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From CZ-USA . . .

The new CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT is the latest member in the CZ family of high-performance pistols. Designed with the same instinctive fit as CZ’s full-size flagship sport pistol – the CZ SHADOW 2 – the CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT has been specifically engineered for shooters who want a top-tier, highly accurate pistol that is easier to handle and carry. And as with all models in the CZ SHADOW 2 series, it is constructed from advanced materials and comes with match-ready features.

The CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT retains the key, competition-proven features, accuracy, ergonomics, and handling that made its big brother so popular among elite sport shooters and contributed to its status as a world championship firearm, with numerous world championship titles under its belt in the IPSC Production and Production Optics divisions.

The overall size of the CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT is 7.5 (L) × 1.4 (W) × 5.4 (H) inches. A light and strong forged 7075 aluminum frame shaves precious ounces off the total weight, bringing its weight down to 2 lbs. As a result, it’s the perfect choice for all-day carry and concealed carry.

Like the full-size CZ SHADOW 2, it features butter smooth trigger pull (single action 3.4 pounds; double action 10.3 pounds) and shortened reset, allowing for quick and accurate follow-up shots. It comes with a 4-inch barrel that glides quickly from holsters while still achieving impressive ballistic performance; its magazine holds 15 rounds.

Racking the CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT’s slide from various positions is easy and intuitive, thanks to deep-cut front and rear cocking serrations. The rear of the slide is equipped with an extremely low and robust mounting interface for the attachment of a red dot sight. In fact, its mounting interface is identical to what is found on the CZ SHADOW 2 OR model and is compatible with the same mounting plates. Shooters who prefer running standard sights will appreciate its high-visibility fiber optic front sight for aiming in all lighting conditions and height-adjustable rear sight for precision.

Right- and left-handed shooters are equally at home with its low-profile ambidextrous manual safety and reduced height magazine release button that can be swapped from side-to-side. The CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT also includes other features that are shared with the full-size CZ SHADOW 2, such as a spacious trigger guard, checkered grip and dust cover with accessory rail for mounting lights and other devices.

The new CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT is a dream come true for shooters who have been waiting for a light, compact pistol with all of the winning features found in the CZ SHADOW 2 series.


  • Forged 7075 aluminum frame is compact and durable
  • Smooth trigger pull and shortened reset
  • Exceptionally low and secure OR (Optics-Ready) interface
  • Fiber optic front sight for extreme visibility and increased shooting accuracy
  • Height adjustable rear sight for easy aiming
  • Low-profile ambidextrous manual safety
  • Interchangeable low-profile magazine release button

CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT Specifications:

  • Caliber: 9 × 19
  • Magazine Capacity: 15
  • Weight with empty magazine: 30 oz. / 1.8 lbs (870 ±5 g)
  • Overall Length: 7.5 in (191 mm)
  • Width: 1.4 in (35 mm)
  • Height: 5.4 in (138 mm)
  • Barrel Length: 4 in (102 mm)
  • Barrel: Cold Hammer Forged
  • Sights: Fiber Optic Front, Checkered Rear
  • Action: DA/SA
  • Trigger Pull: SA 3.4, DA 10.3 lbs (SA 15, DA 46 N)
  • Trigger Travel: SA 0.11, DA 0.19 in (SA 3–4, DA 5 mm)
  • Trigger Reset: 0.11–0.15 in (3–4 mm)
  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy
  • Grips: Aluminum
  • Safety: Manual Safety, Safety Notch On The Hammer

With the release of CZ’s new CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT, shooters around the world now have access to the new benchmark in pure performance for the compact pistol category.

Visit the CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT website:

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  1. At least that comes with an extended slide release. My RAMI is nice, but in the drive for slimness, comes stock with a slide release nearly impossible to activate with my thumb.

    Fortunately, the 01 standard slide release is a drop-in part, and lets me drop the slide slicker than snot… 🙂

    EDIT – Nice beaver (tail)…

  2. HOW did a 30oz gat with a 4″ barrel become a “compact”? It looks good but when did the definition of full size/duty change??? Serious question only been a gat owner for a dozen years🙄

    • “It looks good but when did the definition of full size/duty change???”

      It means pretty much whatever they want it to mean, these days… 🙁

    • Full, compact, sub, micro.
      All constructs. The pistol can identify as whatever it wants to. You bigot.

      • “You bigot.”

        You meant ‘Size Queen’, didn’t you?

        *snicker*… 😉

    • It’s been the case for as long as I can remember (G19 4.02″ and Colt Commander 4.25″ vs. their 4.6″ and 5″ barrel service-size versions). It’s only relatively recently that the introduction of subcompacts and then micros made “compacts” ironically stand out as larger than many / most other popular sellers.

      I wish they’d introduce a poly-frame version that works with the standard 75 mags and trigger group.

  3. So if you have never shot an original Shadow 2 they are awesome to shoot. great trigger, low bore axis, minimal mass in the slide but they are really heavy 46.5oz. I am planning on buying one when I get my other big project done but I don’t think I would ever carry it. I could see this as being a good option for someone who really likes the shadow 2 but wants one that is a bit more reasonable for carry.

  4. I was thinking I could see trading in a M&P 2.0 compact in on one of these as I really like the CZ75 platform. Then I noticed you lose the rear sight when you opt for a dot, and the $1500 msrp put the final nail in that coffin… nice gun though, a little smaller than a 45 carry comp Witness that I use for woods/winter carry rotation.

  5. The CZ subreddit is full of haters because this one lacks a FPB or a decocker. I carry the P-01 and I do like the decocker, but it’s not a hard stop for me. It’s just nice to have at the range.

    The manual safety is useless. Not sure why they went with that instead of the decocker. Maybe they didn’t learn from the Omega days.

    I would carry it half cocked like I do now and it would be perfectly safe. I guess this is basically a P-01 that’s Cajunized from the factory?

  6. Aluminum framed handguns if not well engineered do not last as long as steel framed handguns.

    Even the holy grail of Walther handguns, the aluminum framed P88, was a miserable failure in the U.S. Military trials as both entries cracked their aluminum frames at only 7,000 rounds.

    I might also mention that the Colt Commander was also noted for having an aluminum frame that quickly went snap, crackle and pop in no time at all. Even the great guru and high priest of the 1911 Crowd said and I quote: “It’s a gun to be carried much and shot seldom”.

    As far as the new CZ Shadow one wonders “What is it good for” considering the fact that CZ’s other model the Compact Model D has a shorter slide and shorter grip making it way better for concealed carry so what good is the new CZ Shadow????

    I might also mention CZ’s original steel frame Compact gun, no need to worry about an aluminum frame cracking on this model because the frame is made of steel, but unfortunately it makes the gun heavier than an Abrams Tank.

    I look for a very short manufacturing life of the new CZ shadow as it fills no needed nitch. If you are a collector of “all things” CZ you had better get off your cheap ass and buy one now before they are gone forever. Me? I will pass and stick with my original steel frame CZ compact.

  7. There is much good to be said about the DA/SA action, and I have little doubt this is a real shooter–it had better be for the price. But it is (relatively) heavy, long and wide, especially when compared to a compact 1911 style pistol or many of the plastic fantastic 9mms on the market, reducing its appeal as a carry gun. While I agree that a compact .45 1911 is quite the handful, there are a multitude of the same pistol in 9mm that are lovely to shoot.

  8. I like the Shadow 2, but not as a self-defense or carry platform. The lack of a firing pin block and the small safety make it a nonstarter for those kinds of situations. Guns are dropped in stressful situations, and you need to get the safety off easily. I know from experience with my Shadow 2 that safety is hard to manipulate, even just at home, holding the gun.

    I have a P-01 that I’m waiting for personal circumstances to allow me to send off for Cajunization. When that’s done, I think that will be my new carry gun.

  9. Height: 5.4 in

    Cool, but it’s too tall to be carry friendly. That’s full size territory. A full size M&P is 5.5 inches. I’d rather have fewer rounds with a 5.0 in height.

    • Have you tried the Witness-P Compact? It’s about 5″ high with 13rd mags (and compatibility with the whole CZ-75 family). Grip isn’t quite P365 slim, but much slimmer than say a Glock.

  10. Interesting but no thanks. It looks to be SA pistol since it has no decocker. Not exactly compact or light either. My HK P30SK is my choice for hammer fired concealable pistol.

  11. CZ-75 and variants are one of two good things to come out of the former Soviet block! The other being the various AKs. And, being good Communists they werenotallowed to patent them so western companies could improve them immediately. Tanfoglio over in Italy knew a good thing when they saw it and turned out some awesome clones the Tanfoglio Witness Hunter, although large and heavy is a 10mm being my all time favorite hunting handgun! I will stick with the Custom Shop Compact as it costs about the same and has a decocker.

    • A man of taste and culture!👍🍻I have the best of both worlds after getting a Defiant Stock II 9mm slide and barrel I can interchange with the Hunter’s 10mm upper. At some point I think I’ll try to make a .22TCM barrel as well.

  12. If you’re going to carry a DA/SA gun, it needs a decocker, not a safety. The double-action trigger pull is the best safety there is, no fumbling for a safety in a stressful situation and no accidentally engaging it when you need to fire. Dropping the hammer on a live round though, that’s sketchy in perfect conditions, and no firing pin block… I’ve got a cz75D PCR that’s perfect as a CCW, and while I’d love to shoot the Shadow 2 Compact, it’s not a carry option in my book.

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