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John Goudey, a field supervisor from Texas, sends us his “Disaster Relief” ensemble.  Courtesy of Everyday Carry.

Before I comment on it, I’ll let you in on what he wrote:

Hey I’m John newer to the EDC community and before you say anything yeah I Know it’s a .380 and might as well just buy a .22 but I’m constantly traveling for work and wanted to keep it light but effective at the same time

John, sir, there’s nothing terribly wrong with a .380 ACP with good hollow-points.  I believe Shooting the Bull 410 (you can google him) found that XTP loadings perform consistently with about 12″ of penetration.  That’s what the FBI likes and represents a nice number to strive for when it comes to tissue penetration.

As for the S&W M&P EZ, it’s an outstanding gun for those with hand strength issues.  The folks at Smith have engineered that slide to function with minimal effort on the part of the shooter.  Google is your friend and I’ve got a detailed review of it around here somewhere.  Bottom line:  For those with hand strength issues, the M&P EZ is, in my opinion, hands down the best all-around semi-auto for those folks.

My only criticism would be for Mr. Goudey to slip a light in his pocket and maybe a spare magazine.  After all, bad guys prefer to ply their trade in low-light or no-light conditions.  And you have to identify your target before you can light them up with your freedom-pellet dispenser.  Besides, you’ll use that light on a daily basis.

Then again, he does say he wants to keep it lightweight.

He carries a Gerber blade.  Kudos on that front!




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  1. Hoping for a quality holster. Spot on with spare mag and light. Sorry, prefer the old Oregon built Gerbers, but still not bad.

    • check out the fastball. made here, good steel, under (barely) a hondo.
      very much like a dividend without the assist.

  2. First before all the haters start, I would love to see anyone who complains about the effectiveness of an individuals defensive caliber of choosing , stand at 7 yards and let them test out it’s ineffectiveness.
    Secondly, someone explain to me the constant of carrying a spare mag? Because of a Mag failure… according to the experts you will not have time to draw and rack the slide on an empty chamber, how the hell are you going to do a reload if you have a magazine induced failure? Or is it the fantasy of 10 thugs and only 9 rounds? Just curious, if someone could enlighten me on the subject. I think to each their own. I wish that the readers would quit giving opinions as stated fact just because you heard it on YouTube from the “experts” or read it in the pages of a magazine (or is that clip) I can never remember the correct terminology. Anyway, that’s just my opinion. Oh and by the way, I carry two spare mags.

    • First, I’m no slagger of the .380, carry a BodyGuard frequently, but the old “I wouldn’t want to get shot by it” saw is kinda silly. I wouldn’t want to stand in front of Roman candle.

    • I can give you a very good reason for carrying a spare mag. The spare, my cell phone, wallet and keys on my left side just about equal the weight and bulk of my gun on my right side. I like that balanced feeling.

      Otherwise, while I’m sure a life will never depend on that spare mag, on the fantastically small chance that one does, I’ll be glad to have it.

  3. Valhalla, that’s an odd reply. First, you seem to disparage the idea of a spare mag. You ask for reasons for carrying one. Well, tell me about the last gunfight you went to where you felt like you brought too much ammo. Malfunction. Let’s clear it and put that magazine back in the mag well. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Last, you admit to carrying two spare magazines. Good for you, but doesn’t that kind of discredit your argument? Oh, and my opinion is based on nearly 25 years on the street. On and off duty. Yours?

    • Oh, I missed a point. The experts say you don’t have time to clear a malfunction. So you should surrender? Or commit suicide? Wait, you have a malfunction. You can’t commit suicide. Then surrender. No thanks. Goes against my nature. Valhalla 1776, you go ahead and get on your knees.

      • You did miss his point I think. If carrying on an empty chamber is so wrong (and many people have a very strong opinion about that) because of the time factor, then carrying a spare mag is just as wrong (as in unnecessary).

        The point wasn’t the spare mag, it was the anti-empty chamber people.

        • Today’s line of spare mag vs no spare, empty chamber vs chambered is missing the broad range variations any unique situation is bound to span. You don’t know what situation you are going to find yourself in, best to have available options.

    • Missing the whole point of my comment, on here and so many other forums, videos and articles, the experts and commentators seem to have a fixed idea of what is right or wrong. Spare mag, flashlight, caliber etc…everyone has a different situation and set of circumstances. I have had people ask me my opinion on numerous things related to the “gun” in my town and what they “should” be doing, because they feel like what they are doing doesn’t measure up to the “experts” or commentators they they are bombarded with when looking for solid information. There is no Perfect anything or one size fits all, and I wish the “experts” and commentators would have acknowledgement of that. Never went to a “gunfight”, my “experience” has taught me to avoid them, to answer your question about enough ammo.

      • The experts do get tiresome but this is a comment section so take that into consideration. That said, your head will not explode and you will not be permanently deafened after a couple rounds without earpro.

  4. Soooo….. I carry two spare magazines when it’s a full size gun on my hip or one when it’s a mousegun in my pocket.

    I also have a spare tire, jack and lugwrench with an small 12V tire inflating compressor in the vehicle. Why all that when I have AAA and can get them to tow me for free with just a phone call?

    Because I was a Boy Scout and learned to be prepared, that’s why.

    This also prevented unplanned parenthood back in my youthful days or hormonal damned foolishness.

    Yup, be prepared always in matters of importance. Guns, self defense, automotive transport and wild, wild women.

  5. I have to drop this one here –

    What would POTG think about a slasher-gore movie where Leftists hunted ‘Deplorables’ for sport?

    One line in the trailer went :

    A Man : “Hunting human beings for sport?”

    Leftist woman replies : “They’re not human beings.” (and laughs).

    Those with military experience understand all too well what it means when you de-humanize your enemy. Give them names like Homers, Gooks, etc.

    It’s a whole lot easier to kill them.

    With this movie, the Leftists are making a big step down a road with very serious consequences for this nation…

    • Leftist hunting conservatives. Aren’t they already doing that?

      I was about to write that as an allusion to Leftists banning conservative views on Twitter and Facebook, but forgot that Leftists are already actively targeting conservatives for harassment, dox, and general intimidation. Then let’s not for get the attempted assassination and wounding of Scalise and the open season for Trump rally attendees.

      Is this movie actually a work of fiction?

  6. “Google is your friend and…”

    No. Google is most definitely not your friend. Use DuckDuckGo instead. They also offer a web browser.

  7. Nice and simple though it would be nice to know what holster is used and a small flashlight is a plus like already mentioned but definitely what someone could carry of their person without a back pack. The 380 EZ Shield is a sweet pistol for those that need an easy to operate and low recoil pistol. Most of us will probably appreciate such a design someday.

  8. Works for me. I am perfectly comfortable with the 380, and good practice for skills. My edc is a 380 since I found degenerative arthritis in my thumbs.

    I do personally prefer a light also.

  9. The Shield EZ platform safety system starts with a passive grip safety that disengages the trigger linkage, and engages the firing pin lock whenever the handgun is not held with a firing grip.

    Gripping the EZ with the gunhand thumb placed on the rear of the slide prevents depressing the grip safety when reholstering.

  10. To be fair, your earlier comment was tough to decipher. I finally decided you were down on the folks who criticize how others carry and those who argue against spare mags. But it was not an easy conclusion.

    I agree with both of you, belt and suspenders. Just like the extra insurance I carry and hope not to ever need (Unfortunately I have needed both homeowners and auto insurance in the last couple years). I carry extra ammo because I *might* need it and *might* be able to reload if I do. If I were gonna give up on the idea of a reload why bother carrying at all?

  11. Gerber product suck. The blades never hold an edge and I have seen several multi-tools break. Gerbers are garbage.


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