Ruger Wrangler 22lr single-action revolver
Courtesy Ruger
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Ruger Wrangler 22lr single-action revolver
Courtesy Ruger

There may be no more perfect gun to get a new shooter going than a .22LR pistol. And a pistol sure to put smiles on any new (or old) shooter’s face is a single-action revolver. Ruger’s just announced their new Wrangler single-action revolver chambered in .22LR. They’re six-shot wheel guns that load via a traditional loading gate. It comes in three Cerakote finishes and MSRPs for a very affordable $249.

Here’s their press release . . .

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) introduces the Wrangler™ single-action revolver chambered in .22 LR. Built on the legacy of the popular Ruger® Single-Six®, the new Wrangler complements Ruger’s rich history of producing quality, rugged, reliable single-action revolvers. The attractive price, combined with the affordability of rimfire ammunition, make this revolver ideal for learning to shoot, introducing friends or family to the sport, or just experiencing the fun of single-action shooting.

Ruger Wrangler 22lr single-action revolver
Courtesy Ruger

With the introduction of the Single-Six in 1953, Bill Ruger pioneered the use of modern investment casting in firearms manufacturing to usher in a new level of affordability in single-action revolvers. Through the use of modern CNC-machining methods, lean manufacturing techniques and a new aluminum alloy cylinder frame, the Wrangler continues this tradition and sets a new bar for affordability while maintaining the rugged reliability that is the hallmark of Ruger firearms.

Ruger Wrangler 22lr single-action revolver
Courtesy Ruger

Initially offered in three attractive Cerakote® models – black, silver and bronze – the new Wrangler is a feature-packed revolver and an exceptional value. The standard checkered black grip panels can be swapped for Single-Six panels, allowing for a variety of customized options. The Wrangler will fit in Single-Six holsters that accommodate 4-5/8” barrels.

Ruger Wrangler 22lr single-action revolver
Courtesy Ruger

Single-action revolvers in .22 LR offer a safe and fun way to introduce new shooters to the sport, and can serve as a reminder to even the most experienced shooters that range time can be just plain fun. Whether it’s your first gun or your next, time at the range with the Wrangler promises to be well spent.

For more information on the Wrangler, or to learn more about the extensive line of award-winning Ruger firearms, visit or To find accessories for the Wrangler and other Ruger firearms, visit or your local independent retailer of Ruger firearms.

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  1. A 6-shot?

    There’s *zero* reason it couldn’t be a 9 or a 10-shot.

    And I would happily pay an extra 50 bucks for an adjustable rear sight, that Ruger apparently felt no one needs.

    Ruger, you can do better than this…

    • You’re right. But look at the price point.

      This is the new direction. Cant just drop the price of a flagship like the single six.

      This is the heritage arms fighter and it will sell a bunch of copies.

      Now give me an aluminum-framed, adjustable-sighted 38 special or 32 H&R with sheriff’s length barrel and I would have my new Knock-Around gun.

      Go Ruger

        • Well. I’ve shot several heritage guns….so…..ima go with Ruger unless it’s a major fail.

          I understand if someone has a 100 dollar budget for a shooter. I imagine this one will come in around 200 ince the newness wears off.

          It will be a slicker option and a step up from the heritage based on my experience with Ruger.

        • Im a Heritage guy .. I have 3 all have a 22mag cly ..They are what they are , they work … And cost less

    • My Single Six has adjustable sights. And a .22wmr cylinder.

      For double the price of this new gun. That’s a big deal.

  2. Hmm. I guess those Heritage Rough Riders were taking too big of a chunk out of Single Six sales.
    Looks like a revamped Bearcat.

    • Way bigger than a Bearcat This is single six one budget .

      Not a fan of ceracote, but would welcome a centerfir model with the aluminum frame.

      • I like realguns….I thought they went to a paid site.

        Interesting review. Kinda my thinking as I haven’t seen a Wrangler in the wild.

        Not a single six but an alternative that gives folks a lower cost option for new shooters, knockabouts, budget conscious, and cheapskates (like I sometimes am).

        Ruger …. a 32 H&R with a micro rear site and a 3.75 inch bbl…….please.

        • The archives are on the paid side but he’s been rotating 4 or 5 on for free side. Usually have to wait a month or so to see stuff on the free side though.

          Sounds like (and I’ve never handled one) the Heritage Rough Riders are pretty rough and Ruger decided to make a much better version for a slightly higher price. My guess is they’ll sell a billion of them.

        • Gov.
          That’s a nice concise site for gun reviews. He usually does a little ballistics as well.

          Not an operator but definitely a gun guy.

          On the Wrangler, I’m guessing 2 billion……for Christmas and Birthday presents.

        • Joe’s an old fart with a pretty good way with words. He doesn’t just review the gun he tells the story of setting the local squirrels on fire with a Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan in .454 Casull. Good stuff.

  3. I first sorta learned to shoot with a 22 six shooter(I was 10). Can’t tell you the make. I do think it’s great for a novice. I agree this(and the EC9 & the Security 9 iterations) are Ruger’s reaction to Taurus market share…

      • Both right, Heritage is one of the brands of Taurus Holdings Inc, along with Rossi and of course, Taurus.

    • My first pistol, Sig Saur and Sons 22 SA , Frontier, I believe it was. Beautiful it was, deep blue, brass back strap, with rose wood grips. 16 years old I was, driving a lonesome hi way after finishing working for a hay crew. Got chased by ball bat wielding miscreants( race wars of the day) my 1961 Galaxy couldn’t outrun their Pontiac station wagon but they couldnt make no ground on me either. Got home told Dad I’m buying me a pistol. I’ve been carrying legal or not since then. As the old saying goes, I’d rather be judged by 12 then carried by six.

        • Are possum the same as Opossum ? Cause Opossum are kinda cool creatures, beneficial to the eco system. Their body temp is to low to support any major disease like rabies. They eat flea and tic eggs like caviar. Ugly though but I wouldn’t kill one for that.

  4. So I have a crapload of other guns but I didn’t have a single action so I couldn’t pass up on a gun show “case hardened look” Heritage for $99 OTD. Yeah it’s rough alright but it serves its purpose. The kids and wife now know how a SA works.

  5. To quote that lady in Napoleon Dynamite “I want that.”

    I like the bronze color.

    Could it be an 8 or 9 shot? Sure. Could it have an adjustable rear sight? Yes.

    Do I still want it without those? I’m currently trying to figure out where I can order one.

    Will I order another if they add features? For under $300, yes.

  6. I might just have to get one in silver. It would be nice to have .22 pistol.

    Now, Ruger….
    Please make an LCRx 3 inch in .327 Fed Mag! You now make one in .357 Mag why not .327?

        • I think Ruger does look at comments when they release PR like this. Because after Ruger released the eight shot Redhawk in .357 Mag I commented that the barrel could be longer, next thing you know Ruger comes out with a 4.2″ and 5.5″ barrel for it.

          We’ll see what happens.

        • I’ve got the LCR and LCRx in .327. Also, got a SS SP101 w/3in barrel in.327. It’s pretty sweet. I will concede that the cam triggeractionlazrBeam on the LCR series is pretty smooth so a 3 incher would be mighty tempting.

      • I would if they increase the ejector rod length for full ejection.

        Same goes for the 3 inch 357 LCRx ….my money is waiting when Ruger decides they can make the 3inch model with a different part than the snub.

        • I’ve got the .38 SPL 3″ and I’ve yet to have any problems with the short ejector rod. But then I haven’t tried any ‘speed’ reloads ether so opinion may change on that.

  7. I’ve had a Rough Rider since 2013 with no issues. Why should I pay more money for this Ruger? I think it will really drive down the sales of the Single Six as it will be a cheaper substitute for Ruger fans.

    • I also bought a Rough Ryder. It is a good gun for the money.

      That said, this Ruger will take a huge chunk out of their sales. An msrp of $249 means it will sell for $199. Under two bills for a Ruger SA .22? That’s awesome!

      Lots of folks will choose a $199 Ruger over a $149 Heritage RR.

      I want one.

      • You can pick a Rough Rider up on sale for nearly half the price. Would the Ruger be twice as good at that point?

        • My Heritage RR was $129 on sale (about 4 years ago). I would have paid an extra $70 for this Ruger Wrangler. It looks enough better to justify that difference. Just having a transfer bar safety instead of that quirky manual safety is worth something. Also, the finish looks quite a bit better. Keep in mind that I tend to lean pretty heavily toward the cheapskate side. I

          I don’t mean to knock the RR. It is a totally acceptable basic single action .22 revolver. I like the RR, but think I’d like the Ruger Wrangler substantially more. I never even considered the Ruger Single Six. $500 or so is just way too much money for me to spend on a .22 handgun.

    • Often comes to pride of ownership. I dont buy guns because I need them, I buy because I like them as mechanical contraptions.

      Nicely made and finished is a plus. No problem with inexpensive guns, but it is easier to make a cheap functioning automatic than a cheap revolver.

      All Ruger single actions are better made than they were 30 years ago IMO. The fit, finish, and even the castings are more uniform and precise. I picked up a new Blackhawk 357 and marveled at the tightness and precision fit and finish.

      Sure cant say the same about Smith and Wesson. Ruger has refined their original processes – Smith has had to create new processes.

      Ruger surely isn’t perfect but they give it the old college try.

  8. I was prepared to knock this pistol, after reading the article I’m inclined to believe this is a fair deal firearm. Now all I need is some extra cash and a willing scarecrow.

  9. For all of the complains:

    Realize this is $199 right now, shipped, at Sportsmans Guide (up from $189 as google had cached that price). Likely $175-199 gun, kills the Heritage, Single Six compatible grips, Ruger “quality” (whatever that means to you – for me it is good), more importantly Ruger warranty/service.

    If you want sights, non-aluminum, etc, find a used Single Six. I have one of those, and I can’t wait to get this plinker (what this exactly is) in burnt bronze.

      • Goofle er google is no friend…

        There are way better alternatives out there to use. Frankly it’s strange to hear POG rail about Dick’s or Benchmade and then, without a second thought, jump on google. google which is doing more, behind the scenes, to undermine the Republic than Dick’s could ever dream of doing.

        • I 100% agree and my default is DuckDuckGo. Unfortunately sometimes its results are not that great, including same-day internet stuff such as this.

        • Dogpile works well. It compiles search results from all the other search engines.
          But also your ISP will have a big influence on your search results. Time Warner filters content depending where you live.

      • I agree whole heartedly. Unloading a six shot in 22 for me takes the joy out of it. I’m sure Kel-Tec will put one out with a 33 round cylinder so I’ll wait for that.

        • I for one enjoy unloading a single action. When I’m at the range I go to take my time and enjoy the moment and not try to set a record and see how many rounds I can fire in a particular time frame.

        • To all their own, but I enjoy loading and unloading a single action. When I’m at the range I’d rather take my time and enjoy the moment rather than trying to set a record on how many rounds i can fire off in a particular time frame.

      • Maybe some company will revive the High Standard Hombre or H&R 949 for a single action look with a swing out cylinder……..but probably not.

  10. I just this weekend took out my single six cleaned it up and new batteries for the red dot. Stainless rusted a bit but not too bad. Now when Ruger makes a nice cheap single action 45 like this new 22. Id buy it. Or in 38spc./357 mag. Might be nice too

    • It was on here a few days ago, I almost missed it as well.

      I like that free float handguard they added. I hope they sell it as a separate part soon.

  11. But will they offer a .22 mag cylinder option? I own a .22 Ruger SA already, but a lightweight aluminum frame knock-around gun sounds good. I’ll be buying one.

  12. I remember enjoying the heck out of a Ruger Bearcat when I was a kid, I don’t even recall who owned it anymore. Inherited my father’s Blackhawk in .45 Colt, shot various other Ruger SA wheelies over the years. Nothing but faith in solid, quality designs on that score.

    Problem is my long time hiking around .22 wheel gun is an H&R 649. DA/SA, magnum cylinder. Also have one of their old top-break Sportsman models, .22LR only. So I kinda’ feel set on the .22 wheelgun collection at this stage.

    But I do like Ruger, own other Ruger guns and have have given them as gifts to new shooters in the family (you know, first .22 rifle as a Christmas present!).

    So we’ll see, could happen in the months ahead.

  13. I’ll stick with my old new model single six w/ .22 mag and lr cylinders and 6″ barrel. Mine came with the adjustable target sights. A whopping 90$ in ’76, new in the box. Shoots soooo smooth it is scary. I have helped several people into shooting with this gun, including my wife. And I don’t mind the loading/unloading, kinda fun. The blueing is almost gone on the barrel, like shiny gone.

    • 90 in 1976 would be 407 today…….a bargain indeed for a Ruger convertible.

      My Bearcat cost 57 dollars in 1973 inflated to 373 today. I dont see too many Bearcats dor that price today.

      • The convertibles shoot LR like crap though. Usually. LR doesn’t like .224 bore very much in my experience.

        • Mine shoot fine. I don think Ruger gave a shit and left the barrel for long rifle.

          Mine shot magnums about as well but I only used them for Bobcats. Too damned loud.

  14. What’s the frame of a rough rider made of? What’s the frame of the new ruger made of? .22 lr guns should be made for the long haul.

  15. I hope the Heritage has improved with age. I bought one 25 years ago. The frame was so out of spec that loading all six chambers would not let the cylinder rotate. The innards were made out of recycled Matchbox cars, the pot metal ones. Cocked it one day and the prawl broke loose and rattle around in the frame. I ended up tossing the cylinder I had in it in one direction and the frame into a farm pond.
    Only gun I have seen that was worse was a Ring of Fire 22LR that would fire by itself anytime the slide went into battery.

    I do intend to give one of these Rugers a shot.

  16. The biggest takeaway I’m reading is the convertible feature. I anticipate that is coming right around “Christmas present time” if not by July. Ruger is testing the reactions to these to see if they sink or swim, IMHO. I expect them to sell like hotcakes, and I’m glad they can use the grip panels from the Super Six. Nothing like some great wood grips to make an impressive .22! I’m glad that Ruger is continuing to offer more choices and more models too. One day a 10/22Win Mag that works!! A return of the lever action 96/44?

  17. I have the convertible six, I hate the huge front sight. The sights on this model are in line with the old single action Colts. I don’t believe that I will be buying one, but I know that I will be changing the factory sights on the convertible six.

  18. I bought a ruger wrangler last June during the height of covid. Does anyone know what changed between last year and now? I can’t see any differences between the one I have and this information.

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