Who says our friends at the ATF aren’t good for anything, huh? In addition to arming drug runners and lying about it, they’ve now added to the American lexicon. According to US News via Yahoo Finance, everyone’s favorite rogue government agency has contributed the term “gunwalking” to the vocabulary. Sure, gunwalking may not be as much fun as some of the other new terms such as “bunga bunga” or “Tebowing,” but no one can say the Bureau hasn’t made its mark on the American culture. And their contribution to the language probably would have been even more significant, except terms like “accessory to murder,” “cover-up” and “lying to Congress” had already been created by others who came before them.


  1. This is actually very good news for the bloggers and non-MSM reporters, without whom this term would have never seen the light of day. It’s also very bad news for those responsible for its widespread use.

    I’m so glad that “botched” and “sting” weren’t included in the honor.

  2. “potentially the biggest embarrassment to date”

    To date. I’m glad they left the future open to potentially more and bigger embarrassments.


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