Boyd's At-One Thumbhole Stock
Dan Z for TTAG
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We’re fans of Boyds Gunstocks‘ laminated At-One adjustable stocks (see our review of the version for the 870 shotgun here). They give you an affordable way of adding length of pull and comb height adjustment to your long gun without expensive stock work by a gunsmith. 

Boyd's At-One Thumbhole Stock
Dan Z for TTAG

Now Boyds is adding a thumbhole version of their At-One rifle stock with two different for end shapes in seven different colors. They’re showing it off at their SHOT Show booth starting today.

Here’s their press release . . .

Boyds Expands the At-One adjustable gunstock line – please meet the At-One Thumbhole!

Boyds Gunstocks, the South Dakota-based maker of hardwood gunstocks, introduces a brand-new gunstock shape for 2019! The At-One Thumbhole!

The At-One fully-adjustable gunstock was first introduced in 2017 and was a big hit with the public. That first At-One shape was designed specifically for rifles. Then in 2018 Boyds extended the At-One line by introducing the At-One for shotguns. Now, in 2019, Boyds extends the At-One line yet again, by introducing a fully-adjustable At-One gunstock with a thumbhole!

The Thumbhole design is one that is extremely popular with hunters and shooters because it allows the hand to grasp the grip of the stock more solidly and keeps the wrist flat and in a more-comfortable ergonomic position which provides better stability — is perfect for those all-day hunts.

Boyd's At-One Thumbhole Stock
Dan Z for TTAG

The At-One Thumbhole stock differentiates itself from all other thumbhole stocks because it incorporates the adjustability of the At-One that is so popular today. You get the adjustability of the comb to allow easy viewing for attached optics; you get length-of-pull adjustability from the extendable butt-pad. You also get your choice of two different forearm shapes to choose from, in several different colors. The At-One Thumbhole, by Boyds; one gun to fit everyone!

Available in over 12 colors, the Boyds At-One Thumbhole gunstock will be available to hunters and shooters everywhere – beginning at SHOT Show 2019! Price: around $200. Go to

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    • I was thinking about the shear force required to break the stock at the thumbhole, in which case I believe you have an illegal pistol. I could be wrong, but the BATFE has been shown to have no sense of humor.

      Other than that, I applaud the effort to make a conventional rifle stock more ergonomic. As I get older, that becomes more important.

    • I looked carefully at the photo and the thumb-hole sure looks ambidextrous.

      Whether or not they mill out a notch for left-handed bolt rifles — that is a different kettle of fish. (I have no idea.)

      • “I looked carefully at the photo and the thumb-hole sure looks ambidextrous.”

        To me, it looks like the rear of the stock is offset to the left of the thumbhole-grip.

        It’s not ambi in the least, to my eyes…

  1. Those look really nice! I’ve always liked the appearance of laminated wood stocks, even though they are often heavier than a synthetic equivalent. There is also something nice about the “feel” of wood on a precision rifle – many of my varminters and other customs wear laminated wood.

    $200 isn’t a bad entry price at all for something this functional and pretty. Compare with the prices of some of those high-end clunky looking chassis stocks, or with the lower end, relatively flexible and unstable units available for SKS and the like. This is a decent price point.

    • They make the regular (non-thumbhole) At-One stock for that action, so I’d guess they will probably be coming out with the thumbhole version as well.

  2. In the process of one of my bucket build rifles, I am starting with the at-one gunstock with the thumb hole. Want to do match shooting this year.


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