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“Texas students shouldn’t lose instruction time for holding gun-shaped Pop-Tart snacks at school.” So intoned Texas Rep. Ryan Guillen by way of introducing his bill in the state legislature designed to roll back government school institutionalized hoplophobia. The kind that’s sanctioned, suspended and even expelled kiddies for pointing a pastry and saying “bang.” Or some paper. Or a piece of pizza. Or their fingers. So it’s come to this . . .

In order to counter the kind of zero tolerance stupidity cultural hacks like Shannon Watts and Michael Bloomberg have promoted in their attempts to stigmatize guns, making even things resembling them beyond the pale, states like Texas have to take matters into their own hands. As Florida has already done.

Besides, who could be against these kinds of knee-jerk, unencumbered-by-the-thought-process administrative over-reactions to kids being kids? Oh, wait.

“If I was voting today, I would vote against that bill,” (Sen. John) Whitmire said. While he has not read the legislation, the Houston Democrat said he would be reluctant to place any restrictions on local school officials to determine proper disciplinary procedures. Guillen’s legislation includes flexibility for a school to discipline a student who “disrupts learning” or causes harm or the fear of harm to an educator or another student.

“I believe strongly that common sense should be the guide,” Whitmire said. “I just think you have to, in my judgment, leave it to local administrators and school campus administrators to weigh the circumstances.”


Did you catch that? Whitmire hasn’t read the bill yet. He just knows he opposes it. That makes the Senator a prime candidate for federal elected office where you have to enact a bill to find out what’s in it.

The fight against reflexive anti-gun idiocy — countering the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex’s determined efforts to exclude firearms from polite society — is a long march. But it’s a journey worth taking. One step at a time.

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  1. If the school administrators actually used common sense and weighed the circumstances like Whitmire wants, this bill that Whitmire opposes without even reading wouldn’t be necessary.

  2. Whitmire is an idiot. How hard is it to say “I haven’t read the bill yet, so I won’t comment on it”?
    It just makes him seem like a mindless crony…

  3. Almost like how the government ignores the Constitution except in cases where it is to the Governments advantage to enforce it. No longer a nation of laws.

    • Well, absolutely no one who voted for Obamacare, or signed it, had read it, precious few had read it 6 months later. Makes me wonder who wrote it, if nobody read it? And few understand it NOW!

  4. Public schools throughout the nation have removed the state of Idaho from their geography maps and texts, because a student might copy the outline on a pop-tart or piece of paper, turn it on one side, and pretend to shoot other students with it! Hey, it’s for the children!

    • They’d better do the same for Maryland. Hell, the part of Texas at the lower Rio Grande is curved like a trigger. Oklahoma’s panhandle could look like a rifle barrel.

      Clearly we need to just frigging ban US maps from schools.

  5. Your typical School run by Liberal/Progressives.

    In school, it’s a concentrated dose of all that is dysfunctional to down right insane about the liberal/progressive so called “thought”.

    You are placing your child naked in a den of hungry predators without justice, without the right of self-defense and leaving them in the hands of faculty that have proven themselves to be delusional, in denial and completely out of touch with reality.

    No wonder so many children are depressed, anxious and down right suicidal. Even if they can’t put it into words, children know when their environment is unjust, dangerous and just plain crazy.

  6. He favors “common sense” over a Bill that was written to remedy a blatant lack of common sense….

    Go figure.

  7. This law doesn’t go far enough. Actions of this kind that traumatize children should be treated as felony child abuse and prosecuted accordingly.

  8. Leftism has entire infected the education system from kindergarten through post-grad and so now it becomes necessary to legislate common-sense.

    Back before the Left took over common sense was….well……common.

    With the Left in charge now it becomes necessary to legislate common sense and do you realize how many laws you have to make to legislate everyday common sense actions to correct the stupidity of Leftism?

    As Prager says….the Left destroys everything it touches.

  9. It’s a sad day in America when we even need to think about enacting these types of laws/bills.
    To all the idiotic gun grabbers….. Thank you for reminding me of why I served our country, my resolve to our country and our constitution has grown stronger.

  10. That horse head pop tart illustration looks more like an uncircumcised penis and if a 7 year old chews his pop tart into that shape in class then I think at least his parents need to be notified.

  11. “I believe strongly that common sense should be the guide,”

    and that’s the problem, they aren’t using common sense, hence why such a bill/law is needed, sadly.

    • Go ahead. Ask him what he thinks common sense would be in a Pop Tart gun situation. He believes in common-sense Pop Tart control like Shannon believes in common-sense gun control. He’s all for lawful Pop Tart ownership but…

  12. I’m a cereal killer. I use Pop Tart weapons on all of my victims. One time, I ran around stabbing people at the mall with a Pop Tart knife. Just last night I found a homeless guy sleeping in a dark alley, and bashed his brains in with a Pop Tart hammer. My favorite one though, was the time I shot up a church with a Pop Tart machine gun, then tossed a few a Pop Tart grenades in through the windows to finish off any survivors.

  13. I love Republicans:

    – Local schools should have more control

    – Support state bill making school control more centralized

    • Right on with that Grind, the illusion of 2 parties and choice of government only works on the weakest minds at this point.

  14. So… If a student were to inadvertently bite a pop tart into an ‘L’ shape, and then absent mindedly decide to take a bit from the long end, would the student be out on suicide watch? Or does simply eating a pop tart qualify for that?

  15. First off, this Rep. is out of touch with his constituency – he thinks kids are still allowed to play dodge-ball.

    Secondly, “common sense” and zero-tolerance are mutually incompatible.


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