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The activists who organized after the Parkland shooting say they have built up their organizing capacity since then, and they remain committed to making at least as significant a difference in 2020 as they did in 2018. But this year, they say, a big part of that will mean building solidarity with organizers confronting racial injustice.

“For us, we recognize how gun violence is such an intersectional issue,” said Kelly Choi, 20, a member of the executive board at March for Our Lives, the national nonprofit that grew out of the Parkland students’ organizing. “Gun violence is the symptom of other things, like poverty, racism, housing insecurity, domestic violence.”

Students Demand Action, a grass-roots network affiliated with Michael Bloomberg’s nonprofit Everytown for Gun Safety, sprouted more than 400 chapters of its own after the Parkland shooting. Its student members are at the core of Everytown’s voter-registration and other campaign operations, part of a planned $60 million investment by the nonprofit in federal and state races this fall.

In their work, too, Students Demand Action organizers are emphasizing collaboration. “When I first got involved, it was in the wake of a school shooting, and there was this thought that gun violence is school shootings and mass shootings,” said Alanna Miller, 19, who founded a Students Demand Action chapter at her Texas high school after the Parkland attack, and then another chapter at Duke University — where she is now a rising sophomore — in the wake of El Paso. “Yes, that’s true, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s domestic-partner violence, it’s inner-city violence.” …

But today, with a different youth-protest movement sweeping the country, millennials and young adults in Generation Z are more likely to explicitly name racial justice as their top political concern. A Fox News poll last month found that voters under 30 were three times as likely as those 45 and over to call race-related issues their No. 1 policy priority. Just three percent of the youngest voters named gun violence as their top concern.

in What Happened to the Young Voters Focused on Guns?

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  1. So the yoots have determined “racial justice” is a better path to getting free shit than chasing “gun violence.”

    • “So the yoots have determined “racial justice” is a better path to getting free shit than chasing “gun violence.” ”

      Close. The ACTIVISTS have determined that this is a better get out the vote message. All of these orgs are nothing but cookie-cutter leftist groups designed to get out the vote and elect democrats.

      If they weren’t cookie-cutter, then a pro-women group wouldn’t exclude pro-life women. See it isn’t really about women, or guns, or LGBTetc, or POC, it’s ONLY about power for democrats. They just vary their message for marketing purposes.

    • Since Gun Control is clearly rooted in racism and genocide that makes Gun Control a racist and nazi based agenda perfect for up and coming jack booted nazi yoots like david hogg et al.

    • They might get a chance to join a BLM or ANTIFA group to redistribute wealth from those bourgeois capitalist running dog lackey imperialist exploiters of the oppressed proletariat while providing “people’s justice” on those oppressors.

      Did I use enough socialist/communist newspeak terms?

    • Don’t be silly, Shire-man, today’s yoots are devoted to receiving free money from both, simultaneously.

  2. When they say interracial / racial justice I think they’re talking about blacks. Hispanics are pretty diverse in terms of right – left. Where I’m from most Hispanics are gun owners, pro 2nd amendment, anti-abortion.

    • “interracial” is not used in this post or the linked article.

      The word used is “intersectional”, which is very different.

      But don’t let that stop you from saying whatever bullshit you wanted to say. 😛

      • “jsled says: August 4, 2020 at 08:15 “interracial” is not used in this post or the linked article. The word used is “intersectional”, which is very different.”

        Intersectional, another left wing invention to support their efforts to divide people and further their goals of destroying America.

        • Intersectionality is a brilliant ploy.

          Gather ALL the grievances, politicize them, and point all the activists at the same target. With coordinated messaging and a willingness to gather in public and make themselves obnoxious (plus total air superiority via the establishment press), a small number of astroturfers and unbalanced fringe weirdos start looking like a groundswell movement.

          Like it or not, the Marxists do know how to organize.

          Also, when I saw “The activists who organized after the Parkland shooting,” I first read it as “the activists who organized the Parkland shooting.” Not a hell of a lot of difference, actually.

        • “Intersectional” is a word that comes from Critical Theory. That system defines everyone as either an oppressor or the oppressed based on their membership in certain groups. (It’s actually a cultural version of Marxism.) Those groups are defined by things such as age, sex, race, health, attractiveness, etc. Racism is literally baked into this system of thought.

          For example, according to this system an old homeless white male is an oppressor and therefore evil, while Oprah is oppressed and a victim of the homeless guy. That’s the mental gymnastics these people have been indoctrinated with to “justify” swallowing and promoting real racism in a world that has come to realize that racism is a bad thing. Even worse, this cultic brainwashing includes “safeguards” which are designed to provide armor and counterattacks against someone telling them the truth. (“You cannot understand our oppression because you’re not one of us.”)

          So even though the article used the term “intersectional”, it is not wrong to understand that it also includes race as part of its meaning.

  3. > “Gun violence is the symptom of other things, like poverty, racism, housing insecurity, domestic violence.”

    Yup. The drivers of “gun violence” are the drivers of violence, generally: economic inequality leading to despair, lack of jobs and affordable housing, and lack of material security. All exacerbated by racial inequality and racism both individual and systemic.

    But it’s generally not the guns.

    • I guess this is the excuse to explain why Blacks who are only one-eigth of the US population commit over half of the homicides and nearly two thirds of the gun homicides?

      • The big problem there is the recidivism rate, especially in Democrat controlled plantations where career criminals are let out of jail early. A study of the homicide rate in Chicago showed that almost all homicides (~90% according to Chicago PD) were caused by people already with a criminal rap sheet… thus the system is itself creating a perpetual feedback loop. Had such people not been let out early, I would suspect that such statistics would easily be corrected.

        The other big problem is the fact that prison doesn’t seem to rehabilitate the most violent offenders. Changing the culture of prison may be an interesting experiment. I propose having criminals in prison be exposed to nothing but 100% PBS children’s programming, eg. Mr Rogers, Sesame Street, Barney, The Wiggles. I’m thinking a few years of that will take the fight out of anyone.

    • “But it’s generally not the guns.”

      Exactly, it’s the parenting. Sorry, but the rest of your post is typical uninformed BS.

      • “the rest of your post is typical uninformed BS.”

        the rest of your post is typical uninformed leftist BS.

        Fixed it for you. 🙂

      • What the heck happened to the comment threading here? None of the replies are attached to the original. (And yes the original was mostly BS.)

    • Give me a break with this SJW BS, Jsled.
      The “poor” in America live better than 90% of all the people in the world. They have larger living spaces than European middle class. They drive around in cars, wear brand name sneakers and clothes.

      The criminals are not stealing bread to feed their children, they work as a part of gangs, deal in drugs, rob and kill. This is not about some downtrodden victims of society. These animals kill and maim because they like to do it and their peers praise them for it.

  4. I would imagine that the millions of new gun owners buying their first gun for protection may have changed some minds about gun control.

    • Exactly,perhaps why America is arming up as never before, the Bravo Sierra of gun control isn’t selling well.

    • What are you talking about you silly prole? They’re liberals! “Guns for me, none for ye’,” remember? They want their guns and don’t want you to have yours. How else do expect us to keep you people in line? The police?

      Eric Swalwell 2020

    • Possibly, but in speaking with new gun owners with traditionally anti-gun beliefs I’m not sure that’s the case. The feedback I’ve gotten (from a data set of 2 admittedly) is a sense of bitterness and frustration that it was necessary. They recognized the need for a gun, purchased the gun, and yet they still feel guns are the problem…

      Yes the irony was lost on them.

    • Whether or not they have changed their mind about gun control, they are completely aware of WHO caused them to feel the need to arm up–and it isn’t a bunch of Republicans. The vast majority of liberals have no interest in seeing the collapse of our entire society by eliminating police services that allow the rampagers free reign. The saw that movie and didn’t like the outcome.

    • I have seen this assumption before, I’d like to propose another. As they see the “defund/disband the police” movement actually gaining ground, they are gaining hope their dreams are being implemented, requiring them to arm up in preparation for the move to full-time rape, rob, and murder. First one out the door when the balloon goes up gets the finest little girls, the most cash, best homes, and the most notches on that new Glock!

  5. I thought 💭 you had to have a brain 🧠 to concentrate most of them ( gun opponents) are so scared 😱 they can’t think 🤔 a new battle theme is necessary as this one ☝️ is really old!!!!! As a Vietnam veteran I remember this horse 🐎 shit from when I got back to what was left of this country

  6. The average person does not even understand what “intersectional” means. They are idiots.

    • Most people don’t care. Most people think it is a made up word that illogical people use to attribute external factors to their feelings.

      Most logical people understand, shit happens, and adjust accordingly.

      • I probably need to clarify my statement. The people who use the word intersectionality are idiots.

        People who don’t understand it are normal.

      • I agree. The word only came into use recently and I’ve yet to see a coherent definition. I for one couldn’t care less.

        • Kind of like the term “systemic racism.” A new buzzword of the left that they cannot define.

        • “Systemic racism” has a very definite meaning. It means that your very society must be destroyed because there is no other way to root our racism. “Systemic racism is the current catch phrase for total anarchy. And for some, the non-white racists, it is a call to eliminate the “white race” and all vestiges of its successes.

        • Ben Shapiro made some good videos on the intersectionality subject.

          As I understand it, it reduces each person to a mere avatar of his/her group identity. You as a human mean nothing, you can’t have your own views and ideas since you are defined by groups into which you belong by your race, gender, sexual orientation, class…
          That’s where Biden’s “If you don’t vote for me, you are not really black!” comes from.

          The more “opressed” groups you belong to, the higher you are in the victimhood pyramid and the more valuable anything you have to say automatically is. As long as you say the “proper” things. Great hate falls on those who don’t toe the line, like pro-life women or conservative blacks or gays.

      • It is a stolen and abused word. The left in this country is all about abandoning one word and moving on to another as soon as the old one becomes a pejorative which always happens. Like their latest term, their cause du jure will be passe’ within months. They have an attention span only slightly longer than my wife’s cat!

    • Inersectional: “having the properties of an intersection.”

      BOOM goes the dynamite!!! Whose the idiot NOW my friend?

      Eric Swalwell 2020

    • “The average person does not even understand what “intersectional” means. They are idiots.”

      Kind of besides the point, Dan.

      They think it’s ‘trendy’, so they are all in…

    • Danny, let me assist you with “intersectional”, since its roots are from my youth. After working under the hood all weekend, installing new trick parts, you cruise down the highway looking for girls, or other cars, with certain telltale signs (on either the cars or the girls). A few comments similar to “Mine’s quicker than yours” or the famous “You wanna run that piece of shit?”, we get down to intersectionality, and when the light turns green it all becomes clear. In shorthand, it’s another term for drag racing. You’re welcome.

  7. I doubt Black America will be “fixed”, because that’s going to require a lot of self reflections and uncomfortable truths, so they’ll just keep blaming guns and whites people.

    • Bingo!
      Let’s start with the elephant in the corner since the 1960’s
      Black children without fathers now approaching 80%.

      Was around 25% when Democratic icon Daniel Patrick Moynihan raised the red flag and then became cancel culture’s victim #1.

  8. “Gun Violence” is a made up term for a human action that instantly tells you the person complaining about “Gun Violence” is suffering from either Hoplophobia or the need to be identified with a Political Cult. such as Republicans, Democrats and other, smaller cults.

    Human Beings are violent, not inanimate objects. The root causes of violence are human problems, the inanimate objects do not force humans to harm one another.

    Poverty, homelessness, hopelessness,racial and ethnic conflicts, lack of opportunity, lousy schools, religious differences, police malpractice, drugs, gangs and existing crime all combine to create more crime. Self renewing cycles support the continuation of the factors that create crime.

    None of that is generated by the guns. If it was then every location in America that has many guns would be in exactly the same mess.

    To solve this problem of Human Violence what is needed is long term attention to the human troubles that create it in all it’s many forms.

    Curiously, one means of solving it is more guns, with training and education, in the hands of more citizens who are not criminals.

        • Lack of proper upbringing also causes poverty. Kids need role models and encouragement. If you tell kids no matter what they do, they can’t succeed, then they won’t.

        • The educational opportunity is out there. The desire to learn and the parental responsibility to demand children to learn is not. Poverty plays absolutely No Role in the equation. I grew up dirt poor without Welfare, WIC, Obama phone, Obama Care or any other form of Governmental support. The difference was a strong (single father) upbringing. Who taught a strong work ethic and demanded that be utilized in school. Education begins at home long before going to school. Excuses are the biggest problem. Those used by Parents(sic) and created by Politicians and So Called Experts in Education and Child Psychology. What’s needed is a “Good Ol Swift Kick in the Ass” to all of the above mentioned. Just like I got when I Fucked Up or Fucked Around due to lack of willingness to do the job.

        • “We” have plenty of “edumaction” in this country. Just that most of it is crap and dispensed from government schools.

        • Seems like the education system has done a pretty good job of instilling socialist ideals and a false narrative of history. Kids these days would have been served going to work instead of going to school. They would have learned more and the material would have been true.

        • Lousy schools are only as lousy as the staff and students who fill them. Liberals in states like California and Illinois keep throwing more and more money at the public school system, but he, who doesn’t value education, cannot be educated.

        • On a large scale, like a country, I suppose that is true. There are lots of countries where there is no money to be found, often because the ruler of the country stole it all and deposited it in a different country. But on a smaller scale, like a family or a community, particularly in America, there is plenty of money, no shortage, it is everywhere. The problem is lack of the will to go out and earn you some of it. If you lay around the house it is not going to come looking for you, if you try to simply take it somebody gonna shoot you, you need to go find some damn WORK!

    • If by ” Self Renewing Cycles” you mean continuing to reward spitting out new welfare recipients by unknown sperm donors, and then keeping them in- system from cradle to grave, then I will agree that is much closer to the root of the problem than ” gunz”

    • “lack of opportunity”

      That doesn’t exist in this country. Join the military, learn a skill, and let the government pay for your education. When you get out, you’ll be first in line for government work. You can then make a career out of that, or get some experience, and join the private sector with a nice resume. ANYONE can do this.

        • @neiowa
          Agree. I used that as an example of how someone could get started in life. In the old days, you easily made more in the private sector, but these days, you can make an excellent living with the best benefits working for the federal government. You know who the federal government loves to hire? Minorities and women. This lack of opportunity talk is uninformed BS.

      • If the military isn’t for you there are other options.

        Every trade has a union (God forgive me for advocating unions) and every union has an apprenticeship program. There is another path.

        Every town has a community college or the next bigger town over has one. They all have trade programs. There is another path.

        Minorities and women get preference in admissions and in hiring everywhere.

      • Exactly. This isn’t medieval Europe. Nobody in this country has any lack of opportunities. Crime is only one among thousands of them. It’s more about the opportunities some people are willing to pursue than a lack of them.

    • enuf…The cult you are in is the democRat lint licker cult. You look as dumb as dirt trying to exclude your worthless behind from the democRat Party. You can talk all you want you pos but in the end no matter what you say or do you are a democRat Party lint licker whose only contribution is to yourself…now gfy.

  9. What’s going on with the comments? It’s like this on every article.

    Did TTAG get hacked by a DNC McChrystal operation?

    • TTAG is over run with trolls. Hacked? I’ve been around since 2014. The bots have just been more active(and TTAG has been much worse). Oh & intersectionallity means nothing!

      • Wrong, if their is “Bot” activity here it is very little, same with “Trolls”. People in logs these days use the “Troll” insult anytime they disagree with someone. The single function of a Troll is to trigger a response, nothing else.

        “Intersectionality” is a fancy way of saying that more than one cause is creating a particular problem. It is a way of saying that some human problems overlap to create a larger problem, or many related problems.

        Here, please do not read this. Knowledge is bad for you:

        • See enuf isn’t a troll or bot. Just a marxists moron. Actually thinks “inters…..” is relevant and a useful term. So yes a moron. Got sticktoitiveness though. Like the clap.

        • And here’s how Intersectionality works in practice: Say you’re a wamen, so you want to fight for the wamen’s rights, like um, help me out here, what is it they aren’t allowed to do? Anyway, you go join the Wamen’s March so you can fight for your kind. Then they welcome you IF AND ONLY IF, you agree to support every other Leftist position. Then if you don’t support all of those positions, then the inclusive, welcoming, loving, understanding, Wamen’s March will kick you to the curb. That’s Intersectionality in a nutshell.

        • Enuf, that is one view of instersectionality, and maybe what it began as. But it is not used that way. It is used to claim multiple categories of victimhood simultaneously in order to accrue more victim points than other people in the lefts victim hierarchy (yes, you have a hierarchy leftists. Escaping hierarchy is like escaping physics.)

          So for example a black man has victim points. A black woman has more points. A gay black woman has more points. A trans gay black woman has more points.

        • To be more precise, intersectionallity (auto correct doesn’t even recognize the word) is meaningless in much the same way as patriarchy, toxic masculinity and assault weapons. Oh and using Wikipedia as a source would get you docked a letter grade on any report in any school.

      • “Oh & intersectionallity means nothing!”


        It means precisely what they say it means. It’s real-life ‘Alice in Wonderland’ they are forcing us to live in.

        (They’re working on implementing the “Off with her head!” even as we speak…)

        • “at least you guys can be replied to.”

          I’ll reply to ya –

          You’re ugly and your momma dressed you funny. 😉

          (Yes, the comment section is fucked-up beyond all recognition, officially FUBAR… )

  10. Yep, something is preventing replies from appearing as they should. We’ve alerted our tech wizards and they’re working on the problem. Thanks for your patience.


      • “Yesterday, I had the edit and delete buttons appear after comments.”

        Don’t worry, they’ll snatch it away again with no notice… 🙂

    • Dan. Up to half or more of the comments on a given post aren’t even showing up. I have to play aaround to get to see the rest of them and then it doesn’t always work.

  11. I am wondering: with all of the new gun owners in this country, whether the Left (read Communists) has determined that ‘gun control’ is not a viable vote-getter. So, they have a plan to conflate gun-owenership with social injustice, to try and confuse the issues.

    Essentially, they are moving from ‘guns are dangerous’ to ‘guns are racist’. It does not seem like a sound strategy. I doubt that all the new Black, Hispanic, and Asian gun owners are going to get on-board with that approach.

    My take is that, from a populist perspective, the gun-control movement is losing momentum. It survives only because Bloomberg and others are paying people to be ‘anti-gun’. Now, they will pay people to scream ‘racist’ each time they say ‘guns’.

    I say, “Go for it!”

    PS: Paging Debbie W.

    • “My take is that, from a populist perspective, the gun-control movement is losing momentum.”

      One mass shooting and that all changes, especially if it can be tied to “Racism!”…

  12. Race relations, which garners a whopping 10% “top issue” status is… DA ISSUE. ROFL.

    People stl want that spoonfed bullshit apparently.

    The Left is at war with it’s own Party and essentially on the ropes with the public. A concerted big push here and we can roll them into the grave they’ve dug for themselves.

    But nah, better to fight amongst ourselves over petty bullshit. That’s the golden ticket.

    But the hilarious thing is that most people are no longer buying it. So, the real suckers are the one’s buying the story that others are buying the bullshit.

    • @strych9
      The Left is at war with America. It’s to their benefit that everyone hates this country so we can erase our history and start over (with them in charge). They’re trying to ride the racism train all the way into the White House. Slow Joe, Nancy, and Schumer have been in charge for decades, but they’re trying to make race relations worse and blame it on the guy that’s been in government less than four years! You know, the guy that kept boasting about the lowest minority unemployment rate on record? Remember, Joe and Obama had a full eight years to solve these “problems”. Where was Joe’s brilliant plan then?

    • “But the hilarious thing is that most people are no longer buying it.”

      Those with mostly-functional brains, that is, thankfully.

      “So, the real suckers are the one’s buying the story that others are buying the bullshit.”

      Do they have any grasp on the *permanent* damage that they have done to race relations? Or do they just not care? They have taken a serious accusation, ‘racism’, and turned it into something that can now be dismissed out-of-hand.

      That is going to have repercussions in ways they haven’t considered possible, in the future.

      Oh, and have seen where ‘Trader Joe’s’ just drew a line in the sand?

      “But this week, the company announced that it would not be removing the international food labels because the intentions behind them are not and never were racist. Rather, the brand variations are “an attempt to have fun with our product marketing,” the company said in a statement, which is exactly how they’ve been perceived by the vast majority of customers who shop at Trader Joe’s.

      “Recently, we have heard from many customers reaffirming that these name variations are largely viewed in exactly the way they were intended,” the company added. “We continue our ongoing evaluation, and those products that resonate with our customers and sell well will remain on our shelves.” ”


      The experience you recently had with that offended asshole listening to your private conversation leads me to believe there will be more of that coming, and I hope I’ll be able to deal with it as you did, with return withering verbal fire… 🙂

  13. Charlotte, NC is going to hit a record year for gun murders in 2020.

    2019 had over 107 murdered using guns, the VAST majority black and some Latinos, a few whites.

    Of that amount 13 were arrested for gun murder and they were previously picked up carrying a firearm, but released on their own recognizance or Bail.

    The black community only wants police to stop kipping young black men, I guess it’s okay if a black young man murders another black young man with a gun…no big protests, no riots and no broken glass, unless it was a cop shooting.

    Democratic cities are where black young men go to die. The democratic mayors and city councils only care if they get their cut from corruption and don’t give a damn about firearm murders.

    • God and one of my brothers lives in that shit hole too. Thankfully not downtown. Hopefully he’ll be moving back my way into more rural climes soon. Until then it just worries me sick.

  14. @dude:

    They can try whatever they like.

    Shit, at this point only 37% of black folks think the riots are anything other than harmful. The Left hitched it’s wagon to the wrong horse and the woketards are gonna ride the bomb right into the ground.

    The real issues are elsewhere and everyone with a brain knows it. Fuck, you can see the fear in Brian Stetler’s eyes these days.

    The pendulum is swinging back, thanks in part to CoV-2, and the people pushing it this time are not going to ask for or give quarter.

    Heck, even the Boomers are starting to realize what’s really going on. A bit late to be sure, but I’d prefer to save them from the chipper and bill fairly confident they’d prefer that too.

  15. “millennials and young adults in Generation Z are more likely to explicitly name racial justice as their top political concern”

    Racial justice? You mean like getting blacks to pay back the debt for importing them to America, fighting a war to free them, and then paying them welfare for 60 years?

    • Wrong horsebreath…If I came along and dragged your butt out of your home and shipped you to Africa and enslaved your history illiterate white butt then who owes who the shipping charges, etc?
      The war you talk about was over state rights and slavery which was a war blacks also fought just as hard as the next guy.
      Furthermore…the democRat Party has never been singled out and held liable for slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. By your own words the democRat Party has you giving the guilty party a pass.
      If you’ve got bone to pick you pick it with the democRat Party and hold that party liable otherwise you look like another racist dumbfuk talking out their butt.

      • And they never will be. Besides Deb, do you have any excuses for 90% of black Americans voting Democrat? At some point, EVERYONE needs to be held responsible for their own decisions. Including the Democrat Commie supporting scum AND their incredibly ignorant and entitled voter bases.

  16. “Gun violence is the symptom of other things, like poverty, racism, housing insecurity, domestic violence.”

    At least we’ve moved on from blaming the gun itself.

    • ha no kidding. If looting is now being branded by these groups as something that should be tolerated as a reflection of some twisted woke logic, perhaps shootings will attain the same status. While this tortured logic hurts my brain, if it gets these useful idiots to focus on other issues other than gun control, I call that a win. Every time I think the far left hits a logical brick wall, they keep reinventing their own ideological purity parameters. idiots.

  17. 20 years olds and a member of the executive board? Is that a fucking joke? At 20 now days, it’s basically and more privileged 15 year old. You haven’t experienced shit, even if you were in parkland. That’s one fucking school. Their whole existence is based off a bubble and what they want to see online. But 20 years old and a title like executive, even if it’s some joke activist group, is laughable.

  18. The line of people waiting to get into a gun store to buy weaponry says his movement is a waste of time.

  19. “Gun violence is a symptom of … domestic violence.”!?!?

    No kid, that’s called self-defense not “gun-violence”.

    Little Marxists like Mr. Piggy don’t respect people’s Right to defend themselves and it’s showing.

    Given the massive number of new gun-owners this year, and with everything else that’s happened, I can’t imagine they’ll be met with much enthusiasm.

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