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So ‘Jen’ goes from a suppressed .22 to a Kimber Sapphire 2.0 in 9mm?  And those masculine watches.  I’m starting to think Jen’s really a guy.

Anyway, welcome to our Thursday edition of Everyday Carry’s pocket dump of the day.

Jen sends today’s Blue.

No wallet.  No light.  No reloads.  No phone.  No holster, belt, or anything else.

Just a watch, a 1911-style 9mm and a Rolex Submariner watch.  All color coordinated in a blue tone.

Because bad guys respect fashionistas?

I’m starting to think this is more for show than carry when it comes to ‘Jen’.  Your thoughts?

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  1. It’s very likely an account meant to advertise that keybiner. It features in every post that account has.

      • Following the EDC link, “Jen” admits that he/she does not carry this gun (no holster) but has it becuse it is “pretty”. I think Jen borrows a new gun every week/month as a cool accessory to help infuence potential buyers. Some cool accessory suggestions: bottle of Johnnie Walker, M67 grenade, NVG’s, black hornet mini drone, Cuban cigar…

  2. Makes for a pretty Instagram picture.
    Take a picture of my carry items and you’ll see dings, dents and scratches. Maybe even some lint. 😂

  3. Well, it’s a 9mm 1911. Negative, even if it is a compact. Rolex Submariner. Looks like a two tone bezel. Maybe even a red letter. Looking at the dial it looks like the phosphorus hour indicators have yellowed. May be vintage. Everything else doesn’t suck because it isn’t there. Please, no more posts from this person.

    • remember when good bacon had that ink stamp on it? after an entire pound of microwaved same i was privy to reports of extreme urgency and an undeniable blue tint at the old blind duck.
      i can’t verify, but really, what would schnozz gain by fabricating this tale of hysterical woe? he sure got up quickly…
      pretty sure post social media would have made for eye bleach necessity.

  4. Lots of people post different stuff on EDC for fun and to show it off.

    My sons get 3 or 4 instagrams an hour (seems like) with someone posting a picture of some new toy they have.

    There are trying to get followers so they can “influencers”.

    Kind of like youtube without video.

    Nothing to get upset about.

    Not enough in this dump to have any fun with.

    So let’s get some more brand new mall ninja stuff on here so we can throw down on it.

    • I’ve been half tempted in the past to put together a bunch of different EDC packages under different names just to see what the reactions are. From “mild to wild” I’m sure every single one, no matter how ridiculous or how “normal” would get flamed.

      Which, actually is kinda fun to watch happen provided it’s not done in a mean way against someone’s actual EDC.

      • yeah, i can envision endless headscratching portfolios for misinterpretation (not actually possible) fun. but then i get thirsty.
        let’s see, an omega meister deville pocket watch, an underwater kinetics 2x aaa torch ( we have buckets of them at work), zebra xpands pen (discontinued, try to find a box of ten if you can), 4″ adjustable open end wrench, tt pockettools skull (go there, buy something), bk98 s35vn, feg pa63 in a ppk freedom carry (fits like a glove) and a 64oz yeti growler (marshall’s has them for $30) filled with sketchbook dark rye snowy owl.
        i never actually carry a watch. or a water bottle. dumb ass.

  5. Does anybody have any experience with the Kimber small frame 1911s? Do they have the same spotty track record of their full sized brethren?

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