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The Mainstream Media™ are increasingly selective about the stories they cover. In Chicago this past weekend, a lunatic went on a murder spree killing five and wounding several more. However, given that it didn’t fit the predominant narrative, the media have covered the story with a pillow. Until it stopped moving.

The suspect, Jason Nightengale, was a career criminal who by law shouldn’t have touched a firearm.  However, Illinois’ extensive gun control laws did nothing except help ensure that his victims were likely unarmed and helpless facing down an armed bad guy who didn’t give a damn about the law.

Thanks to unarmed victims, the 32-year-old with a history of violence, terrorized random victims across the city of Chicago and into Evanston over several hours Saturday. In the end, he killed five (news reports vary) and wounded several others. Finally, officers in Evanston truncated Nightengale’s murder spree with some well-placed shots of their own.

The New York Post has the details.

A Chicago man who killed three people as he randomly shot eight strangers had posted a series of disturbing videos — in which he vowed to “blow up the whole community.”

Jason Nightengale, 32, appeared to randomly pick out targets Saturday as he shot dead a Chinese exchange student, a female security guard and a 20-year-old customer in a store he robbed, police said at a news briefing.

He also left at least five others critically injured, including elderly women aged 81 and 77 as well as a 15-year-old girl who was shot in the head while with her mother, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said.

His bloodbath lasted almost four hours and stretched over more than 10 miles before he was shot dead in a gun battle with cops after taking a woman hostage at an IHOP in Evanston, police said. reported that two more of the wounded died, bringing the death toll to five, not counting the killer.

He liked to post videos on social media boasting of his murderous intent.

NSFW (language) . . .

Meanwhile the Illinois chapter of Moms Demand Action are blaming racism and the Covid pandemic for the shooting.

Lack of access to opportunity is a key driver of gun violence, and the pandemic has brought an economic crisis. The economic fallout has also disproportionately affected communities where decades of policy decisions have created conditions that contribute to gun violence. “To put it bluntly,” Michael-Sean Spence, Everytown’s community safety initiatives director, wrote in Newsweek, “underinvestment in Black and Latino neighborhoods has created the environments in which public health epidemics thrive.”

Dozens of satellite trucks would have descended on Chicago to offer non-stop, round-the-clock coverage if the shooter had been a white Trump supporter who meandered through Chicago killing people of color indiscriminately because of deep-seated hatred. Why so little coverage of Nightengale’s murder spree (that was a rhetorical question)?

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  1. They had to cause to gun him down in cold blood like that, they should have put a pillow under him before pinning him the ground.
    Black Lives Matter…

  2. Meh. Not white enough to matter.

    Add arfcom to the blacklist btw. Godaddy killed them.

    Whatchagun do, TTAG? When the Zuck crew comes gunning for you.

    • Never let a crisis go to waste. Even though the crisis had nothing to do with black rifles, black rifle sites will suddenly disappear without a trace. Because people who own black rifles are insurrectionist wannabes I assume.

        • You never hear of complaints about white rifles.

          That’s TRUE…. Heading to the local parts store in the morning for a case of plastic prep AND a case of WHITE VHT spray paint…..

    • Dummy,

      If this had been a white guy it would be national news.

      Someone tweeted and that’s coverage?

      Get real.

      • Did you even read the article you fucking ding dong? John Boch, the author of the article here on TTAG complains that there’s no mainstream media coverage of this and a few paragraphs later he links to an online article from a mainstream newspaper.

  3. “the media have covered the story with a pillow. Until it stopped moving.”

    That is eloquent. I’m stealing that.

    “ Lack of access to opportunity is a key driver of gun violence,”

    Opportunity for what? Burglaries? Car theft?
    Other “non-person” crimes?

  4. Just more proof of the insidious nature of the current government and the ruling class…. more proof that they DO NOT have the people’s best interest in mind… to say the least….

  5. Asians were brought here during the construction of the railroads to lay explosives. They weren’t slaves but I doubt they were paid very well or had a good healthcare program. They didn’t speak a lick of English. During WW2, we rounded them up and put them in big pens. They couldn’t vote till the 50’s..Any of this sound familiar??? Now they have one of the lowest poverty and divorce rates in the country because they believe in two things, family and education and work hard each day to become smarter and more valuable. They even build their own schools. While the African American community continues to breed kids to unmarried families not remotely prepared to raise one kid let alone 2 or 3 or 4, where those kids grow up around other like-minded kids who only seem concerned with rap music, NBA2K and playing basketball. If they make it past high school, there is no real shot for them to go to college and they don’t seem interested in any trades….When the African American community wants to address their horrific out of wedlock birth rate and their horrific crime rates and the things they value, i’ll start to listen to their plight!!!

    • Asians were brought here during the construction of the railroads to lay explosives. They weren’t slaves but I doubt they were paid very well or had a good healthcare program. They didn’t speak a lick of English. During WW2, we rounded them up and put them in big pens.

      Actually it was the CHINESE brought to work on the RRds.. THEY didn’t need healthcare with explosives being what THEY were and the life expectancy thing… Japanese and Germans were the only ones rounded up in WWII, right, wrong or otherwise the Japanese Homeland decided to decimate our Pacific Fleet without provocation and Hitler was hellbent on WORLD “DOMINATION”… How do you think those Japanese living in America would have been treated by a vengeful Japanese Army had THEY been successful…

        • I’m pretty sure Chinese are Asian.

          Thank you for the correction however, there are 50 major countries and hundreds of ethnicities in ASIA, and when referencing the “atrocities” visited upon the “ASIANS” in America only two very distinct and very different peoples were involved… Not ALL Asians were involved in the building of the RRds THAT was primarily the Chinese, conversely only Japanese and no other ASIANS were rounded up and held in camps in the U.S. during WWII.. The original statement, although broadly correct, was misleading in that it led to the conclusion that ALL Asians were involved in BOTH incidents which is incorrect… Hope that helps YOU

  6. They shut down Trumps Twitter account because they did not like what was said. They de-platformed Parler because free speech is not for everyone. They removed any posts suggesting voter fraud because you cant have the serfs rabblerousing. However, you can STILL view the rantings of the mass murderer on YouTube. Can they be any more obvious about the hypocrisy?

  7. Colonel Jeff Cooper founder of Gun Site, stated the best way to solve inner-city violence was to make sure, that all the law-abiding residents had guns. This way they could take care of their own problems.

    And that is not something white Liberals are interested in doing. Having blacks with gun’s solving their own problems.

    Because I’m sure law-abiding blacks would have shot this guy dead. Before he got a chance, to go to the white sections of the city.

    • Watch the first 48, its all about people solving their problems with guns. The shooting are all retaliation for some earlier shooting. That’s why combat medics go to Chicago for real world training.

  8. This story was covered by ABC New Chicago. It was also covered by NBC Chicago, CBS Chicago, Fox32 Chicago, The Chicago Sun Times, The Chicago Tribune. It was then picked up by Fox10 in Phoenix, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed and the international press (The Daily Times, UK for one). While I’m sure there are many others, I stopped wasting my time. Your story is clearly self serving an inaccurate.

  9. Geez Boch once again you get it wrong.. .extensive coverage on Chicago news media.Every day. Just saw converge. Lack of coverage nationwide because it’s CHIRAQ. Murders & mass shooting’s constantly. And who said the blinged out 20 year old black fellow wasn’t armed as he bought a lottery ticket in Evanston?(been there many times-it’s gone to he!!)Stick to Peoria or Champaign…

  10. SAY. HIS. NAME. Make a law that has gun use in a felony the first charge, one that can never be plea bargained away. I would be happy if anyone(convicted in court) who robs or rapes to be put away for a double sentence and call it use of a firearm during a second felony act. Plea bargain of this type would be enough that he would be known as a violent person and used a gun also.
    His name should be the name of the law, putting everyone on notice that it will be more than a slap on the wrist.

  11. Oh wow the whole community.
    Once I get my PerpetualNuetrinoFusionBlackholeBlom cobbled together I’m taking out the whole Universe.

  12. No, not news if it doesnt involve Trump or his supporters! Cant be makin those dem mayors lookin like sick fools they are.

  13. Rampant gun murder is due to the easy availability of guns. They are available everywhere. Armed people can’t defend themselves from being shot at random. We need to get rid of all the guns.

  14. Funny that MDA and Everytown say it’s economic disadvantage that’s a key driver of violence, but they do nothing about it. The “policy decisions” of “underinvestment” are Democrat policies — William Thompson was the last Republican mayor 90 years ago. Yet, they universally support Democrat candidates.

  15. This is so sad. I hope we create federal laws to ban guns so criminals can’t easily just go to another state or buy illegally transported guns in their state.

  16. i walk past that intersection twice a day. that ihop used to send me a free birthday dinner postcard every year as a kid. later, we’d bring old style for the cooks at 3am in exchange for backdoor patty melts. the cvs was a standard station, cock robin (then chuck’s, then mike’s) and an arby’s. woolworth’s, pickle barrel, jewel, walgreens; one of the first “shopping centers” in the country kitty corner. now there’s a methadone clinic and wheelchair tommy is a constant traffic menace. not really the “white part of town,” rogers park is ethnically diverse and got a huge dollop of section8.
    certainly is interesting ’round these parts.

  17. When the truth and truth of thought is being banned u won’t what they dont want u to see…That is 1 of the planks of communism…

  18. I no longer care about Chicago murder sprees…..the insane idiots keep voting for the democrat crooks, now they are paying for it, and I have NO pity whatsoever for them.

    As a kid, living on the South side of Chicago, I used to take the subway downtown by myself. My mom said to be back for supper…..those were the happy days 🙂

  19. Chicago and the Il State House don’t seem to be getting the message that taking firearms away from law abiding citizens creates an unchecked criminal class. Since, the “mostly” peaceful demonstration is Washington D.C. got the law makers feeling a little how we feel, maybe the Chicago mayor should experience a peaceful demonstration in her mayoral building as well. This crap of it is good for thee but not me needs to stop yesterday.

    Better yet, since trump is responsible for the deaths that took place during that march and needs to be prosecuted, then the logic follows Chicago’s mayor needs to be prosecuted for her statements and disarming of the Chicago populace and the thousands of deaths that followed.

    Any thoughts or is that just dumb thinking no my part?


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