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Clint the Martial Artist sends this “OD Green” everyday carry pocket dump from Everyday Carry.

Clint likes appendix carry and has a nice Tier 1 Concealed AIWB rig with a spare mag holder.  We all know how John feels about AIWB, but I have to admire this rig and the integral mag pouch.  And that O-light.  1150 lumens of goodness.  Less than $70 for the whole package, including rechargeable battery.  Olight S2R II (S2R Upgrade) 1150 Lumen Rechargeable LED Flashlight with Magnetic Charger, Rechargeable Battery and LumenTac Battery Organizer.  It’s a fair bit – lot smaller than my roughly 1050 lumen light.

The DPX Gear blade is pretty nice as well.  I find it ironic you can order blades all day long at Amazon but guns are, well, icky and dangerous.  Interesting he carries it for left-hand deployment, as this holster rig is set up for a right-hander.

Check it out over at Everyday Carry.  PS…  mine’s there as well under “new” submissions.






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  1. One of these days someone will explain to me the idea of a mag extender on a subcompact and do so in a way that doesn’t make me suspect that they consume a lot of paint chips.

    Until then I await that explanation with bated breath.

    • You can make a small gun larger, but you can’t make a large gun smaller.

      If you don’t need maximum concealment you can carry a mag extension and have more rounds, if you need the most concealment you can get than carry with the flush magazine.

      It’s not exactly rocket surgery.

      • If you stop to think about what you just said in the context of the dumps that use these things you’ll figure out that either you’re making the wrong set of assumptions or the people posting these dumps are, nearly to a person, not doing it right.

        • If he appendix carries, he may want the shorter barrel of the 26 but would have problem with a 19 sized grip as Glock has not yet made a 26 X.

          I prefer to carry short barrels even IWB so it doesn’t dig in when I sit.

          Snub revolver are easier and most comfortable as the barrel rides ne,ow the belt and the grip sticks above it.

          My guess….. or he may just think it looks cool.

        • Specialist:

          Maybe I’m not reading your comment correctly here.

          Are you referring to the height of the grip (rear sight to mag) or the width (side to side) in terms of the grip size? So far as I can tell, with Gen4’s the only difference in any dimension for the grips is that the 26 is about an inch shorter from rear sight to the bottom of the mag. That would mean this extender basically makes the grip the same as a G19 which is exactly the thing I see as being silly.

          Or are you suggesting he wants the G19 length grip but wants that grip on a gun with a barrel about .75″ shorter so that it’s more comfortable for AIWB?

        • Strych
          He want s the bigger grip with short barrel.
          My guess was that the grip size is not a problem but the longer barrel of a 19 down in his nethers may not be comfortable.
          Kinds of like a model 10 with a 4 inch barrel vs one with 2 inch barrel.
          The 2 inch is way more comfortable for lots of sitting carried iwb.

          Just a guess.

        • You are the first person with a cogent explanation of why someone would choose an extender like this on an EDC subcompact. I’ve never found AIWB comfortable with any gun so I’ve never considered what someone with larger hands might do about that method of carry if they decided to use it.

          Usually you see these things on guns in other IWB type holsters or sans a holster in the post and so I’m thinking carrying around 4o’clock or OWB where extending the grip makes little sense since the overall size of the gun doesn’t much matter.

          On competition guns where an extra round or two might make sense in terms of not needing a reload for time’s sake, they’ve always made sense to me.


        • “He want s the bigger grip with short barrel.”

          I suspect that’s what’s going on with that. My experience in shooting the ‘Clinton’ micro-Glocks is that they feel really ‘weird’ in my hand with my pinky dangling in the air. Especially since they ‘jump’ quite a bit when fired, especially the .40 cal version. The extra purchase provided by the mag extender makes the gun feel more normal in my hand. And the shorter barrel doesn’t dig into the ‘boys’ quite as much if (foolishly, in my opinion with *any* striker-fired gun) carried appendix…

          Just my .02 and worth roughly half as much… 😉

        • Strych.

          I do not like AIWB although I have done it with a snub revolver years ago.

          Plus I spend too much time driving for it to be useful.

          I also think there are a fair number of “accessorizers” who buy a gun and look for doodads that make it look “cool”.

          I see some on here that remind me of Firefly or Bladerunner. To each his own.

  2. Some manufacturers don’t give you a choice about a mag extension. Witness the Glock 36 and the recently reviewed Kimber whatever. I quit trying to memorize all the new stuff hitting the market.

    • In brightest day, in blackest night,
      No evil shall escape my sight
      Let those who worship evil’s might,
      Beware my power…

  3. “Interesting he carries it for left-hand deployment, as this holster rig is set up for a right-hander…”

    One school of thought for those carrying a gun and knife is that you should set them up to be deployed on opposite sides with different hands just in case you have to use your dominant hand to maintain retention on your firearm while using your other hand to use the knife.

    Me? I’m too much of a caveman for that… or not enough of a ninja. If someone’s going for my gun I’m either fighting for it with too hands or I’m just gonna go for their soft bits as fast as I can without trying to get a knife out of my pocket.


  4. On mag extensions, if you are able to conceal it and draw it smoothly, what’s the issue?

  5. Oh and that was way more than a pocket dump. Who carries a big fat water bottle in their pocket?

  6. I approve of this man’s color choice! More stuff need to available in nice dark green colors there’s way too much stuff only available in black and tactical peanut butter.

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