Be At the Second Amendment Rally at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on November 2

UPDATE: Start time now 12:30p due to expanded speaker list and larger expected turnout. 

Where will you be on November 2? Given recent events and efforts to outlaw and confiscate lawfully owned firearms from law-abiding Americans, you need to be in Washington, DC for the Second Amendment Rally on the Capitol lawn. It will be the of one of the biggest pro-gun grassroots gatherings in recent memory.

As Rob Pincus, one of the rally’s organizers told us . . .

This event is being put on by a coalition of Second Amendment supporters. Not everyone will agree on all the details, but that’s OK. We’re looking for support around the basic idea that it’s a good thing for thousands of American gun owners gather in Washington, DC to peacefully support and discuss issues affecting our gun rights.

What can you do?

  • Attend the 2nd Amendment Rally in Washington, DC on November 2nd 2019!
  • Make your voice heard!
  • Fight for your right to defend yourself before it is too late!
  • Be part of history, and help secure the Blessings of Liberty for ourselves and posterity.
  • Join thousands of your fellow patriots, to tell Congress to obey the constraints of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • Follow all relevant laws in regard to the transport and/or carry of firearms in relation to this event.

There’s an excellent lineup of speakers including . . .

Eric Blandford (IV8888)
Craig Deluz (FPC)
Dianna Muller (DC Project)
Jonathan Patton (TGC)
Mike Sodini (WTTA)
Chris Cheng (Topshot)
Joshua Prince (Lawyer)
Erich Pratt (GOA)
Kevin Dixie (NOC)
Kenn Blanchard (Black Man with a Gun)
Gabby Franco (competitive shooter)
Cheryl Todd (Gun Freedom Radio)
Matt Larosiere (Firearms Policy Coalition)
Maj Toure (Black Guns Matter)
Rob Pincus (2nd Amendment Organization)
Jeff Knox (Firearms Coalition)
Anthony Colandro (Gun For Hire)
…among others.
Why should you be there? Because you are the gun lobby. Again, this is a true grassroots-funded effort to demonstrate that over 100 million gun owners comprise the gun lobby in America…not one gun rights organization and not gun makers.


The Second Amendment Rally is open to those who value their constitutional right to keep and bear arms, those who value the right to defend themselves, and those who value the lives of the men and women who have died to keep those rights intact.

See all the details here





  1. avatar strych9 says:

    With more than 2.5 weeks notice I’d probably have gone and taken my wife to the Smithsonian as well but no-can-do at this point.

    1. avatar Bubba Rope says:

      Can we open carry in DC?

      1. avatar UpInArms says:

        No, and a political rally would be a prohibited space. Wanna make a statement, wear an empty holster in plain view.

        1. avatar John in Ohio says:

          “a political rally would be a prohibited space”

          What? That’s not always true. It depends on the location. We always open carry, long guns and handguns, at our political rallies here.

        2. avatar UpInArms says:

          From DC carry prohibitions:

          A gathering or special event open to the public.

          The public memorials on the National Mall and along the Tidal Basin, and any area where firearms are prohibited under federal law or by a federal agency or entity, including U.S. Capitol buildings and grounds.

          When demonstration in a public place is occurring, within an area designated by the Chief or his or her designee, or other law enforcement agency, that does not include any point at a distance greater than 1,000 feet from the demonstration.

          Any prohibited location or circumstance that the Chief determines by rule.

          There are a lot more prohibited areas, but that should pretty much cover it.

        3. avatar strych9 says:


          I would have assumed this, being D.C. and all, but thanks for the concrete info.

        4. avatar John in Ohio says:

          UpInArms, your original post was very general. I was pointing out that it was not the case in more free states so others would know that it’s not business as usual in the USA. It may be true of DC but not true under a blanket statement of “a political rally” in other locations.

        5. avatar Mr White says:

          Carry an Airsoft Copy of your real arms in your holster.

        6. avatar Julio says:

          “Carry an Airsoft Copy of your real arms in your holster.”
          And, congratulations—Mr. White wins the Bad Idea award for today.

        7. avatar The Instructor says:

          @ up in arms, no, it has to be marked with signage.
          and not many public spaces in DC are prohibited at all it is no different than the average US city

          and you completely missed the key point, the question was on open carry, which is totally illegal in DC, like a lot of states, and without a DC registration and DC issued carry licence concealed carrying the gun would be a felony anywhere in DC except you own home or own place of business.

    2. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      “With more than 2.5 weeks notice I’d probably have gone and taken my wife to the Smithsonian as well but no-can-do at this point.”

      Time-budget at *least* one full day for the Air & Space, and probably a full week for the rest of the Smithsonian on the mall.

      I haven’t been since the Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia extension opened up, but it was mind-blowing for me back in 1977 (?) the last time I was there.

      The problem with places like that for a geek like me is, after just a few hours of being there, your brain hits a saturation point and the cool stuff you see after doesn’t make nearly the impact on you. As you go in, they have a chunk of moon rock embedded in an epoxy resin visitors can touch. The first time I was there, it felt like a piece of BBQ gas grill rock, when I returned 1 year later, it had been worn smooth.

      You need at least a week to just catch the highlights in DC…

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        Last I was there it was… 2010. You’re right on the time, five days wasn’t enough.

      2. avatar Geek says:

        The Air and Space at the Mall is “okay”, but make sure you go to the Virginia exhibit. It is worth the drive. Jaw dropping. Enola Gay. Space shuttle. And so much more.

        1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

          Are there ‘behind the scenes’ tours available highlighting the aircraft currently under restoration at the Udvar-Hazy annex?

    3. avatar Craig in IA says:

      Hope Rod can get more to show up for this than he did at his attempt to “flood” the last NRA Board meeting… ;-0

  2. avatar D says:

    Will TTAG be there reporting live?

    1. We will have someone there.

      1. avatar doesky2 says:

        First MAJOR question I want answered is…..

        Are there no politicians on the lineup because….
        1) Pincus doesn’t want them
        2) or no politician is willing to come

        If it’s #2 then indeed we are in deep #2.

      2. avatar Erik Weisz says:

        Ooh! Is it me? I bet it’s me… Anyway, I heard it a “pimps-n-hos” theme this year. Last year’s disco idea kinda flopped. Who plans these things, anyway? JWT?

        srsly, the wife and myself (and my extreme-separation-anxiety-suffering dog, Bobo) will be there, already got a room fri/sat. Really looking forward to it. I wish I could post a pic of myself here so you all could pretend to know me. You should be able to figure it out – imagine a scotch-reeking, slightly better looking version of Brad Pitt with a hot chick and a mutt. If’n yore nice and all, yew kin hit muh flask…

  3. avatar Curmudgeon says:

    Are there any events planned for the SCOTUS hearing on the NYSRPA case for December 2nd? I am already thinking about heading to DC for that. Would be nice if there was something organized.

    1. Yes. TTAG contributor LKB is a member of the Supreme Court bar. That means he gets preferential seating in what is sure to be a packed courtroom.

      He’ll be there for the arguments on 12/2 and we’ll have his reports here.

  4. avatar M1Lou says:

    Unfortunately I will be in CA on that day. I’m right across the bridge from D.C. and it would have been nice to show up for an event I believe in.

    1. avatar Charlie Noble says:

      Welcome to our state. Sorry our governor sucks donkey dicks and our gun laws are now the worst in the nation. Please do try to have a good time while you’re here. We aren’t all gender-confused anti-gun fucktards…

  5. avatar RCC says:

    Hi Dan
    Slightly off topic. Fatal home invasion with man killed in “gun free” Australia.

    A great reason to make sure you keep the right to own firearms.

  6. avatar GunnyGene says:

    They need to get Trump and all the Dem wanna bees to show up.

    1. avatar Tom says:

      Sorry Trump will be on his way to federal prison soon

      1. avatar jwm says:

        Meanwhile, back on planet Earth……..

        1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

          Too much of the kool aid levees one a Leftard .

      2. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

        Keep dreaming, Tommie-boy… 🙂

      3. avatar enuf says:

        Not going to happen. The House may manage to impeach him, that is to issue an indictment. From there the Senate can do whatever strike’s it’s fancy. Including ignoring the matter entirely. If they do take it up, odds are overwhelmingly in favor of acquittal.

        Because Impeachment by the House and a Trial in the Senate have always been political actions. Not criminal, not even civil, but political.

        Were Trump to take a dump on camera on Ronald Reagan’s grave I strongly doubt the Senate would convict him. Hell, they’d volunteer to run out and clean up the mess.

        What can happen to a former President after leaving office are all the same things that can happen to anyone else. All the full spectrum of the law comes back into play.

        Unless you are Dick Nixon and President Ford actually believes his caretaker Presidency deserves a legacy. In which case, you get a pardon for unspecified crimes.

        1. avatar Mad Max says:

          Of course, if the alleged crimes happened prior to inauguration day and Trump wins a 2nd term, the statute of limitations would have expired on most of the potential crimes by the time he leaves office.

      4. avatar doesky2 says:

        Tom, it makes me happy to know that Trump is living rent-free in your empty head.

      5. avatar Trump is hitler reincarnated due to alien Nazis from planet Neptune says:

        RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA COLLLLUUSSIIIOOMMM!!! Oh wait no I’m Shit ok .. wait I got it ok…. UKRAINE!! YEP IT WAS UKRAINE ALL ALONG! NAZI RACIST SEXIST HITLER TRUMP UKRAINE COLLUSION I tell you! I swear this time it’s real! Why won’t you ignorant hillbilly conservatives believe me!

        1. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

          Not sure if off meds or trolling but sadly more believable than CNN

      6. avatar Badabing says:

        Yes, the Dems are now charging him with being a poo poo head and hurting their feelings. Sounds like a hangin’ is coming!

  7. avatar Tom says:

    There we go again with these uneducated radicals and freaks. Why don’t they go get a job or something.

    1. avatar FormerParatrooper says:

      This isn’t an Antifa rally, nor a Socialist rally. Sorry to disappoint you.

  8. avatar Sam Hill says:

    Sorry, can’t be there in body… possibly be there in spirit. Never heard of most of these speakers. Not sure if going would be worth the expense. The people of this country has gone completely ape shit. A 12 years old girl was arrested and hauled out of school for answering a question by pointing her finger like a pistol at some other students. If I had been arrested every time I have pointed my finger or even given somebody the finger I would have been in a cell since 1956 with no hope of release. Jesus H Christ, I’m waiting for someone to file suit of the government for making Thanksgiving and Christmas a federal holiday citing separation of religion and state.

    1. avatar Mad Max says:

      The middle finger is protected and (if you explain it carefully) the ACLU will help.

      With the trigger finger, you are on your own (but, in most cases, it’s still a 1st Amendment right).

  9. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    I could be there, or exercise my constitutional rights shooting pheasant in Nebraska. Seriously, I know hunting is an off shoot of 2A, but it’s a he’ll of a lot more fun than standing in the Swamp. Especially one with no green heads.

    1. avatar "keep yur paws off my dead guy." possum says:

      What gauge shootgunm do but you use for blasting hummingbirds? Or perhaps thsts not the greenheads you were refering to

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        Awesome, possum.

        1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Possum and Strych9, 12 gauge on pheasant and “mallards” for you uninitiated. Poor souls. .22 LR rat shot for the ruby throated hummingbird. They’re a bitch to clean. Even with tweezers, but they flash fry really good.

        2. avatar strych9 says:

          “They’re a bitch to clean. Even with tweezers, but they flash fry really good.”

          I will be chuckling about this for the rest of the evening. Well played.

        3. avatar uncommon_sense says:

          Gadsden Flag,

          Well played, sir, well played!!!

  10. avatar Sam Hill says:

    Wonder when just saying hello to someone will be capital offense?

  11. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    I could be there, or exercise my constitutional rights shooting pheasant in Nebraska. Seriously, I know hunting is an off shoot of 2A, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun than standing in the Swamp. Especially one with no green heads.

  12. avatar Arnold says:

    Nah, I’ll let someone else show up while enjoying the fruits of their labor.

  13. avatar Nickel Plated says:

    Soooo, so far it’s all no-shows in the comments. Explain again how our rights keep getting eroded away day by day?

    I’ll be driving down from PA. Thanks for the support guys.

    1. avatar UpInArms says:

      I’m in Delaware, only a couple hours away from DC. I’ll be there.

    2. avatar LifeSavor says:

      I am planning to drive from PA, also. Unfortunately, due to family matters, I need to drive back the same day.

      Not everyone can. For those who cannot, we know we have your prayers!

    3. avatar doesky2 says:

      Tried to organize a caravan from a new gun club that I joined by having the secretary send out one email to membership with pointer to a website.

      The board said NO because the rally was…..”Not club business.”

      F’ me. I’m a member of a FUDD club.

      1. avatar Nickel Plated says:

        Hand out flyers by the entrance? Many clubs have a classifieds board for people to advertise guns they want to sell etc. Put some up on there.

  14. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Arnold, it’s not so much that. I’ve been to my share of rallies, contributed a bit of money, contacted federal, state and local politicians. Should I cancel plans laid ahead for months, forfeit money and let my friends and family down because I just became aware of something barely two weeks away? How about a real heads up?

    1. avatar MouseGun says:

      That’s the Firearm Blog

  15. avatar JOHN Ziemba says:



    1. avatar strych9 says:

      When you scream in public do you do it complete with the short sentences, lack of punctuation and typos?

      In all seriousness though, you don’t need the all caps to make your points. Especially since nearly everyone here agrees with you.

  16. avatar Richard Kemp says:

    I wish I could be there but I have no way to get there I’m too poor,if I was there I would like to speak my mind about it all. I’m tired of the treason going on in my country.

    1. avatar LifeSavor says:


      Your prayers are as powerful as attendance.
      Never underestimate the power of prayer, especially since most of the left does not pray at all. (At least, not to the one, true God.)

      1. avatar uncommon_sense says:


        Never underestimate the power of prayer, especially since most of the Left does not pray at all.

        Wow, that is really profound. (Seriously, no snark or sarcasm.) I never thought about it that way. It does seem like a slam dunk when believers are all praying for God’s favor and our political opponents are not.

    2. avatar Ing says:

      Same here. Don’t have the money, so with the best will in the world, and even if I could take the time away from a brand-new job, it’s just not possible.

      Besides, if I go anywhere for a 2A rally, it should be to the capital of the beleaguered state of WA, where the progtards have done their damage much closer to home. But I don’t have the $ for that trip, either, so I’ll have to count on people who do have money to speak for me (yeah, right…we all know how that’s been working out).

  17. avatar FormerParatrooper says:

    Unfortunately I have a commitment for family needs. My Congress critters know my stand, and I will be reiterating that before the rally.

    For the next one, maybe we can coordinate a national rally with State or regional rallies under the same umbrella to show a more accurate accounting of our numbers.

  18. avatar Someone says:

    I will do my best to be there. Let’s see what the airlines have to offer on November 2nd.

    1. avatar Someone says:

      Got my tickets. See you guys there. Those of you who will put your money where your mouth is and actually show up, that is.

      Why should anyone believe that we will physically defend our rights and freedoms, if we don’t even care enough to rally for them?
      Low attendance will hurt us more than big crowds can help us. If the congress critters get a feeling that we gun owners are lax and not motivated to even show up, they may get an idea that voting against us will cost them nothing, while at the same time give them virtue signaling credit with the dem leaning voters.

  19. avatar enuf says:

    Wish I could but not a possibility. Have to work, pure and simple.

  20. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    For me it is about 20 hours of driving round-trip to Virginia just outside of Washington, D.C. And then I would be looking at another hour of metro-rail system round trip to the rally. On top of that, it will cost me about $300 for fuel, hotel, and food. At the absolute best, all of this investment of time and money might — MIGHT — lead to a handful of Congressman opposing a federal Red Flag law just one time.

    For the same amount of time and money, I can easily take 10 people (who are on the political fence and have never before shot a firearm) to a shooting range at zero cost to them.

    Instead, I will invest that time and money taking people to go shooting for their first time. At the absolute best, all of that investment will lead to about 10 voters who ALWAYS vote for pro-Second Amendment Congressman, Senators, Governors, and Presidents for a lifetime.

    Taking 10 people to a shooting range who have never shot a firearm and are on the political fence seems like a much more wise investment of my time and money in support of our Second Amendment.

    For those of you who are only a few hours away, I encourage you to go.

    1. avatar LifeSavor says:


      Introducing people to the gun use, that goes a long way toward winning!

    2. avatar Someone says:

      It would take me 13 hours of driving to get to DC from my Chicago suburbs home. Another 13 to get back. Luckily there is this new invention that allows the same trip to last just two hours 😄 (plus two hours at the airport and 45 min drive to get there).

      1. avatar uncommon_sense says:


        Even if you fly the trip will take a lot longer than you realize:

        Drive to airport and parking is 45 minutes.
        Arriving at airport early enough for security/check-in is 2 hours.
        Flight is 2 hours.
        Drive from airport to hotel is 45 minutes.
        Metro rail from hotel to rally is 45 minutes.
        Metro rail from rally to hotel is 45 minutes.
        Drive from hotel to airport is 45 minutes.
        Arriving at airport early enough for security/check-in is 2 hours.
        Flight is 2 hours.
        Drive home is 45 minutes.

        Total travel time alone is 12.5 hours (2 + 2 + 2 +2 + 0.75×6).

        Total expense could easily be $900 (flight + taxis/metro rail + hotel + meals).

        And we have not even talked about the time spent at the rally which could easily be another 4 hours.

        Now, think about how many people you can take to a shooting range and introduce to firearms with 16.5 hours of your time and $900. If you allow 4 hours per trip to the range and take 2 people with you on each trip, you could easily introduce 8 people to shooting and even buy a .22 LR Heritage single-action revolver for half of them as a gift.

        Or you could fly to Washington D.C. and stand around in a crowd of people for a few hours.

        Which do you think will do more to strengthen our Second Amendment right in our nation?

        1. avatar Someone says:

          Uncommon_sense, we all do what we think is best. I try to bring new shooters to the range when I get the chance. This time I think I can help more by going to the Capitol and be counted. If we call for 2A supporters to gather together and show our opposition to gun grabbers and no one shows up, it will just encourage them. I don’t think we can afford that. And there is no way I can swing the elections in Illinois even if I spent my every living hour coining new shooters.

          I will leave early in the morning and get back late the same day. No hotels, no sightseeing, the airport is 5 miles from the Hill. My wife still isn’t happy about me spending the money and weekend time away from my family on political rally. But we all got to do what we got to do.

          I’m sorry I will not see you there. I would love to meet you and buy you a beverage of your choice.

  21. avatar George Washington says:

    This is EXACTLY what EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE should do if they possibly can….
    I’ve been waiting for this to happen for YEARS…. And it may have happened before, but I just didn’t know about it…

    Unfortunately, with such SHORT NOTICE there’s no way I can plan for this…. And I’m in Kentucky…. Which isn’t terribly far.

    I hope something like this is done again in the NEAR FUTURE…. and hopefully I’ll hear about it sooner.

    Running off to the range and ignoring this event is SECOND AMENDMENT SUICIDE!!!!

  22. avatar David Zimmerman says:

    Maybe stop by and visit your aging parents instead of showing your support for something that’s going to go your way anyway. It’s been years

  23. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

    To all you Hillbillies and Jethro’s. Don’t bother going. Your time is up. Trump will be impeached in November. New gun control laws will be in place by 2021. As per Liz Warren’s recommendation taxes on anything gun related will be increased by upwards of 50%. We the social Democrats of America have stopped you in your tracks. No more will you incite violence on POC, immigrants, and the indigenous peoples of this country. The government is on our side. The media is on our side. The people are on our side. Even the gun industry is beginning to turn their back on you. Reeducation is your destiny. Sit at home and stuff your gut with Turkey. Give in to our socialist regime.

    1. avatar Merle 0 says:

      I thought you flew off to space to escape the clutches of capitalism?

    2. avatar Someone says:

      Thank you for helping to raise the attendance.

  24. avatar Julio says:

    “Carry an Airsoft Copy of your real arms in your holster.”
    And, congratulations—Mr. White wins the Bad Idea award for today.

    1. avatar Merle 0 says:

      Yeah that’s quite silly.

  25. avatar MIO says:

    When 2020 is over and your no longer needed the real one will appear and the bumpstock and suppressor issue will pale in comparison. He didn’t even blink when he dropped the bumpstocks and bad mouthed suppressors so I can only imagine when he no longer needs his base.
    Go to a gun free zone, get on a list, be assaulted or killed by ones who don’t obey the law, try and defend yourself and be labeled a terrorist …..
    I get the idea but I no longer believe

    1. avatar Charlie Noble says:


  26. avatar Charlie Noble says:

    Wow, two weeks’ notice. What the actual fuck. If I had a bucket of cash and no job I’d be there. SMDH. Who the fuck orchestrated this shitshow?

  27. avatar Charlie Noble says:

    And Craig DeLuz being a speaker is enough to keep me away…

  28. avatar Жендос says:

    Звонить до 23 00

  29. avatar Mike says:

    I’m hearing a bunch of different stuff about what is and what is not allowed. Am I allowed to bring my blue gun (holstered)? Am I allowed to bring a non-clear backpack?

  30. avatar former water walker says:

    I’d love to go…sadly I doubt it would make much difference in ILLinois.

    1. avatar SoCalJack says:

      Same here. I’m actually in Dahlgren VA for work but have to fly home this Friday.

    2. avatar Someone says:

      It may not improve the situation in Illinois, but it can help prevent it getting worse everywhere. I live in IL and will be there.

      Reading the comments, the enthusiasm is overpowering! I wonder where did gun grabbers get the idea that gun owners will take it laying down.

  31. avatar Larry says:

    Short notice and during the rut ,it’s almost like the antis scheduled this .

  32. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

    Molon Labe sounds a bit foolish when you can’t be armed at a Pro 2A rally. The idea is great but unless this becomes a Rosa Parks moment and everyone attending comes armed to the teeth it will be ignored.

    They should have picked another day anyway, Nov 2 is resident only day start of whitetail season in Maine. My ass will be in the woods.

    1. avatar Someone says:

      Molon Labe sounds especially foolish if you can’t be even bothered to show up at the rally.

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