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Texas Rep. Dennis Bonnen, R-Angleton (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)
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Chris McNutt of Texas Gun Rights reportedly went to the homes of three Texas legislators to let them know he wasn’t happy about the fate of a constitutional carry bill stalled in committee. That probably wasn’t the best way to lobby for the bill. And it provided the pols with just the excuse they were looking for to officially kill it.

A bill to let gun owners legally carry handguns without obtaining a state-issued license is dead after an activist, upset that the measure had stalled, was met last week by state troopers outside the Lake Jackson home of House Speaker Dennis Bonnen.

Bonnen, a Republican who was elected Texas House speaker in January, said Friday that the activist’s “gutless intimidation tactics” exposed no-license carry as a bad idea, dooming the legislation.

“I could no longer watch as legislators and their families are incessantly harassed by fanatical gun-rights activists who think laws preventing criminals from carrying a gun should be repealed,” Bonnen said in a written statement.

“Their goal is to eradicate sensible gun policies by allowing anyone to carry a gun without a license and proper training — making it impossible for law enforcement to distinguish between law-abiding gun owners and criminals,” he said. “The fear and terror used to push this agenda has made it clear this is bad public policy.”

– Chuck Lindell in Advocate’s actions kill bill allowing no-permit gun carry

The GOA’s Rachel Malone issued this statement:

Yesterday, Speaker Bonnen made it clear in a media statement that he opposes Constitutional Carry. As we have already said, due to the ridiculous delays on scheduling a hearing for HB 357, the only path to passage is for leadership to prioritize the issue. With this blunt statement of opposition from Speaker Bonnen, we have his answer: he refuses to prioritize Constitutional Carry and he has closed the door to passage of HB 357.

Rep. Stickland announced today that he has withdrawn his request for a hearing because at this point in session, holding a hearing for HB 357 would be pointless political theater. It would be a waste of YOUR time to make the sacrifice to travel to Austin and testify. We don’t want to ask you to make that sacrifice needlessly.

We are by no means backing down from the fight for upholding your liberties, which includes repealing the handgun ban and getting rid of the license requirement for carrying your defensive tool. Your right to keep and bear arms is currently being infringed by Texas law. That is unacceptable and we will never compromise in the fight for liberty.

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  1. Just how is a law supposed to prevent the criminals mentioned from carrying concealed?

    • You are the “criminal” he is referring to. That’s coming from a Republican that took an oath to follow the law.

      Texans elected him because he has a R by his name. Surely, he would not behave like a Democrat because he has a R by his name.

      Just be a R and vote for a R. Everything will turn out fine.

      • Exactly.

        You and I aren’t among the privileged few, and we are not to be heard from except on election day, when we vote for our betters. If we want to talk to our gov’t representatives, we do so only by letter, so they can decently ignore us.

        And we sure as hell are NOT to be seen, especially not on the Honorable Mr. BetterThanYou’s doorstep.

    • Because it’s written on special Govt paper with a high capacity titanium ink cartridge.

    • The elected Republicans of Texas have the same disease as the national elected Republicans. All are supported by business interests that are several iterations to the left of the conservative electorate. These guys are RINOS. They are much happier falling in line with statist progressives than with the people who elected them.

    • A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
      The politician only controls the good guys….which is his true agenda.

  2. Talking to your reps is justification to be disarmed. The future is shaping up real nice.

    • I got into a disagreement with my congressman over taxes. I got pretty heated with him. He is over Homeland Security. Ever since our heated exchange, I’ve somehow wound up on the watch list and have trouble when I travel by air and when I clear customs. I have never even had a traffic ticket and was born in Tennessee.

      You don’t know how right you are.

    • Democrat politicians say to go harass other politicians until you get what you want. Republicans then use that to not follow the law or make things worse.

      It’s a match made in their heaven.

    • He’s the chode that put Dems in charge of the committee that would see this bill, wasn’t he?

      I love how it’s “gutless” to have a face-to-face discussion with guy who was (obviously) refusing to see this person in his office as his job requires.

      Maybe an open-carry protest on this asshat’s front lawn is in order?

    • Bonnen was hand-picked by Strauss to be the Speaker Pro Tem, so … yeah.

      Problem is no speaker can be selected without Democrat votes. It takes 109 votes to win the speakership, and there are only 83 republicans, and who knows how many of them are RINOs. So the democrats have a huge voice in who gets selected speaker.

        • Not by a million miles. They’re encroaching, but every state office is held by a republican, and many of them are very good conservatives.

          The big cities are totally infested with statist liberals, that’s true. But the progress on the state level has been good; we went from no carry whatsoever just 20 years ago, to concealed carry, to open carry, to campus carry, to cutting the concealed carry fee by 75%. And we have a superb castle doctrine. The only thing we’re missing is constitutional carry.

  3. Any excuse will do…otoh going to “persuade” you at yer home address is some retarded chit. I guess open carrying AR’s is better😏

    • So he should have sent a letter instead? You realize he did this since the rep refused to meet with him.

      • Even Rep. Stickland, who wrote the Constitutional Carry bill, said going to their homes was some douchebag stuff. It’s just something you don’t do. We saw what Kory Watkins was able to accomplish with death threats, and we saw what he was able to accomplish with hostile office visits (got the bills defeated and got panic buttons installed).

        Douchebag tactics didn’t get concealed carry passed, douchebag tactics didn’t get open carry passed, douchebag tactics didn’t get campus carry passed, and douchebag tactics won’t get constitutional carry passed either.

        • Those tactics only work for leftists. Anyone using those tactics to restore America gives the leftists more power. Yup, it’s a double standard; that’s what America is now.

        • Those douchebags (all activists are douchey attention-whores btw) also forced the issue of Constitutional Carry, which had been quietly ignored for like 5-10 years prior. They truly did teach the masses that open carry of rifles was legal, but pistols was not, and that this was a double-standard.

          The other aspect of meeting a politician at their home (or anywhere else besides the office) is that it is potentially a less confrontational encounter, being ‘off the record/out of uniform’ so to speak. This guy was by himself & attempting to speak with the rep –he wasn’t trying to beat his way into the guy’s house or shouting through a megaphone, unless I missed that part of the article.

          Calling the cops on him still seems incredibly unnecessary and smacks of intimidation. That intimidation, I think, fully warrants arranging the next ‘meeting’ with this rep in a less-kind fashion, via obnoxious protest. If he doesn’t “scary guys with guns” outside his office or his residence, maybe he won’t call them to haul off a man trying to get an explanation for breaking his campaign promises next time. And maybe other reps won’t, either.

          IIRC, the Democrat that had the panic buttons installed still hasn’t turned pro-gun since OCT stopped protesting at his office, so…what exactly was accomplished by relenting?

      • It was an incredibly stupid move.

        Yes, Bonnen is Strauss 2.0, and thus is going to be more of the same BS as we’ve seen for years. That unfortunate clay was cast months ago, and I don’t like it any more than most of you do. But the way to deal with that is not by ham-handed, amateurish tactics that (1) aren’t going to work, and (2) give the opposition an easy way out.

        The root of the problem is that at the state level, the Texas GOP is controlled by a bunch of spineless, self-promoting opportunists rather than serious political operators. (Look at how the GOP has gone from controlling just about all of some major metropolitan areas (e.g., Harris County) to being completely shut out of them.) The party could simply enforce a bit of discipline in the state House caucus, by declaring that the caucus will decide on who the party’s candidate for Speaker will be, and that all members are required to support that candidate (on pain of withheld support, etc.) — which is the way most legislative caucuses work.

        For whatever reason, the Texas GOP won’t do this, and so we keep getting stuck with a clique of RINO’s getting elected speaker by relying on Dem support (the Dem will, of course, back a RINO who will give them committee chairs rather than have a real GOP speaker who wont).

        The way to solve the problem is to solve the problem — not by counterproductive stunts like this.

        • You should have your “real” Republicans talk to Mike Madigan. He will show you have to set up your Texas Machine. The problem is you need your own Mike for starters. Just be careful what you wish for.

        • LOL

          “Those gun owners are so quiet, respectful, and well-behaved, we have no choice but to sign off on this controversial Constitutional Carry bill, that has all the anti-gun commies in Austin protesting with dildos & splashing red paint & screaming at our families in restaurants & flash-mobbing us in our offices & calling in out of state political agitators to see us lose re-election for supporting it…oh wait, if we just ignore those polite people & do nothing like we always have, we get to keep their votes & money, and we also don’t get beaten down by leftists. Brilliant!”

  4. Welcome to the UNIPARTY.

    Bonnen IS a RINO POS.

    Time for a NEW Speaker of the HOUSE.

    • No one likes being harassed at home and harassment while carrying a gun comes across as intimidating. What did this activist think the effect will be. Bonnen is simply not giving in to bullying and intimidation even if he is going against his constituents, he cannot be seen as easily intimidated or he invites far more bullying.

      • So this Bonnen is to much of a pansy to defend HIS home? But has a state employee, at his home, to defend his RINO ass. WTF. Sounds to me like a no balls wimp that was looking for any BS excuse to oppose the 2nd.

        • So- really- you’re supporting the likes of Antifa and the other anarchists? REALLY? That’s the best we can do? Please don’t associate yourself with me, K?

        • (To Craig)
          Where do you see her support for Antifa in her question or even anarchysts??
          It seems clear enough by her words that she is commenting on the often used tactic of intimidation by Antifa Ninjas with no ramifications to them vs. this guys effort and the fallout by RINO lawmakers.

          Honestly, I think you read more in to her question than was there.

        • “Honestly, I think you read more in to her question than was there.” I read it and have read others by her. That’s why I made my comment.

          The Antifa crap only happens in certain burgs, and- gee whiz, those just happen to be where Antifa freaks hang out… Maybe someone will need to explain that as well. 2nd grade “he gets away with it so why can’t I?” mentality really ought to be beneath adults. Sadly, it isn’t.

      • A government official sending cops to round up a guy asking to speak with him, is the definition of intimidation. A OCT protest at the same spot is the correct response, along with a vote and fundraising drive to primary Bonner for his betrayal.

        Yeah, our politicians are such ‘frail flowers’ as to be scared of one irate guy. Right. I never realized all those Type A psychopath egomaniacal would-be dictators were so fragile.

  5. This is an old trick pols use as an excuse for their tyranny. Yet if he wanted to deny free speech or black suffrage his house would be burned down and everyone would cheer.

  6. ““Their goal is to eradicate sensible gun policies by allowing anyone to carry a gun without a license and proper training — making it impossible for law enforcement to distinguish between law-abiding gun owners and criminals…” Requiring licenses and training to exercise your rights? And distinguishing between law abiding gun owners and criminals? Hint: the criminals are the ones actually doing criminal things! Or in this case , criminally infringing on unalienable rights!

  7. Congrats, idiot- you just set your pet issue back another 5 years. This entire stunt shows just how ineffective all the little “no compromise” Gomer groups really are: rather than use proper channels and try to logically sell your proposal or stance, go right to the home of your reps where their families are and, like it or not, try to intimidate tham in their own digs. Oh, yeah, that sure as hell would work for me- some whackjob coming on my front step rather than place of business to try to work on me. It’s no different than the leftists who were out stalking republican office holders at airports and restaurants and making a public spectacle. I’d have not put up with any of this and I think my dog would’ve somehow gotten loose…

    Grow up and act like adults, not spoiled brats and immature 3rd world Neanderthals.

    • So what would you have suggested he do instead? Bitch on the internet? Write a letter? Call his secretary? Schedule an office visit (that he was obviously denied)? Ambush him at the grocery store? Crash an unrelated fundraiser event?

      Professional advocates are about getting results; they can’t simply “try” to contact their guy, leave it at that, and expect to keep getting paid.

      • He got results. Do you think he should be paid for all the good he did for the cause?

        Harassing politicians at their houses is as evil as doxxing. There are some things you just don’t do. He could just as easily have staged a sit-in at the guy’s office, he could have organized a group demonstration at the office, he could have done a million things that don’t look like intimidation and threat. But he chose the Kory Watkins path.

        Now, none of this is what killed the bill. Bonnen killed the bill. Look at his statement, he views constitutional carry as “repealing bills that prevent criminals from carrying guns.” So he was opposed to it from the beginning, and he need to be PRIMARIED.

        • “Bonnen killed the bill” –you realize McButt was attempting to meet with him, in order to get an explanation for why he was killing the bill (ie letting it sit there quietly & die)?

          The result is this “pro-gun” Republican Speaker was tricked into showing himself as openly anti-gun, instead of continuing to merely dodge on the issue. That’s important. I don’t think he’s going to be able to easily show he’s a friend of gun owners in the next election, though I also have no doubt the NRA won’t change his A-rating because they’re just as bad anymore. Now that Bonnen has shown himself as THE stumbling block for Constitutional Carry…every last bit of the activism & advocacy that’s been building for the issue can be focused like a laser, and fry his ass. As brazen as this act was, and the sorts of anti-gun language (“reasonable, sensible”) he used to justify it, I think even TSRA will have a hard time supporting him, if they want to be able to keep pretending they support Constitutional Carry.

    • Craig in IA,

      … rather than use proper channels and try to logically sell your proposal or stance, go right to the home of your [government representatives] … and … try to intimidate tham [sic] … .

      First of all, as I understand it, the gun-rights advocate already tried petitioning his representative at the Texas state capitol building — to no avail. When your elected representative refuses to hear your formal petition of grievances, what is your alternative?

      Second, you clearly do not understand the magnitude of Texas government’s infringement: requiring us to pay a significant amount of time and money, with significant fines and prison sentences for failure to do so, to exercise our fundamental right to life.

    • Most of the planet’s problems are caused by zealots. Religious, political, racial, ecological, nationalistic, et al………they always do more harm than good for their cause.

  8. That clown should try wearing a MAGA hat in his front yard if he needs a reason for more people to have guns.

  9. “… gun-rights activists who think laws preventing criminals from carrying a gun should be repealed.”

    First of all, I don’t know anyone who is advocating that bad actors can legally carry and use firearms to commit crimes. That statement is utterly silly. Second of all, laws do not prevent criminals from carrying guns! At best laws provide the formal legal framework to imprison someone AFTER he/she uses a firearm to attack someone. Laws most certainly do NOT prevent someone from using a firearm to attack someone. If they did, we would not have over 100,000 violent crimes every year in the United States where attackers use firearms to attack their victims.

    “[Gun-rights activists’] goal is to eradicate sensible gun policies by allowing anyone to carry a gun without a license and proper training — making it impossible for law enforcement to distinguish between law-abiding gun owners and criminals.”

    So, citizens who want to exercise their rights should pay money and jump through hoops to make the jobs of our police and prosecutors easier. Otherwise, without firearm licenses to carry, police would have to take an extra 60 seconds to call in a suspect’s name to dispatch to see if he/she is a wanted criminal or felon. Or, even worse, police would have to actually observe someone breaking the law (establishing legitimate probable cause) or get an arrest warrant before arresting someone.

    Yeah, I can totally see how requiring police to uphold the Fourth and Fifth Amendments justifies violating the Second Amendment of our United States Constitution.

  10. Hey, look at this, the NRA rated Bonnen “100%”. Wonder if that will change?

    Also, yes, he’s the one who appointed two fervent anti-gun Democrats to lead the two committees most likely to hear gun bills.

    And for those who live in his district who want to organize a primary effort, there’s this gem from wikipedia:
    “In July 2014, Bonnen made a remark in a committee hearing referring to children displaced from Hurricane Katrina as “coonasses”. Media reports characterized his use of the term as “derogatory”, “offensive,” and a “vulgar slang term.”[13][14][15]”

    • Isn’t rac[coon] meant as an insult for blacks to throw at other blacks when they think a black person is behaving white or is helping white people? I only hear black Americans insult other black Americans with that word to get them back in line.

      • “Coonass” is a slang reference to Cajuns (Louisiana white folks of Arcadian descent). For a period of time in the 1970’s, Cajuns used it to refer to each other, but for the past generation or so its use has been discouraged.

  11. I starting to think some of these “activist” really work for the other side always provoking others.

  12. Bonnen won his primary with 12,092 votes against Damon Rambo, who got 3,652 votes. Rambo was a political nobody; he’s a wedding videographer, and he still managed to pull 25% of the vote. Seems if a legitimate, viable candidate were put up against Bonnen, they’d have a real chance.

  13. I considered Texas when I was escaping MN, but the demographic trends didn’t look promising. I am baffled by the folks here who moved to Austin. I have lived in San Francisco, Berkeley, Ann Arbor, and both Mpls and St. Paul and Austin looks like it is headed that way as well. What attracts POG to Austin?

    • Leftists move to Texas because the cost of living and the restrictions on small businesses in their home state is too much for the average person to survive without becoming dependent on others. They move to a place that is similar to their home but will allow them to setup shop and ruin that area by turning it into their new home [gentrification].

      It’s an “invade and conquer” strategy that goes back to the creation of the colonies. It’s now being used to subvert America into just another European socialist nation.

    • “What attracts POG to Austin?”
      UT, Texas State, ACC, fantastic job opportunities and solid career progressions.
      There are also quite a few ranges, indoor and outdoor, and if you are willing to travel a couple of hours, a whole lot of different shooting competitions.

  14. Nothing attracts POG to Austin. Liberals who are just catching on to gun culture, who move here from Maryland or California or Oregon or Washington, are attracted to Austin because it’s just like where they left, but it’s in Texas so it has to be good, right?

    Austin’s an utter embarrassment to Texans who live anywhere but Austin.

    • “Nothing attracts POG to Austin.”

      That was a specific reference to TTAG. A few years back, the owner of TTAG at the time relocated from the east coast to Austin, and over the years, a number of the writers-employees followed him…

      • Correct of course. Farago and associates in particular but the other very gun oriented folks in the state as well. I wish it wasn’t so, but I very much fear/suspect that Texas is only a few years from being controlled by progressives. It appears to me that the POGs and conservatives there are building a life on weak and shifting sand (hat tip to Aznavour).

  15. Keep trying, over and over. That’s how fun control gets passed, that’s how it will get rolled back.

  16. Bonnen was hand picked by Strauss as his replacement as speaker because Bonnen mirrored his anti-gun politics. Chosen as speaker, and despite the Republican Party making Constitutional Carry a “legislative priority” for this session, Bonnen seated Democrat Rep. Pancho Nevarez as chair of Homeland Security committee so that he could block H.B. 357’s hearing.

    That was the plan from the beginning, this “home visit” is an excuse just as this article’s title states, not a reason, but the end result is all the same, no Constitutional Carry Bill will be heard or voted on in committee, voted on the House floor, forwarded to the Senate, or reach Gov. Abbott’s desk, this session.

    At this juncture, the surest plan, going forward, is to remove Bonnen as speaker by whatever means possible. Since that probably won’t happen in the House, and since Bonnen will likely be unopposed in his next primary, and since I’m not in his district, I will be doing something I’ve never done before, supporting a Republican’s Democrat opponent financially in Bonnen’s next election.

    • You should look at the 2018 race for how that worked out. Bonnen had no democratic challenger, he won 100% of the vote in the general.

      He did have a primary challenge, but the guy who challenged him has no political experience and only pulled about 25% of the vote. Find a real primary challenger who’s electable, and Bonnen may very well get primaried.

      • Or do what leftists do: pretend to be a Democrat while you are actually a Republican. A lot of Democrats pretend to be Republicans so they can get voted in and do what they couldn’t as a Democrat.

  17. It would appear to me Bonnen is as soft as they come.
    You pay no attention to your constituents at your office.
    Why not at your home. You work for them after all.
    The voters of Texas should find a way to retire him on just this one occasion asap.
    I hope they have recalls in Texas.
    This sad excuse for a politician deserves to fired immediately.
    If not next election cycle they might as well have a Libitard in office.
    I wouldn’t ever vote for a person such as he.

  18. Sounds to me like they need more home visits. And office visits too. And primary challengers.

  19. “Bonnen, a Republican who was elected Texas House speaker’

    I would have approached Bonnen differently,would have went to his office,however it speaks of the lack of Bonnen’s dedication to the Constitution and Liberty in general.

    I don’t know the man or his record but it does speak of elitism,perhaps even a streak of RINO.

    • They did all of that. This guy is part of one of the half dozen Texas gun groups. Bonnen had started to refuse to meet with any pro gun lobbyists and let it be known he was happy to have constitutional carry die.
      The guy who went to the speakers house was unarmed and posting up fliers asking for a floor vote on the bill.

  20. “That shit wouldn’t fly in Texas!” Somewhat amused…maybe not the right word….at frequent comments about how Texas “rules” as a state for gun owners. It doesn’t. Some lists it doesn’t even make the top 10. Meanwhile…regularly, and in most lists…Arizona remains #1. We welcome true POG. That shit wouldn’t fly in Arizona.

    • Arizona is flipping very soon. It’s become a blue state, the older generations don’t notice.

      • Truth remains Arizona remains, and shall so, #1. As to “flipping”, it is epidemic. Your domicile shall be next, if not already.

  21. It seems like some politicians are trying to separate themselves from the people they are supposed to serve. They want to be treated like royalty amongst commoners or something. I believe George Washington declined an offer by congress to make him king.

    I dont know what the activist said, but if he was civil and respectful i dont see a problem with him showing up to a representatives home. If you dont want to deal with people in this manner dont become a polititian.

    Better yet if you dont want your constituents upset with you then quit violating their rights. If they are so worried about criminals with guns maybe politicians ought to be working on harsher treatment of criminals instead of finding excuses to let them out and go easier on them. As has already been said this guy is probably a RINO looking for an excuse.

    • Didn’t the founding people of the U.S. drag politicians out of their homes and rough them up? Tar and feather. Something like that. Not just any politician, just the ones that were helping the crown or taking away liberty and guns. Obviously Americans are not going to do that today because they have been domesticated.

      I’m pointing out how simply going to a corrupt politician’s house wasn’t out of line for Americans for most of their history. The town would show up, not just one patriotic man. Now so called patriots can’t show up to a rally or civil protest, which forces individuals to act alone. The leftists stand together to destroy The Bill of Rights, the other side lays in bed at home.

      • They also straight-up lynched more than a few tax collectors. The government they forged for us is *supposed* to allow us to behave more civilized than that, without losing all our freedoms in the process.

        • It was predicated upon government fearing its master. The people have rolled over so much that government thinks it is the master and the people fear it.

  22. Dumbassery from both sides. Never go to the home of someone you need to stay on the good side of and demand explanations.

    As for politicians involved, their actions speak for themselves.

  23. They had already shelved it. This just gave the RINOs an out. They had no intention of letting constructional carry come to Texas.

    • If they’d already shelved it, there was no need for an ‘out.’ I’d say this guy accomplished the mission he set out to. Just shameful that police had to get involved; this rep couldn’t even muster the balls to come out & tell the guy off himself. But projecting intimidation for sleazy politicians is what stormtroopers are for, after all.

  24. It’s clear these scumbag pols are simply making excuses. They are leftist scum and have no intention of acknowledging any God given rights for anyone. They’re blood sucking ticks and only know how to steal, kill and destroy.

    • Oh, is that why his statement sounds like it was written by Everytown USA? I thought it was because this activist was “too obnoxious” LOL

  25. Texas Gun Right is affiliated with the Dorr brothers and all the various organizations of theirs are complete scams. They recently screwed Iowa out of Constitutional Carry with similar tactics. It’s intentional. Gives them something to get people angry about and then they rake in fundraising.

    • Did they ‘queer’ the deal, or did they simply shine a light on something that was being quietly ignored? This bill was already being frustratingly slow-walked, exactly like Open Carry was for years before voters finally forced the issue (in part because of obnoxious protest efforts). Now we know what the next sticking point for CC is in Texas…

      The “NAGR-move” you are trying to lament, is where a phony gun/etc group comes in at the last minute and screws up a deal that was already proceeding & acceptable to all parties, by making impossible demands. Squeezing a problem-child politician until he squawks is simply part of activism.

  26. All this did was EXPOSE Bonnen as another gun grabber uneasy with Constitutional rights. His statement was pathetic and insidious.

  27. Chris McNutt stopped to Antifa tactics. What an F’ing idiot. We really don’t need imbeciles on our side. The Texas Gun group should excommunicate his worthless hide.
    Why didn’t he send a civil invitation to dinner?
    It seems as if this McNutt is attempting to damage gun rights not promote them

  28. So he was looking for an out the whole time…he’s a scumbag progressive, and hopefully Texas remembers come election time. Not holding my breath though. We have same problem in Washington. Our most Freedom loving Republican in this state is sitting on his big bold 47% Liberty voting score, according to Conservative Review.

  29. Perhaps an invitation to dinner, drinks and a financial contribution to the “reelection campaign” would have had a more positive outcome?

  30. The asshat that decided to pull this stunt is the Texas version of DUDley Brown’s NAGR. The asshat showed up at Bonnen’s house, 200 miles from Austin when Bonnen was not there. So as far as I am concerned, this guy is a false flag, Bloomberg bought and paid for shill. I view him and NAGR as the same as ANTIFA. Fascists. The asshat single handedly got the constitutional carry bill shut down. Now it is NOT to late to have hearings on bills. That will go on for another 30 days. Now newbies to the legislature may think everything will be done to their satisfaction but they, like Rachel, are WRONG. I’ve been working with Texas laws since the 80’s. BEFORE shall issue concealed carry existed. Here is a clue. You won’t get anywhere “threatening” a legislator of any party. Think you have a better way to do things? Then move the HELL out of Texas and find someplace that will listen to you.

  31. Wow, so a politician has no intention of making it easy for people that dont work in government to be armed.

    ….i’d be stunned but I’m busy tonight washing my hair.

    • Yah. So a politician should welcome 27 MILLION people showing up on his doorstep when he isn’t home to talk about their grievances? How could that be a problem? Do you have the slightest inkling of how government works? Well, if not, YOUR MOB isn’t big enough.

  32. Why am I not surprised the mouth-breathing, double-digit IQ’d Fudds here at TTAG are in support of this McNutt clown and his antics?

    • Possibly due to your single-digit IQ, which doesn’t allow you to open your eyes and see what’s actually going on in this country? You’re a moron.

  33. The day that it becomes ‘normal’ for a firearms advocate (or any other Conservative advocate, for that matter) to show up at a man’s home, politician or no, to argue with that man, uninvited, is the day that the regular people of this country stop supporting whatever faction it was that decided that it was a good idea to go to another man’s home, uninvited, to argue with him.

    If you think that it’s a good idea to go to an elected official’s home to confront him about some legislative matter, then you should also think that it’s a great idea for somebody who patronizes your business to come to your home after hours to complain about something you did, or didn’t do, when you were working.

    If said elected official has refused to meet with you ‘during business hours’ at his office, or at the state house, or wherever, then you use the power of the ballot box (if you can muster enough votes) and get him replaced.

    That’s how it works. That’s how ALL of this works.

  34. I don’t know bout all that, but they sho be sum mighty fine female possums packing pistols down in Texas.

  35. How many criminals have EVER obeyed a gun law?
    Constitutional Carry does not authorize a prohibited person to carry a gun.
    Some politicians are really stupid.

  36. Constitutional Carry?


    But only after a proper background check.

    This ain’t 1776 folks, there are ass hole criminals among us.

    Might even throw in some one time mandatory safety and usage training in there also…

    Perhaps an online course, very minimal cost, or even free…..

    • Then what you are proposing isn’t constitutional carry. I’ll go one step further. I don’t need the Constitution to give me permission to protect myself or my family. No piece of paper. Period.

    • What a FUDD… If that’s how you feel, why don’t you just join the Bradys or Giffords then? I’m sure you’ll go much further in those organizations than you will here.

  37. “So what would you have suggested he do instead? Visit his reps and others at the Capital like I do all the time…

    “He got results.” Not what he wanted, at least I don’t think so.

    ““Bonnen killed the bill” –you realize McButt was attempting to meet with him, in order to get an explanation for why he was killing the bill (ie letting it sit there quietly & die)?” And of course we don’t have any of McButt’s actual communication with reps. If they reflect a lot of the drivel and outright threats posted (“anonymously”) around here, I probably wouldn’t have met with him either. And, of course, one has to wonder how many times the 2 had already crossed paths.

    Do what you want, kids, but I guarantee that you will not achieve much of what you set out to do if you attempt to stalk elected reps or anyone to their front doors. Damn thing is- I know most of you know it.

  38. TTAG Nation…just be prepared. Texas is by no means a safe haven. Cruz had a rough go to get re-elected this last time. It’s a sign of things to come. Texas, WILL turn blue, within the next 10 years or so. That is a sad prediction. Texans will soon be behind enemy lines, just like CA and other slave states. Good luck Lone Star brethren.

  39. I am not saying they guy should have gone to their homes, that *is* kinda creepy.

    What I am saying is if this is all it took to kill the legislation then the legislation was already dead and this just made a handy excuse.

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