G-FLEX binary trigger for GLOCK pistols
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Double down. Bang it twice…every single time! Tactical Sh!t is taking pre-orders now for the G-Flex; the first binary trigger for your GLOCK pistol.

G-FLEX binary trigger for GLOCK pistols

For the first time ever, enhanced pull and release firing capability is here for Gen 3, Gen 4, and Gen 5 Glock firearms. Introducing the G-Flex Binary Trigger for Glock pistols! 

The G-Flex is engineered with Reflex Trigger Technology. It fires one round when the trigger is pulled rearward, then a second “reflex” round when the trigger is released forward. This provides the potential for lightning-fast split times and unmatched performance in your Glock handgun.

The G-Flex is manufactured from professional-grade materials and designed for easy drop-in installation. The G-Flex is manufactured with aerospace-grade stainless steel and is built to perform under pressure and hard use. You’ll harness elevated speed and effectiveness with unmatched strength and reliability.

The G-Flex has been engineered with what the ATF wanted; a patented secondary DISCONNECTOR makes it physically impossible for the G-Flex to achieve automatic firing.


      • Trigger Bar
      • Enhanced Bar Guide
      • Trigger Return Spring
      • Trigger Housing
      • Trigger Shoe


      • Style: Reflex
      • Model: G-Flex
      • Platform: GLOCK 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 19X, 45, 47, 31, 32, and 33
      • Fit is generation specific
      • Weight: 5 ounces
      • Material: Aluminum/Steel

Experience the speed and performance of the G-Flex and its game-changing Reflex Trigger Technology. Unleash Glock’s full potential with G-Flex!

Price: $229

Order yours online at Warlord Central: sigglockincolt.com.

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      • I did. And 200 years ago, there were people who thought having a revolver, was even better than a single shot hand gun.

    • Just watched a Mas Ayoob video a where he quoted some other dude (too lazy to go back and figure out who) as saying, ‘Remember, every one of those bullets has a lawyer attached to it.’

      Probably best left to a range toy and not a weapon to be used in self defense.

      • You can say it’s a range toy. Or you can say it’s a “poor man’s” machine gun. What ever you call it. You follow the four safety rules using it.

        And it’s not just the three L’s. The “conservatives” are part of the problem too.

        Now. Freedom is messy isn’t it???
        What I have learned is there are many people who say this.
        But they don’t really believe it.

        • Oh, I don’t believe for a minute that these should be illegal. However, personal freedom needs to be tempered by personal responsibility (not government tyranny) and you are (and should be) legally responsible for any damage any one of your bullets causes. If I owned one (which I wouldn’t due to possible future legal ramifications and with the high cost of ammo this would make it necessary to double your ammo budget) I would leave it empty until I was at the range and ready to blow my hard earned money.

        • I seem to remember mecktek or something like that spelling used to make a rifle conversion for many Glock models I could see that being a lot of fun with such a trigger for a wonky looking grease gun knockoff.

      • @ da guv

        Amen! 10mm Glock says bang! Now pointed at sky. DONT LET GO OF THAT TRIGGER. Back on target… now how do I let go of the trigger and STAY on target? I bet a 1911 can achieve higher rate of fire anyway, not that such is needed.

        Ridiculous idea.

        • …….10mm doesn’t recoil that much and if it does for you there are options involving making your 20/40 heavier to allow better control. Plus doesn’t look like the 10mm models fit the compatible list.

        • Yeah, right. The point stands. This thing is expensive, likely dangerous bullshit. Have at it. Just let me know when you are coming, so I can take cover.

  1. A FELONY to posses in Florida.

    But still butt-fucking STUPID to want anywhere… 🙁

    • I haven’t looked at CA’s P.C. yet, but dollars-to-donuts it’s illegal here as well. For the unwashed common folk anyway…LE is allowed to have nearly everything we’re not…

  2. Banned at the Rid and Gun club.

    So, e every time I pull the trigger, I am going to shoot twice. What about a failure to fire on the first round?

    Oy very.

    • Precisely nothing. If there’s no actuation the gun won’t re-cock to fire the second time.

  3. Like I’ve been saying on TTAG for years now. The “gun community” has never supported the widespread ownership of machine guns to the general public.

    The “gun community” agreed with President Donald Trump. Who said. “Grab the bumpstocks”. “Forget about their rights”. “No one should own these rapid-fire weapons.”
    Or words to that effect.

    The “gun community” is comfortable with only the rich, criminal or law abiding, owning machine guns.
    The “gun community” secretly likes the National Firearms Act.

    And the “Gun community” really hates 21st century Firearms technology.
    And I’m glad so many of you felt so comfortable to let your guard down and tell the truth.

    Meanwhile, the Obama Biden administration. Was responsible for sending for “free”, thousands of select fire weapons, to police departments all across the United States.

    I never had any intention of buying a Glock or any other 9mm handgun. I was happy with my Ruger p89 with a 17+1 cap.
    Now I have a reason to buy a glock.

    • Honestly, I would love MGs to be legal again. It makes building stuff so so much easier to be open bolt fixed firing pin in the SMG realm.

      My only issue with braces, bump stocks and FRTs are that they’re a substitute for the real thing. They’re a objects in my mind that shouldn’t exist because they shouldn’t need to and we should be able to own the actuality without risking going to club fed. My hope is that one day people buy these things to put on “retro” guns and that we’re all shooting guns with what ever barrel length we want that fire in what ever mode we want.

    • Christy, the only reason to buy a Block to replace your Ruger is peer pressure. I have a buddy that I swear buys about 3 or 4 (maybe 5 or 6?) new pistols a year. His latest greatest is a beautiful Dan Wesson hybrid CZ75/ 1911 SAO that I got to shoot when he picked it up a week ago after I’m sure paying WAY too much for it. After 250 rounds at the range with it, he decided to move on to the next Greatest New Effen Shit, leaving me to decide whether to buy this off of him at a loss or try to talk him into stopping doing impulse buys. Devil on one shoulder, Angel on the other… and I am on a fixed income now.
      Decisions, desisions.

      • I glad we have the liberty to do what your friend does. It’s what’s great about America.
        Sell it and buy another one.

        It’s a less expensive way to try out different guns. Me I just rent 5 or 6 guns and try them out.

        I love how this “military industrial complex”. That the libertarians liberals and the left hate so much. It’s so innovative and so efficient. At manufacturing, developing, and selling the best guns in the world.

      • Ironically, after this posting and ” thinking ” it over, I will soon be the new owner of a D.W. DWX fullsize for a steal, with a partial trade of a first edition (laminated) Ruger Charger fitted with a Franklin Binary trigger and a Magnum Research 16″ barrel, and a shoebox full of other stuff.
        Hmm, maybe I’m actually the dumbass here…..
        It’s tough having more time than money I’m discovering.

    • You almost sound sane and coherent Chris. Now show us where the Libertarians touched you. So many people hate personal freedom here and sadly you are one of them, just not when it comes to guns.

      • The face of the libertarian was Gary Johnson and William Weld. I will continue to hold libertarians accountable.
        The republicans have yet to nominate for president an anti-civilrights candidate. like the Libertarians did.

        I understand the republicans are not pure. Like the puritan libertarians. They are so pure now.

        • Btw
          You don’t believe in liberty. Because you don’t Accept the responsibility and consequences that go with it.

    • You’re spot on, Chris.

      It frustrates me to no end that so-called liberty conservatives are only for liberty when it comes to a couple issues. The rest? Oh, freedom is too dangerous for the rest of it.

      Freedom means lots of things are “allowed” that we don’t like. Like the whole concept of “allowed” is meaningless in a free society.

      • What few of us there are tend to get drowned out in the noise of the weak willed or outright infiltrators from the pinko side of things. Chris is correct in trashing the libertarian party as it is a garbage fire to begin with (fringe group largely coopted). As many disagreements as I have with the republican party (patriot act especially) they are the closest relevant match at the national level to anything approaching the ideals and outside of a few local areas are often the best option at the state and local level as well. Responsibility is unfortunately an overlooked aspect of liberty but we have been raising adults to be children for decades now (likely by design).

    • I imagine the G26, G19, G17, and G34 should all act the same. At least for Gens 3 & 4. I’m not too familiar with Gen 5s and have no desire to.

  4. All my firearms have non-binary triggers. I guess that makes me ‘woke’ now.

  5. This trigger will generate 2 negligent discharges at the same time.
    If being safe 100% of the time was possible for every gun owner,
    then there would be no such thing as a Negligent Discharge.

  6. “G-Flex; the first binary trigger for your GLOCK pistol.”

    They started the Ad with a lie. How can you believe any of what they say after that.

    Franklin Armory had one at Shot 2022, the G-S173.

    Lot of fudds posting in this thread. Sometimes gun owners are their own worst enemies. We should be united against the leftists, but we aren’t and strengthen our enemies.


    • And where exactly can I buy the Franklin Armory trigger right now? Oh wait I can’t. So G Flex is technically the first. Also from what I recall with Franklin’s you have to use their slide and some other parts so it’s just not a drop in trigger but a collection of parts.

      You failed in your post.

      • You can’t buy this one either yet. So claiming the other guy failed showed your ignorance. They made it, so his statement is factually correct. You failed dude. I remember something about pots and kettles……..


  7. I have a Franklin Armory binary trigger in one of my AR lowers. It’s a lot of fun, especially with my .22 or 9mm uppers.

  8. If I want it to go bang I’ll pull the trigger. I release the trigger when I’m finished shooting. And I have range time with a Glock 18. Whole different animal. This thing is bullshit for the ignorant.

    • Odd reply from you. I own a number of guns with binary triggers, never use single shot mode. It’s incredibly effective and very controllable with a little practice. The only thing I don’t like about this is it’s always in binary mode.

      • You and I can disagree on many things. But practice with your binary trigger guns is not one of them.
        Yes you can become very accurate and have good control of your weapon with practice.
        I think people need to learn and study ”machine gun theory”. And also study the “deployment of machine guns on the battlefield.”

        I learned this as a MG gunner in the army. I think if you have a binary trigger on any gun. Reading and learning more would MG use, the folks will understand how a binary trigger weapon is a force multiplier. For a law abiding citizen.

        Everyone should have better weapons than their local police.
        And I hope you never have to use one.

  9. Honest question. If I pull the trigger and it fires, and I don’t want to shoot again, what do I do? Do I have to drop the mag and rack the slide, all the while keeping the trigger back?

    • This was covered at the end of the video. You have to hold the trigger back, while pulling the slide back, ejecting the chambered round. Then drop the mag, and then release the trigger. What could possibly go wrong?

      • Thanks, Jim. I just watched the video. Two thoughts:

        1. That’s 5 minutes of my life I’m never gonna get back.
        2. Yeah, thanks but no thanks on the dangerous and gimmicky trigger thingie. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

    • So you think lite beer is an old guy thing? That’s hilarious. And have to shoot everything twice.

      Thinking we ain’t in Jesus territory here…

      • The few fudds in my club are the only ones still drinking bud lite lately so that data point checks out. Can’t get behind the geritol being accurate but results may vary.

        • Bullshit.

          People old enough to remember when lite beer first hit the market don’t drink it.

          Unless it’s half off, or better, maybe then.

        • Lol ok buddy must be a local thing. Bud light was huge up here especially with anyone over 50 till very recently, now it’s a three way race of miller modello and yuengling.

    • You should tell the military to get rid of their machine guns. Squibs are too much of a risk!

      • As a military retiree I’d like to hear how you trained for a squib on full auto and by who and where. Kinda lost me there.

        • Barrel change assuming the receiver is mostly undamaged? Honestly never covered it in training or saw one happen so hopefully the light machine guns are designed to have some mitigating features.

        • SAFEupstateFML Yeah definitely repairs after inspection from 3rd shop, or whatever they call the above unit level repairs now, however there is no “military training” that’ll stop it unless your the flash. It’s hard enough to stop during a handgun match as the RSO without full auto.

          This isn’t an argument for or against this device, full auto etc.
          Rather it’s questioning the “military training”.

        • I was referring to semi auto fired guns. Yes it’s kinda hard with a MG to till the difference. In semi auto you can hear a squb round when it happens. We had several training. But because we were taught to listen to every round. We knew when to not pull the trigger.

          When we heard a pop sound. But no recoil kick.

          There are videos on the internet of untrained civilians shooting their AR15. They encounter a pop and no kick, and instead of investigating their firearm, they rack around into the chamber. And pull the trigger again.

          The result is a catastrophic failure of their gun and it explodes.

        • I should add that even in full auto fire. If your guns stops. Don’t keep trying to shoot. Stop and investigate the gun.
          I think folks don’t train enough for a weapons malfunction. But the military does.

        • Chris while the extent and quality of training has likely dropped off over the decades yes we were trained in clearing stoppages, runaways (breaking links sucks but gloves are a must anyway), and hang fires. Squibs we did cover for rifle and pistol but oddly never came up for any of the machine guns……or the mark 19. Thankfully never had one come up as out of battery detonation of a 50bmg was more than enough to deal with (mostly sure it was a timing issue that the armorer refused to address despite years of the weapon being deadlined after the incident during pmcs and noting the same problem with a “new” weapon that had the previous serial number scratched out) but that was a National Guard issue.

    • I think some of you misunderstood my concern. My concern was about recognizing the squib or how to physically remediate the squib (from the barrel).

      My point was… pop… now what? Trigger is pinned back. If I let go of the trigger… which would be the instinctive thing to do… ka-boom!

      Or another scenario… at a range… first bang… CEASE FIRE is called.

      • Oops… can’t edit anymore. I meant to write:
        My concern was NOT about recognizing the squib or how to physically remediate the squib (from the barrel).

      • Offensively attacking is preferred above thinking, questioning and ration which could lead to open discussion and the possibility of someone being wrong.
        Why we would not pick something apart before rushing out and spending money? There are many educated and experienced shooters from many walks of life here. There are also many barber shop regurgitating ones as well.
        This possible issue might not stop someone from buying the product but could change their mind on what weapon it goes on. Do I want to run the risk of blowing my LaRue or my PSA?
        Bringing up the possibility that the ATF will be up in your business upon purchase isn’t saying we are anti 2A or full auto. It’s stating the obvious reality.

        • A “poor man’s” MG substitute, will do just fine. I will train with it. And learn it’s ups and downs.
          I’m only interested in a low cost alternative.

  10. I could see a lot of indoor ranges not allowing these triggers after having a number of rounds go into the ceiling rather than the backdrop.

  11. It’s pretty easy to make your Glock binary with some hand tools;
    or make it full auto with a 3d printer and 3 cents worth of filament.

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