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By Matt Manda

Gun rights are in the DNA of Texans and freshman U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) had seen enough intrusion on the firearm industry and firearm ownership. He put his foot down and took action.

Noticing the likes of gun control billionaire and failed Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg and other antigun groups pledging millions to flip Texas legislative seats for more gun control, Rep. Crenshaw went on the offense. He encouraged several candidates to mount challenger campaigns in the Lone Star State to help keep congressional seats in the hands of Second Amendment supporters. Rep. Crenshaw even organized an “Avengers”-themed campaign video to help boost his recruits to “Save Texas.”


The Second Amendment Superheroes, dubbed “Texas Reloaded,” joined forces and spoke with dozens of firearm industry leaders about critical industry issues during a virtual town hall event in the latest of the NSSF Political Action Committee (PAC) series.

Moderated by NSSF’s Larry Keane, the event included Rep. Crenshaw (R-Texas-2) and U.S. Congressional candidates Wesley Hunt (R-Texas-7), Tony Gonzales (R-Texas-23), Beth Van Duyne (R-Texas-24) and Genevieve Collins (R-Texas-32). Each candidate is running their own congressional contest, but all spoke to the unique and important role the Second Amendment plays in their respective races.

Texas Traditions

Keane addressed how the Democratic presidential ticket of former Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is setting the table for severe gun control at the federal level.

“It is, without question, the most antigun platform of any ticket that we’ve ever seen,” Keane warned. “They want to ban and confiscate modern sporting rifles. They want to impose liability on the industry for the actions of criminals. And the list goes on and on,” Keane warned.

“The issue of gun control is something that is very serious to us, especially in light of what we’ve seen in Portland and Seattle, Chicago and Atlanta,” explained Wesley Hunt, a West Point graduate and former Army helicopter pilot. “You’re talking about these areas not being able to rely on law enforcement to be able to defend them. It becomes incumbent upon the people to own weapons to defend themselves, and so here in Texas, if you haven’t noticed, we haven’t seen that high level of violence.”

Former Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Tony Gonzales noted some early advice he received. Gonzalez was to be cautious and tiptoe on the Second Amendment. His response was the opposite.

“We haven’t done that. We’ve leaned into it,” Gonzales said. “These [the Second Amendment] are Texas values and at the end of the day, we believe they are going to hold true.”

Former Irving, Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne explained of how she’d seen the gun control messages of antigun groups like Everytown and Moms Demand Action ring empty.

“They’ve fallen completely flat when you’ve seen mob rules across cities in the country. When you’ve seen in Dallas, in this district, riots that have happened and gone into neighborhoods,” Van Duyne said. “You’ve seen a lot of moms, a lot of citizens saying this is ridiculous. You can’t at the same time talk about defunding the police, you can’t talk about letting criminals out, and then take away our way of being able to protect ourselves. It’s become less an issue on gun control and more an issue on safety.”

Genevieve Collins, the first woman to serve on the Dallas City Council, described of her own recent experience with a burglar in her home. She recalled the words of wisdom her dad passed on to her Texas roots of firearm owners and the importance of possessing and being familiar with using a firearm.

“A Texas woman has to be able to shoot, kill, clean, cook and eat your kill one day, and then wear a dress and work a board room the next,” Collins said. “That is exactly who I am and that is who a lot of women in our community are. There are a lot of suburban women in my district and the reality is they just want their kids and their families to be safe.”

Growing Gun Owners

NSSF’s Keane recalled current industry trends and described the national landscape and the importance of the congressional candidates’ support for the Second Amendment as vital to the industry. Firearm sales have reached historic highs due to coronavirus pandemic shutdowns and the subsequent ongoing riots, violence and looting occurring in cities across the country.

Law enforcement has been stretched thin and calls to “defund the police” continue. That’s created a growing diversity among gun owners as well. Of the nearly 16 million firearms sold so far in 2020, more than 6.2 million have been to first-time buyers.

Rep. Crenshaw cut to the chase about how the Second Amendment movement can continue the momentum and the importance for the industry and existing gun owners to change the way they recruit and welcome new firearm owners into the community.

“We need a lot less guys dressing up in their Call of Duty outfits, marching through the streets and we need a lot more women who are talking about how they need the right to defend themselves against a larger man. That’s the argument – and it’s a good argument.” Rep. Crenshaw said. “We should really take advantage of this current environment where people understand that self-defense is important. The right to self-defense is an individual right, a God-given right, it does not get taken away.”

There are less than two weeks to go before the Nov. 3 Election Day and millions of Americans have already begun casting their ballots. NSSF launched the #GUNVOTE campaign to make sure gun owners and Second Amendment supporters are educated and energized to vote so they don’t risk their rights.


GunVote Lead


Matt Manda is Manager, Public Affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation

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  1. Yeah, well we will see. The concealed carry bill is on the list for next session and as usual, from the Govenor on down will be asleep at the wheel because they have their permission slips letting them exercise a right that no government has a right to regulate. The next demorat administration in Texas will rescind that permission slip then they will see why we were adamant about constitutional carry.

    • Texas passed concealed carry 25 years ago, WTF bill are you talking about? And constitutional carry can be repealed just precisely as easily as any other carry bill, it is not a panacea.

      • We can also deal with those that would try to repeal it. Those jackasses are expendable for the safety and security of a free state. Texas thankfully is not that peaceful of a state.

  2. U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw is ok with a violation of Texans and Americans due process, seems more like a Commiefornian thing rather than Texan thing to do……

    • Crenshaw is a piece of crap. They Democrats are far worse, but that doesn’t change the fact that Crenshaw is scum.

    • There comes a time in every pirate’s life when he needs to hoist the red flag and, no, wait a minute…

    • Don’t worry about Crenshaw; the demographics in his district are changing fast because of immigration. He won’t be around long.

      • Those changing demographics may not neither. Worst thing immigrants can do is try to transform Texas in to Mexico or Central America.

    • Very true. Crenshaw is a two-faced closet leftist/liberal and I don’t trust him a damn bit. We’ve long needed Constitutional carry in Texas. From some of my dealings the TSRA, Abbott, and Suicide Dan Patrick (the other closet anti-gunner in Texas) are the ones actually stopping Constitutional Carry from passing. THEY WANT CONTROL … and their refusal to openly and actively campaign for it proves they are more FOR some degree of gun control and opposed to total individual freedoms.

  3. Those Texas women ain’t no joke, that Collins lady is going to cook and eat her burglars. Don’t mess with Texas indeed!

      • “hamburglars! ”

        Man, I wouldn’t eat that if you paid me.

        Much more appropriate was that SHTF story where ‘interlopers’ were warned on the road approaching the town to not go further, but if they did, they were salted and ‘recycled’ into long pork jerky for the community guard dogs… 🙂

  4. “Gun rights are in the DNA of Texans”

    Yeah, that’d be funny if it weren’t such a load of bull. Texas has been “All hat, no cattle” on gun rights for generations. It is only recently their pro-gun claims have begun showing up in their laws.

      • Nope. More like Texas annoys the crap outta’ me with their fake pro-gun song and dance. Spent a lot of time working in Texas, learned that “All hat, no cattle” insult from Texans talking about other Texans and their puffed up talk that’s backed up by nothing at all.

    • “All hat, no cattle” on gun rights”

      Yeah enuf, what hypocritics! The next thing you know they will be voting for a candidate that wants to put Francis/Beto in charge of gun confiscation and abolish the PLCAA so that gun manufactures may be sued out of existence.

      Right enuf, what’s wrong with their DNA?

      • You are incorrect. It isn’t about wanting Biden/Harris, it is seeing Trump for the treasonous scum that he is and understanding he is a far greater threat to our American Republic than a couple of commonplace lefties.

        Trump is a clear and present danger to the security of the United States of America.

        There is no political hot button big emotional issue that tops an existential threat to my country, pure and simple.

        • Bullshit, you lying piece of shit. Voting for biden makes you a bigger traitor and threat to the republic than Trump could ever be.

        • 227,107 Dead Americans as of this morning, Trump’s watch.

          The CDC is putting the number of deaths that are beyond seasonal norms at 300,000 dead Americans, on Trump’s watch.

          All you idiots spewing your insane cult driven rants about old dead Russians and hacker bots can go fuck yourselves. You are supporting a traitor to this country. You are aiding and abetting a domestic enemy of the Republic.

          Fuck you and the STUPID you rode in on!

        • Yes, The Trump Virus, of course. He created it, unleashed it, lied about it, and of course laughs while Western Civilization slowly grinds to a halt from something far less deadly than the ANNUAL FLU. You are a goddamned lunatic.

  5. If gun rights really are in the DNA of Texans, all the Bloomberg money in the world couldn’t change that. The fact is that most so-called Texans are all hat and no cattle. If they were truly pro-gun, Austin wouldn’t exist as the leftist HQ that it is.

    • I got a next door neighbor here in very small town Wy that wears pretty much a complete cowboy outfit but is a Karen from Chicago. Another neighbor dropped a magazine in the woods and he found it called the police and “wanted to press charges”. Unfortunately, he also did some deeply disturbing machinations and got an HOA started with him on the board and sues everyone for everything. He sued on guy for siding his house with flame resistant faux wood siding before the fake HOA was even in existence and wants him to tear it off and use real wood. We are on the wooded side of a mountain with a huge fire risk. Progressive psychopaths can pop up anywhere.

        • A 1911 mag I think. The dropper is an old guy and that fumbles about. We have a mix of kinda poor old timers that live hear and rather wealthy seasonal people from all over that have a 3rd or 4th house here for the view and mountain sports. In a town of less than 1000 we have an airport that accommodates private jets.

        • “In a town of less than 1000 we have an airport that accommodates private jets.”

          That’s some serious length for a town that size. What’s a hanger run a month for something like a light Cessna or Piper Cherokee?

        • When that eclipse came over 3 or so years ago I visited the airport because I heard there was a Beech Starship in. Seeing actual turbofan jets there as well made me think of Carly Simon’s ‘You’re So Vain’. It is 6,700ft of asphalt at 7,200ft elevation. . I do have an 75% complete BD-5 (my second homebuilt) in my workshop but as I can’t really afford to finish it I have not even bothered pricing a hanger – but maybe that link is enough to get you the info though.

        • Vic,
          I was in DuBois WY a couple months ago (after backpacking and fishing for a week on the Wind River Reservation). DuBois seemed like a nice little town. We stopped in and had pizza, and I was happy to see that no one in the pizza shop was wearing stupid Covid masks. I gained in my appreciation for Wyoming.

          Wyoming actually is is what Texas pretends to be.

          On the other hand, the town definitely seems to be gentrifying. I hope it doesn’t get as bad as Jackson. Most people in Jackson were wearing masks (and there were some beautiful young women there who’s faces I would like to have seen). It is crazy how much more yuppy Jackon has become since I was last there twenty-five years ago.

      • Pretty sure you can’t make people sign up for HOA after the fact since they already own their house. If they didn’t sign up for it you can’t make them obey HOA rules unless the deed specified that restriction ahead of time. I will never buy property again with HOA after my experience of the last 30 years.

        • We have these notions being tested in court here right now. It is a nightmare. One of my criteria for buying the place was no HOA. It is a long convoluted story about how 3 home owners and one very bad attorney gamed the system to raise a long dissolved HOA to get it’s money and have made so many of us miserable and others poorer. Two cases have been in the courts for over six months now. If the judge sides with the HOA I will have lost yet another large piece of my faith in American justice and sell our place. I am not going to beg this HOA every time we want to do the least thing to our property without getting sued and that is where it stands now.

  6. That ridiculous asshat Cames claims to be a Texan, but we all know he’s a limp dicked east coast LIEberal.

    Dance 4 me, my 🐒!!!

    Trump/Pence 2020

  7. It used to be that demonstrating your skill with a long gun was a requirement for being elected Governor of Texas. Remember those photos af Ann Richards at the range?

    I take it long gun proficiency is no longer a ‘must’. Too bad.

    BTW, not passing judgement on Ann Richards; was too young. Just recalling the photos and how they were explained to me.

  8. Fuck. Crenshaw. Two faced backstabbing RINO. Vote him OUT.


  9. Thetruthsboutguns seems to attract more than its share of asswipe trolls. They are easy to spot-there the ones who are critical about anything and everything but have no facts to justify their problems. They hate everything and everyone, The mark of liberalism. The mark of a troll.

  10. Post the picture of the cuck Crenshaw meeting with Moms Demand Action and then the quote of him supporting Red Flag Confiscation Orders.

    That ladyboy is an insidious snake of the highest order. A pure politician.

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