South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem
Gov. Kristi Noem (AP Photo/James Nord)
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I understand that the NYT cannot attack Andrew Cuomo’s disastrous Covid record (though minor kudos on this expose of his nursing home death coverup) because he is the governor of the state where it does most of its business and asserts the power, a power endorsed by the NYT itself, to declare the newspaper inessential, or even murderous a la The Guardian, and shut it down.

But why would the NYT go out of its way to attack [Governor Kristi Noem], who even it admits remains popular in South Dakota? Possibilities abound but I see no reason to reject the hypothesis that the woke newsroom staffers who seized editorial control of the paper after the Cotton op-ed affair see Kristi and the entire state as a threat to their agenda, not just on Covid, but across the board.

Consider, for example, gun control. South Dakota effectively has none, not even for handguns, which anyone can carry, concealed or openly, without a permit of any kind. Contrast that with New Jersey and Massachusetts, which have strict controls on pistols and even long guns. According to a RAND study, South Dakota ranks ninth highest in the nation in per capita gun ownership yet 45th in per capita firearm homicides. The two aforementioned eastern states, by contrast, rank second to last and dead last in gun ownership, yet have gun homicide rates far higher than South Dakota’s.

— Robert E. Wright in The Attacks on Kristi Noem Have Only Just Begun


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    • They hate us.
      They hate freedom.
      P.S. Governor, lose the fake 2A orange & shotgun, even if you do hunt pheasants; it makes you look like a John Kerry NRA Fudd

        • Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear in my comment. It has nothing to do with hunter safety. If you are going to do a 2A photo shoot, do it with an AR-15 and or a semiauto pistol.
          DO NOT “get a shotgun, get a shotgun”.

          Remember when a politician says “I support the Second Amendment”, the follow up question is NOT do you hunt, it is “WHAT DO YOU CARRY?”

          Who is the most authentic simply based on photographic images? Lauren Boebert or Kristy Noem?
          (sorry I don’t know how to post pics here)

        • You beat me to it. Politicians love their shotguns. Every now then they should break out a scary AR, just to watch the ensuing the meltdown from the libs.

        • Missouri Mule,
          You appear to have missed Dan’s point, not the other way around. Not every photo with a gun has to be about the Second Amendment.
          The photo posted is a still of a short video, and the Governor’s statement, after downing a bird in the video, is “more hunting, less covid.”
          No, it’s not about 2A rights, it’s about heading to SD to kill birds and promote the economy.
          Also note that she kills the animal and shows that on video, something few politicians seem wiling to do. There’s no lack of authenticity there at all. Good on the Governor.

        • I have nothing against safety orange when I hunt deer with firearms, but the 2A IS NOT ABOUT HUNTING.
          Shotguns shout FUDD.
          Please tell me how to get this point across.

        • to Missouri_Mule

          Sir you have been asleep for the past few years. And have missed out on some very important Second Amendment news.

          From 2019

          “Progress: South Dakota Became the 14th Constitutional Carry State Today”

          “South Dakotans will be able to carry concealed handguns without a permit beginning July 1.”

          “Less than a month into office, Gov. Kristi Noem fulfilled one of her campaign promises on Thursday by signing the bill repealing the requirement into law.”

          Please learn to get informed. And give credit to people, who keep their promises.
          Now say I’m sorry and thank to Gov Noem.

      • I don’t think you get the purpose of the pheasant hunting photo shoots. It’s not primarily a pro-2A statement, eastern SD has the best pheasant hunting on earth and is a significant source of tourist $$$ coming into the state. Besides, she’d look pretty silly in digital camo packing an AR out to shoot pheasants.

      • Okay I give up.
        I think the point is we should not argue among ourselves.
        P.S. Missouri passed permitless carry 2 years before South Dakota.

        • Not exactly, MO cities can still dictate gun laws in their jurisdictions. For example, in order to carry (concealed only) in Branson you must have a CCW license. I’ve been looking into MO/AR borderland for relocation purposes. AR is even less difinitive regarding constitutional carry. I fully support getting properly trained and a CCW license, even if just for reciprocity. In my tyrranical home state of IL both MO/AR are head and shoulders better, but not perfect. I have elected to wait until I get settled in (most likely) MO to get my license as reciprocity is extended by 8 more states than IL’s pay to play license. 2A rights are a major motivation for the relocaton and being tired of way overworking my wages. Yes, I will be bringing my politics with me to do what I can to help preserve MO from turning purple with the assistance of my wife and 3 adult children (2 w/spouses). Thats 7 red ballots I’m done seeing wasted in IL. Full disclosure, I’m keeping and eye on TX and Weld County, CO…but Spring is right around the corner and I genuinely feel “trapped behind enemey lines” with the current state of affairs in the country.

        • I regularly travel to the Big Mo. My wife’s family lives there. So I pay attention to what goes on there. Its why I keep a copy of the guns laws in that state handy. So I was very happy to see them get permit less carry.

          Now pay attention. When you are on TTAG, class is in session.

        • Colorado is a poor choice — it’s a mini-California. There hasn’t been a Republican Governor since 2007, and the last Republican Presidential vote was 2008. All state-wide offices, both Houses of the state legislature, the state judges, both US Senators, and 4 of 7 US Reps are Dems. After redistricting, expect another Dem Rep or two.

        • Since there is no reply button, Cris T…might wanna look at Dan Z’s article written here on TTAG on March 7, 2017 which even used the same example and brought it to my attention originally. As for the other response regarding Colorado, I specifically mentioned Weld County, which is in discussions regarding joining WY, which is what Im watching.

        • Also Chris T…carrying a copy of the states laws is awesome, do you carry copies of local ordinances as well, Branson isn’t alone. Class dismissed. 😉

        • If, whomever it was, is waiting in the possibility that one part of one state will join, or more accrately (as is said in TX, witness W.) allowed to join, another, then you belong in CO because your whole thinking process is already ganga-ready. It will never happen. Frankly, Staten Island, one of the five boroughs of NYC, should be part of NJ (see a map); will never happen. Go to MO, live long and prosper, stop jerking off.

    • Sarah Palin’s dad once commented about her appearing to have gone silent for awhile . . . “She’s not gone silent, she’s reloading!” The Same goes for Kristi.

    • I live in Iowa and if there’s an even colder state out there that I’d prefer to live in it’s South Dakota.

      Not sure if I can bar carry there though. IA might have that on SD.

        • If you can get a permit…

          IA it’s legal up until your BAC hits .08%. Legal to drive = legal to carry. I’ve heard PA has no BAC limit bar carry. Personally, I don’t believe that you have any less right to self defense when you’re drunk than sober, but in matters of law compromise is usually necessary and I can live with the .08% BAC limit.

      • We’ve got the 51% rule in SD. In on-sale liquor accounts for 51% or greater of the establishment’s income, no guns.

        On an unrelated topic, Constitutional concealed carry became effective July 2020 (during Gov. Noem’s tenure), but even prior a CCP cost $15 and took about a week get. And open carry has never ever been restricted here.

        • Actually. you can “bar-carry” concealed into any establisjhment you want provided you don’t have to pass through the “metal detectors” and you know how to dress and keep your damn mouth shut, especially after you’ve drank a beer or shot.

          Just saying…

    • South Dakota also has no state income tax.

      Just be careful where you buy property. You want to avoid living on Indian Reservation land that fall under tribal laws.

  1. The Progressive scandal-rag was out of news they could print as the Biden cover-up was just too much even for the NYT liars. They’ll attack anything or anyone who doesn’t toe their socialist line.

    • Yes … Yes it does.

      Look at the bright side, though … as the ammo inventory has dried up, the guns themselves have generally been more available (so long as you don’t want a concealed carry piece) and prices have started to normalize.

  2. “I understand that the NYT cannot attack Andrew Cuomo’s disastrous Covid record (though minor kudos on this expose of his nursing home death coverup) because he is the governor of the state where it does most of its business and asserts the power, a power endorsed by the NYT itself, to declare the newspaper inessential, or even murderous a la The Guardian, and shut it down.”

    No .. the NYT will not attack Cuomo because, among other reasons, they are afraid of the repercussions, as noted in the text I quoted. But it used to be understood that, on the one side, this was part of a newspaper’s job; and on the other side, they enjoyed protections via the 1st Amendment.

    One of the reasons America has, generally, supported newspapers and journalism is their ability to shine a light on the darkest corners of politics; in essence, it’s part of their jobs. A job that they, in general, have not been doing since at least G.W. Bush.

    • Media has been putting their darkness of lies against the truth at least since the 1980s when I started paying attention.

      For their efforts I became a die hard constitutionalist. I guess I owe them a thank you for lying.

      • And not just in the USA. It has happened globally. Gun owners are fair game as someone you can vilify without the woke crowd burning down your building.

  3. Because the Leftist’s can’t stand for examples of freedom and liberty as offered by South Dakota,it’s people and Governor Noem.

  4. This is the beauty of a federalist system. People in NY can put their opinions about SD where the sun don’t shine because they are not effected by how South Dakotans choose to live their lives.

    The New York Times doesn’t like the federalist system.

  5. Up to and until organization such as this are destroyed and those who own and operate them are rendered harmless. They are no better than those who supported the Nazi’s. Examples include Der Sturmer that I’ve mentioned here before and Völkischer Beobachter both German publications. Propaganda, Half Truths and Out Right Lies can never be allowed to hide behind so called Freedom of the Press. Especially when the Press becomes a tool of any Political movement. Regardless of Ideology. When so much Power of Influence is allowed to manipulate a populace unchecked the Press becomes nothing more than a Tool of Agenda. No longer a place of open dialog, free exchange of ideas or honest information transfer. It is just as if not more dangerous than the Ideology it wishes to advance because of it’s belief by it’s believers to be truthful and honest. Regardless of any Ideology the Owners may believe in once they become puppets to that Ideology and forgo Honestly and Truthfulness. The Useful of the Press becomes a detriment to a open Society and No Good will come of it as history has clearly shown and is repeating before are eyes. Keep Your Powder dry

  6. The machine fears her as a viable presidential candidate for 2024 and is starting to lay the groundwork to destroy her in the public’s eyes .

  7. The New York times attacks Governor Noem because she is a viable candidate for POTUS in 2024. Ditto for Representative Greene and Representative Boebert. Of course there probably isn’t going to be an election in 2024, but they want to be prepared.

    • If you truly believe that there won’t be elections in 2024, then do something about it while the matter is still relevant. Go be an election-observer for the 2022 midterms.

      The sheer amount of defeatism on this board is repulsive.

  8. They’re ( leftist media) going to attack Nikki Haley, Tom cotton, Ron desantis, kristi Noem and a few others non stop because they’re the possible POTUS candidates in 2024

    • Precisely. They’re starting early because they all feel like they didn’t go after Trump hard enough in 2016. The media said they gave him too much air time.

    • For a 49 year old woman with three kids, she’s downright stunning. Just don’t get into a car with her. Twenty six traffic citations — holy moly!

      OTOH, she never shut down her state’s economy. So the current unemployment rate in SD is 3%, which is even lower than pre-China Flu days.

    • It’s not inappropriate at all as it was it was tastefully presented. Despite what the evil secular-progressives are pushing, appreciating an attractive woman is natural for a man.

      She happens to be one of, if not THE best Governors and is hot. Call em like you see em!

  9. She is running for potus in 2024 if trump does not. And she could be VP if he is.

    She is basically the candidate they do NOT want biden running against. She is a younger attractive woman. And she is very much the heir to trump’s populist throne. Plus her state did really well during the pandemic mostly by not following rules. She also refused federal money.

    She is a stark enough enough contrast to trump plus female with a decent record. This may play with the soccer moms. She is pro gun enough to win the NRA crowd. She is populist enough to maybe get some of the bernie and union crowd, plus she can get a VP to help bring that vote in.

    She is a threat to the democrats so they are having their operatives ( of which the NYC is one ) attack her early.

    • Biden is too old to be running for a second term. Much more likely to be Kamala Harris as the D candidate (assuming Biden doesn’t step down himself or get 25A’d out).


  11. Very beautiful, conservative, smart, and scandal free. Presidential candidate for sure.

    They will stop at nothing to stop her.

  12. The NY Times knows that Noem will be the first woman President if she runs in 2024. She withstood more pressure for not shutting down the state for COVID than any other elected official and did not waiver and now can point to economic success. She is disciplined in message (and person) and beliefs, youthful and has executive experience as a governor. Oh yeah, and a mom. She’ll draw a contrast in how she’s governed, free will, not government control, compared to a Executive Order issuing administration that will leave a toll of economic malaise and reduced freedoms after 4 years of Biden Harris.

  13. Once again the Second Amendment is not about hunting. It is about the common citizen owning, carrying and being trained in the use of military firearms to secure their state.

    Secondary to that, because you cannot achieve the more critical goal without also allowing the other, self defense from crime and the right to arms for hunting can be argued, but it’s indirect.

    It is only “the security of a free state” that is specific to the Second Amendment, as protected by the common people’s right to own weapons useful to that goal.

    Now, if pheasants and quail and dove and deer and prairie dogs and other wild critters all rise up in insurrection, well then I guess hunting guns would come into it after all.

  14. Too bad about what’s become of the NYT. All the spews and fits. Not their right to cast stones. Maybe in a year or two the real pieces will be put together about NY’s handling of COVID-19 with the awful cards they were dealt. I get the sense though their health care ‘system’ and long term public health efforts involving vulnerable populations will prove a perfect storm of embarrassment. One as deadly as the AMA and the epidemic of ‘pain killers’.

  15. Some people will complain about anything. They’re called Gadflies. Kristi Noem is the MOST AMERICAN governor in the USA! Every action she takes protects the Constitution and her citizens, from 2A to the covid BS. Orange and a shotgun? Give me a break! Pheasant hinting is a BIG tourist draw in SD. And Noem signed Constitutional Carry AS SOON AS THE LEGISLATURE HANDED IT TO HER. That woman is PRESIDENT MATERIAL!

  16. Haley, Noem, and DeSantis are my choices for 2024. Too bad we can only get 2 of 3 and will have to work darn hard for that outcome. I love how Noem and DeSantis really have put it to the liberals and are not afraid to take strong positions against the nonsense.


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