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The Left's Civil War Heats Up... And Becomes Deadly. What's next? Are you ready?

Back in February, I asked “Will The Left’s Civil War Turn Deadly?” I noted how America has fallen into civil war. Without a doubt, the hard left continues to mobilize and escalate at every turn.  While the Left’s culture war has not turned out exactly how I feared it six months ago (yet), it has turned deadly.

Furthermore, the rabble rousers show no sign of throttling-back. In case you didn’t know, the moonbat left’s fanciful plans for a socialist utopia has no room for gun rights or other personal freedoms. (Good thing the the ACLU has our back — said no gun owner ever.)

The purported Antifa manual tells members to eliminate all forms of hate speech. “Every idea critical of our movement or our way of thinking must be condemned as: racist, homophobic, misogynist, etc.” Their manual concludes with, “WE ARE ANTIFA.  EITHER YOU ARE WITH US, OR YOU ARE A FASCIST.”

And there you have it.

According to the old children’s adage, words will never hurt you. But sticks, concrete-filled soda cans and other violence certainly has deadly potential.

The Left's Civil War Heats Up... And Becomes Deadly. What's next? Are you ready?

In June we saw the angry man from Illinois trying to assassinate Republican Congressmen at a ball diamond. This week, the inflammatory rhetoric kept ramping up, overtly encouraging deadly violence.

A Missouri State Representative cheered for the assassination of our president. A Huffington Post contributor wishes the violent resistance (like the attempted assassination of Republicans) was more organized. Apple’s CEO defends Antifa’s fascist violence as “standing up for their human rights“.

What’s more, the mainstream media broadcasts the fact that it’s ready, willing and able to throw civil rights under the bus, “Not Rights but Justice: It’s Time to Make Nazis Afraid Again” The Nation proclaims.

The intolerable events in Charlottesville bring new urgency to an old debate: Should we allow neo-Nazis a public platform? Every aspect of the Unite the Right rally—not only its bloody denouement—stands as grounds for a resounding “no.”

With torches, swastikas, metal poles crashing into a black man’s skull, and a Dodge Charger plowing into defenseless bodies, the far right has made undeniable what was already clear: They are enemies, not political interlocutors. This makes it all the more crucial to delineate what we do or do not mean when we demand an end to according space for speech and assembly to far-right racists.

Amazon jefe and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos’ private blog jumped into the fray too. He published some hack professor’s rant entitled, “Charlottesville showed that liberalism can’t defeat white supremacy.  Only direct action can”:


The nutty professor closed with this:

Segregationists have again assumed their pedestals in the Justice Department, the White House and many other American temples. Paper alone won’t drive them out. Start throwing rocks.

Start throwing rocks at people because they share unpopular, even vile beliefs? This does not sound like the tolerance of diversity that the left has always said makes us stronger.

What’s next?

With a number of upcoming rallies organized by centrist or conservative groups in the coming weeks, the potential for violence grows. Especially where the police follow orders to stand down. One negligent discharge, one Antifa “martyr” shot by a gun, and the push for censorship will gain power and momentum. As will the left’s endless desire for civilian control – of all sorts.  Including, of course, gun control.

As America heads down this rocky road, gun owners — indeed anyone who holds conservative political views or values — should be ready for trouble. And I don’t [just] mean the possibility of being “caught-up” in an anti-Nazi protest.

With the media and left-leaning pols cheering as people pull statues to the ground…  With Google starving YouTube gun channels of cash…  And still more calling for “direct action” and political assassinations, it’s clear we’re in the midst of a full-blown culture war.

No matter whether you’re ready or not, Antifa and company continue to march against freedom and liberty.  If we don’t resist the forces of true fascism now, wherever and whenever they appear, we’ll have to do it later.  When it will be a lot more dangerous and deadly.

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    • Its funny, the left is doubling down on same things they did in 2016, and expecting a different result.

      2018 will give us the senate as well s purging the cucks from the GOP, giving Trump the means to secure the border, deport the hordes, limit legal immigration, secure the vote, stack the courts, and many other in demand things.

      These “Anti fascists” will just drive more and more people into our camp, they are useful idiots for the globalist elite they claim to fight against, useful idiots if their ever were.

      • Yes the Liberals are useful idiots….Jason Kessler Con-Man, White Nationalist works for the Democratic Soros money machine lead the protests in Charlotte.. Then we have Linda Sarsour, a lead organizer of the Woman’s March on Washington and one of the most high-profile Radical Muslim activist with strong ties to Jihad.
        Proof Liberal’s will follow anyone…..

      • From where I’m sitting it sure looks like the guy has gotten rid of every person that helped get him elected and completely alienated his voter base.

        Instead of draining the swamp he’s surrounded himself with swamp creatures, i.e. statist generals.

        Either he’s playing the game at a level so far above the rest of us or, like all presidents and politicians, he’s just doing what he’s told by those really in power and pulling the strings.

    • So you lay all the blame…even Heather Heyer’s death, on the left…that has to be the ultimate blind side reacharound of all time…we currently have government by cranial rectal inversion thx to Donald Trump already…and all you tin foil hat clowns wanna follow him down the rat hole…God help us all

      • Many of the Nazi groups there were left wing, with many of their names included “socialist” in the title. This guy in the car may not have been one of those members, but he was motivated by them. This is leftist on leftist violence. Many of you need to get your facts straight on the political spectrum.

        • Exactly. Why are we accepting the lefts narrative that NATIONAL SOCIALISTS have any part in the right? They want the kkk and the Nazis to be part of the right. They need this to be able to excuse the violence that the left has done throughout history.

          Socialism is left. Collectivism is left. Racism is a form of collectivism.

          Let’s get rid of these elements from the right. And not beicsee they embarrass us. Let’s get rid of them because they belong on the left.

        • Yep. They don’t teach real politics in school anymore. The farther right you go on the political spectrum, the less and less government you get. Anarchy is actually an extreme right wing form of government. The farther left you go, the more and more government you get, with both fascists and communists on the extreme end of that spectrum, with Deism as the ultimate extreme of left wing government.

        • Ahh, yes. And the Democratic People’s Republic of the Congo obviously lived up to all of those adjectives because that’s what they called themselves. If they say it, it must be true, right? Try critically thinking. It’s liberating.

        • @Pseudo — Ah, yes, the National Socialists actually were (and still very much are) every bit as socialist as their name implies, economically-speaking. The government still controlled the means of production, as socialism calls for, and most every single industry was nationalized.

          Try actually taking your own advice, for once, and think critically yourself. It’s liberating to actually be at least intellectual equals with the people you’re trying (and failing) to lecture.

      • Dear Mayhem,

        Nazism and Fascism, along with Communism and Socialism are all ideologies associated with the left end of the political spectrum. Always have been always will be.

        If in fact Nazis or fascists have infiltrated the “alt-right” then I can guarantee you that it is no longer a “right wing” movement, but just a mis-named leftist movement.

        That is all.

    • Wow another nonsense article… “the left” of course doesn’t have a civil war whatever that means… and it is deplorable to absurdly talk about “the left” using violence when your lead photo is of a white supremacist sympathizer using violence against “the left”… this site is really silly and boring, worse than breitbart, yall are pathetic, in other words the core constituency for Donald Hump, just a bunch of bullying dunces : D

      • It’s not exactly “nonsense” when you can do absolutely nothing to actually refute it. The left, of course, absolutely does have a civil war of sorts. And it is actually deplorable to the point of lunacy to talk about the “alt-right” using violence when all examples before and after Charlottesville are in fact the left using violence against, well, everybody else. Oh, and this site actually really entertains you well, being that you’ve been posting here on months-old articles and cheerfully self-identifying as an idiot. You’re the core constituency of Shillary Rottenclam KKKlinton and you’re every bit as thoroughly vapid and unintelligent as she is. You want to talk about bullying? Look in the mirror first, Junior.

        • Hey, youre the dunce who thinks the great Sault Alinsky inspired HUGO Chavez(when of course all non-morons know he of course inspired CESAR Chavez)!

          Thats how dumb you are, but to be fair you only regurgitate what you hear on am radio which of course loves to smear Alinsky and Hugo Chavez so… I mean you obvious have no education, your posts are know-nothing childish rambles written like a 6th grader its embarrassing to read…

          • Hey, you’re the dunce that thinks the manipulator Saul Alinksy’s tactics weren’t used by Hugo Chavez, when all non-morons actually know that Cezar Chavez never even so much as mentioned him to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

            That’s how dumb you are, but, to be fair you only know how to regurgitate what you hear on Clinton’s News Network which naturally loves only to lie and deny and deflect. So, I mean, you obviously have zero education whatsoever, and your posts are consequently vapid, sophomoric ramblings written like a pre-sk00ler. That is embarrassing to read.

        • And I see youre determined that everyone on the site recognize your stupidity : D

          First there is nothing to refute, this rambling article(like your screed) doesnt say anything.

          Second I did point out the obvious namely that the headline about “the left” “having a civil war”(whatever that means) doesnt match the lead photo which is of the infamous instance of the white supremacist sympathizer attacking “the left”.

          Third I drew attention to the nonsense formulation that “the left” is “having a civil war”(youre such a bad writer and muddled nonthinker you dont realize this doesnt make any sense, civil wars involve two factions from the same group fighting each other)

          In short youre too stupid to communicate with, even dumber than this “journalist”

          • Everyone on this site already recognizes your stupidity.

            First, there are actually a couple of things things to refute. Your own rambling posts, as per usual, don’t say anything.

            Second, you actually tried to lie about the headline and conveniently ignored the fact that Charlottesville is literally the only instance of the alt-lefts’ enemies attacking them, and all other examples of political violence since 2015 are the other way around.

            Third, you actually denied the irrefutable truth of there being an ever-deepening schism in the left is in fact leading to violence (you’re such a bad writer and non-thinkiner yourself that you don’t realize this is happening or are conveniently ignoring it).

            In short, you’re every bit as stupid as you oh-so-desperately which I could be, even dumber than the so-called “journalists” you listen to and read from.

        • I mean look at your post, instead of dealing with the substance of what I said you in typical am radio-style bullying nonsense mode fantasize about who I am/what I think and then pointlessly refute this imaginary version of myself!

          Why dont deal with what I said dunsky, for example that this formulation about “the left” “having a civil war” doesnt make sense.

          What are trying to say you dunce when you post: “The left, of course, absolutely does have a civil war of sorts.”?

          • I mean, look at your posts. There is no substance of anything to refute to begin with. So, instead of attacking the substance of what I said, you in the typical morally and intellectually inferior condescension of a TV “news” anchor fantasized about what and what I am and then pointlessly accuse me of being this imaginary version of myself!

            .You didn’t say anything about Saul Alinsky but to lie about him. Oh, and there is an open and deep schism in the left which is, in fact, leading to violence. Hence, a civil war actually only makes perfect sense.

            So, what are you trying to say, you idiot, when you post, “There is no civil war on the left”?

  1. I mean if it gets that bad I’m pretty ready. However I suspect small groups of nutjobs causing some damage and maybe some killings. Nothing the local police can’t handle and State Police for that matter. I’m just waiting for the president to finally rule these hate groups hate groups such as black lives matter, and that crap group that Shannon Watts runs bunch of morons. I hope it doesn’t escalate but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

  2. I don’t foresee as much a civil war as I do a concerted effort to demonize right-wing/concervative/right-center individuals and their values. Best I understand, the Charlottesville thing was only violent once the “counter protestors” showed up. I’m not defending any of the initial protestors, but I definitely believe that antifa was instigating the violence.

    These are a bunch of kids looking for an identity. A movement to join, much like their parents/grandparents did in the 60’s. While I think they have potential to be extremely dangerous, I’m not exactly concerned with them or a war as of yet. I’m more concerned with how we are being painted from all of this. Last thing we need is to make martyrs of these pukes.

    • I would be very concerned about them as they are backed by the MSM, the Deep State, the giant tech corporations, Democrats, and George Soros.

      It is classical liberals, conservatives, and patriotic Americans against a very large group of leftists (which, fortunately for us – for the time being – don’t have many firearms) that control most of the world.

      • “I would be very concerned about them as they are backed by the MSM,…”


        The mainstream media is officially *irrelevant* to anyone on the right or center, and they (meaning, the MSM) are utterly oblivious to that fact. They are so delusional, they think they actually matter. Where in the past people were aware that the MSM was biased left, they are now so blatantly in the tank it leaves zero doubt about it. Their credibility with anyone with a brain is zero.

        It’s now a self-feeding echo chamber for the Leftists and the media’s only remaining role is to feed their ‘sheeple’. The only narrative they control is theirs. When we want news, we get it online or political talk radio. Tom in Oregon got it right, they are a petulant 2-year-old who’s throwing a tantrum and stamping their feet because no one is paying any attention to them.

        What’s happening right *now*, folks, is that history being made. Drink it in. Remember it. This will be talked about 100 years from now.

        1968 in retrospect will be a footnote…

    • For decades now, people have talked about the social conditions that promoted the rise of Nazism in Germany. We could very well be seeing the emergence of those social conditions here in America. Groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter are not at all spontaneous uprisings but are, instead tightly planned and well funded operations being directed by the Hard Left in this country and from abroad. If you’ve read your history, it’s not hard to see that Antifa and BLM are virtual analogs for the Brown Shirt street thugs that empowered the Nazis in the 1930’s.

      Just as our political class legitimizes Antifa and BLM thuggery (they’re fighting against racism, aftre all) so were the Brown Shirts legitimized by German elites for attacking communists.

      The Brown Shirts, however, most famously demonized Jews—encouraging and justifying race hatred all the while maintaining a carefully constructed moral superiority. We can now see a similar process of demonizing happening now as Antifa and BLM labels as “fascist” or “racist” any conservative white person from the president on down who defends American history and culture or who argues against destroying or removing historic monuments honoring southern heritage. We may have seen this movie before but it doesn’t have to end in a totalitarian state that murders millions of innocent people. But then, it just might.

      • Not likely, Garrison.

        White conservatives are the group that owns most of the firearms and knows how to use them effectively. Many military and police, possibly more than 50%, are white conservatives (I don’t have any current statistics).

        As long as the fight progresses as it appears to be currently (faster than the left can politically confiscate firearms – thanks to us), it would be like Hitler and his youth group attacking a well armed militia with rocks.

        What we have to watch out for (other than outright conflict) is a peaceful and slow drift back to leftist government that will slowly confiscate our firearms.

        • You are right that America is most definitely not Germany in the 20’s and 30’s. Nonetheless The Hard Left is so dogmatic that they very well follow those old rules down their own rabbit hole. The private ownership of guns may well be the lynch-pin issue.

        • I don’t know about police nationally (though in the Lehigh Valley we are definitely majority white conservative), but in the military it’s not even close. White conservative men continue to shoulder the vast majority of the burden when it comes to fighting and dying for our country. In combat arms branches the majority is even more significant. We always joke that each infantry company has a fireteam of token black guys scattered throughout. It wasn’t really a joke though, just a humorous observation of fact. I’ve never seen more than five black men in a given infantry company, and maybe twice that for Hispanics.

      • Absolutely. Just like everything was going just great for the Nazis in WW II until the allies spoiled it with their dam fighting back.

  3. Doing battle in the streets with ignorant, arrogant, self-righteous, self-entitled snow flakes might be entertaining, it is not the path to victory. The enemy that must be defeated is comprised of the puppet-master billionaires like Soros, Bloomberg and Zuckerberg who are using their wealth and power to play social engineer.

      • Soros needs a rendition to Red Square in Moscow.

        I hear there is a bench warrant out for him there.

        Shame that don’t have one out for Bloomberg and Zuckerberg too.

          • That was always my favorite point that Screw Loose Change made about the 9/11 conspiracy. (Really not trying to wind that up again, btw.) For a long time their top post, pinned, was that the most obvious evidence that 9/11 was not a conspiracy is that the guy who made Loose Change was still alive. If the government could successfully pull off as massive a conspiracy as he says, and keep it quiet, then making the only guy calling them on it disappear would have required precisely zero effort by comparison, so why wouldn’t “they” do that, if it was real?

      • That’ what I tell our people. Quietly eliminate a few right wingers and take their weapons (do you realize how many of your buddies post photos of your gun collections on social media?) and the word will go away. Right wingers are usually all mouth and no action.

        • Riiight, and we’re the dangerous ones.

          Stupidity is like nuclear power. It can be used for good, or for evil, but either way, you don’t want to get it on you. Engaging with you makes me feel dirty; I’m going to go wash my hands.

        • Except that “your people” won’t do shit. In fact, I remember the last time one of yours tried to assault someone with a gun at a protest in Washington State over one Milo Yannopolis. He was rightly shot for his trouble, and the defender was never charged. No one on your side has even dared try since. Left-wingers like you ARE all talk and no action (Scalise shooting notwithstanding).

          The only ones who’ll be incapacitated are you gun-grabbing nut cases, and neither will it be quiet nor will it be pretty.

  4. As a student of history fascinated by the past two hundred years of armed conflict I can say no one is ready for this coming civil war. Not a single one of us.

    If things turn violent (really violent) think about what will happen. Public utilities will be destroyed and food delivery will become sporadic at best. The cities will become uninhabitable and urban dwellers will move like locust through the countryside. Those Antifa douchebags will riot and kill anyone they can and, likewise, they will be piled up like cordwood themselves. A body count in the tens of thousands that will make the 1860’s look like a Sunday picnic turned into a food fight.

    What happens when the nice families at the end of the street turn violent on the guy two houses down who had a Trump sign on his lawn last year? What happens when you see a group of over-privileged twenty-somethings go from chanting to burning businesses on Main Street in middle America? It is one thing to look at news broadcasts of Portland and wish a gas main would rupture right there but it’s an entirely different story when it’s the kids down the street.

    We are looking at a conflict that will result in purging a quarter of the US population (Nazies, Communists, and Anarchists) before we can put this madness behind us.

    • A full blown “Civil/Cultural” war, if compared to the war of Southern Independence, would result in around 6 million dead or 2% of the total population.

      In a hot war, all is on the table including WMDs.

      One thing I’ve always said is we, Americans, are really good at killing each other.

      I pray it does not go that far.

        • A fascinating read, thank you. Matt Bracken articulated much more effectively then I could how things could spiral out of control so easily. This is also a reminder of why I have intentionally moved away from the large urban sprawl of a modern American city.

          I think, in the scenario posited by the article above, things would go pear shaped a little differently. Thanks to sympathetic universities I can see a student population at a state school in middle America getting out of hand and taking their protest-turned-riot show on the road and leaving the hallowed grounds of their campus.

          Imagine a UC-Berkeley style riot (only turned up to 11) in Oklahoma or Kansas where the students, no longer content with torching flags on the oval, begin to set fires in the student-centric apartments around campus and march towards nearby housing developments while the city’s mayor has instructed the police to give the students room to voice their grievances.

          All this particular shit-storm needs to go really bad would be ten locals set up in a classic L-shaped ambush. State media would have a field day and things would go downhill fast from their.

          That is the kind of scenario that should keep people awake at night.

  5. Antifa are a collection of ignorant morons with no centralized ideology or goals. Meaning some are BLM, some are communists, some are anarchists, etc. They are a rag tag collection of various victim groups (perceived as victims), with no centralized goals. They are not organized at all. Each group is pointed in different directions.

    I’m not concerned about Antifa at all. I’m more concerned about the psycho culture of the leftist. If elected in 4 years what on earth are they going to pursue? More free speech regulation under the guise of their subjective interpretation of “hate speech.???” More gun bans and 2A rights regulations because the populace isn’t grown up enough to take that kind of responsibility? More laws supporting a borderless nation? More laws pushing their ideologies such as socialism/communism? Universal heath care that I don’t want? Free liberal arts colleges for all? Sex education in 3rd grade? They are completely insufferable forcing themselves on everyone else while simultaneously calling everyone else a bigot. I have zero concern of being attacked by Antifa armies, in fact, I would prefer that over the alternative. The alternative being their control of governments and their systematic implementation of their way of life on me by law.

    • Actually, ANITFA is compromised primarily of rich, white dudes who have their over-priced and under-delivering college “educations” bank-rolled by mommy and daddy. They’re merely virtue signaling idiots LARPing as Marxist revolutionaries.

  6. So far the only fatality has been caused by a racist right winger with his eyes to close together. Don’t mince words just come out and say it if you hate Blacks, Mexicans, jews and people of any sort of middle eastern decent because… well your scared demographics are not trending in your favor.

    • You mean the only fatality not counting the two cops killed this weekend or the five killed in Dallas last year or the two killed in Louisiana last year and several other ambushes of officers over the last two years.

      How about the assasination attempt two months ago that or the 2012 foiled assault on a Family Research Council?

      • Love how he conveniently forgets to mention those instances. Much like liberals only mentioning the Dylan roof shooting but forgetting that the vast majority of the school shootings were committed by died-in-the-wool modern liberals. I also adore how he labels a Nazi, a “right winger.” What a damn joke. Nazism has always been and will always be a part of left wing extremist ideology. They need to own that shit instead of disingenuously passing it off as a flavor of right wing politics. If we can’t get these simple distinctions right, then it’s no wonder why all of this craziness is going on right now.

        • I couldn’t agree more. Additionally, I am perfectly happy to denounce the actions of douchebags in the “alt- right” (like there is anything conservative about them) is Mr. Proud Chicano willing to denounce the violence caused by Everett Glen Miller in Florida last night? Is he willing to denounced Micah Xavier Johnson and the 2016 killings?

          Mr. Proud Chicano should show our president how to denounce fringe groups since the state media has been riding Trump’s ass all week for not doing so in a believable sashion.

        • Naziism is right wing ideology, anyone who claims it is leftist doesn’t understand history in the slightest.

          Commenters here might be some of the dumbest people I’ve ever seen.

          • Except that it’s actually not, and anyone who claims it is has already re-written history in their own empty little heads.

            You might be the dumbest person these commenters here have ever seen.

    • Well, YOUR demographics ain’t trending so great either. By the time y’all take over the USA, the wealth and jobs will have all left and the place will be a giant trashed-out shithole that’s even worse than Mexico.

    • Obvious lie is obvious. The driver had no demonstrable links to any right wing group. In fact, he was a member of a alt-left group.

      • FLAME DELETED, or just trying to confuse ‘left’ and ‘right’ again so the words have no meaning? (the KKK is not left)

        • I think he is indicating the douchebag in Charlottesville was a National Socialist (Nazi) and how similar the political beliefs of the National Socialist Party and Communist Party really are.

      • Where did you hear that? League of South members were secretly talking about him. He was with them and they were trying to publicly disavow him while privately saying they were proud of him.

        • I’m actually interested to see if there is any evidence at all of this. It wouldn’t surprise me all that much if what he’s saying were true, either. But, citations first. Speculation later.

    • “well your scared demographics are not trending in your favor.”

      Why would I NOT be? Have you seen how those groups vote? They are only trending thanks to the Immigraiton Act of 1965, “The “Fair” housing act”, and reverse discrimination.

      Its not natural, its engendered by people who want to import useful idiot voters and reward them with the labor of other people.

      If you are against it you are a fake American.

        • So tell me why we would “need” or want, or vote to bring in millions of unskilled 3rd world people every year other then to import welfare voters.

          I will wait.

    • FLAME DELETED There have been fatalities on BOTH sides. Cops do count as human beings you know and some are even not white. You are ignorant and very stupid to assume otherwise. But as an alt left, violent, ANTIFA/BLM “ho” I.guess that’s par for the course. And really ‘bro you should not underestimate the right. FLAME DELETED

    • You’re evidently not much of a student or you’d be aware of a few data points

      The rate of outmarriage of Latino women to Caucasians is significant

      The car driver was a paranoid schizophrenic, off his meds with a history of domestic abuse. We’re not all racists, not by a long shot.

      • “The rate of outmarriage of Latino women to Caucasians is significant . . .”

        Interesting that you mention this. One of my friends once taught a course in “Marriage And The Family”. Each semester he would tell me the same story: when his discussions turned to choosing a marriage partner, Hispanic women in his class often volunteered that they had little interest in dating or marrying Hispanic males. They instead preferred to date and marry Anglo males. This happened time after time in his classes. And each time it happened the Hispanic men in the class were stunned and dismayed to hear this. Education is a wonderful thing. Just sayin’ . . .

    • Proud Chicano
      Please tell me of any left wing gay, black, or jew who supports the second amendment???
      I do know they prefer only the government has guns.

  7. Yeah I’m ready. JESUS is about to split the sky. Oh you’re talking about guns…getting closer to that goal. Honestly most of this BS is Donnie de-rangement syndrome. I’m old enough to be part of the anti-establishment,anti-Nixon and anti-Vietnam. Even voted for George McGovern. This aint new…but every damn burp/fart is covered adinfinitum nauseam…

    • Good point. This trending-toward-civil-war thing could be 90% media hype and most of us would never know it.

      Still, I worry about the long-term future. The notions of the Left are toxic to the founding ideals of America, and the constant danger is a continued slide until we’re just an extension of Europe — another “multiculturally enriched” socialist country (probably soon to be Islamicized) like France, Sweden, or Germany. There are a lot of people in this nation, left and right alike, doing their best to push us down into that hole.

  8. >Segregationists

    The irony is, the actual segregationists these days are in left-wing academia, where segregated spaces and activities are on the rise and where “whiteness” and “toxic masculinity” are being demonized.

  9. If a martian reads the posts and comments here he/she would think that the right wingers in America are a peaceful bunch and have never engaged in violence or ever even considered it. They are just innocent patriots attempting to exercise their right to free speech in the face of out of control lefty violence. Victims in the truest since of the word. Uh huh.

      • No, they’re using the ram a crowd scheme from ISIS. Are you somehow saying James Fields wasn’t a white supremacist, neo-confederate, wanna-be Nazi? Do you think these racist frat bros actually equate Nazi’s with Socialism in any possible way? Didn’t they teach you history about why the Nazi party as run by Adolf Hitler has almost nothing to do with the original founding and reason why the National Socialism was in fact changed to national heritage and populism as an outcome of the Treaty of Versailles?

        And the douchebag fields grew up literally 1 mile from my house and graduated the same year as my kid, and you want to know what he was absolutely not, a freakin liberal. Drove around with a Confederate flag hanging off his car, spouting bs about the resistance to the libtards etc. He’s exactly the model of the nationalist populist you get that would then copy ISIS, just believes in a different version of jihad.

        • Do you have any evidence that he was a member of any right wing group or are you just pulling assertions out of your ass?

          • Don’t know if he was officially affiliated with any group but it was not the right wingers he was mowing down with that car.

        • “Do you think these racist frat bros actually equate Nazi’s with Socialism in any possible way?”

          Well, yes they do. It’s the Hard Left that gets both its nomenclature and political theory confused when throwing around “racist” and “fascist” epithets.

        • Both of which have been widely denounced by pretty much everyone across the political board. The left seem to get a free pass whenever they kill someone due to political differences however. Almost like the Islamists.

    • The left has shown itself far, far more murderous than the right over the last century. You would rather look at the lesser danger from those who don’t share your socio-political view than the much higher danger from your own side.

      Human beings killed by their own governments either directly or through indirect means such as starvation in the 20th century:

      China – Communists – THE LEFT – 76.7 million
      Soviet Union – Communists – THE LEFT – 61.9 million
      Germany – NAZIs – THE LEFT – 20.9 million

      And what’s really mind-numbing is that these numbers do not include casualties of war, only civilian populations.

      There are decidedly evil right-wing atrocities in 20th century history, but they don’t come remotely close to the wholesale democide committed by left-wing governments killing their own populations.

      • Nazis were 100% right wing fascists, you people need to stop trying to re-write history because you’re too ignorant to understand it.

        • Nazis were (and still are) actually 110% left-wing fascists. You need to actually take your own advice, for once, and stop re-writing history because you’re every bit as willfully pig ignorant as you oh-so-desperately want to accuse anyone else of being.

        • Can you please explain what makes Nazis, especially actual German Nazis during WWII, right-wing? I’ve never seen an actual explanation, just “Nazis are far-right, everyone knows that, duh.”

      • Let me be more clear. Its fake. Made up. A false flag document. That’s what I meant by “porn”

        • The problem is Poe’s Law. It might be a false flag document, or it might not. The fact that it’s debatable is the problem. Based on how we’ve seen these nimrods act, and the things we’ve seen them say, it might as well be legit.

    • Yeah, that’s Protocols of the Elders of Zion-style fabricated material. One shouldn’t lie about Antifa, it’s immoral to lie and very counter-productive when they really are 97% that crazy. Everyone who isn’t non-white and LGBTQ is a fascist? They don’t believe that. Yet. It gets really obvious when it gets to the point of building massive cruise ships to import masses of impoverished brown-skinned people to all white areas of the world to destroy their character, and give the poor free addictive drugs if they choose not to work “to occupy their free time.”

      • Our color, my blackness, for example, comes first. It defines who I am. Black first, American second. Gay/lesbian first, little person/dwarf second, American third, and so on.

        I don’t even know how to respond to that. The whole point of this country is, and I think has been for a long, long time, that we are Americans first and above all. That’s the whole point. If you don’t get that, where’s the common ground to start from?

        I suppose I would think that, though, being a cis white male.

      • Its good you recognize that its an obvious fraud. But do you realize it should tell you something that one of the pro-gun and pro-Trump crowd was permitted by this pro-gun pro-Chump site to post this, and a pro-gun pro-Hump “journalist” posted it, and a bunch of pro-gun pro-Gump folks who admire this site imbibed it… These are the dimwitted folks I see at the rallies, just embarrassingly dumb, the vacuous looks and oh my gawd when they start trying to talk and make sense its horrifying. Are these really the folks you want to associate with…

        • You are actually looking at a reflection of yourself when you go to these rallies. Every bit as remarkably stupid and inarticulate as you think anyone here is. You obviously want to associate with us, too, being that you’re posting here. Anyway, it’s always good when idiots like you self-identify.

  10. Shame on you! No, I don’t mean the people who attempted to hold a “Free Speech” rally in Boston today, a city which has a proud history of being one of the cradles of American liberty. Many of those who wished to attend the rally were blocked from doing so, some were roughed up by the mob and left out of fear for their well-being and the police shut the rally down as being too dangerous.
    Think about that, folks. A rally celebrating our First Amendment and the freedoms it protects was shut down – by a mob. The rally wasn’t “Alt-right” or Nazis. The organizers specifically stated that they didn’t want those sorts of vermin there (although there were some of them there).
    How ironic is it that those self-righteous individuals who claim to be SJW “anti-fascists” have employed tactics which are fascist to their very core to suppress a right our Finding Fathers thought so important that it is first in the Bill of Rights? Has America come to this?
    I don’t usually agree with the commentaries in Politico but it would behoove those who shut down that rally today to read this:

    • Right on, man…this has been troubling me as well.

      I read about the people who were holding this Boston free sppech rally and the most radical thing about them was that they supported non-violent expression of ideas.

      • I posted that on FB and got a response that perfectly demonstrates what infects the minds of these fascist left-wing nut-jobs. She spat back “Hate speech directed toward minorities, religious groups, and gender designations is not free speech.” I kept the heat down so that the poor little SJW snowflake didn’t melt into a puddle of tears with “Balderdash, my good woman! Free speech means just that – free. It means speech from people we detest from people we rightfully revile as well as that from those with whom we agree. If you don’t like it, ignore it. If it arouses your passions to where you must protest, please feel free to refute what you’ve heard and rebuke those who said it. That’s YOUR right of free speech and it has no more or less right to be said than THEIR free speech.”

        It’s been awhile since I posted that and she hasn’t replied back yet. Say, you don’t suppose those few sentences caused her to have an epiphany, do you? Naaah! I’m sure she still thinks that she and her ilk should take away our liberties “for our own good”. As C.S. Lewis memorably stated, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their consciences.”

  11. I have no interest in shooting the alt-left rabble. They’re just stupid, brainless punks who think they have a cause but don’t have a clue. At another time and in another place, they would be the homeless dregs that we pass on the street and try not to see.

    Sure, I’ll defend myself vigorously and effectively if necessary, but I’ll take no joy in it.

    Meanwhile, George Soros pulls all the strings and laughs. When he finally does his greatest deed in life by leaving it, on that day I will celebrate with great joy.

    • Can someone explain to me how George Soros and his family, being Eastern European Jews who were alive and living in Nazi Occupied Europe in either Hungry or Yugoslavia, escaped the concentration camps and got extremely wealthy at the same time? He has gone to great lengths to bury his past. No I am not a Nazis or wish he had been a victim of that horror but it just begs questions that no one dares ask about him. That needs to be addressed. Was his family somehow collaborating with the Nazis? I don’t know but he certainly is an evil person who has a “self admitted God complex” ! He is no friend of Israel either which I find to also be odd given his heritage. He certainly doesn’t practice his faith but that doesn’t change the fact he is what he is. How could someone who lived through such evil times as a youth be so willing, wanting and certainly financially able to underwrite these obnoxious far left wing groups like BLM who employ the very same bullying tactics that brought those totalitarian groups to power. His Media Matters and Involvement with the Center for American Progress and other far left organizations is cause for concern. His willingness to do what he can to destroy people and countries is unquestionable. He has destroyed the Pound Sterling as a World Reserve Currency along with Macedonia’s currency along with several other countries. Destroying the value of a Country’s currency enriches him but destroys the lives of the middle class and other hard working people he claims to want t help. His money is also funding many of these Antifa groups too I would bet, either directly or through some other front group that he hides behind. He doesn’t want to be the front man ruling the world but the man pulling the strings from behind the scenes. That combined with his billions makes his a very scary person. He has an army of ARMED security people protecting him while he tries to disarm the individual. His political donations tell you all you need to know about his current agenda. He is a roach who needs to be put under the spotlight of transparency. Evil doesn’t like the light!!

      • Keith – Soros’ father was a very well-to-do lawyer who paid a gentile to keep little George out of the clutches of the Nazis for the duration of the war. His surrogate “uncle” was employed by the Nazis to clean out the residences of the Jews who had been deported to the gas chambers and ovens and George later related that he “enjoyed the work”.

        As for your other musings, I think it can be explained by Soros’ greed and certainly by a raging case of megalomania with perhaps a bit of a messianic complex thrown in.

  12. I’ve been ready to burn communists since I’ve been conscious enough to understand what communism is. Not to mention what these ANTIFA pukes do to random people they see on the street.

    Unlike the left I actually have SOME morals, so I refuse to start this and will just sit back here and watch the show. But hey… anytime you want to start it up, I’m game.

  13. I will start worrying about Nazis when the MSM starts caring about the far more deadly and dangerous and prolific Marxists. It can’t be said too often: Nazis murdered 10 million last centru, Marxists murdered 100 million — ten times as many. Marxism continues to this day, in North Korea and Cuba, and in somewhat diluted form in China. All of those continue killing today, in Marx’s name. This recent Nazi killing was the first in a long time.

    You want segregationists? Look at any college, where the snowflakes are demanding rce-segregated safe spaces.

    No sir, I do not worry about Nazis and white supremacists. They are pathetic whiners, out of power. It is the Marxists in universities and political office who are the true threat to liberty.

  14. I must have missed the part where you talk about the right wing Trump supporter driving a car into the crowd killing one woman and injuring 30 others. Oh, I know why I missed it. It’s because you didn’t mention it. Now that I know this web site is fascist and Nazi supporting I can make sure to tell decent human beings who support the 2nd Amendment but don’t support hatred and bigotry to stay away from it.

    • Maybe the fellow’s accelerator stuck or maybe he was actually trying to get away from the mob but lost control of that 600 Horse Power vehicle? Might be Fiat/Chrysler’s fault. Wait for the trial and conviction. People are innocent until proven guilty..

      • The justice system is set up so that we don’t put people in prison without them being judged guilty by a jury of their peers. It doesn’t mean we all have to pretend like we don’t know they’re guilty as hell.

        That asshole did more for ANTIFA than all the community organizers in the world ever could. Don’t excuse him for it.

        • Except that no one’s excusing what that asshole did, or whatever other baseless accusation you want to make but damned-well KNOW literally never, ever happened anywhere on this page. All he’s saying is that we should wait for the trial and conviction.

          • Well he didn’t drive that car into the right wingers did he. So I’m gonna take a wild guess and say he was on their side of the protest.

        • Matt, the guy is a diagnosed schizophrenic. He could have driven into that crowd because the little leprechaun on his shoulder told him to.

        • If you look at the video, he was driving somewhat fast down a street with a fair number of people running around but did not hit anything until he rear-ended the stationary car at the end of the street. He then backed up to escape from the crash scene, which happens a lot these days. Had he really been intent on running over people, he could have easily mowed down many more than got hurt. Rear ending another vehicle doesn’t make any sense if you are intent on hurting people. From reports, he was not very intelligent, had mental issues and may have been in a panic or drunk or doped up. Most people consumed with extreme views or hatred never get around to acting on their thoughts. It might very well have been an accident.

        • I’m going to repeat myself.


          Does ANYBODY have ANY evidence as to his motive? Documented affiliation, posts, etc…
          How about we apply the simplest explanation? He was a mental patient that went nuts. It tends to happen.

        • Except that Fields was known to EVERYONE, that he was a racist douchebag.

          And that’s just one local TV channel, actually talking to people familiar with him.

          So other than everyone who knew him, has talked about it, been interviewed about it, no one knew? for shame. The fact he went on the senior trip to Europe actually had people stopping their kids from going. And guess what, when they went to Nazi holocaust memorials in Europe, he was talking about Hitler getting it right.

          Has he come out and given an interview yet, or admitted in court that he did it, of course not. He has an attorney with a heartbeat, who’s told him to STFU, a few years too late.

          I’m tired of the whataboutism, James Hodgkinson liberal terrorist-zero dead, Micah Johnson liberal terrorist- 5 dead, Jeremy Joseph Christian right wing terrorst-3 dead, Dylann Roof right wing terrorist-9 dead. You know what they all have in common, they’re terrorists.

          Hate breeds violence, and the last civil war ended with a million dead American’s (at a minimum), out of a population 31.4million, so if was equally horrid, that’s 10 million dead, so if its 1/100th then it would still be 100,000 Americans. Just saying your looking forward too it means you’ve lost the argument, its got to be a corollary of Godwin’s law.

        • Ok Rick… what is it with reading comprehension and lefties? EVIDENCE not HEARSAY.

          Some random people off the street making assertions is not EVIDENCE.

    • Supporting someone’s right to free speech, however disgusting and deplorable their rhetoric may be, is the exact opposite of fascism. Nazism = leftism. What an intellectual heavyweight you are.

      • The idea of the First Amendment is to allow the right of people who espouse ideas we do not like to have the protections to say what they believe so that we can all see and hear it in order to be aware of it. If you push it underground that is when it becomes dangerous. Take a look at the fact that the ACLU, with whom I have no allegiance represented the KKK against the City of Skokie Illinois in which the City, which has a very large Jewish population, refused to give a parade permit to the KKK because of the fears for public safety and the fact that their hate speech was so offensive! The ACLU took the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of the KKK and the Court ruled that the Free Speech rights of these “people” were infringed and explained extremely well the purpose for the First Amendment. Everyone should read that case to see why we have a First Amendment.

        In any event the permit was granted and the group showed itself to be a joke which if they were forced underground may have garnered more support by people who would have wondered why the government wouldn’t let them speak.

    • Bizarre omission given that it is what led to this national discussion. Also omitted were attacks on the Sikh temple, the sword killing of an African American and many other right wing violent acts.

      The ADL had this to say
      “In the past 10 years when you look at murders committed by domestic extremists in the United States of all types, right-wing extremists are responsible for about 74 percent of those murders,” Pitcavage says.

      • The ADL is a worthless pile of commies. If you take anything they say seriously, I have a bridge to sell you. They think a cartoon frog is a symbol of “white supremacy”.

        • Except that the Proud Boys and other nazi groups have adopted Pepe the Frog as their preferred emblem, and in internal communications they show neat things like Pepe burning Jews in ovens. But hey … denial is high among right wingers.

          • Except that the adoption of a meme is irrelevant to its original meaning, and you still have absolutely zero corroborating evidence to back ANY of the assertions you’ve made thus far. But, hey, projection is high among left-wingers.

        • Oh… you’re addorable. You think the Proud Boys are Nazis. I’m going to go fall over laughing now.