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From day one of the violence in Seattle and Portland, President Trump offered federal help but those cities’ mayors and each of the others whose cities were being ravaged declined his offer.  As a result, half of all black-owned businesses in the affected cities have been destroyed by the rioting or lost to the lockdown. It is hard to take seriously the mantra that “black lives matter” when in fact they have become a mere political tool of the left.

Most of the media failed to report on the cold-blooded murder of a five-year-old boy by his adult neighbor. Why? The child was white, the murderer black which does not fit the left’s narrative of the day.  Mayors Bill de Blasio of New York and Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C. are all hat, no cattle, when it comes to actually caring about the lives being devastated by the disorder they have willingly allowed.  As President Trump said last week, “this election will determine the future of private gun ownership in the United States.”

Biden is clearly lost in a fog of confusion due to his mental decline and will say anything his handlers put on the teleprompter but Kamala Harris is as far left a candidate who has ever run for high office; she is Bernie Sanders in a dress.  She and her fellow “progressives”  mean what they say;  they mean to effect a defenseless society.

Will a majority of Americans choose to be disarmed like the Germans under Hitler, the Russians under Stalin and the Chinese under Mao or will they vote to preserve their constitutional right to bear arms? The astronomical surge in gun ownership these past months tells us that no, they will not vote to lose their Second Amendment right.  Self-defense is a human right.  

The left, thoroughly deranged by Trump’s 2016 victory, will gladly see our once civil society destroyed if its destruction will see Trump defeated.  Their plan is doomed to failure.   If gun sales translate to votes, it will ensure his re-election.

– Patricia McCarthy in The most revealing poll of all: gun sales

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    • Even the NYPD police union turned on the democrats and endorsed Trump.

      I never in a million years, ever thought I’d see the day when police unions would turn on the democrats. Especially not the NYPD one. But here we are.

      • Trump is “predicting” a NY win! We’ll see…if ILL goes red we’ll something’s up😏 There’s a gathering anti-Kamaltoe movement amongst black folks!

        • “There’s a gathering anti-Kamaltoe movement amongst black folks!”

          There ought to be! Tulsi Gabbard lays it out :

        • Well she prosecuted and jailed more of them than I ever would have if I had been in her position and I’m one of those old gun owning white guys. She hid evidence of innocence, something I find despicable and should disqualify her from holding public office. She kept people in prison past the end of their sentences to do labor, again dispicable and the sort of thing that should get her thrown in jail for time equal to the overage she caused other people to serve. She is half Indian (dot not feather), 1/4 white, and 1/4 jamaican. Her ancestors weren’t slaves, they owned slaves and she has publicly stated it. If I were black I would not support her.

        • Being in Illannoy, I can tell you that for the state to go for Trump, Chitcago would have to be overcome, and that is highly doubtful. Vast areas of the state south of that urban s***hole are Republican majority, but not enough to make a difference when the fools to the north vote in their typical Democrat fashion.

        • Tulsi pretty much ended Kamala’s run in the primary. The media wants you to forget that. Tulsi will probably stay quiet about it because she’s a socialist.

        • I was always a bit concerned that Gabbard actually had the best chance, of all the Dems, to beat Trump. She was the only one who at least came across as rational.

          Fortunately, she went straight at the Clinton machine and that’s Dem suicide.

          She could have had widespread appeal. I’d boink her. You’d boink her. Hillary hates her and she’d boink her. And Bill would definitely boink her.

        • One thing about Democrat electorates. They ALWAYS seem to find enough votes in the trunk of a car to win the election. Are these ballots filled before the vote or during the counting?

        • @blame.

          Gabbard could be the 5th member of the squad but she had an appeal to the Buchananites.

        • The ONLY possible rational for Tulsi Gabbard hanging out in the demtard cesspool is to be the only sane person in that freak show. She would be accepted in the Rep party but she would be one of many/several smartish attractive gals. In the Dem party she is unique. Was a marketing theory. Apparently wrong theory. Might have worked 20yrs ago but today dems are too far gone.

      • Just to let you know, that just because you never heard an endorsement being given by NYPD’s union president towards republicans in the past, doesn’t mean that WE the officers never voted towards the right. And as a former New Yorker, I can say that we know the Donald better than anyone else in the country. I remember growing up in NYC back in the 80’s, when the city, specifically speaking, the island of Manhattan, was referred to as the city of sins; when drug dealers and addicts, prostitutes with their pimps, homelessness and crimes of all sorts was an everyday part of life. It was then police commissioner William Bratton, under the Giuliani administration, that implemented a new way of policing, which eventually led to the massive crime/vice cleanup the world has ever seen in NYC.
        Donald Trump was the man with a vision, who started to invest heavily in NYC, and prompted (other) real state investors to do the same and invest/develop major projects all thorough the island. Not many people in the 80’s could share his vision, that NYC could rise from the ashes of what it once was, and yet here it is.
        And now, it’s quite saddening for me to witness how all of that hard work is being destroyed by the lack of, or in this case, the p.o.s. leadership currently (MIS)managing the city.
        People say that Trump is responsible for diving this country. NOT TRUE. I reply to that by saying that he’s the one who’s had the guts to show the world how corrupted AND pervasive the democ-rats in this country truly are. You’d have to be blind, mentally challenged and/or very ignorant of the facts, not to see/acknowledge what’s going on in all democ-rat run cities.

        • You might have written something enlightening, but I simply cannot penetrate these dense paragraphs. where breaks are not available to indicate movement in thought. Don’t know where the dense-pak habit comes from, but it does not facilitate communication (it is the receiver who is the important element in a communication, not the comfort of the sender). I hate it when I cannot figure out how to keep paras to about five sentences; five lines even better.

        • C’mon Sam lighten up. Not everyone majored in English. It was an easy enough read and I certainly got the gist.

          • “C’mon Sam lighten up. Not everyone majored in English. It was an easy enough read and I certainly got the gist.”

            Nope, it is just a gibberish of characters, too easy to skip lines, or repeat. It is lazy writing. I have yet to encounter a printed book or magazine that uses dense-pak text. That goes for web pages as well.

            Some good information probably goes unnoted due to the density of the characters.

            • Darn it Sam, I’m old so now I have to go back and reread it to see what we were talking about. First I’ll take a nap though and when I wake up if I remember I had something I wanted to remember I’ll get back to you on this.

              • “First I’ll take a nap though and when I wake up if I remember I had something I wanted to remember I’ll get back to you on this.”

                I do understand. i do.

                maybe not.

                what were we talking about?

    • I was watching one of those tough-guy NYC action movies last night and even the mayor was a hard ass.

      I asked myself when movies will begin to portray the mayor of NYC as an inept Nancy-boy. Likely never.

    • LifeSavor,

      We only need a few percent of the new gun owners to switch to a conservative vote …

      Sadly, I don’t think that will be enough. Remember, sources are claiming that maybe as many as two million people purchased their first firearm in the last six months. That probably represents about 1% of the population that is of voting age. And when you account for the fact that not everyone (of voting age) actually votes, that number of new gun owners is probably something like 0.67% of voters. Even if 3/4ths of those new gun owners abandon voting Progressive and instead vote conservative (I think that is overly optimistic in my opinion), that only represents about 0.5% of voters/votes.

      While I am happy to see any increase in votes that support our natural, inalienable right to keep and bear arms, I fear that an additional 0.5% of votes will not affect the outcome of the general election this Fall.

      I think a much more likely outcome is that a substantial number of people in the ideological middle will punish Democrats at the polls for standing down and allowing the rioting, looting, burning, vicious violent attacks, and murders. Whether or not their punishment takes the form of staying home (instead of voting for Democrats) or actually switching sides and voting for Republicans remains to be seen.

        • Dude,

          If a razor thin margin of first-time firearm owners vote across party lines and are solely responsible for putting Trump in the White House for a second term, it is quite possible that I will literally die of laughter.

        • uncommon_sense –

          You’ll die of laughter, but the rest of us will be happy to take the win any way it comes… 🙂

      • The demtards are going to loose 20% of the black vote. They are dead in the water and they know it (see all their current ploys/tactics starting with mass fraud vote (mail in)).

  1. I don’t think we can trust people to be smart enough not to vote for Biden just because they bought a gun. A lot of people will probably vote for Biden despite him laying out plans to make them a felon for what they bought earlier this year.

    • My guess is some new gun owners will switch to a conservative vote NOT because they bought a gun, but because the world changed and they felt they needed to buy a gun.

      • My hope is that those who tried to buy a gun and were turned away due to gun control will wake up. My head says that won’t happen because election time will come and they didn’t really need it after all. One problem I see in all DemonicRats is that they are unable to follow a thought to its ultimate end. They will not be able to foresee a time when they might actually need a gun, will not have one, and cannot get one.

    • Some would rationalize that they wouldn’t need a gun if Trump wasn’t in office. So they elect the Democrats and then can sell thier gun and donate proceeds to the DMC. Never try to predict the actions of the mentally ill. I hope this doesn’t happen

        • True enuf Coolbreeze,

          Pro 2A people are now attempting to project their logical thinking upon Democrats, the party of Feminism and feelz. They vote with their feelings and emotions, even if that vote is against their own interests.

          Listen to a quote from their “dear” leader Sandy Cortez; ” I think that there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.”

          So facts, logic, and truth be damed, its all about ma feelings!

      • Coolbreeze,

        Oh, wow! I think you are spot on.

        As you and others have stated, our common mistake is trying to assign rational thought to people who are not rational — that our irrational political enemies will somehow begin thinking and acting rationally.

        Consider a rapist who expects to easily rape a women only to discover the woman pointing a firearm at him and determinedly saying, “NO!”. At that point, does the rapist reconsider the moral question of rape, determine that the right thing to do is to NOT rape any women, and walk away a reformed person? Of course not. Instead, the rapist either decides to roll the dice — proceeding to attempt to rape the woman anyway and see if she really has the stones to pull the trigger — or the rapist runs away deciding to find an easier woman to rape. Both outcomes are morally wrong and irrational. Just as the rapist will not suddenly begin thinking and operating rationally, neither will our irrational political enemies.

        • I would like to add one more point, you wrote “our common mistake is trying to assign rational thought to people who are not rational”.

          Saying “people” is to general. This needs to be distilled further, as I intentionally included the word Feminism. It is the feminist mind(set) that is behind this logical and factual failures. This is very important to understand why they come to the conclusions they do.

        • enuf,

          I believe that almost all of your assessments are correct. The only point (off the top of my head) where I believe you are wrong is your contention that our nation would somehow be better off with Biden/Harris rather than Trump/Pence.

          For the record, I do not view Trump as a paragon of virtue and readily admit his many failings. I doubt that I would be friends with Trump if we ran in the same circles. The only reason that I vote for Trump is because, of all the viable candidates, he supports/produces the best overall results for the people of our nation. Nothing more and nothing less. I wish others would do the same.

  2. I am not optimistic. Voters blame the incumbent. There are Enuf of these voters to elect ,La Harris.

    • Maybe Trump will win, maybe not. The smart thing to do is plan for an old fashioned fight for gun rights in the House and Senate. The way it used to be before the GOP went entirely insane and embraced a Domestic Enemy for the White House.

      Has a Trump judge helped restore some freedom and 2A rights to the 9th Circuit? YEAH!

      Will a Democrat president seek to reverse that? YUP!

      And will that Democrat president also open the borders flooding the nation with a blue wave? YOU BETCHA!

      So will I continue to spout total B.S. about fighting in the Senate, as anti-constitutional judges are appointed by Harris/biden, because I’m a moron who voted against a pro-2A president because of hate? ABSOLUTELY!

      • One of the things that the late unlamented pwrserge was right about is that TTAG allowes fraudsters to take over your identity. This faux Enuf makes more sense than the real one.

        • Well T.D. it might be a new phase of introspection,

          I have been asked this question alot, what are the true costs of hate and a Harris presidency?

          I have always ignored answering those questions by Ramming my head Firmly up my own ass.

        • “I have always ignored answering those questions by Ramming my head Firmly up my own ass.”

          In other words, “Home, Sweet Home”?

          *snicker*… 😉

          (Sometimes I just kill me!)

      • enuf,

        Please provide credible sources which pronounce that Trump will harm more people in our nation than Biden/Harris would if they win the election.

        Please explain how it is better for our nation when Biden/Harris (if elected) decimate our economy versus Trump and Republicans once again reducing government interference and restoring our economy to pre-COVID-19 levels.

        Caveat: you cannot blame Trump and Republicans for the current state of our economy which Democrat governors destroyed when they ordered their states to shut down normal business for several months.

        • ” you cannot blame Trump…….but some will anyway ,AND they’re on the nightly news blaming him every night.

  3. Not to be the downer but plenty of gun owners will vote against their best interests…,
    If Trump wins we can relax for another 4 years. But what then?
    Eventually the Dems will get the presidency back. If they control everything it could get really bad for awhile for any gun rights.
    If Biden gets elected this round..,wait and see the gun an ammo rush from November to January. It will be like nothing we have ever seen before.

    • If you think a Trump win guarantees anything, you are living in a dream world. A Trump win will merely delay the inevitable collapse that the Dems so dearly lust for. Keep you powder dry.

    • “If Trump wins we can relax for another 4 years. But what then?”

      This, right here. Smart, child of Indian immigrants, and she’s made noises she’s interested :

      • It’s much too early to discern anything regarding 2024, but she certainly has been gaining some recognition lately among conservatives.

        • Bask in, and comprehend the meaning of, the flawless logic of the peerless ‘I Haz A Question’.

          All Hail.

          • “Because we are better than that.”

            Moral victories are not political victories. When you lose the vote, you lose. Period. Trump is the antidote to the moral victory losing strategy. Whe battle is smash-mouth, the players better be smash-mouth. But ultimately, after Trump, there is no one anti-left who is available to beat down the leftists.

            The “better than that” Never Trumpers couldn’t get their “conservative” agenda installed for over 25yrs. Along comes Trump, gets a lot of the job done, and the “better than that” crowd forms a cabal to oppose Trump in November. Yeah, better to lose with grace and dignity, than to win with a rude, crude street fighter.

            “Winners want pleasing results; losers want methods that are pleasant”. (Anon)

        • We can pay attention to the constitution. It has mechanism’s in place to change it. In Trumps second term we can ram an amendment through that allows him more than 2 terms. Or an amendment that allows him to pick his successor.

          So long as the rules are followed it is all legal and above board.

          • “In Trumps second term we can ram an amendment through that allows him more than 2 terms. Or an amendment that allows him to pick his successor.”

            Really? How would you go about that?

  4. “Most of the media failed to report on the cold-blooded murder of a five-year-old boy by his adult neighbor. Why? The child was white, the murderer black which does not fit the left’s narrative of the day.”

    That shows you right there where their priorities are at. Cover-up the obvious.

    “The left, thoroughly deranged by Trump’s 2016 victory, will gladly see our once civil society destroyed if its destruction will see Trump defeated.”

    100 percent correct. Don’t *ever* forget that.

    “Their plan is doomed to failure.”

    Wrong, wrong, WRONG. Angry people *vote*. They are enraged, and they will crank the rage up to ’11’ in the run-up to election day to further drive Leftist turnout.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of the Left’s treachery. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is finally circling the drain. She likely won’t last a year. They managed to frighten Roberts into not voting against them, they may not have the same luck with the rest of the bench. Their legacy is at stake. They will do anything to protect that.

    We are in for an election night (weeks, with mail-in voting they will manipulate) to remember…

    • “The left, thoroughly deranged by Trump’s 2016 victory, will gladly see our once civil society destroyed if its destruction will see Trump defeated.”

      Absolutely. The press that was obsessed with the imaginary Russia scandal for three years, isn’t even admitting that they were not only wrong, but they’re now doubling down on the fake news by not reporting on the real scandal of democrat, media, and deep state (viva la resistance – who was it that said that?) collusion to derail a presidential campaign, and then take down a president.

      They don’t care if the country burns because they HATE the country. They don’t care if they create racial division because that helps them get votes. They no longer have logical solutions that they can defend. They don’t have to worry about that because they know the corrupt, propagandist media will do everything in their power to lift them, and smear the other side.

    • Media covered it, and the killer was quickly found, arrested, and charged. Some seem to think it OK to exploit the tragedy to push some narrative about media bias (as if there weren’t ample evidence of actual bias to point out).

      • “Media covered it”

        The media waited days to cover this, and then only briefly covered it after they were called out for not covering it. Some still didn’t cover it. Notice the dates: Sessoms Sessoms&sort=date Sessoms Sessoms Sessoms& Sessoms

        “Some seem to think it OK to exploit the tragedy to push some narrative”

        That’s the point. Anytime the race is reversed the media is all over it, pushing their white on black racism narrative even if there is zero evidence of it. Why do you think we’re having riots? It’s all based on manipulation by the democrats and the media.

      • I tried to post with links but it didn’t work. Put the killer’s name in a search of the major media outlets. Some still haven’t covered it. The ones that did cover it, did it days late solely because they were called out on it. Reverse the races and this would have been immediate riot level wall to wall coverage, with the usual idiots saying that black men and boys are being executed by whites.

        • The “coverage” the media provided is nothing like what it would have been under different circumstances…days of wall-to-wall preening about BLM crap. The child execution received about the same “coverage” as the slaughter of black children each weekend in many major cities.

        • Right, Sam, it’s almost as if the race of the victim does not matter, it is the race of the killer that must be reported. Unless, of course, the killer is black, whereupon we delete the entire story.

        • “The child execution received about the same “coverage” as the slaughter of black children each weekend in many major cities…”

          Yeah- so why is there this manufactured outrage? What do these people calling for “justice” want? The killed has been arrested. No bail. He’ll spend life in prison and possibly be executed.

          People talking about this case don’t have anything they want from this young victim except cover to tell black people to shut up.

        • Hannibal, I don’t know what you mean by manufactured outrage. Normal people are naturally outraged over something like this. What we’re pointing out here isn’t outrage, it’s the hypocrisy of the media and their selective coverage.

        • Hannibal, compare with George Floyd, then. Killers were fired before sundown and arrested for murder a few days later, yet we are STILL hearing the outrage months later. And Floyd was not an absolute innocent 5-year-old, by any account.

    • Geoff, your comment, “They managed to frighten Roberts into not voting against them” somewhat leads to a thought I’ve had for a while. And that is what, exactly, is it that the Dems/Libs HAVE on Roberts to influence his decisions? I’m thinking, if so, it must be SOMEthing very significant and/or extremely embarrassing.

      • It’s not like if we ask him he’ll fess-up to whatever they have on him…

  5. Humanity has been looking at the question of whether we are individually sovereign or property of the state since the birth of Moses.

    My ask of all new gun owners is to take an honest look for yourselves and see with wide open eyes just who it is forcing dependence, violence, and poverty on everyone through lies, distortions, and half truths. By ‘honest’ I mean no Washington talking heads, media (including social media), or anyone else telling you what to think.

    • I know democrats. Here’s how they look at it. “It’s just a few bad apples in a sea of good people trying to do good things.” BLM is a joke and a lie. They’re treated with kid gloves because people are terrified of being labeled a racist. That’s their power, just like the democrat party has been doing for decades in order to divert from and hide their own racism. It’s time to call it what it is. It isn’t a sea of good people. It’s a sea of bad people along with some useful idiots.

  6. Unfortunately as with All elections it comes down to the Lesser of the Evils. At this time in Our Nations history that is more apparent than ever. Simply because of the divisiveness among the citizenry. Our nation has been rolling down the hill to this point for the last 60 years (since the 60’s). As the Nation divides itself along clear lines of difference in perception of everything from Politics, Religion and Civil Rights. This is nothing new in the history of Nations. It has happened many times over the course of Humanity. After many years of study and research on the history of Government effects on Civilization. It has become abundantly clear that in every case these divisions lead to the same place. Rebellion followed by War followed by the Downfall of the Civilization and a slow rebuilding over time. The Human species has yet in it’s thousands of years of existence learned to live peaceable with itself. Power, Greed, Lust, Fear and Divisiveness have always brought it down to it’s Baser Elements. Violence and Control. If Our Nation can survive the Tumultuous Times We are facing no one can be sure. If not. The consequence as history has shown will be filled with. Pain, Suffering, Destruction and Death. Be Safe Out There Maintain Op SEC ans as always Keep Your Powder Dry

  7. I’m a missionary of sorts: I’ll happily invite a dem/lib on a weekend (for example) bird hunt or whatever and my friends – after a morning prayer and day of just treating them like a part of the family – affect a major shift in their attitude. When we are together, there’s no politics. It’s amazing to see a lib slowly shift when they realize their innate hunter/gatherer instinct. Something about feeding and providing for oneself… well, you can see them start to grow. Liberalism is a lazy sickness that can be healed. They’ll look at their whiny, self-loathing friends at the coffee house a bit differently come Monday. That next Friday they’ll probably slink back down to the field. And you’d best welcome them. Keep a spare shotgun handy. Don’t loose hope, friends.

  8. There are too many idiots out there who will believe “we aren’t going to take YOUR guns, just those evil assault rifles.”

    I wouldn’t trust the gun purchases as all votes against Kamala.

    Even if we get a reprieve this time, it’s not going to last forever. Sooner or later, something will happen. I don’t see the country staying on the same course indefinitely. Something is going to give: whether it’s a civil war, a secession/split or something else

    • “Sooner or later, something will happen.”

      The mask is off. People need to realize that this won’t be 2008 or 2012 again if Joe wins. Obama was cautious at first because he’s a good politician. Joe already said he wouldn’t run for a second term, and everyone knows there’s a good chance he won’t make it through the first. That would make Kamala the incumbent, and give her an advantage in the next election.

  9. I admit, I’m getting more hopeful about these “new gun owners,” but much of the evidence I see is anecdotal. The Left will try anything between now and the election, including voter intimidation, blocking polling places, and outright violence toward those that disagree with them.

  10. The problem with this analysis is the assumption that Trump’s opponent is Biden/Harris. The news media won’t let that happen, it’s going to be Trump versus the WuFlu. And he is largely seen to be losing, thanks in no small part due to Mike Pence. It’s Mike Pence who is preventing the use of hydroxycloquine and zinc in early stage disease. This empowers the lie that there’s no treatment. This empowers lockdowns and economic distraction.

    • As I know Trump isn’t responsible for Covid, this is a non-issue to me. If it’s even a consideration, it’s the fact that he acted so quickly to lock down borders not allowing international flights. No one else would have brought so many companies together so quickly to produce needed goods and machines. Dems just wanted to shut everything down (and still do).

      If anything, Trump’s handling of this situation helps to cement my vote for him.

  11. “I’ll sell it to you, but I don’t feel right unless I tell ya: you may just be renting it.”

  12. The fatal assumption that most of the comments operate from is that the election will be relatively honest. The Dems will utilize electronic manipulation of votes, the voting of illegals, the use of gangs (as in NYC and LA) to round up and vote ballots, etc. This will result in at least the delay of the final count of votes on election night. The Dems will then vote in the House to declare Pelosi the presiding President and order the military to force Trump out of office. When the majority of the military does not follow this command (the generals will — but Company grade officers and NCO’s will not), the House will invite in UN “peacekeepers” (Chinese troops). Most probably, the US is about to have a civil war.

      • Until that last two sentences he was right on. If there is no election decided by inauguration day, the Speaker of the House assumes those duties. As far as the President being physically forced from office, she said that was her intent.

      • “John A. Smith” the only question left is who pays you. Is it the Chinese masters, the Dem leadership (pedophile Podesta), or the globalists country wreckers (Soros). Don’t you have somewhere else to haunt? In the Dem war games recently held, Podesta standing in for Biden refused to concede the election which resulted in CA, OR, and WA seceding from the US and then calling in Chinese troops. CNN itself reported this.

      • I cannot agree. A coup needs to be quicker than that, if we were moving in that direction, the population of DC would be near 100 million on inauguration day, and Pelosi best not be within 1000 miles. It would be a good day for local police to take a holiday, as well.

        In the other scenario, Chinese troops invading the US would all disappear in less than a week, once they figured how to get a job at Burger King.

    • Lol
      I would love to see ANYONE convince the Bloods and the Crips to help rig a presidential election by stealing mail in ballots.

      Maybe BLM or Antifa.

      As for me…I’ll vote at the polling place as normal on election day.

      • The South Side of Chicago is presently controlled by gangs such as the Blackstone Rangers who are the ward-heelers of the present day. They make sure that the South Side votes for Dems. The same model was introduced into LA and has changed the political landscape there. De Blasio has now made the same deals with gangs in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

  13. That article is delusional as hell. Most people aren’t one issue voters. And even if they were, Trump’s only selling point on guns is that he’s not as bad as Biden.

    I know plenty of gun owners, myself included, who aren’t going to vote for Trump because he’s such a disaster on virtually every other issue. The dude’s not even a real republican; if it suits him at the moment, he’ll burn you…a la bump stocks.

    • “The dude’s not even a real republican”

      Thank God for that. Voters were sick and tired of “real republicans” that the establishment was pushing on them like McCain, Romney, and ¡Jeb! It’s funny how the “real republicans” are now real democrats. Which conservative policy are they pushing for? Hint: bitter resentment isn’t a conservative policy.

    • “John A. Smith” get thee back to the basement. You are definitely outed as a Soros troll. You are against Trump because he is against the Plandemic, the looting of cities, and the incitement of racism by BLM. I know that you feel your trolling is OK because in the your planned Communist America, the ends justify the means. You are one sad piece of humanity.

      • Likely part of IO, IIA cyber and IC propaganda activities authorized now on the American people after the 2012 Modernization Of the Smith-Mundt Act. Troll isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

      • you don’t have to be in your eighties to remember Eisenhower…and the good times and stability that accompanied those years….his opponent..[Stevenson]..was also a good man…but Ike was a better administrator….

    • “I know plenty of gun owners, myself included, who aren’t going to vote for Trump because he’s such a disaster on virtually every other issue.”

      If he loses, it will be because of the like of *you*.

      Thanks for stabbing us in the back, asshole. You do realize Joe will pick Supreme Court justices committed to killing gun rights? And it was more important that you “Teach Trump a lesson”?

      How about doing us a favor and sticking a gun in your mouth, jerkoff?

      • It’s not about teaching a lesson, it’s about sacrificing one thing I care deeply about – guns – in exchange for avoiding the damage Trump has done on every other front.

        I find it fascinating that you’d wish death on a total stranger merely because he doesn’t agree with you on guns or a presidential candidate. God bless, all the same.

        • You’re not a ‘total stranger’, you claim to be a ‘Person of the Gun’. That makes us brothers.

          Just a ‘lil brotherly love. Now pull that trigger… 😉

        • Ginsburg probably wont last another 4 years, thats reason enough for a trump vote. A Biden presidency will certainly lead to a more extreme version of Ginsburg as a replacement.

        • ‘Goof…PR’ is a choad and fancy man who has never known the pleasures of a woman.

      • Gun rights will be unimportant, no one in America will be able to afford a brick of .22 LR, we’ll be too busy celebrating the universal successes of Communism in making all men equal. Starving, begging, diseased and dying, equal.

        • Socialism and Communism doesn’t allow people to pull themselves up and out of poverty. The system pulls everyone down to the same level. This is the equality of Communism.

          There’s no point to the equality of socialism if there’s nothing in the shops to buy and there are constant shortages of basic consumer goods.

          • “There’s no point to the equality of socialism if there’s nothing in the shops to buy and there are constant shortages of basic consumer goods.”

            Equality is the gold standard. Equality of poverty is virtuous. Everyone must have little, before anyone can have more. It takes a village to run a village. Each citizen should be responsible for ensuring no citizen falls behind economically. Every dwelling becomes a storehouse for the village, each taking what they need, giving what they can. When everyone is equal, none need bear the shame of few achievements. Some are to produce, some are to consume; each is essential to the other.

            I need more beer to continue. Maybe I’ll take this up again tomorrow.

        • “Every dwelling becomes a storehouse for the village, each taking what they need, giving what they can.”

          You need more beer… 🙂

        • Sam, China tried the work as like and eat as you want. It worked briefly because previous harvests were good. But then people found out they didn’t have to work and still eat what they wanted. Combined with a poor harvest it resulted in widespread famine.

          • “Combined with a poor harvest it resulted in widespread famine.”

            But it didn’t happen a second time. Watching people die because they refused their responsibility has a way of focusing the minds of the survivors. Also, executing the remaining layabouts would sent a reinforcing message. Everyone is even more equal when dead.

            … do realize my original comment was a spoof, right?

        • ….the central mantra of communism…and even socialism to a large extent…is “Come,..let us all be poor together”….

          • Yup, I don’t care if the Donald belches and farts at the dinner table. We need to force the DemonicRats to accept a conservative court or attempt to pack the court if they win in 2024.

    • Soros/McKrystal Troll “John A. Smith” writes, “he’s such a disaster on virtually every other issue.”

      You mean these issues;

      *Best economy in generations
      *Lowest unemployment rate for everyone!
      *First President to take on the extensional threat that is China (who INTENTIONALLY released this pandemic on the world killing hundreds of thousands)
      *Removed hundreds of thousands of government regulations
      *Renegotiated the job killing NAFTA
      *Appointed two supreme court justices
      *Appointed hundreds of Federal Level judges (Including the Judge that made the recent pro 2A case in the 9th circuit)
      *Exposed the Deep State
      *Further exposed the MSM as the liars and DNC employees they are
      *Outed the corrupt former FBI director Comey
      *Seriously decreased the flood of illegals entering the country
      *Rebuilt the Military
      *Haulted the missile “tests” from North Korea
      *Re-placed sanctions of Iran, the State sponsors of terrorists
      *Ended the Iran general who killed Americans

      That’s just a few of the Presidents many accomplishments.

      But you are right about one thing, he’s not a RINO, he’s a Conservative Populist (For the People).

    • People that see Trump as a ‘Republican’ are not seeing reality. But those that think voting for someone else will produce something good are not even living in the real world.

      Anyone else will destroy.

    • “…Most people aren’t one issue voters…”

      Maybe, but I bet there are many like me that are.

      Judges and appointments ..especially SCOTUS.

    • You won’t vote for Trump? That implies that your vote will be cast for Biden, or tossed away on some third party candidate that has no chance, essentially being for Biden.

      How do you think that might make things better for this country? Trump has appointed 200 Federal judges, and though we may not be thrilled with all of them, you will be far less thrilled with those appointed by Biden.

      Don’t throw your vote away.

    • And Kameltoe has not just “bent the knee” to China. She went down on both knees, opened wide, and looked up longingly.

  14. If the Dems win the election that’s when reality will set in, they are out to destroy our country not just by gun grabbing but our freedom in general is at stake, in less than the first 4 years of the win we will slowly become slaves to our own country it’s plain and simple the Dems are not for the better of the United States but to destroy it, any politician that invades on our 2nd Amendment rights is not for me and definitely not for the better of the United States, Trump 2020 and beyond 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. Anyone who thinks that gun sales translate to Republican votes are completely out of touch. Most people are not single issue voters, and have bought into the medias well coordinated narrative that has been spun for the last four years. Biden is leading in the polls by 9 points, which is a historically high lead for this time in the race. Trump has an uphill battle to fight, and the odds are not in his favor.

    Everyone needs to vote, and work to help secure House and Senate seats. If Biden wins (which he probably will), then our only hope is having at least one branch of the legislature secured.

    • Actually, hilary was 10 points up at this point…………and predicted to win by over 90% and by August 5th had broken the 50% approval rate with likely voters………..

      • the “X” factor is how concerned people are about all this civil unrest…and its liberal origins

      • Polls are always biased as to who, when, and where the polling takes place.

        The only poll that counts is the one on election day.

        • I would almost bet that the MSM will latch on to positive Uncle Joe numbers and be just as shocked when the results come in as 2016. And the results should be that night or early early morning.

          Mail-in voting, not the same as absentee voting, is BS. The House Dems are starting to caterwaul with Nancy leading. Polling places are a local thing, so if their argument is voter disenfranchisement it’s on the local gov. not President Trump. Covid is not an excuse..if one can buy groceries in person then you can go vote in person. The Democrats are really starting to bother my calm.

        • And the Democrats are past masters of voter fraud and disenfranchisement. They are ongoing traditions.

  16. Talk about guns all you want, but until the damage caused by unfettered immigration is fixed, there is still peril.

    • it’s much, MUCH worse than anybody suspects. check this out:

      in 2010 somebody did a study to predict the change of national demographics, given the current population growth. according to their projections, by 20 years from now (2040) the US will have a total population of 504 million, with Whites roughly half of that.

      30 years later, there will be almost as many Hispanics as the entire population was in 2040.

      in the end, or at least as far as their projections go, by the year 2190 there will be 44.4 billion Hispanics, 24.7 billion Asians, with Whites 0.51% of the population, and Blacks at 0.57%.

      1980 (millions)
      whites, 181
      blacks, 27
      hispanics, 16
      asians, 4.5
      other, 2.3
      total, 231

      2010 (millions)
      whites, 201
      hispanics, 49
      blacks, 40
      asians, 15
      other, 6.1
      total, 312

      2040 (millions)
      whites, 222
      hispanics, 154
      blacks, 59
      asians, 53
      other, 16
      total, 504

      2070 (millions)
      hispanics, 477
      whites, 246
      asians, 180
      blacks, 87
      other, 43
      total, 1,033 (1.0 billion)

      2100 (millions)
      hispanics, 1,481
      asians, 617
      whites, 273
      blacks, 129
      other, 114
      total, 2,614 (2.6 billion)

      2190 (millions)
      hispanics, 44,433
      asians, 24,738
      other, 2,123
      blacks, 412
      whites, 371
      total, 72,077 (72 billion)

      • Whoa! Bullshit flag! What supposedly explains “blacks” going from 13% today to 0.57 % 150 years from now?

      • The U.S. Census Bureau predicts 2100 World population at 11,213,317,000. From whom did your numbers come? I suspect the “somebody” is your ass.

  17. Left wing gun owners are going to vote democrat….so the fantasy that new gun owners will mean Trump will get more votes is just that, a fantasy. Left wing gun owners do not understand the simple truth….any vote for any democrat is a vote to end the 2nd Amendment. They may like their new gun because they now feel a little bit safer….but they will still vote for China joe and sleazy kamala because they do not understand the democrat party. This is why we need to march out and vote for Trump and every slimy, weak, cowardly, backstabbing republican in the Senate…..Trump’s judge slapped down the California magazine ban….the en banc hearing with democrat appointed judges will over turn it….we need Trump and the Republicans in control of the Senate to appoint more judges and Justices….ginsburg and breyer will likely be replaced in the next 4 years….if Trump does it we have a chance, if biden does it, Heller, Miller, Caetano, McDonald, are all going to be overturned. So march out to an actual polling place and vote for Trump and even the rino republicans in the Senate……don’t mail in your ballot…the democrats in the post office will be destroying the mail in ballots from republican districts….

  18. Even if Dems are buying guns, politically they just don’t get it. They keep voting democrat even against their better interest. Look at their record, want failing schools, political corruption, increase crime and higher taxes? Well just keep voting democrat. before you get all but, but, but… check it out, don’t take my word for it. Every large metro area under Democrat control is failing, you can;t prove me wrong!

    • marching on the mayor’s home has become the latest thing…just happened in Pittsburgh…they always eat their own….

  19. Massachusetts requires training for a License to Carry. As a MA certified instructor, I have trained some of these “new gun owners.” Believe me, they are utterly clueless. If you’re looking for help in November, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

    • most of these “newbies” just want something that goes BANG!…it will be stashed in a drawer somewhere and probably never fired…they may now be gun owners but will never be gun buffs….

  20. Geez what a guano load of trolls…do you dweebs get paid by the word,the content or the # of diatribe laden idiotic? Asking for a friend😏

  21. I wish I could be as positive about the meaning of gun sales but I have doubts about how a person wanting to protect themselves turns into a vote in a voting booth months later.

    Especially with the media distorting and hiding information from citizens and all the previous lies and fake news that has been presented against Trump both politically and personally.

    I know if I really hated or despised a candidate, the possibility of what their opponent might do if they won may not change that hate into a vote.

    Keep in mind a lot of folks don’t get how much the Dems will take away guns. They think that their gun will not be taken just other peoples. Sadly this is how people think. They don’t think anything bad will happen to THEM just the other guy.

    Plus they may not understand what some of what is touted by Biden will mean to gun ownership and may not believe it will get anywhere in Congress.

    So it’s NOT a cut and dried thing. Especially on something that directly affects a small number of people. (I know it affects a lot of people. I’m saying most folks don’t see it that way. It’s why we’ve had so many fights and lost about it.)

    • most people buying guns are concerned about their personal safety in a time of civil unrest and diminished police response…nothing more….

  22. ” the best barometer of how the election will go in november is gun sales”
    the best barometer of how the election will go is how many vote by mail ballots go out
    my gut feeling on this is that the reason democrats have been acting like they have *with no fear of repercussion at the polls*
    is because they already have a fail safe plan in place to steal the election
    “insurance policy 2.0” or whatever
    i hope im wrong
    beause this is our last chance to vote ourselves out of all this shit thats been happening lately
    after this…it gets ugly

    • Remember that we must show up to vote at the polling booth! Regardless of mail-in voting, your vote is important enough to make sure. If you can get an absentee vote as well, all the better.

  23. “As President Trump said last week, ‘this election will determine the future of private gun ownership in the United States.'”

    it may be impacted. but for PRIVATE GUN OWNERSHIP to be denied?!? thanks to Biden and the Democrats, or eventually, that being the start of an inexorable process?

    LOOK HERE, the RIGHT to OWN GUNS is an inherent, basic, fundamental, God-Given right that is not given to us by the government! when the government we have created, now run by the politicians that were haphazardly voted into office, tells us we no longer have that


    well they can fuck off now can’t they!

    the government which we created so long ago, in a time no less chaotic but infinitely more pious, intellectual and wise, had included the presumption of God-Given Rights, and this denial of that particular God-Given Right would be to reneg on that agreement.

    supporters of the 2nd Amendment will realize that. many others don’t support the 2nd Amendment and will agree with the denial of that right, because they don’t care, even wish for it, and will support the illegitimate action of the government.

    the government must have forgotten that the people have given, and the people can take away. it has happened before, with the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and numerous lesser revolutions, and should be an obvious fact.

    the problem is that the people are divided on the issue, and too many of them, and the government, will be on the wrong side of the issue. yet it is in the best interests of the supporters of God-Given Rights to not overthrow our government, which is the best government there ever was when it functions right, but to preserve it instead. there is nothing wrong with the form of government, only the idiots that will have taken it over and who ignore its precepts.

    THERE COMES A TIME when those on the side of Freedom, Liberty, Rights of the Individual, Equality, and the Just Rule of Law must set our government back on its right course, DESPITE the wishes of the rest of the population, or even those within the government who pretend to rule us all according to the wishes of that other half of the population and coincidentally their own nefarious purposes.

    how that is supposed to be implemented is anybody’s guess but it won’t be pretty.

    what President Trump said is an indication that that time is coming. soon.

  24. Or high gun sales could mean Americans believe the future is Seattle and Chicago, with fewer police officers.

    • Clearly increasing the police state doesn’t solve or stop crime as advertised. It’s been decades with no improvement from this strategy.

      I would take an educated guess that crime around the world was going down in the last two decades because of access to the internet. Most crime comes from gangs and poverty. Young people have been spending most of their time on the internet rather than outside. Not being outside prevents them from joining gangs and running around town after school to commit crime. The 14 year olds are spending their time playing video games, on social media and other internet based activities. The internet has become the baby sitter and the after school program that used to prevent children from hanging with gangs. However, poverty is not getting better under Trump’s response to covid, thus crime will increase for some time. Hence the increase in gun ownership from those typically opposed to using violence over property crimes.

      The increase in gun ownership will have a greater chance of decreasing crime than adding more police or funds to the police department. The would be victim is better at preventing crime if they are armed than an armed third party responding to a call for help from the victim. Mexico and Brazil show how increasing the police state and decreasing gun ownership does not decrease crime, it actually increases the homicide rate significantly and corruption too.

      Confused Americans believe the police department is meant to protect the citizens. This is very wrong and has been clarified by the government itself as such. The 2nd Amendment is what protects the citizens from all enemies. Self responsibility also means self protection/defense. An adult is responsible for their own life, not a stranger in a government uniform. No one values your life more than you do. Less cops means more personal responsibility and no illusion of a safe space.

  25. With so many poorly educated voters, and so many NON gun owners and so many people looking for a free ride this election is very important for our rights. Poorly educated voters will believe whatever is fed to them on the nightly news. Non gun owners don’t see the need for guns in the hands of the populace. People looking for a free ride, medicare for all, free college tuition, and some politicians have proposed a $ 2,000 a week basic payment to all .
    Rights as we know them, God given, not provided by government are unknown to many young folks and to illegals…well forget it. While we deem our rights as all important, the youth of today just want someone else to take care of things.
    New gun owners may help in our just cause in that every vote for Trump is one less for Biden. Sad to say that our two party system is not serving us as it should. The both parties are different sides of the same coin, heads big government wins, tails we the people lose. Voting for a “republican” is not any guarantee of a constitutional conservative. God help us and bless us.

  26. Doesn’t make sense to say Kamala is super far left. She isn’t really. Also Bernie ran twice, he is clearly further left than Kamala. And the Democrats chose Kalama because Trump said he will get reelected by being the law and order candidate. Kamala was a AG/DA who was very heavy handed in the enforcement of the law and put a lot of black people in prison to use as slave labor, which is no surprise knowing how Kamala’s family owned a plantation and slaves.

    Trump cannot be the law and order candidate with Kamala around. Being she is half black and a woman will help Biden with the female and black voting blocs. Pence is not likable with the average American because of his strong dedication to his religion.

    The media didn’t talk all that much about the 5 year olds death, that includes Fox news, because the killer was arrested within 24 hours and charged. Additionally, there are rumors about the father and mother of the child being in a strange relationship with the black man, they had invited him over many times (including the day of the shooting), they might have been doing drugs together that day and the father was the intended target. It seems the police wanted to give them a lie detector test but the parents refused and blamed racism as the motive.

    Democrats are not single issue voters like Republicans are. They are the ones buying a lot of guns after the pandemic was declared a national emergency by Trump. The civil unrest only increased the sales by this group further. Democrats did not become Republicans and single issue voters simply because they bought a rifle… They will vote Biden because Trump has become the new Hillary Clinton. They will chose anyone over Trump just like people did when they chose Trump over Hillary.

    It will be very hard for federal gun control to pass now that gun ownership is represented on both sides. The supreme court doesn’t want to touch any 2nd Amendment cases. The government doesn’t want to test gun control on the federal level because it doesn’t appear to be in their favor at this time. However, locally the resistance is weak in most places because people believe Trump is pro gun and the NRA is still important. Unfortunately, Trump gave Kamala a great strategy to impose restrictions on the 2nd Amendment through “executive action.”

    If it turns out Trump’s brother died of covid… it would seem almost a guarantee win for Biden and Kamala.

  27. I guess no one here is familiar with “American Thinker”. It’s a clownish, right wing propaganda site that injects Bible verses into political topics with relish. It’s a complete joke on par with Alex Jones’ crap.

    • They publish articles from many different authors every day.

      Right wing yes, Alex Jones no.

      • Alex Jones, yes. They publish a whole bunch of conspiracy crap. Been reading it for years, and it seems to have gotten a lot worse since Trump came around.

        • How is American Thinker any different than Drudge or Whatfinger?

          They are basically a right wing article aggregation site. Sometimes there might be an author who you don’t agree with, but no they do not resemble anything Alex Jones says or his web sites publish.

          Townhall, Bretbart, redstate, hotair, dailywire, lewrockwell, pretty much the same in that they post articles from different authors. many others both left and right.

        • Attacking the messenger is lazy. You’re always welcome to attack the message. Messages are either defensible or they’re not.

  28. Have gun sales EVER been correlated to election results? Is there even an iota of evidence? Or is this just wishful thinking?

    Gun sales were pretty high during Obama’s first term, weren’t they?

    • “Gun sales were pretty high during Obama’s first term, weren’t they?”

      What happened during the midterm elections of 2010? The largest shift in congressional seats in 60 years.

      • and if Biden wins that could well happen again….people generally give you a brief period to improve things…and then the hammer drops if you fail….

  29. The outcome of the November election still depends on how many illegal votes the democrats can push through.

  30. Buying a first gun changes you. I had made the mistake of voting for Obama, believing his lies that he would be different from the other Democrats. And then there was the issue of nearly senile McCain and brain dead Palin. I bought my first gun in October 2012. Then came Sandy Hook. And then I got a CHP and a first handgun. Won’t say how many other guns since then, but I will say that in 2016 I voted straight Republican and will again this year. Buying that gun changes your perspective. You understand how much the proggies hate you, how they see you as a criminal when you bought the gun(s) for protection from criminals. You don’t vote Democrat after that.

    • Congratulations smart person! You have found your way through the smoke and mirrors and seen the truth. Unfortunately, too few have the mental wherewith-all to do that. It will be a battle this year for control of the nation. One that, if we lose, will result in the end of the republic we hold dear.

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