruz for President and the neckbeards won’t be able to gouge on their ATI AR15s and Wolf .223 ammo.

    • Do you mean the guy that taught a whole generation of kids it is OK to lie if it’s about having an adulterous affair and puff on a joint as long as you don’t inhale and also how to properly wet the end of a good Cuban cigar ?

    • Yes, the one who wants to be leader of the free world, in the oral office, 40 feet from where another woman googled her mans’ goo.

      Should disqualify her from being a candidate on that fact alone.

  16. I’ve been planning for hitlery for over a year now. Buy a box of ammo a week if you consider yourself an American. This country was founded on the principles of being self reliant and able to protect and feed your family. Your money loses value just sitting in your account but ammo generally just keeps gaining value. If a socialist wins the white hut then we can expect the finances of this country to get very room temperature. Chances are that we can’t vote ourselves out of this decline.

  17. We are looking at a political-message opportunity here. The NRA ought to create an ad charting the waxing and waining of monthly sales against the precipitating political events: statements by politicians. Paint the message in BIG BLACK LETTERS for all the gun-control sympathizers to see.
    IF you are really concerned about the number of guns, the most effective thing for you to do is to get your politicians to SHUT-up about gun-control.
    A really serious problem we have in conveying our message is this: Antis and gun-control sympathizers don’t own ANY guns. They don’t have many friends who own lots of guns. They just do NOT understand how many guns there are already in civilian hands; nor do they know how many are sold each month. They can NOT COMPREHEND the mammoth task of making all the guns “go away”. They understand this problem as a fish understands air; as an armadillo understands oceans. NOT AT ALL.
    We need to find some way of getting them to confront their cognitive dissonance. The task is already impossible. The task is becoming harder every month. The harder they work to impose gun-control the greater the acceleration of sales. Perhaps they ought to stop digging.
    The prospects of converting an Anti seem dim. The prospects of opening-the-minds of many gun-control sympathizers is not a lot better. Nevertheless, both these camps are susceptible to becoming disheartened. The more they become convinced that the NRA is the power-house they have complained it is, the more they convince themselves that it is too big to stop.
    We don’t necessarily need to convince them to change their sentiments. Instead, it would suffice to convince them to put their energy and money behind any other Progressive cause with better prospects.
    How about a monthly press release: There are now 1.1 guns per American resident; 1.12; 1.123; 1.125; . . . Gradually, viewers will wrap their heads around the idea that this ratio of guns to Americans is beyond the point of no-return.

  18. I would suggest we all add one more accessory to our gun vaults . Go to your local medical supply and purchase a high quality neck brace , because I believe before long , Washington will present something that will make our heads spin faster than Barry Care , Benghazi , Gay marriage and the countless executive orders combined . Brace yourselves and for Gods sake , brace your necks .

  19. To honor our Dear Leader — not RF you morons; I meant Obama — I buy a box of ammo every time he posts a selfie.

    I have now collected 17 million assorted rounds and need a few extra apartments.

    • You’re smart. I resolved to buy a cartridge every time he said “I.” Heaven help me if the old Super Walmart I had to buy catches fire.

  20. Acquiring 22LR will never be the same again. Everyone can easily afford/hoard a case of 5000+. And they won’t hesitate to double up and get two cases. No sweat. The soon-to-be natural price point of bulk 22LR will be 10cents/rd soon enough. Even higher for subsonics.

      • Heck, I haven’t seen a store have .22LR since November 2012. Rural King in Ashland, Kentucky did when I was driving through on business though! I was able to get six (50pk) boxes, and was tickled pink! First .22LR purchase in nearly three years!

  21. Oh a brighter note, as I was leaving Lone Star Gun Range earlier today, parked next to me and unloading their range bags, was a group of 5 Japanese-American young people, 3 guys and 2 gals. All had their own range bag, so all came to shoot. It does my heart good to see young people of the Gun exercising their 2nd Amendment rights

    • Whenever I stop by Hoover Tactical Firearms (B-ham, AL), there always seems to be a new group of visiting Japanese business-types renting pistols, drooling over the counters, or hanging out in the lounge. Putting some rounds downrange seems to be pretty high on their list of to-do’s while in America.

      • I’m thinking we have airsoft to thank for that. Remember CostaGate 2014? His response was – well, in a country where real firearms are illegal, air soft is doing a great job of introducing people to (mock) firearms and the shooting sports, albeit in an alternative way.

  22. “If the former First Lady somehow wiggles out of the FBI investigation into her email indiscretions – which probably depends on how much President Obama hates her –…”

    Obama has some very real hatred for her.

    I believe the FBI will end up charging her. Saw on Fox news a bunch of people the government prosecuted and convicted for doing far less egregious classified information handling are getting ready to make a *lot* of noise about how they were treated by the Feds.

    I’m cautiously optimistic she will get burned.

    As a whole lot of people have found out, the cover-up is worse than the crime. She’s admitted she had data erased from her machine.

    That’s destruction of evidence….

  23. There will never be any gun registration. It costs far too much in money, time and effort for the Federal Government, or any State Governments, to implement it. And it will only be possible for future purchases, not the guns already owned. What sane gun owner is going to give that information to officials? So there will never be any mechanism enabling any future government to take away your guns. Any politician who says they will do that is lying, dreaming or both. Gun licensing, on the other hand, is a possibility. Again, no sane, competent gun owner should fear this, as it will just weed out the criminals and the nut jobs. And the NRA has nothing to do with any of this. Gun control is a distant dream that only acts as a dog whistle to the fearful and feeble, and those who want to rely totally on their government for support. So any votes it gets are not worth having. And any politicians who blow the whistle reveal themselves as shameless exploiters of the fears of morons. Any President who speaks out against the Constitution should be impeached and removed from office.

    • “Gun licensing, on the other hand, is a possibility. Again, no sane, competent gun owner should fear this…”

      That idea is utterly reprehensible. What other rights should we be required to be licensed in order to exercise? A speech license before you’re allowed to speak your mind? A fair trial license that allows the bearer to not be subject to the whims of the “justice” system? Perhaps we should license our ability to freely associate with each other, and have the government choose our friends for us? After all, it will only be a problem if you choose to associate with criminals and nutcases, right?

    • “There will never be any gun registration. It costs far too much in money, time and effort for the Federal Government, or any State Governments, to implement it.”


      California has had registration for a while now. New Jersey and others probably the same way…

  24. Hillary is 1% of the problem. There are millions of POS satan’s evil jouse of (D) voters out there that’ll vote for the same or worse and we need injunctive relief from (D)head Jerry Brown, and if CA DON’t fix your sh_t out there that’s all on you.

  25. If by some stretch HC would make it to the Oval Office which wholeheartedly do not believe will happen, I would be spending money I don’t have on ammo and maybe a firearm or three. I’d look at AK-47 bending jigs and reloading supplies. I’d begin to move to a more DIY program and builds of my own.

    • DIY AK stamped receiver plates would be a great way, as long as you have the build kits and ability to rivet those trunion ?sp? parts!

      (I hear there is a bolt cutter mod that someone sells to pop the rivets. Haven’t looked it up.

  26. BUY AMMO!!!! Some of the disarmed people murdered by the governments of the world, Christians Rome, Jews Nazi Germany, Aztecs Spanish, Maori of NZ and Aboriginals Australia, Scottish William Wallace, the Irish, Welsh by English and the Native America by the US government. THIS is why we need guns to protect ourselves from those who would subject us to their whim and if this is not enough just google dictators.
    There are over 400 gun laws on the books and they have done nothing to stop the violence. Because of the winey few we are chastised for wanting to protect ourselves. We NEED guns to protect ourselves from criminals in and out of the government. I deserve the right to protect myself and if you don’t like it tough $hit.
    The 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution so the people could protect themselves from a corrupt government. That is why it says “shall not infringe” so we can have what the government has to prevent a Holocaust. I believe the people should have what the government has including machine guns. The only gun control law there should be is that criminals can’t have any firearms. No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

  27. One of the driving factors in firearm sales during the last surge was many new people became gun owners. Will this new surge be because more new people are getting firearms for the first time or gun guys just adding to what they already have? People can campus carry in Oregon, despite the fraudulent no gun signs at the community college where the mass shooting took place. Very few were carrying though. I wonder if incidents such as this cause people to realize they need to obtain constitutionally guaranteed personal protection.

  28. The smart ones have already stocked up on anything they were missing the moment Hillary officially announced her candidacy.


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