Ohio Columbus Bump Stock Ban Carrying Disability
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“This is something that’s doomed that local politicians are doing to grandstand. It’s not designed to keep guns away from anybody or make anybody any safer, but rather, designed to make members of city council and the mayor easier to get elected.” – Ohioans for Concealed Carry’s Chuck LaRosa in Gun-rights groups sue to block Columbus regulations [courtesy dispatch.com]

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  1. The Nation needs:
    Two term limit on all elected positions, federal, state & local..
    NO pension, benefits or perks for any elected official.
    Disqualification for campaigning more than 90 days before election date.
    Fine of $100 per sign for materials left up on public property more than 2 weeks after election.

    • That would result in politicians spending their entire time in office handing out favors to businesses in order to line up cushy jobs after they hit their term limit.

    • I won’t disagree.

      One problem to be solved as well, though, and a problem that is made worse by term limits, is the entrenched bureaucracy (better known these days as the deep state). They know they can outwait most things. So you need to make it a lot easier to fire bureaucrats also.

    • Add automatic recall for any legislation proposed that is against our constitutional rights, $ 1500 fine per lie told by a politician , elimination of unions in state and federal jobs as well as civil service elimination.

    • That doesn’t fix all the problems. Your ban on campaigning more than 90 days out favors someone who is already famous. Limits on campaign spending does the same. Limits on accepting contributions tilts the scales toward the rich or someone who can self finance.

      My idea is to allow them to serve a single longer term. Something like 6-10 years. However, they face an automatic recall campaign every 2 years. Basically the people get an up/down vote on them every 2 years. If they lose, they get booted and the position/seat is open for others to run for.

      They should be paid a comparable amount to what they made in their current profession. No pensions.

      We should also repeal the 17th amendment.

      • I like that idea. Give them time to work and hold their feet to the fire at the same time.

        And yes, the 17th Amendment was a colossal mistake that’s largely responsible for our bloated and power-mad federal government and desperately needs to be undone (but unfortunately never will).

    • You got that right. But ad this 1. If you get caught in any scam while in office, you will be HUNG on National TV.

  2. This has been a perpetual meme among TTAG comments for years. Politicians only want to be seen as “doing something”, and the worst of it is that the moron-dominated American public eats it up like pigs gobble slop. If half the general public would bother to take a hard analytic look at what is actually “done”, the U.S. would be a freer, safer and more rational place.

  3. I have a better idea – No politician gets a pay raise unless the voters specifically authorize it on a ballot.

    “Should CongressCritters get a raise to $230,000 a year? YES or NO?”

    Anyone care to guess the way the voters will vote on that one?

    *snicker* 😉

    • Get rid of their pensions and push K street residents outside the beltway “loop”. Traffic alone will make everyone’s job suck bad enough they’ll put a flare gun in their mouth and pull the trigger>

      • Limit Congress’ medical benefits to the same as a NCO in the military and require them to use VA facilities. Maybe veteran’s benefits would improve?

        • I don’t want those guys anywhere near my VA clinic. The care I is get is at least as good and probably better than at a civilian doctor. Letting them use the VA would imply that they served honorably.



  4. Politicians should submit to a lie detector test any time they open their mouths. Kinda ruin interviews as they’d have nothing to say. Just blank stares and facial twitching.

  5. Seems to apply to nearly everyone these days. Results only matter when the owner shows up and you can’t find the scapegoat, the papers are served, the board calls a hearing or the mortgage comes due. Its easy to say “I’m on top if it”, ” I’m on the wagon”, “things are going to change” but the results are what matter. Its like the ultimate procrastination. Faking it until you make it or get called out on your bullshit and if you do get called on your bullshit its always somebody else’s fault. Ideally place the blame on someone or something that can’t defend itself. If it can defend itself call it racist ASAP.

  6. There should be term limits for all elected and even appointed possessions as in ALL judges including the Supreme Court. 2 terms 4 years each max.
    No one should be able to make a career of a political office. Let alone a lifetime appointment. That was one big boo boo. After all who Is going to vote themselves out of a job?? A lawmaker??
    Im sure the founders just forgot to add it as they didn’t see any reason to limit civil service at the beginning. It was do your 2 years as a representative then let the next guy have their turn.
    Look at us here in Florida stuck with a do nothing Nelson for 45 years. Something very wrong with that by itself.

  7. I’m so glad I live in Kentucky. We’ve had mass shootings here including school shootings and one school shooting that just happened in January of this year.
    And the governor publicly stated he still supports the Second Amendment.(smile)

  8. Glad to be a Patron member to Ohio For Concealed Carry. If you live in or visit Ohio often think about supporting OFCC.They do great work.

  9. The title illustrates a significant problem with legislation and legislators, to which the following admonition is clearly applicable. When one has nothing worthy of the breath expended saying it, say nothing. This is especially true and applicable to “legislators” who get paid either way.


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