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Gun grabbers don’t “get” guns. Not just literally. Psychologically. They think gun owners are compensating for feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy. In my case, there’s some truth in that. Carrying a concealed handgun gives me more confidence in social situations (especially crowded places). EDC (everyday carry) makes me feel special. Not in the Barney the Dinosaur sense of the word. Or better. Just different. More grown up. That said, I find guns relaxing. Whether I’m shooting a rifle or a revolver, my mind focuses deeply and completely on what I’m doing, to the complete and total exclusion of everything else. As weird as it sounds, I buy guns to chill. You?

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  1. Why did I buy a gun ??
    Some people like golf. I just like guns. I own rifles from AK-47 to a Mare’s leg. Revolvers and Pistols. 1911 and Glock and Sig, etc. Single action revolver and double action revolver. Lever action rifles and bolt action rifles. Break open shot gun, pump shotgun and semi-auto magazine fed shotgun, and even a modified tactical 10 gauge.
    Why? I like guns. 🙂
    Only own one sword though.

  2. To have a gun should I need it for any of the following:

    home defense
    street defense
    social unrest
    survival hunting
    target shooting
    an armed citizenship helps reduce crime
    tyranny in government
    well-armed citizens help keep the foreign barbarians at the gate
    I’m Jewish and I respect the lessons from history

    • all of the above
      except I’m not Jewish.

      History has taught us that there is reason and force. When reason fails, you must have the means to use force. Without it, you are at the mercy of those who do.

  3. Because idiots think I shouldn’t be “allowed” to, and some of the wisest men in history made it so I can anyway. Also, because it imparts pants-crapping hysteria into the hearts and minds of said idiots, so, win-win.

  4. I purchase guns for equal parts self defense, target shooting and simple enjoyment of ownership. Maybe that last one most of all. I love the upkeep and maintenance of my firearms as much as I do punching paper and scattering clays. Detail strips, internal component upgrades, optics and accessories. Grabbing a SIG to wipe off with a rag (even though it doesn’t need it) while watching TV. That’s why I buy them.

  5. I am compensating for inadequacy. I am middle aged, out of shape and have a stiff back. Carmen (my beloved .40 M&P) evens up the odds God forbid I should ever need odds evened.

  6. I need the right tools for the right job. Sometimes it’s a sledge hammer, other times it’s a scalpel. Occasionally it’s a firearm. You could do surgery with a steak knife, it’s just not as easy nor elegant.

  7. Personally I have a disability and while I encourage avoiding a violent situation, most people could turn and run if SHTF. Personally I could expose by back while slowly limp running out of there, or I could face the threat and have a chance of defending myself while making a “tactical” withdraw.

    Then there is the pure enjoyment, some people like jogging. To each his own. I also like the social side of it.

  8. Guns R Fun!

    Love the emotional, intellectual, mental, and physical connection to a fine object made by man which is so useful for defense, recreation, and collecting. Like cars, but I can hold it, take it apart myself, carry it with me, and afford more than one!

  9. I enjoy my guns as a hobby. The concentration, training and skill necessary to make the bullet go where I want it to go relaxes and sharpens me. The same basic enjoyment is found in handloading. I also rely on my guns to be one tool of many in my arsenal in defense of home, family and self. Finally, I buy guns because I can do whatever I want with my own money and I enjoy making people like mikeylotsanumber spew invective and fret over inanimate objects

  10. I own a gun because I am an AMERICAN and it is not only a god given right but also the responsibility of a citizen to carry a firearm and represent the spirit behind the second admenment.

    Also, I love guns!
    Best tools ever made by man.

  11. I had guns as we used to have 3 farms and really they were used for hunting and mostly predator and pest control. Being out in the sticks also meant the cops were not very close either.
    I later worked in management in a militant Union environment and as they were not playing by Queensbury rules, I had a carry Walther pistol to that effect, and modified the 870 for defense roles.
    I later was married and had a child and almost had to use the 870 against 4 armed thugs. The Police did eventually arrive after 15 minutes, at the wrong address, and could not locate the perps. It took us 3 calls to get the cops in the right location and had to go out and identify where the perps had been. Luckily I had the 870, the perps were incompetent, and at the last second they went to attack someone else across the street.
    And Mike B wonders why I have a gun?

  12. Its a hobby. And an obsession. I split my time between cars and guns and I love the culture and community behind both. I also like knowing that I can effectively protect my family and myself in this messed up society we live in.

  13. Because its one of the only hobbies with universally valuable items you can pawn for quick cash in a hurry if you simply must pay the rent. That and having been shot at I can’t imagine restarting my baseball card collection.

  14. I own guns because I am not skilled enough, nor rich enough, to work on classic cars. Taking a firearm apart and inspecting it is as relaxing as being waist deep in an engine compartment on a summer afternoon.

    I own guns because I am a family man. It is my responsibility to protect and provide for my family. When I say provide it means both going to the local grocer and into the woods.

    I own guns because I have worked for the government. I have seen the level of incompetence common among well-meaning individuals and corruption of not so well-meaning individuals.

    I own a gun because I can. I enjoy going into the woods or to the range. It is a family event that we all look forward to. Some families throw Frisbees at the park, some go to the pistol range.

  15. after watching that video i think i’m going to add to my collection today……don’t tell my wife

  16. * Because I can.

    * Because I am a hunter and guns put meat on the table.

    * Because guns are amazing “gadgets” and are fascinating to me.

    * Because shooting is fun whether the targets are milk jugs or sheets of paper.

    * Because I am willing to be responsible for my safety and the safety of my family and community.

    * Because owning guns is an exercise of an important liberty, a liberty that is denied (or severely curtailed) for citizens of other “civilized” nations.

    * Because I am a citizen and not a subject.

    * Oh, and did I mention – Because I can? 😉

  17. Because they make my johnson look HUGE.

    Okay, that’s not the reason, but it’s the holiday season and I wanted to spread a little cheer among the heathens.

  18. Because I can since I’m not a convicted felon,mentally ill,or an illegal alien.
    I have always liked guns ever since I was a toddler and I’m a reasonably well adjusted husband of over 40 years,a father and grandfather,now retired,but was never unemployed in my working years.I don’t live in a basement reading The Turner Diaries or believe in conspiracy theories.
    I do believe Eric Holder hates this country and would love to see it collapse.
    His mania for gun control can’t be explained any other way,considering how many people’s lives have been lost as a result of his insane program of selling guns to cartel killers.It was very possibly a ploy to get the AWB reintroduced.THAT is no “conspiracy theory”since the SOB mentioned it as an aim of his in his first statement as AG.

  19. I own guns because it’s an awesome pleasure to put a round on a target where I aimed it. Also, it’s the difference between being a free citizen or mere loyal subject of the government. Finally, and of equal importance, I own guns because some people are so hell bent on stopping me from keeping and bearing arms, I think they must want to make me a slave or something. At the very least, I know they don’t have my good in mind.

  20. I grew up half farm half city, we had guns.
    Guns took care of pests, Procured food and protected us from animals that would make us food. We were taught at a young age to respect and care for them.

    Guns also took up some of my spare time, as a hobby and a ever challenging sport, milk jugs and clay targets fell to steady hands and good aim.

    I have guns for sport and protection, a tool, a hobby and a guarantee.

    I have my wife to protect (she carries daily as well)

    Remember the government should fear its people, not the other way around.

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