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Jen Mioduszewski sends her “Going Plinking” submission to Everyday Carry.

She carries a more manly ensemble than the great majority of men in America today.  Especially the boys who drink soy milk.  After all, soy is estrogen.  At least according to my doc.  Hence why I don’t drink those soy shakes after working out as they kill the swimmers.

Enough about soy.  At first I thought it was the faux suppressor that comes with those ATI .22 pistols, but she writes that it’s an Advanced Armament Corp can.  Nice.

Then there’s the Medford Marauder folder.   I love the sight of a woman carrying a folder clipped to her pocket.  Anyone else appreciate a woman with a nice blade.  And a gun tucked away concealed?





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    • If you look close there is a key in it.

      What’s not to like, a woman who takes things serious.

  1. It’s a .22. Better than a big rock, I guess. Well, more range anyway. If she can carry it concealed with suppressor in place I’d be very interested to know how. Especially the leather. If her bad guys will stand still while she screws it on I’d like to meet them. I’ve never found them so compliant. I smell bullshit.

    • I’m pretty sure she’s just taking it to the range and TTAG is really just digging for shit to post at this point.

      • This is an artsy photo attempt at showing a suppressed pistol with the owner’s goal to get “likes” on that EDC website. Let’s see more realistic gun EDCs with the light and holster included. I want to see what folks actually carry and maybe learn a thing or two.

        • I think it’s an attempt to draw attention to the keybiner in the picture. She has it in every one of her pictures and her occupation is listed as “keybiner”.

        • Card holder, G19, alien gear holster, phone, keys, M16-1KZ folder, and if I’m slaying paper, a tested pen.

          Not all is carried all the time. Don’t need card holder / wallet when laboring, pen, knife is optional depending on what I’m doing for the day.

      • Armedliberal, (isn’t that an oxymoron?) you may be right, but the title is Everything Pocket Dump of the Day. I tend to take things litteraly. It’s gotten me in trouble here before, but, unless otherwise indicated, sarcasm, innuendo, etc. is hard to read in a post. After all, how do you pick up tone and inflection?

        • Yeah.
          I’m with you.
          My edc, was my edc. Nothing fake about it. It’s still my same edc.
          Well, now that I’m retired. It was a bit more when I was FOB.

      • How about I shoot you with my SiG branded pistol? Then you can tell me if a sharp stick is better. /Sarc

        • You do realize that sarcasm tags don’t shield anyone from the consequences of veiled or terroristic threats on a gun forum right? The FBI loves them.

  2. That write-up is the cringiest-goddam-thing I’ve read all day, and whoever wrote should feel bad about it.

    • ‘Cause screw people who are pro-gun that drink soy amirite? Also guess I ain’t too manly with my non-manly, soydrinking Glock 19.

    • Just ask Boch how his Presidential 2nd Amendment Committee, or whatever the hell its called, is faring.

      He’s all bluster, no sail.

  3. None of that looks to have ever been daily carried. No scratches, all brand new and shiny… But hey, atleast she could take a cute picture to get internet upvotes.

  4. I got the same crappy GSG 22. Anyone want to buy it before universal background checks are mandated?

  5. It’s not her EDC. It’s for plinking.

    I have the SiG branded version which after 25k+ rounds has been relegated to dry fire and safety training. I can still run a couple of magazines through it before I have to push the roll pin back in.

  6. Nothing wrong with taking your .22 out to put holes in paper, soda cans, empty shotshells, clays spread about the bushes and hung on cardboard or trees, any old plinkable target!

    And some folks just enjoy shooting suppressed even in a .22LR. Because it’s FUN!

    However, the post is also advertising for that KeyBiner gadget. If you follow the link, you will see.

  7. That folder sells for $600-$700 on Amazon ! I’m a knife guy. I love knives and have a lot. I’m not an expert but I know a little simply because I’ve been around them for a while. In my world, in order to spend that kind of money on a knife I would have to be extremely impressed by the knife and, well, while it may be a very fine knife, I think something comparable could be purchased for $500-$600 less. Oh well, it’s her money, so my thoughts on the matter really dont mean much. I hope she enjoys it.

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