Area 419 Harris Bipod ARCALOCK Clamp Kit
Area 419 Harris Bipod ARCALOCK Clamp Kit (Image courtesy JWT for
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I only recently got on the ARCA rail bandwagon. I should have made the switch a lot sooner.

Arcalock Rail (Image courtesy JWT for

For those of you unfamiliar with the ARCA-Swiss rail system, it’s a simple concept adapted from the photography and film industry. Folks already using camera tripods to shoot with didn’t have much of a jump to make to using an elongated rail section to fit into the dovetail slot used for most camera equipment.

A long rail running the full length of the fore end of your rifle now allows you to slide your rifle up and down the full length of the rail attached to a tripod.

Area 419 Harris Bipod ARCALOCK Clamp Kit
Image courtesy JWT for

If your bipod is also ARCA compatible, you can now quickly position your bipod anywhere on the fore end as well. Balance points can be achieved much faster, and you can shoot quickly from even more positions.

The downside is that now your bipod has to be ARCA compatible, too. For those of us who already have a Harris bipod (or a dozen of them), buying all new bipods for the same gun(s) doesn’t sound great.

Enter theĀ Area 419 Harris Bipod ARCALOCK Clamp Kit. With this kit, you can quickly convert any Model S type (swiveling) Harris bipod to mate with the included ARCALOCK clamp.

Area 419 Harris Bipod ARCALOCK Clamp Kit
Image courtesy JWT for

ARCALOCK is simply Area 419s improvement on the ARCA system itself, allowing for a more solid grip on an Area 419 ARCA style rail. If you have a standard ARCA rail…no problem. The clamp can be used with both by simply removing the pins designed to work with the Area 419 ARCALOCK system.

Installation takes about five minutes, which includes partial disassembly of the Harris mounting plate. Even I figured it out without instructions. If you need one, there’s a video describing the process. The hardest part is finding a 1/4″ socket.

Area 419 Harris Bipod ARCALOCK Clamp Kit
Image courtesy JWT for

Area 419 doesn’t seem to do anything halfway. The materials, workmanship, and finish on the mount and lock are excellent. The whole thing is made at their shop in Delta, Ohio. If you want quality American craftsmanship, this is it.

Area 419 Harris Bipod ARCALOCK Clamp Kit
Image courtesy JWT for

The end result is a clamp that slides on, grips solidly, and adjusts quickly. If you’re just used to a fixed position bipod, this is a much bigger upgrade than you thought possible.

Area 419 Harris Bipod ARCALOCK Clamp Kit
Courtesy Area 419

The added benefit is that now you can easily slide the same bipod onto any rifle equipped with an ARCA rail, all with the twist of knob. Outstanding.

Specifications: Area 419 Harris Bipod ARCALOCK Clamp Kit

Comes with Harris Adapter and ARCALOCK Clamp Base
Replaces the swivel stud mounting platform
Works with the factory tensioning screw or a KMW Pod Loc
Machined in house from 6061-T6Type III Black Hardcoat Anodized
Weight: 8oz
Price: $100 (from the Area 419 Website)

Overall * * * * *
Simple to install. Looks great. Works perfectly.

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  1. Nice product if you can afford it and Harris.

    As for me I’ve spent enough money on Harris Bipods and switched to attaching MADE IN CHINA 6-9″ swivel knockoffs direct…All mounting related hardware is removed. Depending on the handguard a bipod attachment rail that is inserted inside the slotted handguard is made form 1/8 x 3/8 x 4.5″ mild steel drilled and tapped for a 10-32″ socket head to secure the rail to the handguard. The fabricated rail is also drilled and tapped for a 1/4″-28TPI bolt for attaching the bipod. A flared bottom nut with a 5/16″ ID is height surfaced accordingly and shaped to fit inside the squared opening in the bipod. The result is a bipod attached rock solid, performs as good as any and looks clean doing it.

    To the imbeciles who berated my instructions for making a Glock Safety Plug…Move Along and Take Up Knitting.

  2. its not her fault
    that deb is the way she is
    having said that
    id rather have a dozen of her in the comment section
    than one miner
    because at the end of the day
    she at least does know some stuff
    while the same thing cant be said about miner
    (simple math and dnc talking points dont count)

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