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“We have received some comments that the current issue 45 RIP is not compatible with Glock and its unsupported chambers,” G2 Research’s Facebook page reveals. “Due to this, we have revised our design to solve this issue. If you have a Glock .45, please call 678-533-2033 Ext 4 or email us through our website for a free replacement of your ammo. Check the inside of your .45 RIP box for a date. Do not use July- Nov through a Glock. This does not affect any other caliber or handgun.” Our man ShootingTheBull was not impressed with RIP ammo – to say the least. He ripped RIP a new you-know-what. [Click here for Part 2 of his review of the 9mm variant.] The fact that it could blow-up a GLOCK just adds fuel to the pyre. [h/t SL and DrVino]

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  1. Odd, as ballistics testing indicates RIP ammo is a catastrophic fail regardless of caliber.

    The entire design should be recalled, with the marketing director of G2 strung up for malpractice.

  2. Son of a b!tch. I bought 2 cases of this stuff, and ALL of it was made in September. Guess I’ll have to go back to shooting my R51. Damn.

  3. Of course… akin to making something idiot-proof so someone can set the bar to a new-idiot low, there will always be the gullible out there who will believe in every new next, best, greatest (insert chosen product here). I wanted some as a novelty, but won’t pay $2-3 per round for some.

    • I showed a guy the STB videos on why R.I.P. sucks and went into detail. His reply? Most humans are not more than 4 inches deep from the front and that level of penetration seemed good enough for him.

      The implied double entrendre was so potent I let it drop where it stood. If he truly believes that then I don’t want to pursue or persuade him otherwise, especially if he has reason to believe it. Idiots make themselves stupid by choice. Can’t take that away from them.

      • Potential Darwin award winner there. It’s like a bad accident happening. You want to look away, but can’t.

        • It irked every bit of gunslinger in me and boiled my blood. Keep in mind that this guy used to weigh about 150 more pounds than he does now and would have easily fallen into the “more than 4 inches deep from the front” crowd he claimed wasn’t an issue.

          Darwin Award indeed. I stopped talking guns with him after he said fragmented .22 damage was enough to stop someone. I no longer could see straight after the conversation was over.

      • STB actually has a video where he directly addresses that argument. He embeds some pig ribs I believe in ballistic gel and shows what happens when the G2 RIP stuff hits bone. Spoiler: it hardly penetrates at all. The only thing that made it straight through was the base and the wound channel was anemic.

  4. So it will potentially kaboom in a Glock but, but, the G guns can fire +P+P+++P Depleted Uranium rds., and are dishwasher safe.


    I confess I am a G21 owner, and that beautifully ugly railroad tie with a grip works just fine with Federal HST’s and I would never put some hokey marketing stunt novelty ammo anywhere near it. She’s sensitive.

  5. I say this will just make it better.
    The dozen little shards that make superficial, ineffective wounds are the main selling point of the ammo. Hell, they even put a picture of those wounds on the box. If the Glock blows up it will put dozens more pieces of shrapnel out there. It’ll be like shooting a full magazine of G2 rounds (or two full 7-rounders in NY) with one shot.

  6. While I personally feel that the RIP is a gimmick. I have learned from enough live tissue training, and then actual real world experience that just cause a round doesn’t perform well on the FBI’s Ballistic Gels test doesn’t mean it is a gimmick.

    • Ok. You sparked my curiosity. Based on personal experience, what types of ammo would you recommend?

      I have fallen back into the “over penetration is over rated” camp, and tend to look at 15″ of jelly penetration as my minimum, but I like to stay open minded. 🙂

      • In Afghanistan I always carried Critical Duty. The penetration is useful, plus the amount of clothes they wear is pretty thick. Then did some training with guys who were being issued the Liberty Civil Defense rounds and got to see how nasty they were. So now rock those if I am not worried about penetration.

        • Interesting. I sold a 9mm keltec rifle in the panic of 13′ for a decent profit. When I replace it, I plan to test the liberty ammo in it. It seems like that ammo would benefit from a longer barrel. (It seemed to fireball like a .357 snub from a small pistol. Lots of wasted energy…)

  7. How does Glock which has chambers so loose you can run any otherfatory ammo rardless of bullet weight including 150grn 9mm, end up with overpressure but every other on the planet is fine? I call bs. Glocks have long throats in barells it should not be possible to overpressure just Glocks. Unless it happened with aftermarket barrel.

    • My understanding is the Glock chamber does not completely enclose the cartridge. It’s where the brass is not supported by chamber that a problem occurs. Or so I’ve heard.

      Google Glock Kaboom.

  8. No defender of G2 ammo .. never used it, I run DPX. This is about Glocks and somewhat about The-‘truth’-about-guns. Many of the advantages of the Glock being designed by someone outside of the firearms field is that the designer was not pre-brainwashed into a tiny box on how a firearm is “supposed” to be made .. and so some cool advances were the result. But one of the hangups of the designer not being from the firearms field is that he didn’t know how firearms are -supposed- to be made. The Glock’s feeding geometry is off. Rather than correct that, the Glock ‘fixes’ it by removing part of the rear chamber support .. and dedicates that area instead as a negative space so it can be borrowed by the feeding ramp. This leaves the rear of the incoming round partially unsupported at the sixOclock position. If you reload ammo and the same case goes in the same way three or four times, it’s going to have a blowout. This happens actually a lot, go check it out. The G2 ammo is probably not dangerously pressured in any normal (properly designed) firearm. I suspect the cases used by the G2 between 7.1 and 11.30 of 2014 were by a third-party supplier that was trying to cut some corners by having their internal case dimensions thinner in the rear areas. In most fireams this would never be an issue. But for the pretty-dangerously misdesigned Glock ‘chamber-ramp’ cockup it could give you occasional rear case blowouts in that unsupported area.

    The place to look for overpressured rounds (mismade ammo) is in flattened primers and in stuck or separated cases, but you don’t need actual overpressure indicators to have a rear blowout the Glocks.

    Now for the 2nd thing: How does this site not know that? It’s common knowledge. It’s not unusual to come here and read similar tirades .. emotional rants, playing to the crowds or to the writer’s sense of ego, with articles missing esoteric or even enormous technical knowledge of the matters in question, even when the knowledge itself is widely known. Perhaps a rebranding could be in order? PontificatingSemi-literateOpinionsAboutGuns wouldn’t be as catchy, but occasionally it’s closer to the .. truth.

    Harsh? Just revisit ..

    “The fact that it could blow-up a GLOCK just adds fuel to the pyre.”

    But somehow it affects no other make of firearm. Especially odd since the Glock is otherwise built like a tank. Sorry, buddy, but it’s the Glock that’s blowing up the ammo .. not the other way around. How do you not know this stuff? A competent and illuminating article could have been the result.

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