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D. Watkins (courtesy

I bet D. Watkins [above] thinks he’s clever. And Salon thinks it’s righteous. But there’s nothing clever or righteous about Mr. Watkins’ post Want a gun? Take a bullet: Take this, gutless NRA cowards — you can have a gun, once you understand the pain of being shot. It’s a thinly veiled call to someone, anyone to shoot NRA members. Watkins starts by recounting comedian Chris Rock’s routine about making bullets so expensive criminals can’t afford them, and then quickly gets darker and darker until it’s full-on evil. Like this . . .

Rock was definitely on point, $5000 bullets would be great but I’d take it a step further––I believe that being shot should be requirement for gun ownership in America. It’s very simple. You need to have gun, like taking selfies with pistols, can’t live with out it? Then take a bullet and you will be granted the right to purchase the firearm of your choice . . .

Gun praisers are just like the people who were in favor of slavery back in the day–– the elite, lazy and ignorant who weren’t being beaten, raped or in the field doing the work, so they were perfectly okay with involuntary servitude, which is a problem and why I think gun owners need to feel more––they need a taste of the other side.

So if you love guns, if they make you feel safe, if you hold and cuddle with them at night, then you need to be shot. You need to feel a bullet rip through your flesh, and if you survive and enjoy the feeling­­––then the right to bear arms will be all yours.

This is a new low in anti-gun agitprop. Salon’s decision to publish the article is unconscionable, especially under that headline. As a gun blogger who’s seen the civilian disarmament rhetoric descend into pure bile and calls for violence (e.g., the Brady campaign labeling the NRA a terrorist organization and the CSGV urging its followers to SWAT Americans openly carrying firearms), I can only quote Dorothy: “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Unless we’re talking about Bleeding Kansas.

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    • Most crazies are ammosexuals with Fascist tendencies. There is a lot more far-right calls to shoot and kill someone than there are better-balanced people making threats. And this is why I carry – I figure that some day some Republican NRA member will get out of his parent’s basement and decide they can steal from us and harm the family in the process.

      Timothy McVeigh and the bigoted kid that shot up a black church. Or the bigot that shot up a Muslim mosque. These are the true representatives of the rabid far-right ammosexual community.

      • I find it interesting that arrogant (check out your screen name) and vile people such as you fail to bring out the hostilities that you ascribe to gun owners. Keep lying, and we’ll keep pityng you.

      • Dude, it doesn’t matter where your political compass points – you still have the right to self defense. Keeping that right intact, however, may ultimately lie with the voting choices you make, so choose carefully.

      • WOOT! Here come the ad hominem arguments! Let see what we got today:

        “Most crazies are ammosexuals with Fascist tendencies.” Well, the crazy and ammosexual part is pretty bog standard – nothing new there. The fascist part seems be an attempt to turn our words against, but it’s pretty weak sauce when you simply look at the constitution and the Heller decision.

        “There is a lot more far-right calls to shoot and kill someone than there are better-balanced people making threats.” Source? Define “better-balanced people” please.

        “And this is why I carry – I figure that some day some Republican NRA member will get out of his parent’s basement and decide they can steal from us and harm the family in the process.” OK, so someone who claims to be god is afraid of the NRA and Republicans? Interesting. Well, we fear criminals, who by their very nature disregard laws – like thou shalt not murder – and thus defend ourselves, family, and friends against deadly force, with deadly force, as we are allowed to according to the law – even Biblical law supports self-defense.

        “Timothy McVeigh and the bigoted kid that shot up a black church. Or the bigot that shot up a Muslim mosque.” The part about McVeigh being republican and an NRA member is true, but so what? Should we judge all gods by the actions of all the other gods? If that’s the case, well, then, there’s some issues of bestiality we need to address you about. This also glosses over the fact that gun control laws were started by bigots who wanted to keep guns out of the hands of free black men, or how numerous governments slaughtered millions of people shortly after instituting gun control and confiscation laws

        “These are the true representatives of the rabid far-right ammosexual community,” If these are our true representatives, then by the same logic, the West Baptist Church is your true representatives, and so are all the Jihadists, and the crusaders, and the Spanish inquisition, and the people responsible for the Salem Witch Hunts.

        • The Salem witch trials ended faster than the version of them in Europe. IIRC it was only one year in the USA & several years in Europe.

      • Not a big stretch to come up with the three or four or five white guys that did terrible chit like this. Now run that alongside the hourly mayhem in the inner cities and the atrocities and slaughters committed by the hadji scum around the world. Get back to us when you’ve toted up the figures, willya?

        As for having to be shot in order to win the right to pack a firearm: I got hit with both rocket and mortar shrapnel in ‘Nam; can I now buy and own a rocket launcher and a mortar? If so, I’m on it like…white on rice.

        • Haha yes. I like this guy! I think you should be able to have many more weapons than the gov will let us have now. Vets should have at least a good armory for a local militia that they help train. Now that’s homeland security without the jackboot. I will also point out that this “writer” for metrosexuals weekly probably thinks a man has to be penetrated by a penis to pack one… That’s libtard logic of projection right there.

        • My wish list as a vet forming up a militia unit here in my AO; rocket launchers and mortars (’cause I got hit with that chit); a few dozen gross of ARs and AKs and shotguns and handguns with a couple million rounds of ammo, and a squadron of F16 fighter jets (’cause they fly overhead up here at treetop level and the blast messes up my hearing). Send this vicious little moron up here with any ten-thousand of his motorbike-riding urban artists and we’ll dance.

          In fact, skip my wish list; send the buggers up now: same result.

      • “There is a lot more far-right calls to shoot and kill someone than there are better-balanced people making threats.”

        There may in fact be more people of the far-right saying such things, but everyone knows that socialists, communists, progressives, and other assorted left-leaning cretins have ACTED upon such words far more often in the past 100 years and claimed higher body counts than any Pinochet, Franco, or Mussolini. But I may as well stop there. As an American who believes in absolute rights, arguing with someone who idolizes the economic, conformist tyrannies of Scandinavia is a waste of energy.

      • Fact check time!

        “with Fascist tendencies”

        a person who believes in or sympathizes with fascism.

        (sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

      • “I figure that some day some Republican NRA member will get out of his parent’s basement and decide they can steal from us and harm the family in the process.”

        Riiiight. Like all those eeeevil Republican NRA members that Detroit’s filled with. Or Baltimore. Or Atlanta. St Louis. Newark. Philly. Louisville. Knoxville. Cinci.

        America doesn’t have a “gun violence” problem. It has a Democrat problem.

      • The majority of mass shooters on the past couple of decades have either been politically unaffiliated nut bags or have decidedly left leaning politics. I notice Dog fails to mention the Oregon shooter, a Satanist who specifically targeted Christians, or WDBJ7 shooter who was a gay black Obama supporter.

        As to Timothy McVeigh. Yup, full on right wing nut job who wanted to start a second Civil War or American Revolution. But then again, he used what we now call an IED, a truck bomb, to slaughter his victims. In a world with “perfect” gun control that actually worked, Tim McVeigh’s victims would still be dead.

        As to the tone of the article, this is what losing sounds like. At every level, the civil disarmament complex has abandoned all pretense and has gone full bore stupid, mainly because they’ve realized no one believed them when they said they didn’t want to take all the guns. Experience the shrillness and anger to intensify.

        What I find interesting is that Hillary has fully embraced the dumb and has deluded herself that talking about Australian style gun control is a good idea. Granted, she’s doing it because Bernie Sanders is kicking her @$$ and she’s trying to stir up the base, but that s**t ain’t gonna fly in the general election. Sanders at least has the sense to to be relatively mealy mouthed about it so he can walk it back for the general election if he gets the nomination.

      • god (sorry you do not rate the capital G)
        So let me understand, you carry a firearm? So then you need to be shot by this guy’s idea of firearm ownership!
        As a firearms owner, NRA member for many years, conservative in my beliefs including GOD the real on. I own my own home (Republican only because they do not have a Conservative choice in Arkansas).
        So as to nut jobs or whatever some mass killer wants to call him/her/other-self, I could care less.
        They are a CRIMINAL that’s all I would not care if they believed in the mothership overhead or the leader coming to earth out of a well. You kill other than in self defence or in the line of duty you either go to jail for the rest of your life, or to death row and not wait for 20yrs to get the spike or shot or old sparky.
        I do not hunt for people to shoot, but I also do not allow others to hunt me. Ownership of a firearm does not give anyone licence to shoot whoever or how many they want. Nor does it make it ok for anyone to shoot firearms owners (no matter what or how many groups they belong to). NRA, NSSF, GOA, 2nd Amendment Foundation and a few others and yet I have shot no one that was not in the line of duty so sorry your small choices of the bad guys is weak.
        Yours in service
        James Acerra
        ACE’S DUGOUT 07 FFL

    • The intense hatred and violent intention of the left never fails to amaze me. Their ability to talk our of both sides of their mouth is also astounding. They supposedly want pacifism and disarmament across the board, but threaten those who keep their guns for defense with unilateral violence.

      If only thugs like this would think more clearly before exercising their first amendment right.

    • My response to the author of this article:

      If you can get to me and my gun, after being shot multiple times, and are still able to still take my gun away… then you can take my 2nd Amendment right away. Deal? Let’s go, you on one side of the street, me with my AR15 and Glock on the other. Good luck!

    • I’ve been shot at does that count? I bet this turd hasn’t. How about this we only allow people who know about guns to make policy on guns.

  1. actually, great idea.. . . . let’s start with all who provide security for our beloved leaders and all anti-gunners who let someone else do their wet work. No police or security protection for you if those doing the protection have not themselves been subject to this logic.

    Let’s line up every secret service agent, capital police officer, etc. Anyone who wants to “protect” those who rule over us need to line up. . . . I suspect this idea will fizzle quickly when the leaders either seek to exempt their protectorate and the people rebel against the notion that the protectorate is exempt or those who would be part of the protectorate realize they don’t make enough scratch.

  2. That’s funny, I don’t remember the Second Amendment requiring me to be shot before I earned the right to bear arms. Hmph. I must have missed something.

    • Excellent point! I suppose there must be other uncomfortable things done to be able to exercise a right. What must one do to vote? To have a fair trial? To speak freely? I believe that Salon and this shallow thinker attributed to writing this garbage don’t want to think about these things.

      • You can’t even get some people to get a drivers license or state ID card to vote. Wonder how he would feel about being stabbed by a pen before he could use his first amendment right to publish garbage like this.

        • Or have his MacBook smashed across his face before he’s allowed to type… Utter dumbassitude if I’ve ever seent it.

        • Tdog,,, yes let alone a work permit ,green card or voter id card ,, yet they come in demanding law revisions and creation

      • ” What must one do to vote?”

        Great point.

        Voting is a serious responsibility.

        If you want to vote, you must pass a comprehensive examination covering the Constitution and its amendments.

      • Man, you are really off your game today, guy. Usually you troll better than this, but your last two posts are just weak sauce. Hope you feel better soon.

      • You do realize that Watkins is focused on attacking the NRA members, not the people, the demographic, that is actually shooting up his hometown…Baltimore. He borrows Chris Rock’s riff, that raising the price of ammo would somehow reduce the murder-with-guns rate. That’s laughable: The highest gun-crime rates in the U.S. are concentrated in the poorest urban minority neighborhoods. The gangbangers will just steal and sell your car to afford their bullets. D.Watkins can’t even get the far left to pay decently for his pathetic screeds whining about the law-abiding citizens with guns. He should focus on the people who are actually making Baltimore hell.

        RF: Instead of reading such brain-dead material, why not take a look at Copel’s piece on Volokh conspiracy today:

        • Here it is, a day later and god hasn’t struck me down for my challenge. No thunder, no lighting. Not even a cutting retort.

          Methinks this god is a false god. An asshole more like it.

        • Naw, the false deity/blasphemer suddenly remembered where that quote came from about huckleberries, wet his pink panties, and slunk off back down to his mom’s basement, where he trolls various sites with his Windows 95 machine amid piles of fast food rubbish, rats and cockroaches, with whom he feels a special affinity.

      • Hahaha you liberal whacko =O)

        So, are you all mouth and no trousers like every other passive-aggressive libtard nutjob who hides behind a keyboard? Or are you willing to practice what you preach?

  3. Yes, let’s totally ignore WHY people kill people and only focus on the people being killed by guns. Never mind all the others being killed by hammers, knives, feet, fists…

    • If you want to buy a hammer you should have to put your thumb on the counter and let the clerk smash it with that hammer, THEN you can but the hammer.

      Yeah, makes perfect sense.

      • If you want to buy a condom, you should have to be infected with hepatitis and father a illegitimate child first, THEN you can by condoms.

      • you want to buy this car here drive into a pole then we will sell you a car ,, you wanna buy this chainsaw yadda yadda ,,where do they find these retards

  4. Well, I guess that’s definitive. I’ll go tell Staff Sergeant that I don’t need to do any work in the field because I’m one of those white plantation elites who don’t do that, apparently. Since he needlessly brought race into the argument, I don’t feel bad pointing out the rate of black-on-black homicide. I bet he’s just blame white privilege and oppression, anyway.

  5. Speaking of which, is this surly little bastard aware that the vast majority of murders in the country are committed by his “brothers” against his “brothers” and “sisters”? Tip him to Colion Noir’s videos, for starters. Have him read, oh wait, CAN he read? Read the daily nooz on this ongoing inner-cities slaughter…oh wait…the MSM doesn’t report it, just like they don’t report black-on-white violence, either.

    So, I guess in addition to being a terrorist, by way of being an NRA member, now I’m also the same as white plantation owners from over 150 years ago, and naturally all racism in the world is my fault entirely.

    Oh well, I’ll just have to live with myself, and meanwhile, Molon Labe, bro.

  6. Deranged leftist sociopaths like this fellow and his ilk over at Salon make me incredibly proud to be a gun owner and a NRA member.

  7. Five grand apiece for a bullet!
    Only the rich would buy them, and then the lower class would steal them,
    Great idea, also the one about shooting yourself. This guy will go far.

    • speaking of shooting ones self ,,since hes the genius ,,why doesn’t he step up and shoot himself ?,when you challenge libturds to go 1st ,they always slither like the serpents they are

  8. Using the equivalent of a ballistic sucker punch makes you moralyl superior to a legal gun owner? That’s some twisted logic. Why is incitement to commit gun violence not prosecuted?

    • All we have to do is imagine the scenario turned around with one of us saying stuff like this; we’d be locked up in a heartbeat. Whip up a rebuttal to the Sun piece this guy wrote and I’d bet a year’s pay they wouldn’t publish it anyway. So in a nutshell, reverse racism and calls for murderous violence against us are A-OK; I believe we should take that into account accordingly and take the appropriate measures.

  9. Having served in Nam I have heard some real nuts…..this guy is the top of the list for crazy…..I will turn in my pistols when Chicago is cleared of all weapons and obama and his family walk around the south side with no secret service agents at all……I will give this idiot a dollar for every black person killed by a white guy if he gives me a dollar for every black person killed by another black person……..damn I can’t get any of these racists gun haters to take my offer……I wonder if Pinocchio would take the deal?

    • Hey, maybe you ought to talk to the troll up the stream (the one who thinks he is divine) and see if he’ll take your deal…

  10. D. Watkins recently had an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun defending the criminals who plague some city neighborhoods, riding their stolen and unlicensed dirt bikes in huge mobs, blocking traffic, terrorizing innocent residents, causing accidents, and even recently running down and killing a woman, as an “art form.” He’s obviously in favor of crime and criminals, so it’s not surprising that he wants to shoot law-abiding gun owners.

    • The left is not only getting honest about gun confiscation it is also coming out of the closet on their gangbanger allies. Don’t you get it. Gangbangers are morally superior to you rightwing Rethuglicans because they get shot all the time.

  11. The ultimate and logical conclusion to leftist ideology is totalitarianism and mass killings of intellectuals who don’t agree with the elite masters.

    See the congruence with this guy?

  12. Want a car? Get run over by one first.

    Want a hammer or baseball bat? Get hit in the head with one first.

    Want a knife? Get stabbed with one first.

    People like D. Watkins are one of the reasons that law-abiding people must arm themselves in self-defense.

    • “Want to have a relationship with someone? Get raped first”

      “Want to own a house? Live homeless first”

      The Right fights evil.
      The Left fights carbon emissions.

  13. At the end of the day Mr. Watkins is still an economically disenfranchised, angry young black male wearing a hoodie. Good luck with that.

        • Exactly. I mean, he is demanding we all commit mass suicide (if not making not-so-veiled death threats at us), so I’d be feeling REAL cagey around this psychopath. I sure hope he doesn’t have access to implements of destruction, as he sounds like a lit fuse already.

  14. Hate is blinding… This kid obviously has some serious issues; he seems to be consumed by anger and just looking for an excuse to spew it… I’m thinking we’re just the flavor of the month to enable his tirades and to get his sadist on. Very weak minded. IMHO “D” really needs to face his demons and learn how to think for himself…Just saying…

      • A lot of dead agents.

        Which begs the question to all the LEO’s, to keep your coin would you and your co-workers really collect our arms if ordered? Seems the crew stands down enmass as directed by a mayor, giving room to destroy. Which is fine for an angry unarmed mob, with a few shooter nowithstanding.

        Are you ready to die playing ball round hardball with 50 like minded folks? Shrillary can babble on about our guns, you stepping up to enforce the unenforceable?

        • I’ve heard this rebuttal so many times. Unfortunately it’s a myth. One only has to look at what happened post-Katrina to see what would really happen; National Guardsman patrolling the streets, local LEOs breaking down doors and beating up 80 year old women and stealing their single actions, private security firms protecting their clients’ possessions with shoot-to-kill orders, gang bangers shooting each other and anyone else they could find, the cops looting for themselves, etc. These people have no moral compass, so any of them wouldn’t think twice about killing you.
          To suggest that LEOs would die at the hands of law-abiding gun owners might make you feel good, but in reality we would’t stand a chance. Sorry.

        • Taking on LEO’s or the military is the wrong approach. Even if organized, gun owners stand very little chance of doing anything but providing more “justification” in the eyes of the political hacks and op-ed writers for extreme actions.

          No, instead, the people who need to feel the ultimate penalty for this stupidity are the people proposing it – politicians, their campaign funders, their wives, their children, their consultants, the various flapping yaps in the news media, etc.

          What liberals are now advocating is going to lead to a civil war – or a revolution. Where the difference is between those two types of wars is difficult to quantify, but pick one and run with it. Revolutions and civil wars are not fought (or won) by playing by the rules. The statists want us to play the game by their rules – and their rules are “Oh, the gun nuts will be dealt with by government-paid people holding bigger guns, and we, the elites, will win our way by not having any exposure to danger ”

          That thinking assumes gun owners are dumb enough to get sucked into a stand-up battle with government forces holding bigger guns. That’s a losing proposition, and anyone with an IQ bigger than their hat size knows it.

          The way to win is to negate their assumptions. Let’s posit instead that as the elites try their confiscation schemes, that high-profile reporters and op-ed writers just start dropping dead from cranial hemorrhages… Maybe they expire as a result of tragic accidents; maybe by arson, maybe by poison, etc. Campaign contributors for the elite suddenly develop the same sorts of health problems, and their expensive property is destroyed or devalued. Aides, flunkies, household staff depart rapidly due to threats made upon them, their families, etc.

          See how this works? Pretty quickly, the elites have problems – the sorts of problems that will cause the elites to barricade themselves behind armed guards, limit their travel and public exposure.

          Plan on playing to win, don’t plan on playing to lose, and playing by their rules is planning to lose.

          BTW, this isn’t new or original thinking on my part. This is classic KGB doctrine on how to overthrow a third world country, and it is how the drug cartels have taken control of third-world governments as well. This isn’t rocket science, folks.

        • +100

          Absolutely. Do not attempt to engage SWAT or mil-spec fire teams making a night-time assault on your humble abode. Do not run out into the street and throw Molotov cocktails at APCs and tanks. Do not stand on your roof and take pot shots at Apache helicopters.

          However. There is more than one way to skin a cat, as the old saying goes, and Mr. Dyspeptic Gunsmith has outlined it very nicely.

          This also goes for ground forces; those tank drivers and SWAT guys and pilots have to eat, sleep and pee somewhere. A word to the wise.

    • Of course they don’t have the co Jones for that… They will rely on the police to do it for them should they be successful with legislation.

      • What is consistently under estimated here and on the left as well is what makes up the majority of LE organizations and military. Most are conservatives, the ones that genreally lean libertarian. Most are constitutionalists. Sure there are a few liberals and hardcore statists but despite the percetion both here and from the left, most would not comply with orders to confiscate. Even less would carry unconstitutional acts that would cause citizens to be killed.

        I think the civil war they want would not go the way they think it would.

  15. So… You can’t exercise your Constitutional right to a speedy trial until you’ve been arbitrarily thrown in jail with no trial.

    You can’t exercise your freedom of speech until you’ve been punished for something someone else said.

    You can’t practice your own religion until you’ve been forcibly “converted” to someone else’s.

    You won’t be allowed any freedom at all unless someone enslaves you first. (Have you been enslaved yet, Mr. Watkins?)

  16. But would salon publish……..

    “Everyone who wants an abortion should have to feel the pain of being aborted”

    I mean some people rip/cut the unborn apart and crush them with forceps, so grab a winch and some sledgehammers! And aren’t some folks aborted by use of acid or caustic chemicals?

    • Gotta say, this is a little funny. +1 because it’s witty, and +1, because (and at least I’m honest here) I agree with you.

  17. The classic violent fantasies of the gun control advocate. Why do I need a rifle with standard capacity mags? Because you think like this, you psychopath.

    • See, there’s the problem. Like most people who end up like this tool, I suspect his father was MIA and his mother was out putting things in her mouth for crack. Perhaps he should have spanked himself. Then again, some may argue that between bouts of writing such drivel he likely devotes most of his time to spanking himself now.

  18. If there was no other way, I would be willing to be shot with a firearm in order to preserve our right to keep and bear arms. Arms. Armament. Weapons. Tools designed specifically for optimal efficiency in killing.

    Mr. Watkins has a poor, fiction-based view of history. There were plenty of relatively poor slave owners working alongside their slaves in the fields. Not that I’m defending the immoral institution of slavery. But it’s no wonder this guy thinks imposing a $5000 tax on a tiny piece of lead is a practical idea rather than the joke it was intended as.

    “If we could successfully implement this rule, I guarantee the mass shootings will stop.” I guarantee they wouldn’t. Those are insane suicidal people ready and willing to die. They have less to lose than anyone. Besides, based on facts rather than feelings I’m more concerned about being struck by lightning than being shot by a mass murderer.

    I think the opinions gun control advocates spout are dangerous, but I don’t believe they should be forced to take a bullet in order to exercise their constitutional and human right to free speech.

  19. Wow. The left is sure ramping things up. And quickly, too.
    This dude has some serious issues.
    Being a non violent person, I really have a tough time thinking along lines like this.
    By espousing violence like this, he should probably be involuntarily committed.

  20. Sigh. Watkins and Saloon go full retard again. Okay, fine. Send Watkins over to my place to shoot me. Or better still, send him to Baltimore where he belongs.

    • Saloonytoons is the tabloid of the Maoist Left; look into their founders and history out in the SF Bay area. Whatever is twisted and weird in sexual matters is A-OK with them and should be applauded; they think of the Stupid Half of the War Party (Repubs) as equivalent to Hitler’s SS, and mass genocides committed by their comrades in the 20th-C should be blown off and ignored, if mentioned at all. So publishing this murderous cretin’s hateful screed is not a huge stretch for them. Reading any daily issue of their online garbage is enough to make a rational human being puke in disgust.

      • Well, I have a strong stomach, and I always find it Monty-Python-amusing when some unarmed, un-brained and un-manned San Francisco panty-soiling pencil-neck threatens me with bodily harm. You have to admit, that’s some seriously funny sh!t on their part. In fact, Watkins should be writing for The Onion.

  21. He almost cane to the conclusion that gun owners are against being raped and beaten and the have the means to not be raped and beaten. Too many dots for him to connect though.

  22. Ever identify your daughter by a tattoo on her ankle after she was stabbed over 40 times, thrown in a lake?

    The tattoo was the only way to physically identify her. That killed her mother and I live with this memory to this day.

    I’d biatch slap this useless excuse for a human being…..bring it!

  23. The white police are not racist. The white police have never mistreated a black person. They can be fully trusted to go into black neighborhoods and enter the homes of blacks at will, looking for guns that don’t belong there.

    I’m sure this black author fully supports the unrestricted movement of white police throughout the black community. Hopefully he will be there encouraging the police and encouraging black to follow instructions.

  24. Ugh. I usually don’t outright dismiss opinions as being UTTERLY STUPID and without merit…but in this case I’ll make an exception.

  25. My take away is he’s saying unless you’ve been shot, you don’t have the street cred to own a gun. Typical hood rat logic.

  26. …And who do they expect to pull the trigger?
    These brave souls want someone else to do their dirty work and the sad part is they see no irony in that.

  27. Who cares what he believes? And to quote “Chris Rock?! A loud mouthed vulgarist who can’t even control his own woman who kicked him to the curb and dragged him thru divorce court; I don’t think so. I know the world is limited in his plebeian sense but quote somebody worth quoting.

  28. Alexander Hamilton did more in a week for this country than D. Walkin’s done in his lifetime. The I am angry black man and you have to listen to me is getting old especially since the last gasp of white guilt left the station. Oh and if you want my gun, come….try to take it sacry man.

  29. If this type of logic is to be used for gun buyers, then why wouldn’t you suggest anything that can harm the human body if misused. I imagine it would be just as fair to inflict the amount of damage that any type of purchase would cause. For example: a motor vehicle, air planes, propane torch, kitchen knives, baseball bats, power tools, and very likely thousands of other things that don’t need to be listed, if it can hurt you or somebody by misuse then I should be inflicted on the purchaser each time, is that the logic we are to consider. There are a whole lot of things that cause human deaths and guns are nowhere near the top of the list. I believe I read beatings by fist and clubs is at the top.

  30. Ok, Mr. magical rights granter. So I’ve been shot, I felt a bullet pass through my arm, it tore up a tiny bit of muscle and passed on through. Ive even got a shitty little scar to prove it to you. I guess I’m qualified to exercise my rights now because some asshole shot me? Or is a bullet to an extremity not good enough? This is completely insane.

  31. Same outfit that published articles defending paedophiles a few weeks ago. Not surprising. It is a little jarring to see just how much they cranked up the rhetoric on the left though.

  32. NRA or someone capable should run a massive ad campaign of a list of all threats to citizens, followed by the fact these all came from anti-gunners.

  33. He was known as Dwight Watkins when he was pushing dope in East Baltimore. I think the drugs unhinged him. Either that or he’s jonesing for some smack. The thing is, he was more useful when he was working the street corners.

  34. Clickbait = clickbait. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Allow them to continue to disgrace themselves with ridiculous propositions. This is perfect.

  35. Just like the unhinged shooters we despise, why give him the attention he craves? He has an opinion, so what, move along.

  36. Whatever, the righteous indignation pales next to these same propaganda vehicles running articles saying that parents who choose not to vaccinate are negligent, irresponsible, science deniers, uneducated, threats to the community, not fit to be parents, ect.

  37. His premise is about as sound as his command of the English language. If this piece, which is full of grammatical mistakes and misspellings, is representative of this “author’s” works, then that says a lot about the publisher of his writings.

  38. He also is quick to blame the lazy and rich for supporting guns, but then points out that people in his hometown of Baltimore use guns. Are his homies blameless? I would point out that his friends in Baltimore are statistically more likely to use guns in violence than the “lazy rich gun supporters,” but of course facts and logic are lost on the side that demonize objects, rather than behaviors.

  39. Since he thinks you should be shot before you buy a gun, I think if you want to be a journalist you should first be stabbed in the eye or hit in the head with one of the old 25# metal typewriters or if you want to be a politician you should have someone shit in your mouth and then have someone slap you on the back so you will be forced to swallow it and then understand what the taxpayer, or any citizen, has to suck up from any kind of government entity that happens to float through our lives like a foul smelling fart. Screw these dipshits, like all liberals, they have no anchor in the real world. They are as stupid as the Dodo bird is extinct and some day they will be laying in a war zone, trying to hold their intestines in, wondering where and how their world went off the rails.

  40. I would love to see this….
    Two maps of the USA, side by side.
    One on the left would show where all the NRA members are concentrated.
    The other one on the right would show all where all the firearms related violence is concentrated.
    Wonder how much overlap there would be?

  41. I’m a law abiding gun owner and a member of the NRA..The crybaby anti gunners doesn’t like it,i have just two words for them,tough shit.

  42. Heck, nothing some idiot writes anymore is a surprise to me. Just today I was at the park with my doggies. Above me on the hill was a guy in dress. Actually, it looked like a Kilt, but still, this is October in Spokane, a KILT?? So I drifted his way to introduce dogs and get a better view.
    Not only was he in a Kilt, but was left handed open carrying a GLOCK, complete with two spare mags and a holstered Mag Light. And to top that off, he had his complete pipe smoking paraphernalia with him and was puffing on it. He was happening! And yes this is Washington and I don’t mean weed pipe. We had common ground. He carried a Glock .40 and I carried my Sig P229 .40, and we had dogs. I love it.

  43. Want a car? Take a bumper: Take this, gutless AAA cowards — you can have a car, once you understand the pain of being in a crash.

  44. I had an ex girlfriend facebook warrior who was like this. She told me that bad things only happen to people who own guns, this was a secret esoteric knowledge tidbit passed down to her from a special Jewish sect. All the horrific things that happened to me in my life were due to me owning or handling a gun at one point in my life. I asked her about how in wars and in Africa people like pregnant mothers are massacred when they cannot fight back, and she could not come up with an answer. She said I should be shot or shot at for owning kevlar vests. We are no longer together. If you are nice and pretty and have big boobs (not necessary really, boob size does not matter, but I would like big ones at one time.) contact me. But really, I have met hot women with pancake boobs. So just contact me. Pls Respond.

  45. Read his bio. Mr. Watkins is a retired crack dealer. If he wants to know who is responsible for murder and mayhem in Baltimore, he needs to just look in the mirror. I’ll keep my guns, crackhead.

  46. Let me see if I have this straight. You want to ban ammo, but you want to shoot me first? I’ll take that effing bet, you POS. Bring it! You get the first shot. I will take you out with the second, you tool.

    BRING ‘ER ON, you COWARD!!!

  47. I looked up some of this guy’s other articles. Guess what? In another article, he says HE OWNS TWO GUNS! He goes on to say that “he doesn’t want to” but he needs them to protect himself and his family against “Second Amendment abusers.” He also says, “As as young black male in America, I’d rather be caught with a gun than without one.” BTW, he never says he’s been shot, just that he’s had friends who’ve been shot.

    What a hypocrite!!!!!!!!!

    • Hypocrisy is a major hallmark of the Left and characteristic of its loudest acolytes. To wit, for one example: Barry Soetero and the lovely Moochelle pride themselves on their community “organizing” in Chicago and their concern for the poor, etc., etc., while looting us of tens of millions every month or so for their endless vacations, golf jaunts and Party fundraisers.

      Two other major celeb examples are Michael Moore and Algore.

  48. As a black male, he’s more likely to be shot by someone of his own race defending drug turf than a supporter of the RKBA.

  49. To invoke an age old axiom: If he’s such a big man and I’m such a gutless coward, why doesn’t he say it to my face? I’ll even put a gun in his hand and give him a chance to make good on his psychosis.

    It’s easy to talk big from behind your keyboard, boy. Step up. I’ll take you at your own game.

  50. Keyboard commando, ahoy! Big talk from a lower life form masquerading as a social commentor. What this halfwit conveniently forgets is that our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms has already been secured by people willing to be shot over it…and, all too often, were. Same for the First Amendment he abuses so wantonly and pathetically.

    To me, he’s declared his desire for war against law-abiding citizens. Imagine the outcry if POTG set forth determining ways to make people like this suffer accordingly?

  51. When the Communists took over in Russia, China and other Asian countries, they held massive purges, murdering anyone who would or could stand up to them. These liberals who are recommending killing others who do not believe the way they do are just a short trip down that same road away from becoming genocidal murderers.

    It would be a mistake to not take notice of who these folks are and what they are actually attempting to do.

  52. who is this a$$clown. never heard of him and don’t care what this duffis says if nobody knows who he is. I am sick of these nobodies saying crap and thinking anybody cares.

  53. After reading his psychobabble, I think we are in pretty good shape. No need to refute anything. The more he talks – the better we look.

  54. I have no idea who this piece of crap is, but he represents the radical left very well. Perhaps law enforcement should keep an eye on him, as he is making threats possibly deadly, and his thought process seems unstable, perhaps he suffers from mental disorders. Either way it is people like these that make me grateful I am a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a gun owner.

  55. Salon once again demonstrating why we need to be armed. Psychopaths exist everywhere, from ghettos to third rate publication offices. Thank you, Salon, for making our case far more effectively than we ever could.

    Keep being your hateful, sociopathic, violent selves.

  56. I’ll bet if he was conservative and wrote this about any Leftist special interest group, there’d be massive calls for him to be fired.

  57. It works both ways. He has to be a slave for a year before he has the right to use slavery as an excuse for what he does.


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