Columbus Kroger Parking Lot Mob Attack
Screencap by Boch. Via YouTube.
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Those of us who can carry should carry whenever possible. Especially during these times of increased street violence. A July 4th incident at a Kroger grocery store in Columbus, Ohio illustrates why.  A video showed an incident in which a mob accosted an armed individual. When the gun owner tried to de-escalate by escaping, one aggressor in particular responded by smashing the car’s windows.

At that point, with three windows broken out and a man wielding a metal club, the driver used his car as a deadly weapon against the primary aggressor. And yes, with a judicious application of horsepower, the driver sent the portly aggressor sliding across the asphalt as if lubricated by lard.

Columbus Kroger Parking Lot Mob Attack
Screencap by Boch. Via YouTube.

Here’s the video.  Not safe for work because of language, violence and a sprinkling of male butt nudity.

In order for deadly force to be justified in most states, three factors must generally exist.

First, Ability: Does the attacker have the power or capability to immediately kill or grievously injure an innocent person?

Second, Opportunity: Is the attacker close enough to use that ability to kill or inflict injury right away?

Third, Jeopardy: Does the perpetrator intend to carry out a potentially deadly attack? In other words, would a reasonable and prudent person believe you, as the victim, are in jeopardy of death or great bodily harm?

In the Columbus Kroger incident, until the attacker began breaking out windows with his metal club, a conservative approach would suggest that deadly force isn’t yet justified. Specifically, a skeptical prosecutor could argue that the windows provided some degree of protection against the attack. At least enough for the victim to escape.

No doubt some would probably argue the verbal threats and the mob’s actions, coupled with the big guy wielding a metal club would satisfy the law’s requirements for the justifiable use of force. The Kroger altercation is still being investigated by police.

However, more and more prosecutors have won their elections with George Soros’ money. These prosecutors tend to have a very soft-on-crime approach to prosecutions, except when it comes to clear cases of self-defense against the criminal element. And that goes double for the law-abiding gun owners of the world.

These prosecutors (like Kim Foxx in Cook County and Kimberly Gardner in St. Louis County) will pick apart a self defense use-of-force incident until the cows come home.

As such, prudence requires the good guys to show exceptional restraint or they may face expensive legal fees fighting off a malicious prosecution.

Columbus Kroger Parking Lot Mob Attack
Screencap by Boch. Via YouTube.

In this case, once the big guy started swinging his metal club, smashing the car’s windows, responding officers and investigators can clearly identify him as the aggressor. And after using his club to break out not just one, but three windows, even the most skeptical juror would probably see that the use of deadly force was justified and appropriate.

Columbus Kroger Parking Lot Mob Attack
Screencap by Boch. Via YouTube.

Obviously, avoid confrontation whenever possible. But if attacked in one’s vehicle and the bad guys have the ability, opportunity and you are in jeopardy, you must act to save yourself, whether it’s with a firearm or with the car itself.

Then, your very next action after escaping the immediate scene should be to call 911 to report the attack. Generally speaking, whichever party calls 911 first is oftentimes considered to be the victim by responding officers.  At least until credible evidence shows otherwise.

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        • As mentioned in the post, he did slide nice, huh? I wouldn’t have risked denting my car, though, I’d have shot the mofo through the first window he broke. Probably wouldn’t kill him (less lethal 9 mm?) since he’s so fat, that would take .357 or better.

        • Have you noticed how many in this and other “protests” and “demonstrations” are un-F’able types? Unattractive, overweight, purposely after their appearance to add a freak-factor?

          They look in the mirror and see an unchosen, ineffectual person. They are offered / given purpose and power. They lash out. Might even “get some” from a fellow traveler.

        • LarryinTX – if you shoot someone from inside a car with most of the windows shut and you are going to have trouble even saying “oh man, I shot Marvin in the face!”:-)

        • LarryinTX….Did you really say “less lethal 9mm”? It isn’t the caliber that kills, it is shot placement. A .357 round striking in the wrong place is less lethal than a 9mm striking in the proper place. A caliber my have an impact in the winter when someone has an abundance of clothing on but in the summer it has far less impact. Remember, a body is 90% water. Both bullets are relatively the same size, .357=9.1mm or .357 inches vs 9mm at .355 inches. The speed and/or bullet weight is the only difference with a .357 approaching speeds of 1280fps vs 9mm of 1180. The additional weight and speed will push the .357 to an additional 100 fpe. All of this is an approximation as many variables come into play. Penetration and expansion are definitely important. A human body is about 10 inches wide where a big fella could go 20 inches wide. Depending on the type of ammunition, a 9mm penetration is 14 – 18 inches while a .357 will be 16 – 20 inches. So, yes, a 357 has more energy but in the big picture it is not as great as you would expect. Over penetration is always a concern for many reasons. Both will more than likely pass through a body unless large bones are struck. The biggest key is which can you control. To recover from the recoil to place a second round on target toward a threat and be accurate is even more important. Few average shooters are able to do. Your time is best spent on the range increasing your accuracy rather than dwelling on which caliber firearm you are carrying.

      • What kind of fool thinks he can take down a car with a stick? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

        Also wondering why there are soooooo many fatassssses at a grocery store! At least every other person in that video was a cow!

    • He had the right and fat boy needs to get a job work off some of that fat, he might lose some while in jail for assault

    • Good thing the driver did not run the fat dude over. Car would have got high centered and stuck on a POS that big.

    • Was there a club meeting for 499+ pounders in the parking lot? How did the driver come across so many whales at one place?

      • Kroger, WalMart, Dollar General, 99cents store, Family Dollar all seem to attract the most slender and runway model people. IQ ranges approximately 200+ collectively for 6 of them.
        All too often we see this feuding all over silly reasons, like who got the last case of mountain dew, twinkies, pepsi, slim jims, and pop tarts. Maybe these items are all SNAP and Food stamps allow the welfare recipients to acquire.

        • It depends on the neighborhood. Bakers Supermarkets is a chain of eight stores scattered across Omaha, Nebraska. Most of them have zero problems with crime. The one closest to where we lived, located on the edge of a bad neighborhood, had carjackings in the store parking lot. Thirty five years ago, a different store, also near a bad neighborhood, had several muggings in the parking lot. Bag boys began accompanying every female shopper to her car. The mugger was eventually caught after store staff chased him on foot for a mile. Although No Guns signs have the force of law in Nebraska, no Bakers store was ever posted.

      • Maybe there was a sale on blubber at the grocery store and these “gentlemen” wanted to share.

    • That was a thing of beauty (the pavement slide, not the butt). Too bad about the damage to his car.

      It’s getting tiresome seeing these punks and bullies who think they can get away with anything.

      • It won’t be long before we will be shooting all of them. There’s only one way to rid your barn of rats!

    • Kim Ogg the Harris County, Texas DA would almost always disagree. She has the HCSD and HPD trying to enforce illegal interpretations of just about every Texas Law when it comes to self defense or Second Amendment Issues.

      Soros supported. Globalist Aligned, just like HPD Chief Art ‘the FART’ Assholevedo.

    • You just don’t understand the situation. The guy in the car bought the very last Twinkies, and all of the bonbons in that Kroger grocery store. The phat guy was perfectly justified in breaking out the windows to recover some bonbons. Hang that driver!!!!!!

      /sarcasm LMAO

    • Oh the beautiful people of ohio’s city’s, every city is a dump. When i see an Ohio lic plate its usually going down the highhway way to fast and shit box. You keep it classy Ohio. Nice slide

  1. Wasnt that many years ago, he would’ve been dispatched after one window! At what point did we switch from protecting citizens to protecting criminals!?

    • The minute the drivers window was shattered, that’s when defensive gun use would have been used.

      • 115 grain 9mm or 3,500# car. In this case I think the car was the best self defense weapon.

        Personally I wouldn’t have stayed in that area with that situation I would have driven 20 miles to a different Kroger store.

        • If I have the choice between using my car or my EDC. I’ll choose the EDC every time. Why? Unless you have had the privilege of hitting a large animal with your car. You have no comprehension of the amount of damage it can cause. Even at slow speeds. Now you have to call your insurance company. Get quotes for repairs. Pay the deductible and be without you car for who knows how long. On the other hand. Price of ammo while high at this time. It’s still cheaper than car repairs.

        • If those are the neighbor hood residents I would have moved at least 20 miles. Probably more like 200.

      • I don’t know where you’re at but in Florida that’s precisely what you CAN do. Break a car window or even reach inside an open one, that’s a carjacking in progress. Fire at will, Gridley.

        • Not every state has rational laws regarding self defense. Prosecutors are often even worse.

        • Ohio allows the use of deadly force for forcible entry of an occupied vehicle.

          [ ORC 2901.05(B)(1) ]

        • Nothing in this video indicates a carjacking (or attempt) based on the elements found in the FL State Statutes and what we get from the video. That would be a criminal mischief in Florida (probably felony due to the amount of damages). FL does not justify the use of deadly force in defense of property, except if it is a forcible felony, or you are at risk of death or great bodily harm. Carjacking is a forcible felony but again, you’re going to need a hell of an attorney to show the intent of carjacking there, while it’s simply some wacko smashing car windows after an argument.

        • @JS – You have no fucking idea what you are talking about. Breaking a window in an occupied vehicle is a violent felony robbery attempt. In Florida.

      • Priced window replacement recently? Last I checked (around 2009) they ran $600 a pop, I’m not counting to 3. Does your auto insurance cover murderous slugs attacking? I’ll pop him the first time, especially with that much announcement of his intentions.

    • When? When George Soros started spending big bucks helping to place his people in prosecutor offices. That’s when.

      • I wonder how many people know how George Soros started out accumulating his wealth. Back in the 1940’s in the Balkan Countries, teenager, George Soros assisted the Nazis in locating and rounding up Jews to send off to their deaths in concentration camps. He then stole their belongings that they had to leave behind and grew wealthy by doing so. George Soros is a very evil man who is using his wealth to sow discord and anarchy all over this world. His wealth is the only thing protecting him from getting what he truly deserves. Those who accept his money and influence are no better than him and should be reviled and not elected to positions of power. Our corrupt mass media refuses to expose him because rats tend to hang out together.

        • Sometimes I wonder whether Soros isn’t a Legend. By that, I mean someone with the help of an intelligence Service (I am looking at you Lavranty) created a fictitious biography and slipped someone into it to create a long term agent of influence. After researchers got into Soviet archives and discovered that the late Armand Hammer was the COMMINTERN’s bagman the CIA started to look for his successor. There was a lot of speculation that it was Soros. Soros was a rather benign figure in the 90s but became more radical after Putin became President. What does Vlad have on Soros? Could it be the Legend Dossier?

        • You’re exactly right. I have been following this slimy evil man for thirty years. He has a family just as bad. Adam Schiff is married to one of his nieces and Chelsea Clinton is married to his nephew. Talk about nepotism.They are trying to raise a dynasty.

    • When social dogooders pleaded that criminals are the true victims of our society and we, as members of this society, need to be punished instead.

  2. Why were all those people milling about and the couple wrestling, was this a protest or just malcontents hanging out in a parking lot, I am not sure what was going on…

    Once they smashed one window and the car pulled out of the space, I don’t know why they didn’t just keep going instead of allowing the guy to approach again, maybe the way forward was blocked but hard to say. Looks like they slowed or stopped after sending the guy flying?

    We have a problem if packs of feral youth are allowed to loiter and threaten people going about their business.

    • “Once they smashed one window and the car pulled out of the space, I don’t know why they didn’t just keep going instead of allowing the guy to approach again, maybe the way forward was blocked but hard to say.”

      Earlier in the video, it looks like another black SUV is blocking the lane. There are at least some bystanders in the pick-up lanes to the “left” of the SUV, and vehicles and a wrestling match to the “right”.

      If you are going to make the choice to drive into someone, chose the deadly force aggressor rather than a party unrelated to the aggression against you (and/or “yours”).

  3. Well presented and sound advice. Regardless, people being afraid to defend themselves will ultimately have a similar effect as ordering the police to stand down. But given some of what Soros has said, I tend to believe that chaos and increased crime is the intention. Even if some of the prosecutors Soros has bankrolled do not understand it themselves.

  4. The driver was just trying to get away. That’s important not because he has some duty to retreat, but because consenting to a fight (as opposed to be dragged into a fight) negates a self defense claim. Disengaging from the event demonstrates a clear intention not to fight. He didn’t do doughnuts on the guy. So it appears he applied just enough force to facilitate his disengagement from the event.

    Looks like he remained in the parking lot at a safe distance afterward, too. So I’m not even seeing a valid hit and run charge, either. Now, I don’t know what caused all of this or what the girl fight was all about. So there may still be some legal liability, civil or criminal, on the driver’s part; but not from what I’ve seen in this clip.

    • They probably don’t know either, they were just fighting because that’s their thing. Hordes of obese, low IQ scumbags invading the stores, doing all kind of stupid crap.

  5. Watching The Video I see no problem with using the car as a weapon. Trying to smash open a car window is using deadly force trying to get at another person. Who tried to avoid confrontation by getting into their car in the first place. The driveway was blocked by another car. His attacker didn’t want to stop. So the attacker got run over in the process of trying to get out of the danger zone.

    People need to let things, insults, just run off their back. Let it go. The dick head that is bothering you doesn’t need to know that you can shoot them dead. If they are stupid enough to attack a person with a gun. Or a 2000 pound car.

  6. And everyone heard in the background of the video are acting shocked that lard-ass got bumper tagged. Have you all seen the DOT advisory put out to professional truckers on how to handle an angry mob. Don’t stop. If they don’t move, don’t stop. Call 911 when able. Check it out.

    • “Have you all seen the DOT advisory put out to professional truckers on how to handle an angry mob. Don’t stop. If they don’t move, don’t stop. Call 911 when able. Check it out.”

      What he sad, where’s the link?

      The video the other day of the car hitting someone sending them flying, the hit person expired, not surprisingly…

    • Bullshit. Not a chance that a governmental body would put out something like that.

  7. Some 30 years ago I was selling life insurance in a Chicago ghetto. West Pullman I think. I was leaving a client at dusk and found my car surrounded my a crowd of young black chillen screaming at me-and banging on my car. Unarmed. I gunned the engine and fully intended to run over whoever blocked my way. They got my message and the sea parted. I’m pro-auto mayhem😏😏😏

    • Better that he lives, actually. The road rash he undoubtedly incurred with his slide will be a painful reminder to watch his mouth next time. Of course, he’ll be nursing his wounds in jail.

    • Did anyone notice what Fat Bastard was yelling to the defender in his car? He yelled, “Hurry up and get in m’belly!”

      I would be scared out of my wits, too, if that Fat Bastard wanted to eat me!

  8. With zero background on what that was all about it certainly looks like the driver was justified in using his car defensively. Fat Bastard was not letting up, a metal pipe that can bash out a car window in one hit is a deadly weapon, and that driver was trying to get the hell out of there.

    All any of the local news reports I have found so far say is that the whole mess is under investigation. Nothing being released by the police about what started it.

    I’ve seen a couple of parking lot fights over the years, never been party to one. My standard policy is just drive away and let the crazies settle their stupid their own stupid way.

    • 150+ years ago, insults had to be avenged in blood. Upper classes offered the choice of swords or pistols and had seconds to make the arrangements. Lower classes were less formal. It looks like we are reverting to that.

  9. Defund the police!
    Then the corrupt Soros prosecutors will have no means to persecute decent people who defend themselves.

  10. One guy was asking him to shoot him. That was restraint no to. The fat dude took it a step further with the pipe. I’d say good use of the car. Looks like his girlfriend was having a go with another woman and he picked her up before leaving.

    If he had an AR and 20 round mag he could have cleaned house. That mob is lucky that didn’t happen. He had the green light when they threatened him the way they did and were armed with a pipe. This shit is going to happen very often all over. Someone is going to full fuck it mode.

    • A revolver would have been just fine. Cap the fatty and the other d*bags would have scattered like roaches.

        • A harpoon gun would have more stopping power and poetic appeal.

          Nothing wrong with .357 but you definitely want, at minimum, a Dangerous Game cartridge against large animals.

        • +1 for the reference to the .416 Rigby.

          Fun Fact…McMillan makes a CA compliant “Barrett” clone in .416 Rigby for the CA market. Its ballistics are superior to the .50 BMG. Faster and flatter. Sure wish I had one. Or even a .338 Lapua. 🙂

        • Haz:

          Are you sure you’re not thinking of .416 Barrett? .416 Rigby is an early 1900’s elephant gun round.

        • strych9,

          Well, shut my mouth…I do believe you’re correct. Several years ago, I read an article that discussed McMillan’s then-recent announcement of their .416 rifle, and I clearly recall that it was the first time I had ever heard of the Rigby, so that’s what’s been in my mind ever since. I’ll put down $100 that the article’s author mentioned the Rigby, so he must have made the error, and I never knew it or vetted it.

          Thanks for the correction. At least from this point forward I **might** sound like I know what I’m talking about. 🙂

  11. Gross fat man bun man!! He was busting out windows all around the car. The driver could have been hit in the head. The driver hitting the fat pig slob was well deserved and justified!!

    The guy in the car I think would also be justified to shoot the fat slob in the face!!!

    • This was Ohio. Firmly in an area known as the ‘stroke belt’. Lots of fried foods. Lots of little debbies.

      Go to any walmart in that region, Ohio, KY, WV and further south and you will see fleets of electric bumper cars loaded with very fat folk.

  12. The video certainly shows who the aggressors were, but we need to know what lead to this aggression. Something was going on prior to this, words were being shared; many of which are not understandable. I did hear the ‘N’ word, and someone say CHOKE me . . .to the guy getting into the vehicle that was smashed.

  13. I’m cracking up at the cameraman “oh shit meanwhile” and that grappling match. Then these fools are shocked that someone actually got hurt.

  14. Jesus H. Christ on a cracker. I have never seen so much white trash man bun wearing soy boys excited on one place before. And how about all the fatties? I didn’t think you could get fat drinking soy, but obviously I’ve been proven wrong.

  15. He was under attack, he was outnumbered, he used the only weapon he had to defend himself…I would’ve done the very same thing under the same circumstances…

  16. If you liked Bowling for Columbine you’ll LOVE Bowling With Fat People.

    Seriously, just call it Summer Curling. All you need is a mid sized SUV and a landwhale. Put a bottle in a parking lot and see who slides ’em closest.

    The announcers have an easy job too. All they have to do is keep saying “Awwww shiiiiiiit!”

    • I think even a compact suv would serve well against lumpy lunatics. I haven’t actually tested it out yet so I could be mistaken. We’ll see.

      • Compact vs Mid vs Full can be the “weight classes” or treated like the tee boxes in golf. Pros play with the compacts, full size are the ladies tees.

        On a side note, such a sport will remove a bit of skin, done right it can get the necrotic tissue in between the roles on the big ones. You can probably bill insurance or Medicaid/care for the service. Medicinal road rash.

  17. So I watched the video, and all I say was a regular day shopping on the first of the month…

  18. “First, Ability: Does the attacker have the power or capability to immediately kill or grievously injure an innocent person?”

    How does “injure non-standard me” play out? There’s video a couple weeks back of an old activist-guy falling over backwards after shove from police phalynx clearing a riot location in Buffalo.

    Now, maybe activist-guy was a soccer player in his youth. But, if the event is legit, on average as you age, you fall easier, land worse, n damage does more damage. Shoving old guy might be more of a known, deadly assault than pushing some rugby player in Myself, balance n dexterity are both diminished, although you can’t tell in simple situations. Worse, having a TBI, every next brain-whack is more consequential.

    Maybe someone whacking at me wouldn’t know that that’s potentially killing. Fair enough. But I know. Can I respond legally based on what I know, n they don’t?

    Consider this hypothetical: do not smear my bod with that peanut butter crabcake — I’m deathly allergic. I know, but you don’t. (Force-feeding me Coors doesn’t count. It just would make me want to die.)

    • Yes, you absolutely CAN respond legally! I, too, am seriously compromised in both stability and mobility. I regularly respond legally to police involved in violent protests! I AM NOT THERE!! What I saw, guy got what was coming to him, and since he’s white, nobody cared.

    • One of Andrew Branca’s criteria for a valid self defense claim is proportionality. You can’t overreact and use more force than is reasonable under the circumstances. That means you can only use deadly force to defend against a deadly attack. What’s a deadly attack? Anything that would leave you badly injured or dead. An attack by an unarmed individual who is big and strong against someone similar would be considered less than deadly. Against someone small and weak, it would be considered deadly and would justify a defense prohibited to a bigger, stronger victim.

  19. GW: I cannot find the “the DOT advisory put out to professional truckers on how to handle an angry mob. Don’t stop. If they don’t move, don’t stop. Call 911 when able.”

    Can you post a link?

  20. The white woman & the white man look to be together. The black man pulls around to get the black woman at the end of the video. She moves up off the asphalt, on to the curb & the man with the broken windows stop to pick her up in the gray car. then the red van pulls out also, is she going to find the man who fell down?

  21. Unlike the bar owner in Philly, the driver of this vehicle was threatened with bodily harm and death, and is justified in his actions.

    • More delusional gun control nonsense. You seem to prefer the physical violence and property damage that occurred here to the peaceful resolution of the other situation.

      Just curiously, do you suppose it’s possible that if the assaulted person in this video had “brandished” a firearm prior to the onset of violence, indicating that fat boy had best leave him alone, that this entire mess might have been avoided altogether? Of course you don’t. That would have been irresponsible and reckless behavior unworthy of POG and necessitating punishment at the hands of government thugs.

      Perhaps some day you’ll wake up and realize that you are absolutely in favor of gun control. You seem to think that you should stand as arbiter of who can use a gun and under what circumstances. In short, you’re part of the problem.

      “The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite.” – Tennessee Williams

      • A short wheel base might get hung up on the frame and there you are. Stuck on lard ass hill waiting for a tow.

  22. Haha, Fatty got flattened. Good shoot, back up and go for a second pass, you earned it.

  23. The triad of ability, opportunity and jeopardy only covers imminence. To sustain a claim of self defense, you also need to cover innocence, proportionality, avoidance and reasonableness. It looks like the driver did cover all of them although he could have escaped by continuing to back up after exiting his parking slot.

    This doesn’t look like a protest that the car and its occupants got caught up in. Instead, it looks like a handful of punks hanging around the Kroger parking lot. We can’t tell from the video whether the occupants were Kroger customers or punks, too. It would be helpful to know why fat-ass was angry at them.

    One of the advantages of keeping your doors locked and windows up is that, to get at you, an attacker must break in. Even where castle doctrine doesn’t extend to your occupied vehicle, the damage supports your claim that your life or health were in danger.

    • All of ’em or just the beards? I keep Shirley and Co. myself. Blast that and people don’t know whether to poop or tie their shoes.

        • Sounds good on paper. But have you ever kept a chimp in a trunk? It’s not long until the whole car smells like ape ass. And you have to buy premium monkey chow for them. And the beer and hookers……

  24. NO MORE. Kids are prohibited from going to school, folks not allowed to attend church services, and if allowed in prohibited from singing, cant attend sporting events, they dont want us to vote in person, only want ballots to be mailed in, stores and businesses closed, employees not allowed to work, gotta wear a mask to get into the bank, but forced to remove your hat, that is if you’re a member of the oppressive race (happened to me, although I saw the darker fellow allowed to keep his on, happened to me). The list of ” the new normal” goes on. Nothing is new or normal about totalitarian mandates of sadistic control freaks. This wont end until we demand it. Why should governments relinquish the unprecedented power they’ve grabbed over the ” crisis “? Whether you believe its real or hype or somewhere in between the global response is evil and must end. It will only end if we demand it.

  25. Anyone who blocks right of passage denies all your freedoms, rights, etc. America is fed up with lowlifes and such lowlifes are likely to be shot, ran over, etc. If the law gives America the green light mr. lowlife gets smoked no exceptions. Best thing for lowlifes to do is leave people alone….and I mean alone.

  26. But, but, but social justice, you know. Question: When did social justice become revenge ? Answer: Since it was first embraced by ” social justice warriors “.

    • “Social justice” always has been and only ever will be about resentment and revenge. That’s literally all it is.

  27. Several of them were indeed doing “the monkey dance”. For those of you not familiar with the term, no, it is not a term with racist connotations.

  28. Deadly force was authorized against this idiot he’s lucky she didn’t back up and run over him again. Duty to retreat in Ohio so she did.

  29. “generations of rural poverty”

    So you think a city of 900,000 people is in a rural area? Perhaps you should use that “fully functional brain” of yours before you comment. Or maybe you could bother to get your head out of your a$$, and notice the rampant violence that’s occurring in the major cities as opposed to the more peaceful rural areas. I’d love to see if you have the courage to talk to one of these “garbage people”, in that condescending tone, to their face.

    • I somehow ignored the ill spirited nature of Jason’s comment but at least he did say ‘we’ and correctly included himself in his estimation. Though it is a safe bet he is under the illusion that his life has meaning while others don’t and that he is special.

      • Oh, I’m under no impression that I matter. I just have the processing power to acknowledge, analyze, and come to terms with that fact as opposed to getting into fights into grocery stores.

        20 or so years after I die, it will be as though I never existed at all. Not only do I accept it, I take comfort in it. No need to engage in garbage behaviors because of it.

        And yes, the incident took place in a city, but that doesn’t mean the effects of rural poverty aren’t in full force. After all, it is a city in the backward, obsolete, trash heap that is middle America.

      • Cbus is full of rural poverty? Strange, I never noticed.

        Seriously, troll harder. You need to up those skillz and get gud.

      • Jason, I have sympathy for the things you say. A lot of the commenters here posit similar notions about large portions of the population.You, like the rest of us, are getting keyhole views of people at maybe their worst and you are implying that you don’t have similar inclinations because you are smarter and better bred than them. That is rather arrogant. You are a human animal and it is very unlikely that you don’t have similar inclinations that are just less exposed by circumstance. Maybe instead of getting in dumb fights in parking lots you psychologically abuse or take advantage of people around you when possible without detection. Your intellect is not as much proof against bad behavior under stress as humility would be.

    • Hey I live in a rural village, we have riots and bedlam on a nightly basis here and……oh wait, no we don’t. We don’t have anything like that. And never have.

    • I don’t care for anyone on either side of the aisle, actually. Or actually most other people regardless off affiliation. They’re all so insufferable.

      I grew up rural so I know a little about rural America and the prevailing backward mentality. Took me more than 30 years to escape.

      And again, I’m aware Columbus is a city. It’s just one that apparently shared the mentality of its surrounding region.

      Flyover country is flyover for good reason.

    • @ Vic

      Of course I have those baser, reptilian aspects within my psyche, we all do. But I control them, even under stress. It’s really not that hard to avoid getting into public altercations.

      And yes, my vitriol here is aimed at the right, middle America, the Bible Belt, etc., but I have plenty of disdain for the modern left as well. I’ve just never been a fan of preaching to the choir or strengthening echo chambers.

      • “But I control them, even under stress.”

        Running out on the interwebz and shitting all over a big portion of the country by painting with an overly broad brush is how you show control over your baser instincts? Is that you, Lucius Verus?

      • How about I shit on the rest of the country while I’m at? Fair is fair.

        It’s admittedly broad brush, but a broad brush is often the most effective tool for the job.

  30. Bullying blob with a steel pipe vs SUV.

    I nominate this for a close runner up for the Darwin.

  31. When the driver of the car comes before a judge and is asked to state his name….

    I can only hope he replies …..

    ‘Call me Ishmael’…….

  32. Really excited I don’t live anywhere where people like that live. What a friggin dump show! Who raised these degenerates

  33. Is there anyone in that video that wasn’t a feral thug? These people are wandering around a parking lot, screaming racial slurs at eachother, with multiple fights occurring at the same time. I’ve driven by Columbus a few times, but I certainly won’t be stopping there.

  34. These losers sure have a false sense of security…. If there’s ever a asteroid on a collision course with our country I’m gonna wait for it on my front stoop holding a sign that says “GO ASTEROID!!!!!”

  35. Wow, looks like Baron Vladimir Harkonnen has fallen on hard times.

    Hope the car is ok.

  36. More entertaining than anything on Netflix…. all those corn-fed, inbred lard-asses made it look like an episode of the Jerry Springer Show.

  37. Sad really, that anybody had to die. So freakin’ senseless!
    BUT(T)—– why is it these double Y chromosome, behemoth, bull stout, jack wagons think they are invincible?

    Justifiable? I’ll hold off until the investigation is complete.
    What would I do?
    Hell! I dont know! I wasn’t there! Hopefully….successfully….defend myself against that brainless fat a$$hole who “thought” he was tougher than a vehicle!

    Bet his family and the 12 pall bearers it took to haul his lard a$$ to the grave are standing around blubbering about how he was a gentle giant, was very kind and had a sweet personality!
    I know they “WILL” miss his fat a$$ at T’giving! One less turkey to buy!

      • I was under the impression fat boy didn’t make it!

        “… the driver used his car as a deadly weapon against the primary aggressor. And yes, with a judicious application of horsepower, the driver sent the portly aggressor sliding across the asphalt as if lubricated by lard. …”

        Guess I “wuz mistooken”! The term “deadly weapon” caught my eye!
        Too bad! LOL!

  38. The driver is totally reasonable and if I was a juror at his trial it would be not guilty all day.
    Even without the pipe a 500lb 6ft+ guy against a 5ft 5 130lb guy is a deadly threat IMO

    Once they began to pursue me in my state I would have dispatched the threats.

    Stand Your Ground law in my state
    “A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in another place where he has a right to be, including, but not limited to, his place of business, has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his ground and meet force with force, including deadly force, if he reasonably believes it is necessary to prevent death or great bodily injury to himself or another person or to prevent the commission of a violent crime as defined in Section 16–1–60.”

    Section 16-1-60 Violent crimes defined
    (Relevant def)…assault and battery by mob, first degree, resulting in death (Section 16-3-210(B))

    So yeah Mozambiques on sale for juggalos or whatever the hell those psycos are

  39. News Update
    A man identified as Richard Moby was treated at a local Columbus hospital for contusions, possible broken bones and a major road rash. Doctors also noted that there were no signs of harpoon wounds.
    A statement from Mom’s Demand Action says that this is clear evidence that the 10 day waiting period for purchasing harpoons is clearly having an effect
    Stay Classy Columbus

  40. If you guys have never laid someone out with your car in defense, don’t pass up the opportunity. I’ve done it and sent the guy flying. He laid on the ground with numerous people running towards him.
    Way better than shooting them, which I could have done I suppose but all I had was a dinky Freedom Arms .22 mini revolver and probably would have just made him mad.

  41. Some of the comments on the youtube video are priceless comic genius.

    I’ll throw one in of my own: alternative defensive strategy would have been to throw a hot dog out of the broken window. Big guy sure to give chase to that.

    Man, it is a sad time in America. Why are these fat farts alive? What miracle combination of anti cholesterol and antihypertensives must be paid for through medicaid to keep these organisms from reaching thermodynamic equilibrium?

  42. That whole crowd has been grazing way too much. They need to rename that town “Fat City.”

  43. BLM! sacrasm

    I cried…… was so funny to see his fat a@@ sliding.

    This won’t end until the streets run with Marxists blood.

  44. From the article:

    “In order for deadly force to be justified in most states, three factors must generally exist.”

    Actually, there are more than three (3) factors/elements. What is mentioned in the (above) article is known as the AOJ triad, and is used to describe ONE element in use of force law; “Imminence”.

    All five (5) elements are [1] Innocence, [2] Imminence (AOJ), [3] Proportionality, [4] Avoidance and [5] Reasonableness. These five (5) elements address a framework for the use of force law ALL fifty (50) states; and about 80% of the law in the 50 (not 56 or 57) states is functionally the same. How each element is address/applied by codes, case law and jury instructions may vary and makes up the important differences from state to state.

    So let’s take a quick look at the other four (4).

    1. Innocence – The person in the vehicle apparently didn’t start *this* fight. Even if he had started a (lethal or non-lethal) fight earlier, he had (apparently) regained his “innocence” by retreating to his vehicle. So even if he (the driver) were guilty of starting an earlier confrontation, the fat boy (appears) to have been the aggressor in the fight he lost. (Ohio Case Law: State v. Ellis)

    2. Imminence – covered in the article.

    3. Proportionality – Here the driver is (apparently) lawful in at least two (2) different ways.

    The first, is that fat boy is using a bludgeon, along with his strength, effective enough to break out vehicle windows and any reasonable person would believe that such a bludgeon could likely cause death or great bodily harm. In every state, every lethal weapon is “equal” in lethality – so provided the imminence/AOJ element is met – a vehicle is proportional to a bludgeon.

    The second is that Ohio law allows the use of deadly force on anyone in the process of forcibly entering a occupied residence or vehicle. [ORC 2901.05]

    4. Avoidance – For non-lethal force Ohio does not have a “duty to retreat”, however there is a lethal force “duty to retreat” if the “defender” can retreat in safety. (HB 381, and a companion senate bill was introduced in January 2020 to “make” Ohio a so-called SYG state).

    However, the Ohio castle law also applies to vehicles [ORC 2901.09(B)], where there is no duty to retreat for lethal or non-lethal force.

    5. Reasonableness – Here, there are two (2) types of reasonableness; [1] Subjective and [2] Objective.

    Subjective Reasonableness – If the driver actually believed that he was in danger of great bodily harm/death and believed his actions were lawful, he meets the requirements for subjective reasonableness. Note that he does not have to be in a state of panic or “bare fear”.

    Objective Reasonableness – This employs (legal) notion of “the reasonable and prudent” person. Note that in most states this is NOT an average person, but a person who is a good example of societal norms; slow to anger, cautious, prudent, exercises “common sense”, possess “common knowledge” , etc. The “reasonable and prudent person’s” knowledge may be modified by what the individual defender knew at the time of the fight.

    In this case, it would be common knowledge that a bludgeon capable of breaking car windows would likely cause great bodily harm. The defender/driver exercised patience, and was not quick to respond with force, as he had two (2) windows already broken out; and the defender/driver didn’t respond with force until the attacker/aggressor was going to break out the window occupied by the driver.

      • Yes. Everyone who owns a gun should, at minimum, read his book. Many of my friends/relatives carry a firearm, and I’ve either gifted them the book, or loaned the book/video.

  45. Lots of bad people in that video acting like immature children who never had parents & never got lots of needed ass whoopings!

    If people got shot more often for attacking others….this would stop!

    But, in these DEMONCRAT run cities that hate guns… ur more likely to go to jail for owning a gun than the criminal attacking u & killing u.

  46. Looks like fat boy would have figured out he couldn’t handle the car the first time the driver put him on his a$$!
    Dumbass…and he had a double load of that…had to try “one-more-time”!

    I went to high school with one of those behemoths. About 6’5″, 325 pounds.
    Stupidly told a drunk in a parking lot he was going to drag him out of his car and beat him up.
    Drunk pulled out a .22 rifle.
    “That won’t stop me!” Gary roared.
    But it did! LMBO!
    Gary learned a VERY important, nonlethal, old bear lesson that night!
    Don’t tell the offender what you’re gonna do! Just do it.

  47. Yet another example of an overgrown adolescent with anger management issues playing stupid games, and winning stupid prizes… SMH

  48. I thoroughly enjoyed that piece of trash getting ran over. American’s are tired of these deranged mobs and you’ll continue to see more of this response.

  49. I still don’t get why people aggressively put themselves in front of a car. Expecting the person they are aggressing to hold the aggressor’s life valuable enough that they don’t just run them over.

    Its so freaking stupid.

    Avoid conflict and use of force whenever necessary. But it was clearly necessary here.

  50. Oh Mah GaH!!!! Oh Mah GaH!!!!

    There’s more to this than meets the eye and it’s a eye full to begin with.

    Driver’s pull up pants failed after he supposedly pulled a gun for whatever reason. Angry Peter Griffin threatened, continued to provoke and attack and was plastered on the pavement for his efforts.

    Two whitey man buns were involved some how AND to top it all off, a white a black woman were in a grapple of anger off to the side.

    There is so much more here than has been explained. This should be an interesting tale when it’s all laid out in the open. If and I say, if it ever is.

  51. The lack of context makes this video and article meaningless.

    One can more easily assume a complete absence of conflict de-escalation skills by the driver.

  52. I like how they all crowd around him and all you hear is “Uh, his head is bleeding pretty bad”. It’s even funnier cuz these hardcore leftists would view you as “crazy” for wishing him to be removed from this earth and never have the capability to inflict harm on innocents again, but they’d just as soon smash in your windows to snatch you out of a car and beat you to death for nothing. Also, this plays into my brandishing argument that’s been ongoing recently. In these times, when shit like this happens on a regular basis, it went from a “verbal disagreement” to a straight up threat of life in milliseconds. Honestly, as soon as this big dude holding that weapon, whatever it was, approached me, the gun would have came out. He might be a slight exception to the 21 foot rule… maybe half lol… but sarcasm aside, are you willing to risk it? Especially being surrounded by his buddies? Hell naw. I’d brandish that shit at every one of them until I am out of the area. Basically, I’d save their lives doing it too. Hopefully.

    • I almost forgot… doesn’t really matter, because just look at the quality of people involved on both parties. Neither of them are smart enough to de escalate, be a respectful weight, or wear clothes that fit them. Why is it now days that it’s either too skinny, or too big for clothes?

  53. Definitely justified and lard ass should get charged with destruction of property/assault. Obvious aggressor.
    Bravo on the other guy defending himself.

  54. I want to know what preceded this whole altercation. What prompted it, and who started it. It doesn’t really look like there was a protest of any kind going on.

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