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Leaked Internal Memo Reveals the ACLU Is Wavering on Free Speech

Add one more Amendment to the list that the ACLU finds politically inconvenient . . .

It’s hard to see this as anything other than a cowardly retreat from a full-throated defense of the First Amendment. Moving forward, when deciding whether to take a free speech case, the organization will consider “factors such as the (present and historical) context of the proposed speech; the potential effect on marginalized communities; the extent to which the speech may assist in advancing the goals of white supremacists or others whose views are contrary to our values; and the structural and power inequalities in the community in which the speech will occur.”

The memo also makes clear that the ACLU has zero interest in defending First Amendment rights in conjunction with Second Amendment rights. If controversial speakers intend to carry weapons, the ACLU “will generally not represent them.”

North Georgia gun manufacturer dropped by two banks

But Honor Defense doesn’t make “assault weapons.” Surely Bank of America will help them out . . .

Gary Ramey, the president of Honor Defense in Gainesville, said two different financial services companies have now cut ties with his business.

According to Ramey, both companies dropped him from their payment processing services because he sells firearms.

Ramey said that decision has interrupted his business and could cause major damage to other small companies.

Moms Demand Action Designer Shirt

Designers Create T-Shirts for Gun Safety

That innovative design must have taken Rowley all of five minutes to whip up in Photoshop . . .

Cynthia Rowley, Christian Siriano and Bonnie Young have designed T-shirts to mark Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s five-year anniversary.

In addition, graphic designer Rebecca Cohen, a volunteer with the Oregon chapter of Moms Demand Action, has designed a T-shirt. The shirts are being launched by Everytown Fashion Council, part of the Everytown Creative Council.

“I am so honored to have the opportunity to be a voice that stands for safer schools, homes and communities,” Rowley said. “Hundreds of lives are affected by gun violence every day. This T represents five years of hope, persistence and change. Let’s join hands on the front line.”

Experts shoot holes in CNN’s report on school gun violence

Still more #fakenews . . .

“In the recent case by CNN, they made up their own numbers by using a very broad definition of school shooting,” David Katz, CEO of Global Security and a former special agent with the DEA, told Fox News.

In the case of all those school shootings, Katz, who says this sort of study produces a false impression through “deceptive inclusion,” notes CNN’s report includes things such as BB guns. And it’s not necessarily the kind of gun violence that the headlines conjure up. According to Katz, the numbers include any shooting “that just happens to be on school property after hours with no real connection to the type of shootings we are all horrified at.”

William B. Fairley, president of Analysis & Inference — specialists in statistics and data science — agrees that most of the shootings on CNN’s list don’t approximate to what happened in Parkland, Fla., where 17 people were murdered this year in a shooting rampage on Feb. 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

America Small Arms Survey Chart Guns

America’s love for guns, in one chart

I don’t know about you, but I’m all verklempt . . .

Researchers found that there has been an increase in worldwide civilian gun ownership compared to the previous 2007 analysis for 2006. Some of that was due to improvements in measurements, which allowed the Small Arms Survey to produce more accurate (but higher) estimates. But some of that, the researchers noted, was a genuine increase in the amount of civilian-owned guns. “It is clear that global civilian holdings are growing, with much, but not all, of the increase attributable to rising ownership in the United States,” the researchers concluded.

Vox says that like it’s a bad thing.

Lauren Hogg Parkland Shooting Survivor Gun Control

I Was Old Enough To Watch My Friends Die, So Don’t Say I’m Too Young To Talk About Guns

Talk all you like. It would just be nice if you knew the first thing about your subject . . .

Between me and David, I’m the really diplomatic one on Twitter, honestly. He thinks of posting stupid stuff sometimes, so I always check over it. When we were still in D.C. after March For Our Lives, we started getting all of these texts from our friends that Laura Ingraham had said something about David. And that time he was like, “Help me, how do I deal with this?”

I felt that the tables had turned in a way, because growing up, David’s always been that big-brother figure. He’s always been the one who protects me. But at the same time, I felt like because he’d done this my whole life, it was my responsibility. It was my turn to protect him.



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  1. So HogGirl admits that HogBoy posts stupid crap on Twitter?

    And no, she’s not too young to speak her mind, but she can’t demand we give a darn what’s on her mind.

    • She can speak her mind but it will not take long to prove that she knows nothing about our constitution, bill of rights or has ever read the federalist papers. All this snowflake knows is what socialist indoctrination she received in school instead of a real education. Yeah, maybe she saw some of her friends get shot and die but this is the result of the stupid school policies and the gun free school shooting galleries set up to justify disarmament of the law abiding citizens. Dear, you got a lot to learn before you lecture the rest of us.

  2. ACLU is merely a fundraising arm of the DNC at this point, there is no longer any service mission. The NRA is rapidly trending the same direction with respect to the RNC.

    • Soon we will be England. And who will (be able ) to speak for us then?
      Actually a friend sent me this article this evening. I think we are in a very dangerous time when only P.C. speech of a hard left stance is tolerated on college campuses. And now those young elites are spreading into the working world and demanding compliance from their theoretically more seasoned elders–and the elders, afraid of being out of step, comply. This future will be an ugly one.

      • “And now those young elites are spreading into the working world and demanding compliance from their theoretically more seasoned elders–and the elders, afraid of being out of step, comply.”

        That only works to a *point*.

        They don’t understand that when patience eventually runs out (and it *will* run out), the blow-back is something they are utterly unprepared for.

        That day is coming. HR departments will wise up. Their bullshit will impact the company bottom line, and that’s when it will end…

      • This is exactly what the left wants. Along with the dumbing down of our youth in school, the lack of common sense, the attempts to make this country a socialist nation and the widespread introduction of usefull idiots, if we the people don t wake up soon we will all be standing in lines for hours for a loaf of bread and a single roll of toilet paper. Look at the former Soviet Union. If you read the Communist Manifesto you will see how this gets started.

      • By that time, Amercia would be in the midst of another American Civil War… courtesy of the liberals and Neo communists…The 1st Purge would be underway…And the Left would lose…And I as a non-firearms owner, but Bill of Rights supporter. I WON’T have to worry about not owning…Because there should be plenty on the Streets, amongst all the Bodies….And the Horrors of War….

    • ACLU is merely a fundraising arm of the DNC at this point, there is no longer any service mission. The NRA is rapidly trending the same direction with respect to the RNC.

      You are correct that the ACLU has simply been picking and choosing what it can fundraiser on.

      But you can’t compare the paltry funding of the NRA with what are now 40 national and local gun control advocacy fronts with budgets over a million dollars a year, some with budgets of $50 million.

      • That’s not what I said; I said the NRA is morphing into a political fundraising arm of the GOP. The more they’ve toted the line, even at the expense of gun rights, the more money they’ve made. When this creates policy messes for gun owners, they get to fundraise for themselves in a claimed attempt to remedy the situation of their own making.

        It’s a vicious circle of chasing policies counterproductive to your stated mission so as to attract support, because “who else will tackle these issues?” It’s exactly what happened to all the civil rights groups including the ACLU, it’s what is happening to the NRA. The NRA is actually pretty much happy with the status quo of gun laws, which is why it is unwilling to move the needle further; but to keep their paychecks coming in despite not doing anything, they need to make trouble for themselves by allowing gun-hostile politicians to go unopposed (or even supported). The NRA made a ton of money in FL after Parkland, despite still not making a single statement condemning A-rated Governor Scott’s betrayal of gun rights, and actually endorsing many of his anti-gun policies.

        • Oh stop with your whining about the NRA.

          The NRA did not raise 1/100th the amount after parkland that the gun grabbers did.

          And ACLU is making a mistake? They are raising more money than ever.

  3. Hey, at least it’s not like the fictional CDC vaccine charts that only show disease prevalence and mortality AFTER the vaccines were used while leaving out the 100 year trend prior to the shots being released showing precipitous declines in both prevalence and mortality prior the use of vaccines.

    • And the cdc charts that they buried showing the increase of male pattern baldness after vaccines were first introduced… I notice they always cover that up… and the cover up is so obvious it doesn’t even look like real hair!

      Don’t forget to call me a troll… sweetie 😉

      • Don’t look at me. My hair is coming back after I started taking Finasteride and slathering my head in Minoxidil every day. You just gotta stop it before it gets too far.

      • @joey Here are some cited graphs showing evidence that vaccines were not the public health savior we have been brainwashed to believe. Your attempts to deflect away from real data on this subject are laughable. But feel free to post any graph showing correlation with male pattern baldness…..

        • Your graphs are a study in bullshit for the weakminded. Not per capita, and they are death rates not occurrence rates.

    • Pew found anti vax nuts are nearly twice as more prevalent on the left as the right. But on rare occasion one finds one of these nuts on the right as well.

      These nuts say things like: “show disease prevalence and mortality AFTER the vaccines were used while leaving out the 100 year trend prior to the shots being released showing precipitous declines in both prevalence and mortality prior the use of vaccines.”

      When any perusal of whooping cough, measles, mumps, diphtheria, polio morbidity and mortality rates per capita show huge declines in those disease morbidity and mortality rates where and when broad vaccinations were introduced.

      • Hilarious when people either try to intentionally lie about this material or they are flat out ignorant about the subject and make ridiculous statements. Here’s a measles graph, there are dozens more for the other allegedly vaccine preventable diseases. And similar graphs showing declines or other diseases such as scarlet fever, typhoid, etc, where no mass vaccine campaigns were used but the infection rates and death rates nearly mirror the same decline.

        • Genuinely curious, what is the purpose of vaccination if not the prevention of illness?

        • Some vaccines appear to be successful in preventing the infections they are designed to prevent, others not so much, and others not all. The real question is do vaccines make us healthier? A large scale scale health comparison of unvaccinated people vs fully vaccinated people would answer that question, which is why we will never see such a study.

        • Dude,

          In all honesty I have no way of knowing where that data comes from or the veracity of the information provided. As a skeptic, I’m sure you’ve checked into their research and it is legit.

          I did flip through the website quickly and they claim both the live and dead polio vaccines have caused paralytic illness, and then in the same paragraph state that only the live one causes it (I’m paraphrasing). I’ll actually go through it in more detail over the weekend, because I am interested to see what they say, and I will approach it with an open mind, all sarcasm aside I’m happy to learn and look forward to seeing if I will from this site. Thank you for the link. (That isn’t me being ironic by the way, if a patient brings me an article against vaccines I do read it, just so we can discuss it honestly)

          To answer your question, I usually make snarky comments that I think are funny and sometimes will chime in on info about guns I own or have shot… so no, the majority of my posts are not vaccine related, becuase, you know, this is a gun site? But somehow the vaccine comments that somehow always tie into the gun article just gets me riled up to respond… especially about my baldness.

        • You know scarlet fever is just strep throat, right? And once penicillin was introduced in first world countries the rates dropped like a rock? You could make the same correlation about Certain STD’s and antibiotics.


          And your graph for measles is for deaths, no occurrences… so yes, death rates dropped as medicine advanced. Things like steroids for encephalitis, supportive care like iv’s For dehydration, antipyretics and anti seizure meds… all of these things help reduce mortality… the vaccines would not decrease mortality rates per infection, they would reduce infection rates per population…and by reducing the denominator, they would reduce the total deaths.

        • Joe, you’ve posted so much BS I’m not even sure where to begin. You are aware of the drop in scarlet fever prior to antibiotics, right? You want to give medical intervention credit where it’s not valid. You must also know the incidence rates AND death rates from nearly all infectious disease(including many we didn’t vaccinate for) was precipitously declining prior to any mass vaccine campaigns. Does your income depend on perpetuating the vaccine myths of the 20th century,?

        • Joe, an observation about your verge link, the piece fails to mention the infection rate of those were vaccinated and those who were not. Also the countries mentioned have significant poverty levels and do not have first world living conditions, this has always been a sleight of hand attempt to compare the health of poorer countries as if they accurately represent the conditions in fully developed affluent countries. Nice try.

  4. ACLU should simply drop the C and then declare to be the American Liberal Union. Or maybe keep the C, and replace Civil with Communist.

  5. Hate speech, like it or not, is protected speech.

    That’s the essence of it. If the ACLU doesn’t recognize that essential truth, then they are going against their very reason for being.

    • Its like the dude said in Usual Suspects, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he never existed.”

      Don’t think for one second the ACLU cares about Americans, civil liberties, or is meant to unify disparate people. Think more Orwellian: Ministry of Peace deals with war. Ministry of Truth manufactures lies, etc etc…

  6. Honor Defense? I’m trying to suss out which is more perversely satisfying, death by being denied banking services, or being denied access to the bank because they have no funds on account. (On account of it’s hard to peddle a mediocre pistol for twice market price, especially when you play the utter BS ‘patriot-card’.)

    Either way, good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • Yeah, I had a sneaking suspicion that blurb would bring you out.

      Well, at least now I have the perverse satisfaction of now knowing what he looks like, after his epic melt-down a while back as he responded to valid criticism of his company’s ‘product’…

      • You do know what my dog whistles are 🙂

        Karl Lippard and his majik-deathray 1911 will also do it. Waaaaay back in the day, RF almost had me talked into flying to TX (or CO, I forget) to witness his “show” in person and write the reality…

        The “aiming” (not walking it in) at 400 yards (with an iron-sighted pistol) claim was just too much BS for me to take.

  7. Taking her strategy that means since we can’t talk about gun control because we weren’t in the area of a mass shooting then they can’t talk about guns at all because they don’t own them.

  8. “Leaked Internal Memo Reveals the ACLU Is Wavering on Free Speech”,Then again.

    ACLU asks Vermont Gov. Scott to stop blocking pro-gun online critics

    Ole Flip Flop Scott has more problems other than having to put his amateur racing career on hold,not having a passed budget,violating Article,13,16 not to mention the First and Second Amendment and what of the self proven liars reelection hopes,Not A Chance In Hell !

  9. She’s too undereducated to talk about guns. If she thinks government should be based on emotion she needs a shrink. It’s time to MARGINALIZE the frigging ACLU. It seems to have forgotten what rights are. These ignorant DIPS need to reread the Declaration of Independence. They have no idea what I would call them in private, face to face. Hell, they aren’t even good lawyers any longer!!

  10. “In the recent case by CNN,”

    This from the Commiecrat/Clinton News Network is surprising,how.

  11. “I Was Old Enough To Watch My Friends Die, So Don’t Say I’m Too Young To Talk About Guns”

    According to your Lefttard handlers,if you are not 21 you do not have your right to the Second Amendment,so if that is the case why should you be entitled to any of your other civil rights.

    Lord I wish Lefttards had a mind to make up and then stick to it.

    • Why you pat CHILDREN on their head and send them to bed with warm milk and cookies.

      These little pawns are in NE Iowa today. Information leaked out (from the rental of inside/rainfree “performance” hall who is PAYING for PARTYBUS2018………… that marxist progtard SOB Tom Freaking Steyer. Pathetic little puppet tools.

  12. Thanks for the info Hoggsis. Your emaciated bro is a total douche-sounds like you know that…the ACLU has no moral authority. What does one expect?

  13. Only the Libertarians Liberals and the Left have ever believed the ACLU supported the 1st amendment.

    Christians, the Boy Scouts, and anti abortion protesters have all known for decade’s the ACLU has NEVER supported 1st amendment.

    And black people know the jewish, homosexual and atheist lawyers in the ACLU have never supported the gun rights of law abiding black people.

    But those same ACLU lawyers supported the right of the armed KKK to march in black neighborhoods while carrying guns.

    • And black people know the jewish, homosexual and atheist lawyers in the ACLU have never supported the gun rights of law abiding black people.
      Not sure if the ACLU ever really supported gun rights for anybody.

  14. I’m staring to think the gun people with media access are just lazy or not will informed on how children alone have defended themselves for many years now. I have found 25 stories over the years now. These are not all of them. Its time to each kids who are fearful and their fearful parents about guns and the other kids who handle guns very well.

    Dana Loesch are you out there???

  15. That t-shirt would make a great center mass training target.

    I want some.

  16. “I Was Old Enough To Watch My Friends Die, So Don’t Say I’m Too Young To Talk About Guns”


  17. So, the ACLU, its employees and members are domestic enemies to the Constitution and our constitutional republic. I think we already knew that. It is nice, however, to see them finally stand up like men, come out of the shadows, and admit to it. This whole cloak-and-dagger thing, their half truths, and the propaganda they were spewing was getting on my nerves. Perhaps their next step will be to wear arm bands and uniforms with polished, black knee-high boots. It would make it easy for us to know who they really are.

    • Many of the early clients and lawyers involved with the ACLU were communists.

      Communists are sworn enemies of the Constitution – and humanity.

  18. “…It is clear that global civilian holdings are growing, with much, but not all, of the increase attributable to rising ownership in the United States,”

    Vox said this? But they told me that ownership was declining and that was a good enough reason to go ahead and take all the guns away.

    Wait…. Could Vox be wrong?


  19. Wide brush painting here.
    The ACLU sided with the NRA against the “no fly no buy” bill saying there was no due process.
    Widely criticizing is like the antis. We can do better.

    • Might as well go straight to the top with this one.

      Hitler really liked art, and dogs. He was kind to his personal valet, driver, and other household staff. On his watch, trains ran on time, and with greatly increased space usage efficiency, especially to the East.

      Mussolini really liked children. He virtually eliminated unemployment during his tenure in office, particularly among ‘durable goods’ workers.

      Hillary Clinton has never, to our knowledge, actually eaten any of the babies that she has had sacrificed to Moloch. She is also very careful when she disposes of the bodies.

      If your dog bites you every time you try to pet it, day after day, but ONE day it licks your hand instead (going back to biting it the day after), it is still not a ‘good dog.’

      See how that works?

      • To be fair, there’s no evidence to support that Clinton didn’t eat those babies. After all, she did put on a lot of weight.

        But your point is otherwise valid.

  20. I once saw a cat give birth, so not only do I know everything there is to know about cats, I am also now an expert veterinarian.

    I flew on a commercial airliner across the country once, so I am now a qualified airline pilot, navigator, AND cabin attendant. I can also make simple repairs if necessary.

    I stood next to Bill Clinton once; I can thus pontificate wisely on world affairs, domestic affairs, and just plain old everyday affairs. I am also now an expert on cigars.

    All of the above is sarcasm.

    I have also seen other people die, both violently and quietly. It taught me NOTHING except that death is virtually always an awful and depressing thing and should be avoided if at all possible. I have also been shot at, and sadly did not gain any vast expertise in firearms–certainly not enough to make me capable of directing national policy.

    I must be a slow learner.

  21. Moms Demand Action isn’t a plea by frisky mothers looking to hook up? I feel to ripped off!

  22. “Don’t mourn, organize.”. If you don’t know and understand the FULL circumstances and facts behind this quote, all you know is what you were taught in the masters’ school. Educate yourself. You don’t have to be a “usefull idiot”, unless you want to be.

  23. Many people have given up on the National Rifle Association believing they really do not support the Second Amendment.
    Similarly the ACLU also is now questioned as to whether they really support the First Amendment. I don’t believe that the ACLU has ever supported the First Amendment.
    I don’t think the ACLU has a historical record of supporting the First Amendment. And for those that want to learn more I suggest you read the books below.

    Justice at War: I believe the book details how the ACLU supported the disenfranchisement, the arrest, detention, and deportation to internment camps or concentration camps of Japanese-Americans, German Americans, and Italian-Americans.

    Because in the case of the Japanese-Americans lawyers believed that Japanese Americans hadn’t really suffered very much compared to “other people” who had suffered in Europe and to be locked up in the United States was no big deal.

    It was not just the Americans of Japanese descent that had their civil rights violated by FDR.

    When Americans of Italian descent lost their civil rights under FDR.

    At least four different groups of Americans were interned because of who the were born to. Not because they broke the law, under FDR.

    Justice At War by peter irons.

    “In 2007, the U.S. Senate passed the Wartime Treatment Study Act, which would examine the treatment of ethnic groups targeted by the U.S. government during World War II. Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions opposed it, citing historians from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum who called it an exaggerated response to treatment of enemy aliens.[40] In 2009, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law passed the Wartime Treatment Study Act by a vote of 9 to 1,[41] but it was not voted on by the full house and did not become law.”

    • there are likely 200 million gun owners. None of them have an opinion that exactly match the NRA. so thing the NRA is too inflexible, some think it is too flexible, some think it ought to concentrate on federal law, some on local law, some think it ought to do more direct lobbying, some thing it ought to do more public opinion work.

      So what? If you care about your Second Amendment rights you and don’t support the NRA you have to be a complete moron. Yes we have a big group of people with opinions all over the place. That is a strength and a weakness. If you want to sit on the sidelines and pout we will all lose –since the forces arrayed against us are all top down where the message and views and strategy are dictated by a few billionaires who will achieve more and more gun control if we don’t play like big kids and accept that we are 5,000,000 Indians with 500,000,000 would be chiefs but that we can’t all be driving the bus.

  24. ACLU has come out of the closet showing itself to be the Communist organization intelligent people always thought it was. Same for the SPLC.

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