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TTAG reader Eclzeastes writes:

I just finished watching an episode of Kung Fu Panda on Nick called “The Midnight Stranger.” The ruler of the village bans kung fu. To keep the village safe, the hero (Po) has to dress up as the Midnight Stranger so he can secretly use kung fu. The leaders catch the Midnight Stranger and are going to put him in jail. Then all the evil guys come out to thank the village leader for banning kung fu so they can rule. Eventually the hero breaks his bonds and fights the bad guys and wins. The village thanks the hero for using kung fu. It makes me think the show’s scriptwriters were pro 2A; if not then they just made our argument for us. I’d love to know if they are actually liberal gun-hating Hollywood types that didn’t realize what they were writing . . .

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  1. That is very funny if it was intentional. And even more funny if it was a happy accident. Reminds me of an episode of The Rifleman titled “The Anvil Chorus”.

    • HOLY C**P! You remember individual episodes of THE RIFLEMAN? May I kiss your feet? That’s AWESOME!

      Thanks to my grandson, I LOVE me some Kung-Fu Panda; I’m indebted to him.

  2. The cynic in me wants to say the writers are liberals, but
    we can all hope. Liberals tend to be impervious to logic,
    irony and hypocrisy, so it’s entirely possibly that, if liberal,
    they couldn’t see any parallels.

  3. Nice find Eclzeastes! Definitely an allegorical defense of 2a. Pretty smart too — they’re not only getting the argument out there, but automatically getting the viewer to identify with it.

    There’s an argument that good literature flourishes at times of political repression because it forces the author to be more indirect and artful. You can’t literally say “Louie the 14th is an evil tyrant,” so maybe you’ll write an allegorical play and just let the audience discover the true meaning for themselves. As long as state censors can’t control our internal thought process, allegory will continue to be a way around state tyranny… or Hollywood political correctness.

  4. Hardly. But I am unwilling to say I’ll let the crocodile eat the kids if it’ll just leave my guns alone.

  5. The Constitution is quite clear that the RKBA IS a protected right beyond its scope or ability to deny.

    It is ironic that the message in that episode supports fighting back against the bad guys. They probably didn’t associate it because of them being, not average citizens, but highly trained heroes, similar to [not so well trained, and those that are well trained] cops. Notice Kung-Fu doesn’t seem to be for the masses, just a selected few can and are capable in the series and the movies: the bad guys and the heroes.

      • FIRST, I’d have to run for office to lose due to female voters. I’m not motivated to run for office, it’s not my destiny.

        SECOND, you assume I am part of the RepubliCON or DEMONcrat parties that helped to create this mess (with deception and conditioning) while trying to rape and rewrite The Constitution without doing it in the prescribed manner that they KNOW will fail them.

  6. COMMENT DELETED – Off-topic. I’m sorry but I’m not letting this thread become a discussion of abortion. I’ve asked Ivy Mike to write a post on the link between gun laws and abortion where you will be able to deal with that issue at length. Your patience is most appreciated.

  7. On the subject of Kung Fu Panda, this is a great way to reach kids. They’ll get the analogy and draw their own, likely correct, conclusions.

  8. My bet is that it was unintentional, and the parallel would be totally lost on the writers. The entire progressive fascist ideology is built on double standards and paradox after paradox that they fail to recognize. Demands for equality while pushing affirmative action, reverence for free speech while quashing dissenting views, bemoaning hatred while calling for the deaths of their rivals, that kind of thing.

  9. Super ironic considering that kung-fu was originated from exercises devised by Buddhist monks to keep fit. Later, it was taught by the monks to the common people in order that they might be able to defend themselves against bandits and a corrupt government that prohibited peasants from owning weapons. Karate has similar origins, evolving on Okinawa from kung-fu – only samurai were permitted to own and openly wear a sword. Peasants needed to learn how to defend themselves using the tools they had available, such as a sickle or staff.

  10. Seriously, stop with the liberal bashing. I am more liberal than conservative and a gun owner. It just makes you guys look bad. I mean the Conservative Republican Fox News is in bed with a Muslim Saudi but you guys do not care about that. Terrroist funded Fox News (according to the use of your logic). So, I guess that makes all LGS a muslim terrorist cell because all I see when I walk into the LGS in my area is Fox F’N News. Remember I am using your logic to equate this.

    • Cry me a river. It is neo-liberals/progressives taking steps across this nation to infringe on our civil rights by passing laws that would have not stopped any of the shooting tragedies and than complain about anything mean referred about said Liberals? Give me a break.

  11. Knowing them, they will probable make the “argument” that “No one needs a gun, just learn Kung-Fu and you will be fine!”

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