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The assault by power-drunk tech giants on topics, viewpoints and subject matters that don’t conform with the current approved, bien pensant orthdoxy continues. ARFCOM has just posted this tweet announcing that GoDaddy has booted them from their service. Because they can.

The site appears to be up for now. We’ve spoken to Brownells which owns for comment, but they’re still dealing with the situation and don’t have an official comment yet.

Do tech companies think that ghetto-izing viewpoints and thought on the internet will somehow bring about the unity and brotherly love that the desiccated husk of Joe Biden keeps proclaiming is his one goal? Do they think that the heightened levels of animosity and distrust will be lessened by more moves to silence individuals and companies with opposing points of view? Do they even care?


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  1. Why would anyone use GoDaddy this whole time? They’re notorious for deplatforming and one of the oldest abusers.

    • As someone who was terminated years ago from for providing a link to help some hapless guy tighten his AR receivers all because the clueless resident “‘loose is good” morons there could not. So for all of those involved with my “lynching” what goes around comes around.

      • You’re not alone.

        One thing I am absolutely sure of is nothing can stop what is coming, and when we get on the other side, it will be patently clear how wrong some assumptions have been.

        Just don’t expect any apologies. I’m not.

        Big Tech’s push to eliminate conservative communications is really about keeping us from discovering just exactly what they have really been up to – a large portion of the national budget purloined as foreign aid comes right back into their pockets, the border being closed has cut into their drug imports and sex trade. Its no joke that in the last four years we have arrested and prosecuted more traffickers than the last two presidents – more than the previous 16 years.

        Goes to the real reason to shut down Arfcom – the Saudi Purge threads, which albeit a typically frat house discussion, documented much of what they were up to and how. Over 8 million views and thousands of pages, senior moderators were apparently pressured until it was shut down.

        And it did no good, did it? They will demand you kneel and still shoot your dog, too. They are in a massive panic – attempting to derail Trump even tho there’s only 9 days left of his first term, attempting to impeach him to prevent him running again with absolutely no constitutional chance of succeeding. It takes a majority vote in the House AND Senate and per their own scheduling they can’t succeed until after Trump departs – and you can’t impeach a citizen, then.

        It’s about what is to be revealed, very soon, and what individuals who are required to perform their duties because the courts, state legislatures, and now Congress have failed to follow the law. Performance of Duty is not only required but will be demanded.

        I’m looking forward to watching it, got plenty of popcorn and despite the vain attempts to throttle information we will see it all happen.

        • One of the very first targets in modern warfare is the enemies communication system.
          It appears they are attempting this without really putting a lot of thought into it.
          In the end, this will not work out like they hope it will. The pendulum always swings.

        • Wow…did you listen to what you just said. You sound like a crazy person. Why is it that all of you people have the same thought process?

    • I have been using GoDaddy for many years and they have been very good to me. GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons killed an elephant in Africa several years ago. So I am sure Bob Parsons Loves Guns!!!! I called GoDaddy about them taking down the AR-15 site. He told me to google it and there is an explanation why. I am sure there is a logical reason behind this.

      • GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons killed an elephant in Africa

        WHY? Was it attacking him? his family? Did he fill his freezer with elephant meat? Did he do it to feed the locals? OR did he just kill an elephant to KILL an elephant? I’m not impressed… Parsons sold out left the company’s board in 2018…. Hmmmmmm..

      • He is no longer CEO of GoDaddy and stepped away completely in 2018. The company has obviously gone in a liberal direction since.

      • Cold gasoline isn’t terribly flammable, so in sub-zero weather you could, say, put out a grass fire with it if you were desperate.

        But, to continue the metaphor, this is pouring gasoline on a water tank that is about to BLEVE because of the wood fire someone has been stoking under it. It won’t make a big difference in the power of the explosion, but it sure will get it there faster.

      • Cold gasoline isn’t terribly flammable, so in sub-zero weather you could, say, put out a grass fire with it if you were desperate.

        But, to continue the metaphor, this is pouring gasoline on a water tank that is about to BLEVE because of the fire someone has already been stoking under it. It won’t make a big difference in the power of the explosion, but it sure will get it there faster.

  2. The purge is on.
    Putting the Streisand Effect to its greatest test yet.

    Do us a solid and make sure you can wipe TTAG before they confiscate it.

    I can hear the folks over at TFB now: b.b..b…but guns NOT politics!

    Guns, all of your rights, are politics. They shouldn’t be but they are. Politics in a nutshell is one group figuring out how to take the rights of another group that’s trying to hold onto them.

    • Dude the swamp already has copies of every post you made here. And do you think Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail won’t thrilled to hand over every email you ever sent or received? Do you believe they don’t have copies of every email Hillary sent?

      Privacy is dead and the swamp regularly violates your 4th Amendment rights. Just like your 1st and 2nd Amendment rights they are planning to destroy next.

  3. It will keep happening, the know the government will not come after them and once the leftist stack the courts they will total free to do what they want. Domain providers should be in the same category as a utility… can imagine the electric company cutting off your electricity because of your ideology or who you have visit your home…. actually I am starting to think that is possible.

    • the electric company cutting off your electricity because of your ideology or who you have visit your home…. actually I am starting to think that is possible.

      Paid much attention to areas affected by “rolling blackouts” in Kommiefornia?…

        • I can’t imagine Hollywood getting affected by too many power cuts.

          That’s the point, they didn’t… Nor did Silicon Valley….

      • They didn’t spend years building the apparatus of totalitarianism just to not use it. They will ABSOLUTELY do this, and more, to silence opposition. Count on it, bet on it, take it to the bank.

      • Silicon Valley didn’t get affected because they are not in PG&E.

        Sacramento was not affected because they are not on PG&E.

        Hollywood was not affected because they are not (all) on PG&E either.

        Facts. Use them.

    • Texsun57,

      can imagine the electric company cutting off your electricity because of your ideology or who you have visit your home…. actually I am starting to think that is possible.

      About a year ago I began predicting exactly that will happen. The only uncertainty in my mind is when it will happen.

      To be clear, I am predicting that “the-powers-that-be” will resort to shutting off your access to phone (including cell phone and text messaging), Internet (including e-mail), electricity, heating (natural gas, propane, fuel oil, or coal), banking, retirement accounts, and employment — all of that if you have the “wrong” ideology.

      • Go ahead.

        Taking away everything a man has to loose is not usually a winning strategy.

        • I hear some variant of this argument constantly. And there may be something to it. But I find little comfort in it. Seems like the old joke about someone being told to stand in a circle while their car is being trashed, laughing hysterically because they stepped outside the circle several times while the attacker was trashing their car.

        • It worked in the USSR for quite a few years. Most of the men were alcoholics. I can see that happening again. It was a prison without walls, (except for the country border).
          Can’t travel, can’t gather with friends, can’t speak freely. Kinda like today, eh?

  4. I thought GoDaddy was Parson’s brainchild, along with PXG. I didn’t know that Parson was an anti….I know he’s ex Marine…whoo da thunk….

    • Bob Parsons sold out years ago. GoDaddy was decent back then. The new owners are scum of the earth.

  5. Do tech companies think that ghetto-izing viewpoints and thought on the internet will somehow bring about the unity and brotherly love that the desiccated husk of Joe Biden keeps proclaiming is his one goal

    Do they REALLY believe that shutting down these sites and banishing our voices will somehow MAGICALLY give them DOMINION over all of us… I owned guns LONG before Zuckerberg and his Kommie buddies were even born and I’ll still have them when they re gone…

    • The “othering” we’re seeing here isn’t about unity. It’s about making what’s coming more palatable. Much easier to do the things they feel need doing when you’re no longer really human. You’re just a “jap” “gook” or “kraut” or “deplorable”.

      Expect memes to pop up depicting deplorables in strange, distorted, monstrous styled caricatures if they aren’t already.

      • Shire-man,

        Sadly, I believe that you are spot-on.

        The Far Left deeply despises “others” and are working themselves up to the point of dehumanizing “others”. History tells us plainly where that always leads.

      • There is a whole vocabulary of derogatory language and imagery the elite use to demean us toothless, sister-banging, slack-jawed, uneducated, racist, homophobic, redneck, hillbilly crackers, if you get my meaning.

        • You mean like despicable, deplorable, gun clingin’, god fearin’, smelly Walmart shoppers? I just “deplatformed” Amazon Prime and ALL other Amazon association including their credit card…

        • “sister-banging”

          I miss the good ole days of being accused of banging my cousin. Things are really escalating now…

        • The new one is “domestic terrorist”. You will hear that on ALL the MSM broadcasts now. Anyone that they don’t like is now a domestic terrorist. Unless you’re antifa.

    • the solution is simple:

      stop utilizing their websites

      they will be the ones that suffer in the end when all they have are a bunch of broke millennials and advertisers that are spending money and getting nothing in return – lets see how long that lasts then

  6. prolly time to get TTAG ready for a deplatforming, there is way too many free thinkers here and not enough slaves

  7. I think the Far Left figures that they cannot lose with deplatforming everyone who has the “wrong” idealogy:

    — at best they will coerce us into compliance

    — at worst they are punishing us for non-compliance

    Either way, the Far Left sees it as a win.

      • And whose ideology are they enforcing? From whom are they expecting to receive special considerations and favors? Sure as hell isn’t Socialist or Marxist propaganda they’re deplatforming. There are numerous sci-fi series that talk about a bastardized hybrid in the coming dystopia of Government and corporation – they were right.

        Peddle your delusions as long as you want, no one is buying.

        • ^This. What we have, and what many people are pushing to increase, is much closer to the fascist flavor of collectivist authoritarianism than the communist flavor.

      • The big corps are not free of regulation, they are inundated with it, swim in it. They use regulation (have their lawyers write it and buy lawmakers to push it through) to give them an artificial advantage over competition. This is something Bernie people don’t seem to understand. In fairness, many populists on the other side don’t seem to get it either.

        And most people don’t seem to get that corporations don’t pay taxes in any meaningful sense. Their customers pay those taxes. Massive hikes on taxes of corporations are nothing more than indirect tax increases on consumers.

        More generally, much of what people blame on “capitalism” is not the fault of genuine free markets, it’s the fault of people abusing regulation for their advantage, i.e., “crony capitalism.” So many people seem to think that will get fixed by giving the big corp-big gov alliance even more power. Or are naive enough to think “their” people will not abuse that power, even though that proposition flies in the face of everything we know about human (and more generally, animal) behavior.

  8. Yep the Purge is a REAL thing…going shooting tomorrow. A couple’s outing. Yippe kaiyay…

  9. Well the Libertarians totally support private multi billion dollar companies doing this. Or can you tell me why, you think it’s a bad idea, to make private communication companies a public utility? Like AT&T was. Who served everyone as long as they paid their bill.

    One of the rationales given by these private communication companies is, they take down an american gun business and comment sections, because other nations don’t like the comments being made. Or they don’t want their own people listening to what Americans have to say.

    And those same communication companies want to be able to do business in these totalitarian countries.

    So we give up our first amendment civil rights for the billionaires to make money in another country that doesn’t have civil rights correct?

    • I’ll point you to the Republican cucks who backed out of objecting to state electors at the first vague excuse. You talk a lot of shit about libertarians, but they don’t have any power. It was your team that sold out to the commies.

      • Those weak republicans will do whatever their donors tell them to do. They don’t work for us. They were pretending to all along.

        • They were blackmailed. They all have dirt in their past. They will do what they’re told. (e.g. John Roberts.)

  10. They are going to continue on this path & there is nothing we can do about it…..The new Norm as they like to say.
    Now I’m checking sm business before I buy & say “Hey Trump supporters? if they say no I leave. I do the same with anybody expecting tips if they say NO I say No tip!

  11. TTAG, get ready. Because I’m willing to bet you’re next. I hope not but it’s probably going to happen. All things even remotely considered conservative are being banned from everything. Order 66 is in full effect.

    • Best be working on Plan B, C, D for every vendor you have, with at least 1 overseas option. Much easier to be prepared than work your way through it as Parler, etc. are finding out.

      Bet YT starts banning Firearm related channels in 3, 2, 1…

    • Not true. Sniper’s Hide is up and running. SSC’s site is invite only and their Twitter account is still active.

      Continually posting garbage like this will get your comments moderated before posting.

      • Pardon, I didn’t know about the maintenance of the hide and SCC being private indeed means they’re unavailable for viewing and I would personally deem that “offline.” Snipershide is back up and SCC is still down.

        I’ve dumped Twitter and am in the process of dumping gmail as well. I’m also looking into alternatives to Android/IOS. I’d appreciate not having to find alternatives to this site as well.


        • Try protonmail for secure, neutral email. Unfortunately I don’t think we’re anywhere near close to a cell phone option aside from Android or iOS.

        • Andrew, there’s an android option. A de-gewgled OS which takes it’s name from that of a carbon allotrope. Only available for Pixel 2 – 3 devices, which can be had on the cheap, although you need to ensure that it is carrier & ROM unlocked. Specifically non-Verizon.

          The dev hates G00gle’s privacy invasive tendency’s. It’s also at least as sec focused in most ways, better than in others, than IoS. Read up once you find it, it is important to not be the weak link in your opsec.

        • WilliamWallace_III
          If you can install Lineage OS on a phone you probably can install GrapheneOS too.
          I have it running on a older Moto X4 Android one model with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage.
          The original 3GB ram model might work if you put it on a serious diet.
          It had Lineage OS since it no longer was being updated and when I noticed the new OS decided to try it.
          Its not bad but be prepared to do a lot of under the hood stuff.

        • Thanks for the replies. I have my own VPS anyways so I installed iRedMail on it since getting everything tied together is a headache. (As I once saw put in a YT comment Satan entertains himself watching a sysadmin configure Dovecot and Postfix.)

          I am thinking about a test run on /e/ (also formerly known as eeio I believe) or the release of Gab’s Mobile OS which will likely be some spin on another open mobile ROM.

          The flip phone is a tempting option honestly. Really tempting. If I wasn’t a corp shill I’d do it probably and wind up with a Garmin for nav and an MP3 Player for entertainment. Half way there anyways with the MP3 Player.

          The catch with non-verizon is that T-Mobile here is terrible and US Cellular decided to leave a long time ago. Not a lot of alternatives in the space that actually work.

  12. I remember America before the internet and mobile phones. It was a better place.

    Make zines, make fliers, make graffiti, make space, meet in person, carry arms, cover your face.

    • the first step…[which has already occurred]…is getting you dependent on technology…which they can then yank away whenever they want…leaving you helpless…

  13. Can you imagine how many people would have to get work done if they weren’t constantly updating their face book or twit accounts?

  14. Just wait till Brownell’s & MidwayUSA can’t process credit & debit cards 💳. It’s coming.

    • Absolutely. It’s also coming for people and businesses that engage in wrong think. Few businesses will risk it by donating to or helping in any way the designated wrong political party. If you thought donation totals were already lopsided, you ain’t seen nuthin’.

      • Few businesses will risk it by donating to or helping in any way the designated wrong political party.

        That will WORK… Just like all those local business owners were spared from destruction by posting “WE SUPPORT BLM” and “Black owned” ALL over their store fronts… Ask them how it all worked out…..

  15. Anybody ever read Revelation? The Beast Economy approacheth. I always assumed it would be for two-factor auth on digital, looks like it’ll be just because you have an opinion.

  16. These people either honestly believe Trump pushed them into killing people or they are being coerced. Everyone seems to be forgetting about the reasons why they were there in the first place. It wasn’t because ‘Trump held a rally’. That rally happened because of the dishonesty of the left. They would be outraged themselves if it were reversed. After seeing all this craziness, it isn’t much of a stretch to believe that.

    No sane person wants anyone to die over this. All of this is happening for the left not letting up on their push for power. It isn’t Trump acting against the Constitution. It is the Washington left. They will create and bring about the very oppression they claim to be so staunchly against. We are seeing that right now. They cannot stop pushing.

    • That rally happened because of the dishonesty of the left. They would be outraged themselves if it were reversed.

      You act like THEY really need a reason to be outraged, have you forgotten the phony “RUSSIA,RUSSIA,RUSSIA” investigation? The bullshit “PHONE CALL” Impeachment? REASON? REASON? They don’t need no stinking reason… They just make shit up as they go along…

    • Off site back-ups as well.

      Interesting thought occurred to me about this situation.

      What’s to stop hosting companies from dropping local State/Local government sites. Many have stopped on premise and moved to the cloud due to hardware costs. Some have out-sourced completely.

      I know of one gov entity whose email was blacklisted for about two weeks over spam reports, so I don’t see why big tech could not say “we’re done with you”

      Especially a Red State/County/Local entity.

      • Anyone using the “cloud” for backups or anything else is a looneytune.

        Multiple rotating backup hard drives, in secure faraday storage…..been doing it for years, all encrypted of course. Started way back when audio reels were the backups.

  17. So it begins, so it continues…
    Wall Street is slamming the lid shut on the coffers of its corporate political action committees and threatening pro-Trump politicians on Capitol Hill with blacklisting.

    Online payment processing service Stripe has reportedly cut all ties with President Trump’s campaign and shut down the campaign’s payment processing services

    Social media platform Parler is now offline after Amazon Web Services suspended the site, claiming it lacks content moderation. CyberNews reports that self-described security researchers performed a massive data scrape of the social media network Parler before it was taken offline by Amazon Web Services. The data scrape captured user profile data, user information, and other private and administrative information. Recent reports claim that 70 terabytes of user data from social media network Parler have been leaked online.

    CNBC reports that Twitter stock dropped by as much as 12.3 percent on Monday morning, reaching a low as $45.17 per share. The stock dip comes shortly after the company’s permanent suspension of President Trump last week. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that police are bracing themselves for a possible protest at Twitter HQ following the suspension of President Trump’s Twitter account last week. A San Francisco Police Department spokesman stated that the department is aware of a possible demonstration on the 1300 block of Market Street.

  18. The HITS keep on coming ….

    AT&T Halts Contributions to GOP Congressmen Who Opposed Electoral Vote


  20. The complexity of this phenomenon leads to the simplest purpose… To ensure that NO outsider EVER trespasses on their hallowed ground ever again ESPECIALLY if your name is TRUMP…..

  21. THIS is CHINA level shit….
    Mozilla, the foundation and developer of the popular free web browser Firefox, published a blog post on Friday arguing that silencing and de-platforming President Donald Trump is not enough and that the entire internet needs to be re-tooled to stifle political dissent.

  22. @MADDMAXX, your fears are sound, Mozilla was right!

    But at least getting rid of that dangerous old cunt was a start.

    God bless you simple Americans and your constitution. Not a single thought behind those eyes.

  23. Godaddy will sell you the domain name for $2000 a year. is only $11.99. I think should be proud to no longer have any connections with the scumbags.

  24. That’s the free market for you. You’re all state’s-rights, small-government-libertarians until it comes around to bite you in the ass. Please save your whining and “create your own platforms” or whatever advice you give to others.

  25. The one thing that seems so obvious to me is that with all deplatforming news and the news on how congress racing to impeach, the one core topic is that is getting no attention at all is the perpetrated election fraud. The left seems to have accomplished the radioactivety of discussion of election fraud in the public forum. Big business seems to be fawning and slobbering over dems in an effort to redeem themselves from inpending affirmative action against them. They will have higher taxes and renewed regulation, it’s coming. We can anticipate major losses in the job market. Sooner or later we will need to regain focus, and call out why this all started, and not loose track of the bullseye….

  26. GoDaddy is pretty bad registrator what is well known in devs community. AR15 is a mediocre site considering technical implementation and moderation policies. In other words, it was dumb to use GoDaddy from the beginning irrespectively of the fact its not 2nd A friendly. AR15 gets what was coming.

  27. Is there a way to stop/get around a company like G0Daddy from shutting your site down on a whim, just because they don’t like you, whatever?

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