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The Kansas City Star newspaper did the unthinkable: They actually printed a story supporting armed teachers!  No, you don’t need to check the calendar: It’s not April Fools. Their “Arm the Teachers” story ran prominently, and it didn’t mince words.

In my deep blue state of Illinois, the mainstream media routinely go apoplectic at the idea we should protect our children as we do our banks, celebrities, politicians.  And now, the legal marijuana industry.  Meanwhile, some in America have a more open mind about making sure our school children stay safe.

Kudos to the Kansas City Star for printing the truth.  Instead of trying to manipulate people, the Star actually helps their readers to understand the truth so everyone can be better, smarter citizens.  After all, the only thing that stops a bad person with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun!

Read the whole piece.  “False school shooter alarm in Missouri shows it’s time to arm teachers” closes with this:

The National Rifle Association’s School Shield is an outstanding program offered free of charge to schools to help them with school security, including best practices in security infrastructure, technology, personnel, training and policy. It’s absurd that some school administrators and teachers put their students at greater risk and decline this free help from the NRA because of their own personal political opinions.

Criminals do not respect gun-free zones and criminals do not obey gun laws. The NRA School Shield program is focused on real solutions that will protect America’s children.

Bradley continued: “I’m thankful my school administration is open to working with me to make sure next time we are prepared. I feel it is my duty as a student to do everything I can to make sure schools across the nation are prepared. Teachers should be able to get the proper training and have the ability to carry on campus. We can solve these problems all while protecting our freedoms secured by the Second Amendment.”

Obviously, the cracks continue to form and widen in the wall of opposition to protecting our children as we protect our athletes, celebrities, politicians, valuables and now the legal marijuana industry.  Keep them coming.  Faster please!

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  1. All those globalist limousine liberal anti-gun billionaires at Davos are guarded by ski-masked security with eeeevil “ass-ault rifles”

    if it wasn’t for double standards, the left would have no standards at all

    • For about half of our population:
      (1) Trends (also known as reality) are irrelevant.
      (2) Virtue, emotion, and fantasy are all that matters.

      Here is the resulting “mental” process for that half of our population:
      (1) Attacks should not happen. Therefore, we should not carry self-defense firearms.
      (2) People who carry self-defense firearms fail to solve the root problem, which is the terrible environments that produce criminals. Therefore, we should be fixing those terrible environments that produce criminals rather than carrying self-defense firearms.
      (3) Carrying self-defense firearms means admitting defeat: that attacks will always happen and terrible environments which produce criminals will always exist. Therefore, we should not admit defeat and we should not carry firearms.

      Or something along those lines.

      It is just like their whole stance on rape: we should teach men to not rape women rather than arm women so that they can stop rapists from raping them. Facts (such as “teaching” criminals not to commit crimes is utterly and totally ineffective) do not matter. Such advocates only care that they are pursuing their self-declared virtuous notion of higher living. In other words they prioritize their pursuit of virtue (however impossible) over their very existence. And that would be fine if they only applied it to themselves. Of course we all know that they desperately want to force us to prioritize THEIR notion of virtue over our very existence. Therein lies the problem.

      • “Such advocates only care that they are pursuing their self-declared virtuous notion of higher living. In other words they prioritize their pursuit of virtue (however impossible) over their very existence. “

        You’re far too charitable uncommon. The big-wigs are pursuing money and power at the expense of the truth and the safety of other people. The little guys are just ignorant or too stupid to understand reality and roll with out they “feel”.

  2. i work at a University and, no shit, we went into a classroom the other day and saw the “defense rocks” bucket at the front of the class. hopefully it was a joke. ya know seeing as how they are at the front of the room…close to the door…where the shooter would enter. if you ever need proof that a College degree does not denote intelligence, work at a college/university. you will meet the worlds stupidest Dr.’s, guaranteed.

  3. I have no trouble at all with a bucket of rocks..
    Now we just need to teach our children to use David’s sling.
    If it will take out a wolf or and enemy soldier called Goliath.. four slingers in the back of the room would take a gunman down Quickly.

    Of course four college students with fire team training and CCWs would just as quickly.

    • While 4 guys with slings were winding up, a gunman could have put a full mag in each one, and then reloaded a 4th time.

    • I have a sling, the biblical type, that I fashioned from leather and tendons while living the Las Pampas of Argentina. I can guarantee that unless you practice A LOT, in the case of a classroom shooter would only result in dented walls, maybe a few kids with the back of their heads bashed in, or bruises on their backs.

      Sling shots would work much better.

      Arm the teachers.

    • A sling shot requires a lot of space to launch a rock whereas a bullet launcher can be deployed and placed in action before the sling operator can wind up!

  4. That article was only an opinion piece from a guest writer. I suppose we can be somewhat joyous over the fact that the news outlet actually published it.

  5. The KC Star is on point. But school administrators at all levels are liberal nut jobs. After all, they are willing to sacrifice your children to push a political agenda.
    So time to buy stock in quarries in liberal states. Hopefully the dividends will allow me to purchase real firearms so I can protect my children.

  6. Most Liberals are comfortable having children murdered, shot to death, in a public school. Rather than having a teacher who volunteered to carry and get training. AND THEY WON’T KNOW WHO THE SHEEP DOG IS IN THE SCHOOL. That part also drives them crazy. This will only work with honest volunteers.

    Very few of these volunteers will be women. Most will be men in the beginning. Hopefully more women will seek out the training in the future. Times have changed and women need to get with the program. Yes, that’s right I said it.

    The school in Newtown, Connecticut had an ALL FEMALE staff. I’m not a P/C guy. I will ask the question no one else will ask. At the elementary school level, 90% of all teachers are female in American schools.

    Are women teachers ready to defend my child using deadly force?

    Will it be easier in states where you don’t have to be a member of the teachers union?

  7. Well Folks, every Government Office in the Good Old USA is a gun free Zone, yet heavily protected. How about The Gov Un-Zones all of the protections? I do not have a problem with Arming Teachers. First off they are already a big target, yet some won’t want to be armed. Get it? I don’t have a good answer, but no body has a good answer. Might be time for All Of US to work together. The NRA use to use Attraction, they attracted me into the Shooting Sports at age 12 or 54 years ago. I would not give you a nickle for what The NRA is today, but maybe it ain’t to later for them to try what use to work……..

  8. As a Kansas City resident, I was shocked to see this headline which I found incredible, as The Kansas City Star’s editorial stance is anti-Trump, anti- conservative, uber liberal and unrelentingly anti-gun. Then, I note the pro armed teacher stance was contained in a reader’s comment. I’m still amazed that this was published.

    • As a KC resident also I was amazed to learn that they published the article. However, I didn’t know about it until I read it here. The Star is substandard for birdcage lining or puppy potty training. Haven’t bought one in 20yrs.

  9. FYI for’ those who forgot, like me, or who don’t know.

    From 2010

    From 2016

    From 2016

    The Education bureau Rats like guns for themselves. But not to protect school children. Thanks to the Modern Self protection podcast for reminding me about these stories.

    • In my state, Nebraska, a bill has been introduced to authorize staff to carry on school property. Its supporters are rural school districts who can’t afford SROs and where the nearest deputy sheriff may be half an hour away. Its opponents are the big city school districts. Note that the bill doesn’t take schools off the list of prohibited places. It just pushes down to the district level the decision whether to allow staff to arm themselves.

  10. The only way to mitigate the damage of an active shooter is to have armed staff on site at all times. One “resource officer” will likely be in the wrong location and may well go the other way. Police take a while to get there and, as demonstrated at Parkland, may wait outside until the shooting stops.

    The political left in America is dedicated to the goal of a disarmed America. They want children killed in schools so they can use the event to push their anti-gun agenda. Yes, I said that, they want children to die to further their goals. “The ends justify the means.”

    They have plans for their immediate response to any school shooting to make the most of it and the major media will provide full support. “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Check how long it took to get the media storm wound up after Parkland.

    All laws creating gun free zones are part of their plan. They are winning.

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