The Biden Administration, Focusing on All the Really Important Issues

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  1. One Bazillion Points for using ” Biden Administration” and ” Focusing ” in one sentence… Congratulations to you all !!!

    • Exposing school kids to the responsible use of potential weapons is bad.

      Exposing them to promiscuous freak sex is good.

      Kinda sounds like what a predatory groomer would like.

      • Whichever FFL sold it to you does and those records have already been compromised by the DOJ. Don’t kid yourself.

  2. Schools can re-apply for funding if they rebrand the clubs as trans-archery and make sure the feathers on the arrows are in rainbow colors and all the archers dress for orientation dysphoria.

    • Been looking at some .40 cal 3000 PSI airguns. Legal to hunt deer with in quite a few states now..

  3. I imagine red states will just work around this by substituting federal funds for state funds somewhere and using state funds for hunter’s safety. In West Virginia, for example, before hunter’s safety courses there were always a couple of fatalities during deer season and a couple of guys would fall out of tree stands. All of these made statewide news. One of these who fell out of a tree stand was a guy I know who was a very experienced hunter. He was also an experienced surveyor and so a detail guy. Now, long past the advent of mandatory hunter’s safety courses often offered in schools the statewide press carries record buck stories with years and years between fatalities and serious accidents. This is not lost on legislators. Thanksgiving week is a planned holiday for deer season with Thanksgiving day in the middle. With an increasingly red legislature I don’t expect much to change.

    Note: Joe Manchin is not talking of running on a third party Presidential ticket because he is tired of being a Senator. He is a skilled politician seeking a graceful, face saving exit!

  4. President Eisenhower was absolutely correct in his final address to the nation. The federal government spending money on education with its strings attached.
    Is corruptible and the most dangerous thing existing currently to the future of the United States.

    Unfortunately, there are too many idiots. Worried about Raytheon and Halliburton. Two companies who are not a threat to the second amendment and the rest of our civil rights.

    But these big multi billion dollar tech communication companies, are a serious danger to your civil rights.

  5. Making a safe working environment for Dacian’s incels. Having victims who can fight back takes the fun out of it.

  6. Open borders, civilian disarmament, malicious political prosecution, free pass for insiders, weaponize the health system, sabotage the brains of the young, monitor and censor EVERYBODY…

    Yep, they are focused.

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