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For those handful of Americans who turn to the great analytic minds at NBC News for their Midterm election coverage, they might now think that gun control is a winning issue for Democrats. Yet, if that mostly fake news narrative were true, then Stacy Abrams would be the governor-elect of Georgia, Beto O’Rourke would be getting ready to move to Austin, and Charlie Crist would be getting ready to succeed Ron DeSantis in Tallahassee.

Among the Peacock Network’s top five takeaways from the 2022 midterms, as described by someone named Sahil Kapur, we find this gem . . .

Gun control is now a winning issue for Democrats
Fifty-six percent of 2022 voters support stricter gun control measures, while 40% oppose them, the NBC News Exit Poll found.

Among the proponents of stricter measures, 76% backed Democratic candidates while 22% favored Republicans, illustrating the salience of the cause of tougher gun laws. It’s a far cry from a decade ago, when Democrats tended to fear single-issue pro-gun voters would overwhelm gun control proponents and punish them at the ballot box for pursuing tougher laws against firearms.

Claiming that gun control is a winning issue for Democrats on election day is an impressive amount of wishful thinking. Especially when just a couple of weeks ago, a New York Times poll showed that gun policy — aka gun control — wasn’t a priority for 99% of Americans, whereas inflation and the economy were top-of-mind for almost half of Americans.

Obviously Stacey Abrams campaigned aggressively for gun control in Georgia yet she lost by seven points.

Oops. Maybe Sahil Kapur thinks she’s still the real governor of Georgia.

Meanwhile, Beto “Hell Yes, We’re Gonna Take Your AR-15” O’Rourke lost — yet again — by 11 points in Texas. Considering it was this third electoral failure in four years, funded by upwards of $200 million from mostly non-Texans speaks, volumes for gun control’s viability as a “winning issue.”

Yes, that’s a trifecta of losses from one of the most vocal advocates for outlawing America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15, and the magazines that feed it. Yet Kapur claims gun control is a winning issue for Dems.

Then there’s Charlie “Spray Tan” Crist in Florida. There’s nary a gun control law that he opposes, and he was plenty vocal about it, too.

Crist lost by a whopping 19 points, a blowout. Sahil Kapur must have missed that race, too.

Because, you know, gun control is actually a winning issue for Democrats. Allegedly. In the same way that those protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin were “mostly peaceful” back in 2020.

Is it any wonder why more and more Americans are tuning out legacy media outlets and their fake news narratives?

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    • Since history confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide no one but racists and nazis should be voting for it…and democRats.

  1. Here they go again presenting falsified propaganda in an effort to achieve their goals by presenting lies do frequently they’ll win by mental conditioning. These leftist fools have never realized how expendable they all are and the extremely short time they will endure a hot civil war if it ever comes to that which if may very easily do. After the Bruen decision they still haven’t learned the easy way. They also don’t realize they’re dwindling their own options.

    • I am sure they realize it I am betting they are hoping to run out the clock and replace judges while they still have the ability to do so.

    • They think if they believe hard enough, their dreams will come true. They know achieving utopia will take some bloodshed, but they think it will not be their blood (until the factional purges start).

      Such is the political polarization they think equity and utopia will be achieved when “those other people” are gone. And many will volunteer to perform the task in their zeal. Dacian and Miner, I am looking at you.

    • Well they spent a lot of money pushing the crazies in the primaries and it worked for them by giving them seats in State races even with their loss of the House majority and a perpetual dead-locked Senate.

      • You’re absolutely correct. Can’t help but wonder sometimes if certain Republicans aren’t facilitating this intentionally.

  2. what a load of BS…. well, I don’t think there are enough bulls to produce even that much of a load.

  3. LOL so Gov Hochul who campaigned on nothing but gun control abortion and whatever flavor of equity drama is in for the month saw the largest shift towards republican votes since 1994 when we had our last elected Republican governor………….yup winning platform to be sure keep going with that as the courts make your rules increasingly irrelevant and more blatantly illegal.

    • Yep. The era of gun control as a political issue is over. Virtually everything the left wants is off the table per Bruen, and even NY judges agree. Some folks just haven’t gotten the memo yet.

  4. Well, here in Los Angeles County, our Sheriff Villanueva – who ran in 2018 with a more progressive lean but quickly became conservative as a result of the 2020 riots and “defund” movement – is well behind Luna, former leader of the Long Beach Police Dept. Luna is a liberal, will toe the Leftist line, and is despised by every LEO I personally know who has given me an opinion.

    Furthermore, our local County Measure A passed overwhelmingly, which will give the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors the unprecedented power to remove an elected Sheriff “with cause”. This Measure was proposed as a direct result of Villanueva’s defiance of the Board when they voted to reduce the LASD budget (defund the police movement) by $150 million, and when Villanueva refused to enforce the County’s mask mandates. Think about this…the stupid voters in L.A. willingly provided power to a small group of people to override their own vote for an elected official.

    “We want the right to vote for whom we want in office, but we’ll also give you the power to ignore our vote and remove that official without involving us.”

    People are stupid.

    • I want to clarify, to ensure I properly communicated my thoughts:

      Voters here are stupid. They are morons. They do not think. They have all the feelz, and none of the thotz. They do not look past the weekend, nor past the length of their own arms. They care only about now, and about themselves.

      They voted overwhelmingly to k!ll innocent babies.

      They voted overwhelmingly to keep the worst tyrant Governor we’ve ever had.

      They voted overwhelmingly for gun control, and a new Sheriff that wants gun control.


  5. Measure 114 passed in Oregon because it sounds really good to people who haven no clue about firearms, purchasing a firearm, or your rights to keep and bear arms. They used weasel words to make the “Yes” side sounds like a common sense law. Hopefully Bruen can dismantle the unconstitutional law as the democratic process will not save you. This is why we are a Republic and the people shouldn’t be voting on constitutionally protected rights.

    • I am a range officer at a gun club in Oregon. I was amazed at the number of members that were completely unaware of this measure or were in the, it won’t affect me category. Well it will affect them, because until logistics of the measure are worked out, no guns will be able to be sold in the state. The state police have already said they don’t have the time or staff to comply with the requirements and there are no provisions for additional funding in the measure. I suspect the democrat state government will drag their feet indefinitely on it.
      Also, our tax dollars will go to paying for the defense of this in court and our personal dollars will be spent trying to repeal it. As always the attorneys are the winners.

    • “Hopefully Bruen can dismantle the unconstitutional law as the democratic process will not save you.”

      Injunction, injunction, injunction. Immediately file as soon as it takes effect…

      • One problem it didn’t have take effect date!!!

        According to the Oregon Sheriff Association it would cost them $40 Million dollars annually, which they don’t have..

        Set the license at maximum of $65 which doesn’t come anywhere enough to cover costs!! Which will result in the Oregon courts striking it down!!!

        Oregon courts have struck down laws when no financing of the cost of the law, are implemented!!!

  6. Iowa voters approved Public Measure 1: Article I of the Constitution of the State of Iowa is amended by adding the following new section: Right to keep and bear arms. Sec. 1A. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The sovereign state of Iowa affirms and recognizes this right to be a fundamental individual right. Any and all restrictions of this right shall be subject to strict scrutiny.

    • Yes. Perhaps NBC should come to Iowa and preach this baloney. Start out in small town cafes, etc. Public Measure 1 passed by a 2 to 1 margin, a landslide by anyone’s definition, and obviously we had a fair number of democrats voting in favor, maybe even some of the 68% of unmarried chicks who want to defy pregnacy and Science by having unprotected sex, actually with a male, already.

      Send Lester out here to educate us. Please…

  7. Arzona pro gun state vote Mark Kelly Dem back in office. There really close make Katie Hobbs a Dem governor of state Arzona. So are pro gun future is not looking so bright right now.

    • “There really close make Katie Hobbs a Dem governor of state Arzona.”

      Arizona is far from being a sure thing. All kinds of developments in that governor’s race…

  8. The election results had nothing to do with gun control. It was all about abortion. Women demand the right to murder their babies above all other rights. The economy can collapse and cannibals can be running the streets and the women do not care so long as they can murder babies for convenience.

    • Yep. Our unmarried chicks, by a whopping 68% if one believes the polls, voted democrat. They’re trying to deny a basic Law of Science, whereby any fertile female who has unprotected sexual intercourse with a male will eventually become pregnant, often times much sooner than later. It’s as sure a bet as is the Law of Gravity if one falls out of a tree or our of a window, or the Law of Inertia if one’s motorcycle suddenly hits an immoveable object.

    • The abortion answer is easy: if you’re against it, then don’t have one.

      I always get a laugh whenever someone says they’re against abortion because it is murder, but support capital punishment. Because state-sponsored killings are OK? Oh, the irony of the anti-Big Government folks giving Big Government control over peoples’ own bodies.

      • Anyone who is at ease terminating the most innocent among us for the sake of personal convenience falls within the same category of person who will exercise power to take from others throughout the full spectrum of life for personal convenience.

        This issue is never a laughing matter, nor your opinion that the lives of babies and murderous criminals are somehow comparable.

      • It’s not so much about being “against” abortions on demand as it is having to accept the fact(?) that females are too ignorant, arrogant, or perhaps even stupid as a group to believe getting pregnant, when they really don’t want to, is some sort of surprise that must be dealt with after the fact. The number of undesired pregnancies via actual rape, incest, or other forced or illegal means would hardly be enough to cause much of a stir among even the most Bible-thumping among us.

        Frame it anyway you want- the vast majority of unwanted pregnancies, as well as the resulting abortions could easily be alleviated ahead of time by the potential baby maker through dozens of readily-available birth control procedures, most provided at no cost to the female. It’s obvious that, politically; this is a “problem” that a huge number of women (and democrats) do not want to “fix”.

      • Perhaps you could explain what crime the baby is guilty if committing? You have it backwards. The laugh is the people who support abortion, but are against capital punishment.

      • Tim,
        They’re two very different things. One is taking an innocent life. The other is serving justice for the worst crimes. The only thing they have in common is taking a life. I’m not defending capital punishment by the way.

      • Tim, that’s so fucking dumb. You aren’t going to read any of these responses so I won’t waste my time. You and people like you do nothing but reflect away from telling us how it is morally OK to murder babies. You are indicative of our moral and cultural decline.

  9. I SUPPORT Sahil Kapur!
    Every Democrat in 2024 needs to say we are going to ban all guns! we are going to go door to door and get them from you! You don’t even need that old 6 shooter! NO MORE GUNS!!

    This would be the best campaign strategy ever!
    Ok Ok I jest, but seriously it would help the rest of the country in a big way.

    • They would still win. They could openly call for the complete and total ban of all private gun ownership with the full deployment of the United States military to go door to door to confiscate all guns and openly declared that they will literally exterminate at the entire population of the United States that owns guns. Not if they don’t give them up, no, the literal extermination of every single souther person that owns a gun in the United States along with the complete and total mandated extermination of literally every single solitary person in a home with a gun owner that does not fully support their family members being killed by the government. They could even copper the deployment of nuclear weapons to do so they will still win.

      The Democrats only have one desire when it comes to gun ownership: the complete and total band of all private gun ownership in the literal extermination of every single person in the United States that owns a gun, except for themselves, and the extermination of quite literally the entire population of the United States that opposes or is it that at all up to, and including the literal complete and total extermination of all human life in the United States via nuclear carpet bombing.

      The Democrats could say all of the above, and they will still win. The reason they will still win is election fortification. Which is why I expect it to actually happen before the end of the decade. I’m expecting genocide. Hundreds of millions of Americans are going to die at the hand of the United States government and they will win. Because the Democrats are willing to deploy the entire nuclear arsenal and literally kill all human life if not all live in the United States, which is that goal. and the United States military is fully supportive of that. 100% of all United States military leader ship supports the complete and total extermination of all gun owners, and a complete and total extermination of all human life in the United States that opposes Democrats. Most rank and file do not but that is going to change in a couple more years. I expect literally every single solitary member of all arm forces to fully support the complete and total literal extermination of all gun owners before the end of next election cycle. Meaning that literally every single soldier, 1/2% of the entire arm forces of United States. We’ll fully support the deployment of nuclear weapons to kill all gun owners and opposition to the Democrats.

      I am not a religious person, but I do believe we are in the end times of sorts. That’s a majority of all humanity is going to die, and the elites will win. There will be no second coming of Christ. The human existence will be all of us are slaves or dead, while the the elites stay in power forever. And that will be the condition of humanity, until it’s extinction.

    • That’s exactly what we want. Even our New York transplants voted R here in Pasco County. My (new) neighbors said “we just want the government to get off our backs and leave us in peace”

  10. So you believe The NY Times poll that gun rights/gun control is not a concern for 99% of voters.

    All right then, maybe your coverage should actually reflect that belief.

    Then again, if you do think it matters to voters, then you have to admit that – as of now – you are in the minority on these issues.


    This the The Truth About Guns and not The Propaganda About Guns

  11. As long as the left controls major media there will be more and more useful fools created.
    Tell a lie long enough and loud enough and people will believe it.

    Many people, even some conservatives, listen only to major media outlets so they don’t know the truth.

    I would not place a large bet on Walker winning the runoff in Georgia. The left stole two senate elections in Georgia not long ago so they know how to do it.

  12. NBC is nothing but DNC cheerleaders. Cheerleaders don’t have to have a clue, all they need do is bounce around flapping their skirts, and showing their asses to the world. And, there’s not a day that passes, without NBC showing their ass!

  13. @Haz
    We bit the bullet (me 1966, her 1968) to escape the LA cesspool. We moved to a nice city that was over run by lawyers, Draft Dodgers and other Theater Majors. Job Security meant watch out on Friday…if the new middle manager tapped you on the shoulder after 11 AM, you were eating lunch jobless by noon. Once even after5 on Christmas Eve!
    We’re still barely able to afford the basics, but it was the sanest decision we ever made.
    ALL Manor of firearms are “illegal” to be sold in my burgh, and it is Lib Turrrd Heaven, but we escaped LA. I woulda died there, very young.
    Gun shops in town both closed up due to “Women Against Gun Violence” pressure.
    Firearms mags pulled off of store shelves, same M.O. I can’t take Shallow Pornia another minute, so we are going to Tejas. People there are just like us.
    I have more Stick To It than any 25 other guys total, but you have to come to the realization that we are very much outnumbered, and the cesspool stinks. I’m 73. I don’t want to die here, Lord knows I’ve tried. I’ve GOT to be a free man from here on in.

  14. HA HA HA HA!!!!!
    Amazingly, Fox had similar figures on their poll also.
    Do they NOT realize the disconnect here????

  15. Aligning rights with popular opinion kinda seems to defeat the purpose, no?

    Assuming this even is the popular opinion.

  16. Let us face facts the Republicans took a big hit in the mid-terms. When they angered women by making them into modern day sex slaves and when they angered college students by trying to prevent loan forgiveness, they unleashed a tsunami of voter’s hell bent on voting the hated republicans out.

    And Trump’s sycophant election deniers lost big time with voters too. It turns out voters were not as ignorant or brainwashed as the gangster criminal Republicans thought they were.

    There was and is a real fear the Republicans are hell bent on destroying American Democracy and establishing a one party Hitlerite White Supremacist State and a Christian Caliphate with either Herr Drumpf or Ron De-insane-ous as dictator for life. Both of which already have tried to destroy the 1st Amendment just as the German Nazi’s did in Germany during the Hitler years.

    The majority of Americans also realize that under the NRA boot licking sycophant Republican’s the country will not get any sane Universal Background Checks or Safe Storage Laws or Red Flag Laws on the Federal Level which puts all Americans at risk every day and everywhere they go.

    Criminals rule the streets because they can and do buy all the second-hand deadly weapons they want because there is no paperwork on face to face second hand gun sales. Republicans make sure of that.

    Maniacs shoot up schools on a weekly basis because Republican’s will not fund Universal Health Care.

    • You’re pretending that criminals won’t rule the streets when the citizens are disarmed. That is hilarious.

      All the sovereign entities controlled by organized crime have strict gun control. NJ, NYC, LA, Mexico, Jamaica, North Korea, Chicom Heaven, ….

    • Actually Biden tried and did bribe all those students, knowing full well his loan forgiveness bribe was unconstitutional. Even Nacy Pelosi said it was.
      So, all those low information, no information Dem voters got suckered.

      Whom is calling for censorship? Who is trying to cancel anyone who goes against the Dem party?
      Dems resemble the Third Reich more and more everyday.

      Who leads in the cities with the highest crime rates? Who cheered on the 2020 riots? Who even donated money for those rioters, looters and arsonists to get out on bail? Who encourages open air drug culture? Homelessness?

      Dems own it all.

  17. Beta has lost the Trifecta. President, Senate, and Texas Governor. Good job.

    It only too around half a billion dollars of democRATic money to pull it off.

    Congratulations dems. 👍🎉🎊🤣

  18. It doesn’t matter what the issues are. What matters is who Big Tech targets to go vote. That’s why the young voter turnout was so high.

  19. “…whereas inflation and the economy were top-of-mind for almost half of Americans.”

    I get that this is being used in jest—but absolutely loathe that more reporters are using it these days.

    • overall:

      inflation and abortion were the top two things indicated by voters as their concerns with crime third for democrat voters but on par with inflation by republican voters. fourth was ‘social justice, fifth was gender and lgtb.

      democrats catered to abortion, ‘social justice, and lgtb, framed inflation as only curable by democrats and blamed crime on guns, and to a lesser extent than those gun control. but the real linchpin in the democrat campaign was they were able to dupe independents and could not do it on their own.

      Republicans catered to inflation, crime, and failed policy of democrats and Biden.

      yet, with all the catering by the democrats they stand to lose the house, and indicators are a good chance of loosing the senate. at the very best the Democrat efforts were mediocre.

  20. The media can (and are/will) spin the collapse of the Red Wave into a Pink Ripple as showing support for whatever issue suits them at that moment, but the bottom line is that Democrats had exactly one issue winning issue.

    The got millions of women and liberal “males” to the polls to vote the democratic ticket entirely on the strength of the abortion issue.

    We had expected “inflation” to sustain the dreams of a Red Wave, but most voters (on both sides) have the attention span of the proverbial goldfish. Gas prices are still nearly double what they were two years ago, but most voters can’t remember last month, and barely remember last week. Gas prices were pushed down right before the election so that fools would think everything was fine — of course those gas prices are ALREADY on their way back up.

  21. You may laugh at the Democrats’ delusion that gun control is a “winning issue,” but it’s no laughing matter. The problem is that if Dems continue to BELIEVE gun control is a winning issue, they’ll continue pushing their gun control repression and tyranny, and when and where they do win elections, they continue to pass gun control tyranny.

    That’s why they continue (even after the Bruen decision) passing ever stricter, more tyrannical, and stupider gun control in states like New York and New Jersey. They count on the fact that judges can’t overturn gun control laws as fast as politicians can pass dozens more gun control laws. It only take politicians one day to pass tyrannical laws, while it takes courts years to invalidate them all. Meanwhile, we poor serfs are the ones with our rights trampled on, and all because Dems BELIEVE that gun control is a “winning issue.”

  22. Written by the same bootlicker who thinks the pigs are on the side of the American gun owner. Some serious cognitive dissonance with this guy. DELETE AWAY, BOOTLICKER.🖕

  23. Wasnt there something like 1.2m new gun purchases in OCT alone?
    Didnt I just read that gun purchases were set to exceed COVID pandemic levels?
    Yes, gun control is on American’s minds, getting them asap.

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