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“Artist and Florida State University professor George Blakely presents works of art — from photos, paintings and cinema — that depict the gun.”

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  1. What about The Gunny’s shotgun-produced abstract art? It kind of reminds me of Jackson Pollack, without the pretentiousness.

  2. You want to see gun art then go to the National Firearms Museum at the NRA headquarters. You’ll see an awesome collection of historical guns, movie guns, and other notable items.

    As for the video… a brief look into the idociy of self-indulgent fools. Moreover, if having someone shoot you is art then the the TTAG IGOTD is a veritable archive of masterpieces.

  3. Albeit nitpicking, when the video showed the muzzle end of a firearm it always mentioned ‘as seen by the shooting victim’. So is a photo of the front of a car always ‘as seen by a hit and run victim’?

    • To be fair, he may be echoing the artist’s original intent as explained to him by the artist or perhaps parroting a review with the same insight.

      Other than that, I thought it was pretty objective view for a very short piece. He said he was going to offer multiple viewpoints and did. He didn’t seem to take any ‘side’ about the validity of any of those viewpoints.


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