New York City Gun Violence
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Gun violence in [New York City] is surging this year, with more than 80 shootings in the last week alone. The question remains, why?

“You have to ask yourself if the combination of all the changes — the decrease in enforcement, the bail reform, the protests, whether or not that impacts behavior in some way, crime committing behavior — and, logically, you almost have to say it does or else it is very hard to otherwise explain,” said Richard Aborn, the president of the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City. …

The NYPD says about 275 of those released inmates have been rearrested approximately 550 times, but the department could not say how that compares to normal recidivism.

“We recommended 96 percent of that population not to be released, it was ignored and now we have more victims and we see the lawlessness on the streets,” added NYPD Chief of Crime Control Strategies Michael LiPetri.

– Alyssa Paolicelli in As Gun Violence Spikes in New York City, Officials Blame ‘Perfect Storm’ of Factors

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  1. There is no big secret here. They released hardened criminals back on the street, took 1 billion dollars out of the NYPD budget, made it impossible for police to do their job and enacted a bail reform system that allows criminals to walk free with nothing but a future court date.

    • And perceived snitches are getting more than stitches. Perhaps it really is ‘their way” and it is racist for us to interfere.

      • I think i follow you from where your are located. Over on the left coast, most gang members are latino and so are many of the cops. The BG’s here dont see racism, they just see cops stoping them from gettin’ paid. But, yeah, gang members will get thier revenge, the cycle never ends.

    • The budget cut hasn’t begun to hit yet but the rest is what we are observing with anger. Bail reform is lit.

      • You don’t need a budget cut when 20% of the force puts in for retirement (NY had to stop taking requests for retirement so now you can’t retire) and 50% of the remaining force is out with “Blue Flu” mostly desk jockeys and chiefs left, no Indians to work the streets, academy classes cancelled indefinitely… It’s open season in NYC, a veritable free fire zone… Cumhole and DickBozio are the two most dangerous men in the country….

        • Oh I know but that was not budget related, that will be seen over the next month or three. I think I also heard about a cap on how many can retire at a time but need to double check and make sure that happened and was not wild ass ideas in the wrong positions.

  2. If you outlaw guns, then only the outlaws will have guns. If you let those outlaws out of jail, and re-release them quickly when they get rearrested that will send a clear message to them that they can do as they will.

    Of course this is a set up. The suckers waving signs may not have a clue what is going but up the chain those in actual control of these communist revolutionary movements know that the increase chaos will drive calls for order, any order. Totalitarians can then rush in to save the day (from the problem they created for this very purpose) and impose true tyranny.

    • It is like the dogooders who said if you treat a criminal, or juvenile troublemakers, with kindness they will see the error of their ways. Unfortunately based on the flawed assumption these people had a conscience that would compel them to correct behavior.

      In reality, lack of punishment meant criminals and other troublemakers learned they could do what they liked and would get away with it, and even get their victims accused of provoking the event.

      And the troublemakers also learned that Progressives heads were so full of wool it is child’s play to pull it over their eyes. Bonus points for espousing Marxist platitudes in the process

    • No rocket science involved, even Soros and Bloomberg have to understand that. But I betcha all Democrats will be reelected.

      • “even Soros and Bloomberg have to understand that.”

        Shoot, they’re the ones funding it. They know, like the commies in Russia ca 1916 that one must first create social instability in order to take over. China, Cambodia. Cuba, Venezuela, California, New York, on and on ad nauseum.

        • There are “interesting” reads on elitist communities. They have everything from all types of medical professionals to pilots and security on huge private property with bunkers big enough to sustain life underground for decades, and they are just waiting for the prices of countries to drop… Pics inside some of these “camps” and their equipment are astonishing.

    • “If you outlaw guns, then only the outlaws will have guns.”

      Hate to break it to you, but this is about a hell of a lot more than private gun ownership. Of course the anarchist Left wants to do away with those, but so long as they can control the “government guns”, they’ll come out on top in an all-out conflict. Even a nice Barrett 84 won’t stop a tank or Apache chopper, or any of the myriad of cool “smart” stuff the military and now many local LE agencies have at their disposal.

      Whether or not those wielding the “government guns” will go along with turning them on fellow citizens is yet to be discovered. Nazi Germany had no problems turning their military and youth against their own, neither did Mao, among others. Even obama dreamed of a “citizen” patrol, he almost has his wish with some of the BLM agitators and followers. I’m hoping our men/women in uniform are of better stuff, but after years of the public ed indoctrination it’s not the best bet to make.

      • A gorilla force can do a lot of damage if they have the backing of the citizenry. This force may not have tanks and aircraft but in a war with no front lines these weapons are next to useless unless they are used indiscriminately. When a government uses force indiscriminately against its own people, this only strengthens and enlarges the size of this gorilla force. When a government is destabilized in this way, it is ripe for foreign intervention. History has proven this. The Vietnam war is a recent example of this.

        • A gorilla force can do a lot of damage

          Gorilla’s can indeed do a lot of damage, however an indigenous GUERILLA FORCE would probably fare better in winning the hearts and minds of the populace … Just sayin’

        • I don’t know, man. I think gorillas are adorable. Especially the baby ones. You could win a lot of hearts and minds, and also wars, with an army of adorable baby gorillas (who are also stronger than a man and might even be able to shoot guns if properly trained).

          • . I think gorillas are adorable. Especially the baby ones

            The one major problem with baby Gorillas is that they grow up to be adult Gorillas….

        • Hearts and minds are won through superior firepower. Without war there can be no peace.

    • It’s all a matter of scale. For peaceful demonstrations, surveillance only. For violent riots where they are destroying vehicles and buildings, send in the A10s with napalm. Let the fuckers burn. Any city beyond saving, drop a few nukes. People will soon learn that good behavior will be rewarded, any other kind…well, you may be surplus to requirements. There are plenty of high quality immigrants waiting to replace the dregs who are removed from polite society.

    • Exactly, and many of the sheep will beg for their masters to make them “feel safe”, by taking away guns/freedom.

  3. If they want to put a end to it, keep convicted criminals locked up, institute Constitutional carry and air lift in arms to all those that want them.

  4. With the population of new York city 275 is a drop in the bucket. But you’ve got to give them bad guys credit, 550 times rearrested, they ain’t wasting no time getting back to”work”. It appears NYC is not the only city seeing a surge in shootem ups. It’s happening all across this fine land. Gee I sure hope the powers that be don’t start blaming the increase in gunm sales as the cause, because if any time a person needs to be armed is now.

    • That’s insane. Those guys JUST got out, and they’ve already been caught multiple times. I assume they must be back at it again. And just think, it isn’t like they’re getting caught for every single crime they commit.

  5. BLM huh? I’m guessing only to the white middle class millenials who are doing the footwork for them, next we will have white (black panthers)…….LOL

    • The only black lives that matter are those lives that fit the political agenda. Black kills another black, no problem. A cop kills a black, that’s a problem. When the agenda is to neutralize the police force and create anarchy, then some black lives matter.

    • Uh… There have always been white black Panthers. They are called sympathizers. Loyalists.

  6. The Libertarians Liberals and the Left got their wish to come true. They say we have too many people in the jails and prisons. So the democrats let them out early. And the three L’s celebrated this just 4 weeks ago. The socialist NYC mayor hates tax cheats. That’s why he ordered the police to arrest anyone selling single cigarettes. And avoiding the city sales tax, on a full pack of cigarettes. Eric Garner died because he didn’t pay his business taxes. NYC police are used as tax enforcement. And they has not changed.

    In other words they will arrest you over tobacco. But now they won’t arrest you over marijuana. Making drugs legal or not enforcing drug laws has never reduced crime. Shooting criminals is what reduces crime. But you, the honest person, can’t have a gun in NYC.

    • Not sure if legal weed is the problem, NYC likes it’s heroin. And when hasn’t the law come down hard on any one anywhere in any place for dodging taxes, taxes is what pays the bills. The Germans even made a dog breed for to help enforcers

      • Shooting heroin addicts when they steal, break into private property, vandalize other people’s things, is a very good way to reduce crime. I understand it’s what they do in the philippians.

        • Not sure who the phillipians are (hah), but over in the Philippines that Durerte guy did a hell of a job taking back the country from drug cartels. I was sure they were the next Mexico, headed for defacto anarchy, but he turned it around in just a few years. Granted, it took a bloody campaign of militarized police work, but when your predecessors let it get that bad it’s pretty much that or let them continue to take over.

          In fact, I’ve noticed a trend recently. Any time a right-wing leader steps up and cleans up his country, he’s painted by the media as a megalomaniac who wants to send everyone to prison camps for no reason. It’s gotten to the point where I can accurately predict how much I respect a given foreign leader by how bad the media tries to make him look. Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

        • to Mercury
          The three L’s hate law and order. Having law and order does not mean you have tyranny. It means you have a peaceful society where the individual can live safely and do as they place. As long as they are not troubling another individual or group.

          And I agree with you on the press complaining about a so called “right wing” dictator. Both the philippines and russia are much better now than they were under Marcos and Brezhnev.
          I have no wish to go to war against the nuclear armed russians. But many in the three L’s media really do hate the russians. Why??? Perhaps because they are all three utopians.

        • Pretty sure Philippians is a book of the bible, did you mean Philippines? Not sure about that, but if drugs is your deal stay clear of Singapore, they will hang you freaking TOMORROW, dude, don’t have no 10-year trials. Not to mention $1000 fine for spitting on the sidewalk or jaywalking. One of the nicest places I have ever taken my family!

        • to Larry in TX
          Yes I did mess that up!!!
          Republic of the Philippines. People in the Philippines are collectively called Filipinos, with men also referred to as Filipinos and women known as Filipinas.

          And yes I did copy and paste this.

          I hope they still “cain” people in Singapore. For a criminal its cheaper than being shot. Or having your hand cut off. That is still done in some countries for stealing. I have read of many wealthy people moving there. Because it’s a very safe place to live. And they let you keep your money with very low taxes. Low taxes for everyone.

      • “Not sure if legal weed is the problem”
        Weed is not taxed by the city. But tobacco is taxed. In california weed and tobacco are both taxed. And the police will kill you there if you don’t pay your taxes.

    • Faux Libertarians champion the cause of Erivlc Garner because they object to the cigarette tax as much as anything else. Since they seek to abolish government they.oppose any tax. The argument that the police are used as tax collectors is simple a faux Libertarian attack on law itself. Otherwise, they would be in favor of photo enforcement of traffic laws. They are simply oppose to traffic laws including driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

      The bodega owner called the police on Garner because he was conducting business virtually in his doorway. If he was just a couple of doors down he probably would have been ignored.

        • Store owner called the police on a competitor illegally standing in his doorway. See how easy it is to fall for faux Libertarian propaganda.

          Would you object to Garner’s arrest if the cigarettes were stolen instead of purchased tax free from the Iroquois Nation?

        • to tdiinva
          “Would you object to Garner’s arrest if the cigarettes were stolen instead of purchased tax free from the Iroquois Nation?”

          I want people who steal arrested. Or better yet they should be shot by the owner. This will reduce crime. Yes I know I’m being very harsh. And I was against the government raids on the indian reservations. The reservations are sovereign territory. That same government fought the indians when they wanted to build gambling casinos.

          NYS has a state lottery. They don’t like having a business competitor. You are correct, garner was standing in another business mans doorway. But It’s the avoidance of taxes that got the police coming really fast to that address.

      • Garner was selling single cigs. How does this equate to tobacco taxes, did he have some source which did not charge taxes? My assumption was that he was buying a pack and then selling them one at a time, in which case the taxes were paid. If he was killed because he did not have a retail license or such shit, we should ALL be absolutely outraged. When a man is so down on his luck as to try to make a damn dollar selling loose cigarettes, what the FUCK manner of government sends five or six goons making $80-100K each to beat him up? I still get sick thinking about it, I’m tearing up right now, I cannot imagine I will ever again set foot in NY, much less NYC.

        • They were either stolen or bought on Indian Reservations. He isn’t going to be making any money buying them retail and selling singles.

        • The smuggling of “no tax” cigarettes is just as lucrative as smuggling drugs. Only if caught you will spend less time in prison for the cigarettes. Compared to possible life for a dope smuggler.
          Liquid and powder cocaine both had difference sentencing guidelines as well. And yes it was never fair.

          As far as I know, if you sell anything in NYC. They tax it. And the city government wants its share. And if necessary they will kill you to get it.

        • The problem with all of our large cities is liberal Democrats. Protester are marching in the streets in all of our large cities complaining about systemic racism. They demand change, yet they keep voting for Democrats over and over and over again. Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results is by definition, insanity. The problems of the large cities will never be solved if this continues. The Democrats know that it is impossible to make everybody happy. But, it is possible to make everybody miserable. So the plan is to keep those they wish to control in misery and blame it on racism. It’s been working for them for the last 50 years or more, so why change if the minorities are dumb enough to keep voting for them.

    • Here you go again with the broken record of lies.
      Bunching libertarians with Liberals and left to round up your “three Ls”.

      Claims like “Making drugs legal or not enforcing drug laws has never reduced crime.” When was the last time the Irish mob shot up an Italian mob owned liquor store?
      And for selling single cigarets – how can’t you see that it’s the over regulation of drug (in this case tobacco) that led to this guy’s death?
      It’s the prohibition that leads to huge profits for criminals dealing in prohibited goods and dealing roughly with competitors.

      Only thing missing is “well fitted dildos” and “crack smoking for better butt sex”.

      • First of all the Irish mob was pretty much destroyed before Prohibition ended, a process that began long before prohibition. If legalized vice undercuts the mob how did they control Las Vegas where gambling and prostitution were legal? Do you think organized crime goes “aw shucks, it’s legal now so we can’t be in that line of business anymore.” You are engaged in magical thinking.

        • Hell, look at Central and South America. The Cartels have taken over the damn avocado and coffee business, either by extorting the farmers, or just straight up killin the farmers and taking over their businesses.
          It does matter how many coats of fresh paint you put on the building if you refuse to fix the broken windows.

        • to MouseGun
          The Cartels have always killed of their business competitors. The idea that making any business legal will change them is just ludacris.

        • @MG

          Read up on the “Cheese Wars” of the 1970s. The mob was pressuring Pizza Parlors to buy their cheese from “the right’ suppliers.

        • to tdiinva
          The Mob was also going after the mobile hot dog stands. Smashing them if they didn’t pay for “protection”. Also when gay bars became very lucrative. The heterosexual Mobsters told the bar owners to pay up or they would have their legs broken.

          Mobsters don’t discriminate. They treat their victims equally bad.

        • Also abortion clinics at least in the 70s and 80s. A friend of mine was dating a nice Jewish lawyer who owned a couple clinics in Chicago. One Friday night he was gunned down going to his car on Lower Wacker Dr. His killer left the 100 large in $100 bills in a locked briefcase. His clinics were money laundering operations for the Chicago mob.

          I have family history with “The Outfit.” My dad’s brother couriered gambling money and betting slips around the City in the 30s and 40s. My mom’s youngest brother worked for Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal for a while. Faux Libertarians are detached from reality.

        • You’re falling into a black-or-white fallacy here.

          You’re right in that organized crime (and criminals in general) aren’t going to go away if you just legalize all the currently illegal things. We’ll always need laws and law enforcement.

          However, it’s also demonstrably true that the prohibition of something a huge number of people are willing to break the law to get creates a lucrative black market — an ideal playground for criminals. It makes perfect sense that taking away that lucrative playground would undercut the organized criminals and reduce (not eliminate, but reduce) the criminal violence surrounding that activity.

          If there’s an intolerable social cost to that activity, then that’s a different story — and you need to make *that* case for why it’s necessary for Sisyphus to keep rolling that boulder up the hill.

        • Someone else mentioning Sisyphus?!

          I have found our problem. The Romans figured this out like 2200 years ago. We’re debauching our society by “Greeking it up”. (An actual Latin phrase, which I’ve forgotten the actual diction of, for debauching society by adopting Greek, particularly Athenian, practices. Later, Greeking becomes a form of typesetting typified by the classic “Lorem ipsum dolor” test pattern and meaning essyentially “to make incomprehensible” as a reference to Shakespeare. )

          Anyway, the point is that we can solve all of societies problems quite easily. Burn the Parthenon (again!).

        • Ing, I’m with you, and my favorite example is prostitution. Whenever the subject comes up, we are accosted with tales of slavery, children, rape, drugs, all manner of shit which has nothing to do with prostitution. All those are illegal on their own and arguably should be. But sports figures of all descriptions, movie stars, etc all are paid really well for being attractive and using their physical abilities to entertain others, yet an attractive young woman will go to jail for it, while her well-off customer walks away. Victimless crimes need to stop, all they are good for is further empowering a tyrannical government.

        • @ING The Libertarian Party used the cost argument to justify their support for California Proposition 47. They used the cost argument as the reason that petty theft should be decriminalized. Just get insurance. Their real reason was that most drug users can’t hold down a job so theft is their only source of income. Drug and sex rights trump your property rights.

          Here is a fun fact about prohibition. More people were killed by drunk drivers during Prohibition than the additional gangland murders but the drunk drivers killed random people while gangsters only killed the competitors.

          If the drug wars are responsible for the violence why are Hispanic communities far less violent than the black community?

        • The Libertarian party is a painful, stupid joke. You’ll get no argument from me on that. But it’s not their fault those laws got passed; they have no real influence anyway.

          California is a prime example of what happens when stupid people elect even more stupid people, who then accept stupid arguments for selfish and stupid reasons. And also of what happens when psychopaths obtain elected office.

          You can decriminalize drug use *without* legalizing theft. There’s an arguably positive net effect of the former, and a painfully obvious negative outcome of the other.

          There are plenty of libertarian-ish ideas that have real merit — for instance, focusing the law and the police on crimes that have actual victims instead of punishing people for things they do to themselves that have been criminalized because they *could* (but often don’t) lead to bad outcomes down the line.

          Nobody really knows what decriminalization of drugs might do because America hasn’t tried it. I happen to think it’s an experiment worth trying. The results so far in WA and CO with marijuana have actually been positive, vis a vis crime; violence didn’t go up, and crime investigations overall (especially property crimes) are being cleared at a much higher rate without victimless MJ cases clogging the system.

          If Californian lawmakers had just managed to not be feckless progtards, we might have been able to get some good information on what works and what doesn’t.

          re: Prohibition and drunk drivers — yet more evidence that banning something millions of people want and will break the law to get is a terrible idea. Another fact about Prohibition: the rate of alcoholism in the US went down by 40%. Not all ideas are always 100% bad.

          re: Drug wars and Hispanic vs. black communities — Violence in any community has a lot more to do with the community’s moral compass than any set of laws. And I’m not saying drug wars and violence would end. I’m neither a utopian libertarian nor (to repeat myself) an idiot. What I am saying is that a lot of the current violence is part and parcel of trading in illicit substances; remove the illicitness of the trade, and you remove much of the incentive for violence. (Not all of it…but probably a lot of it. And of course criminals will run rackets no matter what.)

        • @Strych9, love the “Greeking it up” thing.

          I didn’t know it there was a Latin term for it, or that it was a typesetting term, although I do know that for most of the middle ages and through the renaissance, “Greek” was synonymous with cheaters and shysters.

          We are definitely all Greeked up right now in the old US of A.

          Speaking of which, I was totally Greeked up in college — studied ancient Greek for 3 years and fulfilled the foreign language requirement with it for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Felt like I was somehow gaming the system, and I loved every second of it. 🙂

      • Dude, have you actually looked at the libertarian landscape? It’s dotted with closet socialists, UBI and free college supporters, and gun controllers. Seriously, go on a libertarian forum some time. You’d be amazed.

        • But I’m told by the Libertarians on TTAG to read the LP platform. That is where the “truth” is found!!!
          I learned about the term “Libertarian socialist” from other libertarians on TTAG. Several years ago. So I looked it up. And sure enough. Sadly It was true.

        • Libertarianism is another case of a movement being hijacked. My brother explained it to me as a teenager 50 years ago, as “government’s role is to defend our shores, build our roads, and stay the hell out of our lives.” THAT is the Libertarian that I am, and there is zero room for socialism in it.

      • Meh, there’s an argument to be made that any actual political party can and has been “infiltrated” depending on how you define “infiltrated”.

        Libertarians shifted Left, as did Democrats as did Republicans. This happened for different reasons with each party but it happened to them all. Even the Greens shifted pretty hard in the last decade and a half to two decades, from an old school Greenpeace-type attitude to a far more militant E.L.F. style.

        Any time you set up an official group with a structure it’s possible for that to have fifth columnists come in.

        [Insert long-ass post on why a lot of the infighting is stupid and how education was and is the answer because the vast majority of people, regardless of age, gender or any other identifier are piss poorly educated.]

        • [insert long-ass post on why primary education ought to consist solely of the three R’s, with the reading and riting part focusing primarily on logic and grammar]

          Regarding libertarians, a few weeks ago I was shocked to hear my wife, who is positively steeped in old-school liberalism (the ’80s mainstream Democrat kind), complaining about how the Libertarian candidate in some race or other was going to siphon votes away from the Democrat and hand a win to an evil Trump supporter.

          I figured the Libertarian vote was still mostly siphoning from Republicans…shows you what I know, I guess. I’m okay with being wrong, though; I’d rather have them bleed support from Democrats, anyway. I hate to say it, but we actually *need* the Republican party.

        • “I figured the Libertarian vote was still mostly siphoning from Republicans…”

          I would say this depends on the specifics of the race in question.

  7. I love it. More chaos. More destruction. More despair. And most conservative leaders are too busy selling books and flapping their gums on television. And the low IQ mouth-breathers in the general population are too stupid and too fat to realize what’s really going on. Meanwhile, our President, who I believe has good instincts, is constantly undermined by the degenerates and intellectual maggots in his administration.

    Conservatives are weak; they still think they can win the battle against the forces of irrationality with ideas, but we’re way beyond that. America is corrupt, debauched, and decadent, and ripe for the fall.

    And we’re all going to witness it.

    • The Trump coalition has what the Chinese call a main contradiction. Elections are won at the margin and the marginal voters who put Trump in the White House are the kind of voters who are attracted to BNP and National Front in the UK and France — disenfranchised white working class socialist voters. A lot of those 2016 Trump voters would have voted for Bernie Sanders if he got the nomination. These voters would vote for Trump if the economy is perceived to be doing well but will vote socialist if not even if the cause of a downturn is outside of Presidential control.

      Trump sowed the seeds that grew into the contradiction by campaigning on the 1980 Democrat Platform but governed like a Reaganite Conservative. The state of the economy and civil unrest are sending those underlying Socialist voters back to Biden.

    • “…they still think they can win the battle against the forces of irrationality with ideas…”

      Maybe it’s just me being irrational, but I think conservatives — and everyone who isn’t a progtard NPC — not only can win with ideas, but also that it’s the ONLY way to win.

      This is a war of ideas, and the reason conservatives seem to be losing everywhere is that Conservative, Inc. ran out of ideas back in the ’80s. They’re just the slow and stupid version of whatever ideas Democrats have (give it 10 years or so, and they’ll wind up exactly where the D side wanted them to be).

      The other side has great big, shiny, emotionally appealing, candy-striped ideas. People love that shit! (Never mind that what’s under the candy shell is literally just shit; all they see is the shiny packaging.) What do conservatives have to offer instead? Looks to me like all most conservatives do (not all, but way too many) is complain about other people’s ideas. You don’t win anyone over by saying “That’s a bunch of crap!” over and over again.

      You are absolutely right that this whole thing is irrational. People aren’t rational decision-makers. Not a single one of us. Take an honest look at any topic that really matters to you — guns and the Second Amendment, for instance — and you’ll find all sorts of emotion packed around your cherished logical facts. The emotion is what makes the facts matter in the first place; why would you bother to amass all those facts and put all that effort into thinking your way through the logic of your position if you weren’t driven by something that made it worthwhile? That *something* is emotion. No idea or belief system gets anywhere without it.

      So if you want to WIN, you’ve got to figure out what YOUR big, shiny ideas are and put everything you’ve got into making it the most emotionally, reflexively appealing thing in the world. That’s how ideas win. (That, and drumming them relentlessly into people when they’re young, which is why the Left went on its long march through America’s institutions and is now wearing them like a skin suit.)

      • Also, apologies for the great big impassioned wall of text. But not for its content; that, I stand behind.

        Also, I think the ridiculously annoying captcha thing might be triggered by a character count. It only ever comes up when I’ve posted something long (and/or when there’s html markup in it).

        • Nothing wrong with a passionate wall of text.

          “…and the reason conservatives seem to be losing everywhere is that Conservative, Inc. ran out of ideas back in the ’80s.”

          Here’s the thing with this IMHO. Conservatives have this idea that “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and they’re right about that. (I’m casting aside the obvious need for work around the edges and improvements where possible as I consider those, well… obvious. No system is perfect and there’s always room for improvement or adaptation to changing circumstances while staying true to the overall principles.) However, there are two issues here.

          First, just because you have the longest lasting, most dependable truck on the road doesn’t mean you stop advertising it and rest on your laurels. Advertising moves product. We know this because if it didn’t companies wouldn’t spend billions on ads each year. Conservatives SUCK at selling the message, in fact, generally what I call “freedom minded people” suck at this because it’s against their nature. They’re too busy living life to sell other people a better life and when they try it comes across as…. well, look lots of people are kinda like kids who see a rape-van that says “free candy” on the side. Conservatives argue that the kid should go get a job and buy candy when the free candy is right there. The issue is that Conservatives don’t explain properly that the “free” candy comes with a price which is being molested.

          The second issue here is related to the rear-end of that first point. It comes across as laziness, though it isn’t always that (OTOH it often is). How did we get where we are? Well, a big part is that the school system went to shit. It started 60 years ago, and loath as Boomers are to admit it, most of them are not very well educated. The “reverse mortgage” trend combined with generational warfare is solid evidence of this, as is the fact that your average boomer has a nest egg that divided over their life expectancy puts them below the poverty line, hence the reverse mortgage deal. (Sorry, Boomers but it’s true). The thing is that Boomers are victims of the same issue here. They’re not, mostly, assholes but victims because the root of this actually goes back before Boomers were old enough to do anything about it. It’s a post-war disengagement with local community systems, notably PTA and School Boards. When the commies (yes, literal commies) decided to attack our educational system to plant the seeds of what we see today, somewhere in the 1950’s no one did anything about it. No one saw it. Things were good post-war and Americans fell asleep at the oversight switch.

          The takeover was stealthy, pretty quick and mostly unopposed. By the late 1960’s my father was telling people at Cornell “If you want to save education burn down schools of education”. We’re talking around 1967-69 here. The problem has only gotten worse since.

          This is why I’ve said the following here repeatedly: The best prisons that can be built are in the mind. They require no upkeep, no guards and no physical walls. They go with the person where ever that person goes and the best part is that because the inmate doesn’t realize the prison exists they will defend it as though it were not a prison but a castle. They are hard to reach and harder to help because they’ve been taught to perceive the attempts to assist them in a “jail break” as an assault on their castle and to that they react violently.

        • I saw a quote somewhere, don’t remember who said it (probably William F. Buckley or somebody like that) and can’t find it again for the life of me — which basically says that the essence of the conservative frame of mind is a recognition that things of great value are often easily broken and sometimes impossible to repair.

  8. The only way that order is going to be restored is if the woke advocates of abolishing the police are forced to live with it. I think the police should put the word out that it’s open season on the Upper East Side for anything but rape and murder. If the woke feel in danger they will demand the police do something about it because unlike black lives, their lives will matter to those in charge.

    • All of the ones with political clout will be safe in their gated communities, hiding behind private security, all the while patting themselves on the back for being woke.

        • “There are no gated communities on the Upper East Side.”

          For all practical purposes, there sure as hell are gated communities (controlled access) neighborhoods, with a guard at the gate, 24-7-365, without fail.

          You will not be allowed to enter those residential buildings unless the doorman knows you personally or a resident left their name with them. (Carpet installers, deliveries, etc.)…

    • “…for anything but rape and murder.”

      Why spoil the fun? If you’re gonna jump in then jump in with both feet. No calls for rape or murder will be answered and bodies will not be cleaned up. You think it’s fun to go “droog”? OK, well let’s see how long you last “a bit of the ol’ ultraviolence” comes for you.

      Alinsky’s Rules assume that the other side will not adopt them, that the game will always be one-sided. Flip that script. Make these assholes live up to their own standards and under their own standards. Make it known that this state of affairs will last for the foreseeable future.

      • I agree, but more than that, I think we’re about to see it. *I* certainly would not be responding to ANY calls at night, and only in groups during the day. Bad neighborhoods can forget it altogether, take care of your own self. Two weeks of that and you’ve got “Escape from New York”.

  9. David Dinkin approved. You get (and got) what you voted for. It wasn’t yogurt that got Rudy elected😏

    • To be fair, he just escaped from New York. You want to clean up the city, call Paul Kersey.

    • “Looks like it’s time to call in “Snake”.”

      I heard he was dead… 😉

  10. Think of it as evolution in action! It is also poetic justice. Hopefully; the predominantly Black and Hispanic criminal class is no longer content to victimize only their own people. Let the Lilly White liberals who pander to Black Lives Matter get robbed, raped and murdered until they suddenly have an epiphany about guns and crime.

  11. A drop in the bucket compared to the number of people Cuomo and DeBlasio has killed from COVID due to his incompetence.

    • Don’t be silly. He has said quite clearly that it’s not his fault. What more can he do?

      • Exactly, after all the Department of Health conducted an investigation into their facilities (most assisted living is state run) and found no evidence of wrongdoing.

  12. They say that republicans can be democrats but a democrat can NEVER be a republican. By the beginning of your article your democrat is coming out because gun violence is not increasing anywhere in this world but democrat, liberal & the left violence is busting at the seams.

    • It isn’t true that a Democrat can never be a Republican. In my twenties, I was a Democrat, but the Democratic Party left me when the Party changed from the Party of the decent working man to the Party of the misfits and looney toons. I reluctantly became a Republican voter. I’ve watched the Republicans slowly evolve into the Party of good decent hard working people. It started in the Reagan administration, stagnated during the Bush administration, and is now evolving even more under the Trump administration. That’s why Trump is hated by old school Republicans, looney liberal Democrats and misinformed voters alike. The voters who believe all of the lies about Trump by the left biased mass media hate Trump because they don’t know any better. We finally have a President who doesn’t give a shit about political correctness and tells it like it is. This is driving the looney left and the big cat Republicans nuts with fear of what he will do to them if he is re-elected. If we re-elect Trump, he will put an end to their gravy train and kick a lot of those entrenched bureaucrats in the butt. I just hope that this propaganda war against doesn’t succeed.

      • I’m corrected….Guess there could be a few bright lights. However your term of “I’ve watched the Republicans slowly evolve into the Party of good decent hard working people”. Leaves a lot to be desired & questioned!

        • The Republican Party has come a long way since it was the party of Richard Nixon and the industrial ruling class. The Party now knows that people who need good paying jobs are the engine that makes the country go. Big business has been deserting the American workers by sending millions of jobs overseas. Especially their whoring relationship with China. They have abandoned this county for the lure of cheap labor, unregulated industry and sweetheart deals. They have paid a price though by having their intellectual property and patents stolen by the Chinese. Trump is renegotiating those disastrous trade deals that gave China all of the advantages. Trump is pointing out the foolishness of our chieftons of industry and giving them incentives to bring manufacturing jobs back to America. Trump has a lot of enemies who are fat cats that put outrageously high profits above God and Country. They are trying to bring him down and a lot of the masses are falling for the propaganda war against him. There are so many lies being told about Trump that all we can do is pray that there more people who are aware of what’s going on than those who will believe anything about Trump.

          • Again your preaching to the choir…..Now tell me something I don’t know?

        • @seen… Do they really know that, though? A lot of people are coming to that realization, but I’m not at all sure the Republican party itself has, or ever will.

          If they did, and acted like it, they could own politics in this country for generations. But I don’t think I’d count on it.

  13. This whole situation reminds me of the old, infamous video of the ATF agent that explains how he is the only one in the room qualified enough to handle his Glock right before he shoots himself in the foot. Common folk have as much business creating police reform as politicians have setting health or education guidelines. If you don’t know what you’re doing, find someone who does. Activists make crappy cops, Trump is not a doctor, and the people in charge of our education policies are far removed from reality, not unlike gun grabbers who know little about guns other than their evil nature and desire to kill.

  14. Do the country a favor. VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER. Get rid of the communist “democrat” party ounce and for all.

  15. So was it a stolen car? A stolen tag?… They’ve got the whole damn thing on video (clear for a change) all they need is the Crime Unit that DickBlasio had disbanded and it’s all over for that shooter, at least for as long as it takes him to walk in the front door of the station, get charged and walk out the back door thanks to the new and improved “no-bail” system of catch and release… Second thought, why bother?

  16. At this point federal intervention is the only real hope. Any city or state ran by the dems and their friends in the left need to be taken under federal control and those pols removed from office.

    Anything less will simply result in civil war. A long, bloody war with mass graves.

    • While I agree with you I differ on the time line.

      You’ll have to wait until the majority of urbanites are begging for said federal intervention. Otherwise it will be spun as a sort of coup or purge of properly elected officials. See Atlanta.

      • The time line of the tipping point is up for discussion. Without a doubt. Parents with college age students that are dependent on them for financial support need to be looking closely at their kids activities. Out of a clear blue sky you are told that your beloved Biff or Buffy were killed as domestic terrorists because they were larping with antifa instead of hitting the books is going to be quite a shock and heart break.

        The violence is here. Its just going to get much worse until that tipping point. At which time it will get biblical.

        • Remember the National Guard was deployed to Alabama by JFK. With Executive Order 11111. To remove Governor George Wallace and Alabama Law Enforcement from blocking entry of Black students to Alabama University. They were also directed to enforce All laws of the United States. Read Section (1) specifically. So there is Precedent for taking action in times of Unrest.
          Executive Order 11111—Providing Assistance for the Removal of Obstructions of Justice and Suppression of Unlawful Combinations Within the State of Alabama | The Ameri

        • “…were killed as domestic terrorists because they were larping with antifa instead of hitting the books…”

          To be entirely honest, if you believe that your kids are “hitting the books” when schools aren’t open and K-12 and the university systems are still arguing over whether or not to open up at all then you’ve failed as an adult, a parent and a human being. In that instance you were the problem and as an act of contrition you should eat an entire family sized bottle of Tylenol.

  17. When people are boxed up, nerves begin to tighten, steps set’s in, people begin to get more restless, they need to do something, so the good people will do things to help others, for they have love in their hearts, and reach out more to help. But those that have wicked ways, will take to doing more and more evil deeds, crime rates will grow, as long as the lefty have any thing to do with running this country or any political offices. U can’t take good law bidding citizens rights from them and expect them to set idle. New York and all cities and states make what they want to be, don’t blame others for what politics has done by not been run with every city,town, state, and most of all GOD and His Children in mind, No Law’s OUT side the Constitution that was put in place by our forefathers for a reason, should never ever been considered into laws

  18. I can’t imagine the terror that little girl went through and will live through. My eldest is 7. She’s terrified of a noise or shadow in the woods.

  19. Whatever happened to the Sullivan Act in NYC.. ???? Wasn’t that supposed to prevent people from having handguns in NYC?? It’s a mystery to me..

  20. Never interrupt your political enemies when they making a big mistake and helping you.

  21. Good job NY state and local government. Good job! Why make an effort to uphold the law and protect the common safety of all when you can just let it run out of control while punishing the cops? In just a few weeks you’ve managed to completely reverse 30 years of a progressively downward trend in violent crime.

  22. We will never make any measurable headway on issues such as this until we stop grouping these shootings in with “all of society”.
    These instances need to be looked at as they are, criminals doing criminal behavior with illegal or illegally obtained items.

    This is not a problem caused by the general public, therefore don’t make laws to blanket all people for the actions of a scarce few.

  23. “The NYPD says about 275 of those released inmates have been rearrested approximately 550 times, but the department could not say how that compares to normal recidivism…”

    If that’s “normal” then there’s a bigger problem.

  24. more than 80 shootings in the last week alone/ 275 of those released inmates have been rearrested approximately 550 times …


    ___In comparison to how bad it’s probably going to get in NY … There can be pent up demand for goods, but crime can be suppressed and then come out full bore too at times. With so many fleeing the city NY can easily become a dystopian wasteland.

    Add to it what is now all the rage. That is, the “BREATHE Act” – a bill filled with radical proposals, including defunding the police, abolishing ICE, eliminating state gang databases, establishing a commission to design reparations, and developing curriculums that “examine the political, economic, and social impacts of colonialism, genocide against indigenous people, and slavery.” … ushering in a “new version for public safety — a new vision for public safety, one that protects and affirms black lives. We must invest in a new vision of public safety.

    The bill would, in part, “eliminate federal programs and agencies used to finance and expand the U.S. criminal-legal system” — agencies and programs including the “Department of Defense 1033 program, the Edward Byrne-Justice Assistance Grant Program, Community Oriented Policing Services, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE].” It would also “make recommendations to dramatically reduce the Department of Defense budget.”

    The proposal also calls for defunding the police, eliminating state gang databases, nixing laws criminalizing illegal border entry, removing police presence from schools, and investing in the development of programs that “examine the political, economic, and social impacts of colonialism, genocide against indigenous people, and slavery.”

    It also calls for the passage of a Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act. The proposal specifically seeks to establish commissions that “design reparations for mass criminalization—including the War on Drugs, the criminalization of prostitution, and police violence; border violence; and the systemic violation of the U.S. Government’s treaty obligations to Tribal nations,” according to the guide.

    Now JUST try to imagine how NY and the USA will be after the “BREATHE Act” is passed, under Biden, and is fully implemented. All the libs are cooing and praising the “BREATHE Act” and they love it in Hollywood too of course. It’s going to work out great ehh? Where is the crime dog when needed? Take a bite out of crime?

    • I’ve read a couple of summaries, and there is some good stuff in there…unfortunately, the nuggets are buried in a metric ton of toxic waste.

  25. These policies are no accident. DeBozio was anti-law & order from day 1 of his “administration.” While the crazy means could not be predicted, the sad ends certainly could be. The men and women in blue understood, and telegraphed as much when they turned their backs on DeBozio at his public appearances.

    If only the problem were limited to one stupid man. But it’s not. Cuomo signed the egregious bail reform law. BLM is forcing these same policies to the forefront wherever idiots are in charge around the country; that’s basically every city with democrat mayors or city councils.

    And if only the problem were the result of stupidity, and not a deliberate attempt to destabilize the country.

    The sheep’s clothing has been discarded. The wolves are there for all to see.

    • BLM wants a state of their own…give them Michigan. They’ve already screwed it all up and many already live there. Mi is (lower) surrounded by water and there would be only one border to defend. Texas is too good for such anarchists.

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