Texas Governor Begins Pardon Process for Army Sergeant Convicted of Murder in BLM Protest Shooting

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Austin police investigate the shooting of Garrett Foster that occurred at a demonstration against police violence in downtown Austin, Texas, July 25, 2020.  (Stephen Spillman/Austin American-Statesman via AP, File)

Army Sgt. Daniel Perry was driving for Uber in downtown Austin, Texas on Saturday, July 25th, 2020. That night, a black lives matter protest marched down Congress Avenue. As Perry’s car attempted to turn onto Congress from Fourth Street, the car was surrounded by marchers. One of those protesters was Garrett Foster who was carrying a slung AK-47 rifle.

As the crowd surrounded Perry’s car, Foster raised his rifle. That’s when Perry shot and killed him.

The shooting was investigated by Austin Police and the Travis County District Attorney at the time and ruled an act of self-defense. In November of 2020, however, Jose Garza, a Soros-backed “progressive” prosecutor was elected as Travis County DA. He reopened the investigation and convened a grand jury.

An Austin police detective who investigated the shooting accused the Travis County DA of forcing him to alter his testimony to the grand jury, removing possibly exculpatory information, in order to obtain an indictment.

In a sworn affidavit, Detective David Fugitt wrote, “I firmly believe the District Attorney’s Office, acting under the authority of José P. Garza, tampered with me as a witness.” However, a district judge reviewing these claims said he didn’t see any behavior in this case rising to the level of criminal conduct by the D.A. …

In the sworn affidavit, Fugitt claims he had “several conversations” with the District Attorney’s Office regarding evidence that could have been favorable to Perry but “it became clear to me that the District Attorney’s Office did not want to present” this evidence. Fugitt said he was ordered to remove more than 100 slides from his presentation and felt like he “did not have any other options but to comply with their orders.”

U.S. Army Sgt. Daniel Perry. Perry was convicted of murder for fatally shooting an armed protester in July of 2020. (Austin Police Department via AP, File)

Perry was indicted and charged with with murder, aggravated assault in July of 2021. On Friday, Perry was found guilty of murder and not guilty of the aggravated assault charge.

The prosecution based its case not only on what happened that night on Congress Avenue, but also what Perry had written on social media.

Supporters of Perry immediately began calling on Texas Governor Greg Abbott to pardon Perry. Last night, Abbott announced that he’s begun that process which requires action by the Texas Bureau of Pardons and Paroles.

A sentencing hearing for Perry is scheduled for Tuesday.


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    • They’ll feed into it Alinsky style.
      Ends justifying means, push the negative through to a positive, lock your target, the public loves the underdog.

      What they’ll get from this is the gov is racist and extremist to deny justice to the family of that poor freedom fighter and be emboldened in their nonsensical position. Because if your politics are right you should be able to get away with aiming a rifle at somebody.

      The same insane position you hear from the family of stickup artists who get shot dead as in “his gun wasn’t even loaded” and “he would never have pulled the trigger.”

      • Hey Chat GTB! How do we defeat the leftists?

        Chat: Read Alinsky’s rules for radicals and follow the directions.

  1. In Texas, does a “pardon” expunge the record?

    Thinking that no matter what, Perry’s military career is over.

    • If arrested I think the arrest is permanently on the record whether expunged or not, and even then, there are specific rules for what may or may not be expunged in Texas.

      • “If arrested I think the arrest is permanently on the record…”

        An arrest can derail eligibility for security clearances. For my entire 20yrs, had to deal with, “Have you ever been arrested?” (drinking in a grave yard last month of college)

        • True. Even a simple nonviolent misdemeanor arrest can keep you out of a lot of jobs and professions even when it isn’t legal for employers to discriminate based on that.

        • While each state has different laws and what may apply in one state will not in another. I am not a lawyer but I spent 25 years working in court and a little rubbed off on me. Probably spent more time in court than most attorneys. I think there is a way that arrest records can be sealed in CA. That said, with that opinion and $5 you can probably get a plain coffee at Starbucks.

      • PS, I forgot about a little known legal loophole…

        Someone I know who is VERY wealthy “donated” $400k to the right organization after his kid got arrested for a DWI while attending Texas A&M.

        You just ain’t gonna believe this, but there somehow just ain’t no record of an arrest or a mugshot or a charge or a court case or anything…. it all “vanished” after the donation.

    • If he’s an intelligent man, then his military career should be over by his own choosing. Given the state of the country today, why would he want to risk his life for it, and for whom?

      • This. As someone who “served” OIF and OEF, fuck this mess. Now is the time for “civilian defense” and it shows.

      • The US Army services the Constitution and the citizens of this nation. NOT the current, temporary, faux president.

        • Tell that to General Milley!
          (However, it was my experience that many flag officers forget their oath “to support and defend the Constitution” and get real political about the time they make their second star.)

        • In my experience, going back 20+ years, a star on the shoulder is earned by licking boots. Two stars are earned by licking higher, and three for licking deeper. The military and para-military is the same everywhere in the world – they do their masters’ bidding. For the most part. Will they continue to do that and shoot their brothers? Nobody really knows. But rest assured that the top brass is a 100% political animal that is loyal to its master.

      • While I agree with your assessment of today’s top military leaders, there was a time when that was not the case. We actually had military leaders who were just that.

        To comment on your earlier post, it seems to me he did not place himself in that position unless you consider being an Uber driver is placing oneself in jeopardy. He turned onto a street, perhaps not realizing that there was a sacrosanct procession taking place. My reaction to having an AK or perhaps even a BB gun pointed at me would be to shoot first and ask questions later.

        Did you notice that the Soros DA got a grand jury indictment? A NY state supreme court judge (that’s superior court or court of records in other states) remarked that a DA could get an indictment of a ham sandwich from a grand jury if he so desired. Having reported numerous grand jury proceedings, I would most assuredly concur. I have always maintained that any deputy DA who couldn’t obtain an indictment would have difficulty working clearing tables.

    • Slightly different situation, mine wasn’t a pardon, but my record in Texas still shows an arrest in 1989 and a dismissal of the case.

      I worked as a security guard after that in Texas after that and before entering my professional career. I have worked in healthcare in Texas and Pennsylvania for almost 3 decades.

      Between my interest in guns and my profession I have been checked and rechecked by the FBI, Texas DPS, Pennsylvania PSP, Pennsylvania Board of Medicine, whoever issued my professional license in Texas back before 2002, the ATF and the state of Utah multiple times. I have been fingerprinted more times than I can remember. I have been background checked for every job I have had since 1990, though none required a government security clearance.

      Only twice have I been asked to explain the situation surrounding my arrest, by employers during the hiring process, not by government agencies.

      It may be of interest to note that the route available to me in Texas would not have been available to me had my situation transpired in Pennsylvania. Had it happened here my case would not have been dismissed, I would have had to fight it out in court and if I lost I would have a criminal conviction that would make me a prohibited person.

      Choose where you have your youthful indiscretions wisely. It can follow you for the rest of your life, and I thank God that mine happened in a place where I got set right and sent on my way with no legal issues going forward.

    • Sam, don’t know how it works in Texas. but generally speaking “pardon” means it never happened.

      • “but generally speaking “pardon” means it never happened.”


        Always thought of it as, “You did it, but under the circumstances, you’ve been punished enough.”

        • Again, it depends upon in what state the pardon was issued. No one can make a blanket statement about pardons. Did you notice in Texas the goobinator doesn’t have the right to issue pardons? He can petition the Board of Pardons to issue a recommendation for a pardon but he cannot sue sponte issue a pardon. In CA the goobinator can issue a pardon all by hisself without checking with anybody. A presidential pardon means the crime never happened and it was completely a SODDI event. SODDI = Some Other Dude Did It.

    • Under Texas law a pardon can be completely expunged off of someone’s record. They purge the records of all mention of the convection or at least that’s how it used to be. I think in recent years they have changed that to simply sealing the records where no one can see them. You are permitted even under oath to say that you have never been convicted of a crime if you have had an expungement in Texas or you can simply say that the matter has been expunged and no one can dig any deeper.

      • “You are permitted even under oath to say that you have never been convicted of a crime if you have had an expungement”

        As they used to say, “Texas is a whole ‘nuther country.”


      A full pardon restores certain citizenship rights forfeited upon criminal conviction, such as the right to serve on a jury, to hold public office, and to serve as executor or administrator of an estate. In Texas, when a person discharges a felony sentence the right to vote is automatically restored.

      A full pardon will remove barriers to some, but not all types of employment and professional licensing. Licenses are granted at the discretion of state licensing boards for each profession, and requirements for restoring licensing eligibility in a particular field should be obtained from that licensing board. A pardon will not restore eligibility to become a licensed peace officer in Texas.

      A full pardon will not be considered for an offender while in prison except when exceptional circumstances exist.

      A person receiving a full pardon after a conviction is entitled to an expunction of all arrest records relating to the conviction.This requires the applicant to request an expunction from the appropriate state court.


      • “A full pardon restores certain citizenship rights…”.

        Thank you for taking the time to find the source document.

      • That’s in Texas, the state under discussion. There are 49 other states having different laws and also I don’t know how many territories which generally follow federal law which can be different from all 50 states.

  2. Righto…… he said that before the secretary even had time to type up anything.

    I voted for Abbott every time he’s run for state office and after paying attention to what he says and does for the past couple of years, I’d say all he did was go say the right thing in front of a camera. Wait and see what happens.

  3. You can bet your last dollar that dacina, the DUNDERHEAD and MINOR Miner49er as well as Albert L J Hall, the fake Brit RAF “vet” are foaming at their mouths and spitting fire.

    • Sadly, there were no winners in this incident.

      Unfortunately, Perry ‘jumped the gun’ and shot the veteran before he pointed any weapons at Perry. This is borne out in Perry’s on statements to the investigating detective.

      Perry even said the gun was not pointed at him. “I believe he was going to aim at me. I didn’t want to give him a chance to aim at me,” Perry told Detective Fugitt in the interview.

      Perry was a violent individual who was just looking for an opportunity to kill the protesters, he posted numerous messages and memes about his desire to kill protesters:

      “During the trial, which began March 27, prosecutors showed the jury text messages and social media communications where Perry talked about killing protesters in the weeks before the shooting. “I might have to kill a few people on my way to work, they are rioting outside my apartment complex,” he wrote to a friend in June 2020. On another occasion he said, “I might go to Dallas to shoot looters.” In DMs, according to reporting by the Austin Chronicle, a fellow gun owner warned him: “We went through the same training,” he said. “Shooting after creating an event where you have to shoot, is not a good shoot.”


      It doesn’t make any difference what the DA said, the decision is up to the 12 members of the jury, they saw the evidence and heard the testimony. Given Perry’s public postings about desiring to kill protesters, they could reach no other verdict than premeditated murder.

      And I’m not surprised everyone on this list would like to see the murderer walk free, most on here have expressed the desire to kill protesters in cold blood just because they disagree with their political positions.

      • To commies like Miner69er, fellow communists, homosexuals, and trannies are allowed to be armed and defend themselves. The vast majority of normal people aren’t, because of their heinous prejudices. You can see it in the commie reaction to the tranny freak that killed six Christians.

        The inmates are in charge of the asylum. Any normal people still residing in blue cities need to seriously think about their position, and investigate ways to escape. The longer you stay, the more likely the you will be a victim of communist aggression. The revolution is speeding up; the mask is off; the Bolsheviks are making their move.

        Prepare accordingly.

        • In Texas, district attorneys are not required to present exculpatory evidence to the grand jury. The belief is that this evidence belongs in front of the trial jury, not the grand jury.

          In 2019, SB 1492 would have overturned this. The bill did not make it out of committee.

          Not saying it’s right, many states do require that the DA presents clearly exculpatory evidence. I’m simply saying that, in the State of Texas, withholding exculpatory evidence is not prosecutorial misconduct.

        • bugskydoc, while there is no law in TX codifying that the DA’s present exculpatory evidence to the Grand Jury, it is in the Code of Ethics for District Attorneys.

      • “most on here have expressed the desire to kill protesters in cold blood just because they disagree with their political positions.”
        Name one liar!

        • “Name one liar!“

          May I kindly direct you to my post at the bottom of this thread, you may be gratified to learn that I provided several of the examples you so politely requested.

      • Minor, often if you wait for a firearm to be pointed at you, it’s too late. Here’s the criteria: I’m going about my business. I’m accosted by an armed felon. I’m in fear for my life, or serious bodily harm. or that of another innocent person. See what happens next. If you think I’m going to wait for an asswipe that’s threatening me to unlimber am AK before I take action you are more stupid than I thought.

        • the guy was already under duress…and fearing for his life…now along comes some guy who begins to unsling an AK-47…what would you do?

      • Miner-
        I have stated that if someone attempted to murder me, or someone else in my charge I would react with whatever means I had. Does that mean if in the future someone attempts to murder me and I react and they die that I am guilty of premeditation?

      • Oh look – America’s favorite self-defense lawyer has weighed in. I heard you just got hired on as part of the faculty at the University of the Holiday Inn Express. That’s a big deal, you should be very proud.

        I thought the part where you cherry picked the police statement because that’s what dumb, lazy journalists do and you are too stupid to know what else he said – that was just masterful. There was one thing you forgot to mention and that’s when Perry also said in the police interview: “One of the guys with the rifles looked like he wanted to talk to me, so rolled my window down…when I saw him raise his weapon, I grabbed my revolver….All I know is that he was raising it up at me, and I was in fear for my life…I panicked”, which is a valid claim for one (not all) of the legs of a self-defense case, which you clearly do not understand, but again, those cherry picking skills? Unparalleled.

        And when you said that many of us want to kill protestors in cold blood because we hate their political beliefs? OMG. You make Perry Mason look like Lionel Hutz.

        I wish I could take one of your classes at the waffle station.

        • “You make Perry Mason look like Lionel Hutz“

          May I kindly direct you to my post at the bottom of this thread, you may be gratified to learn more about that assertion.

  4. MILITIA” MYTH BUSTING: NO the “Militia Clauses” of Article I do not reduce our 2nd Amendment Rights.

    • Oh look, it’s another one of 40oz’s off-topic, out of context, cut-and-paste posts.

      Anything to distract from the righteous conviction of a murderer, typical conservative tactic

      • MajorLiar,

        COOL STORY, BRO! Now do the one about the Leftist/fascists and the media (ah, but I repeat myself) IGNORING the daily murder of young black men (almost always by OTHER young black men) in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, Baltimore, and hundreds of other cities.

        Oh, I’m sorry, I guess that doesn’t fit your LYING narrative, does it???

        And then you Leftist/fascist lying clowns have the gall to call right-of-center people “racists”. Never learned the definition of “irony”, did you, MajorLiar??? But then, you Leftist/fascists aren’t big on actual definitions, are you? After all, you can’t even define the word “woman”.

      • “cut-and-paste posts”

        oh look another Miner49er confirmation bias rants and off topic posts.

        posting a video is not a “cut-and-paste post”. its posting a link.

        you are really afraid someone will say something contrary to your false narrative aren’t you.

      • Lol you do that shit constantly Miner.

        Such a hypocrite. You are cute when you are angry.

        • “You are cute when you are angry.“

          Monty, I’m quite flattered by your compliment, thank you. Unfortunately, I’m a bit more of a hetero so I must gracefully decline your amorous advance.

          And I might suggest, it’s been my observation that this forum may not be the best venue for you to look for same-sex love.

        • MajorLiar,

          “Unfortunately, I’m a bit more of a hetero so I must gratefully decline . . .”

          MajorLiar, the only amorous activities you engage in are your daily circle jerks with dacian the demented, Prince Albert the Fake-Limey Ponce, jsled, and Red Wolf. MAYBE you could bag a really stupid hippy chick; no real woman would waste her time. Don’t confuse your wishcasting for reality, or being a lifelong incel for being “hetero”.

          And spare us your fantasies of what you would do if you were actually a normal, sentient human – it’s not going to happen, so stop fantasizing about it.

  5. I tried to reason with minor49Iq but to do that one would have to tie him to a tree and wrap a chain around his neck and pull his head out of his behind with a bull dozer.

    If the Detectives said the Sgt. was good to go that is all I need to hear and now here comes the Gov. and that’s icing on the cake.

    Hopefully the board has the intellect to determine who belongs in a prison beside real murderers who murder just for the heck of it.

  6. Why would anyone need/want o bring an AK-47 to a peaceful protest?
    Seems the shoe only fits when it’s convenient to the agenda.

    • I once brought a G3 (okay, a PTR-91) to a peaceful protest. I figured bringing an AR would be passé – it’s been done before. And I dressed my rifle in its classic oiled walnut furniture, not its modern scary black plastic.

      I displayed it as a form of protected speech against the State overreach we were protesting.

      Medford Mail Tribune – April 22, 2018
      “Several of the pro-gun participants in Saturday’s rally visibly displayed their convictions.”

      (scroll to the bottom for the photo)

    • “Why would anyone need/want o bring an AK-47 to a peaceful protest?“

      Why would anyone need/want to bring an AR 15 to a peaceful protest?

      Ask Kyle Rittenhouse.

      • You seem to be missing the point, dumbass.

        Bring the tools, expect the mechanic work. Rittenhouse fixed that protest like a quick lube oil change. Was there any riots there the following night? Nope.

      • MINOR Miner49er, how about manifest reasons! Remember what happened in each of our cities in the summer of 2020?

        • “Remember what happened in each of our cities in the summer of 2020?“

          Each of our cities? No, what did happen to American cities?

        • MajorLiar,

          Did you actually think that was funny?? Was that your idea of a “witty” comeback???

          Nah, don’t bother – you obviously ARE that stupid. Go suck-start a shotgun, assclown.

        • MINOR MIner49er. Nice try at deflection. You Leftists with your BLM and ANTIFA stormtrooper thugs rioted, burned and yes, even murdered.
          Aur cites? American cites? One and the same!

      • MINOR Miner49er. Clearly we have two different definitions of “peaceful demonstration”.

        • Walter,

          Nah, MajorLiar’s definition is simple – if it’s a Leftist/fascist “protest”, it is ‘protected speech’, no matter how many buildings and businesses they loot and burn. If it’s a right-of-center protest, it’s “stochastic terrorism”, even if they leave the protest venue cleaner than it was when they arrived.

          Stupid Leftist/fascist hippies are like that. So are patriotic Americans, on the other side. MajorLiar is a stupid Leftist/fascist hippie. QED

  7. “The testimony confirming Perry’s anger toward protesters came on the third day of the trial as prosecutors displayed text messages and social media comments showing that he thought about killing them. “I might have to kill a few people on my way to work, they are rioting outside my apartment complex,” Perry wrote to a friend in June of 2020. “I might go to Dallas to shoot looters,” he wrote on another occasion. Perry also encouraged violence in a variety of social media posts.

    In addition, Perry speculated about how he might get away with such a killing – by claiming self-defense, as he is now doing. Prosecutors presented a Facebook Messen­ger chat between Perry and a friend, Michael Holcomb, which occurred two weeks before he shot Foster. In it, Perry argued that shooting protesters was legal if it was in self-defense. Holcomb, who was called to the stand Wednesday afternoon, seemed to try to talk Perry down. “Aren’t you a CDL holder too?” he asked, referring to the men’s licenses to carry concealed handguns. “We went through the same training … Shooting after creating an event where you have to shoot, is not a good shoot.”


    • minor49iq…Well bozo anyone at the time in the midst of thugs ruling the streets has been led to talking about using self defense for survival. I’m sure the police discussed it with relatives, friends, coworkers what may happen if they were cornered, etc.

      Your defense of the deceased is on the same level as the outrage over the deceased being shot 5 times. I ask you…How many rounds from a revolver would you fire if you found yourself in a car surrounded by azzhats and one looking at you while brandishing an AK?
      Driving away is not an option becauce it gives the perp with the AK the edge. The deceased should have walked away before he made the move that got him dead…don’t you think? Detectives think so meaning they would have shot the nitwit with the AK too…Show some respect for LE when respect is due.

    • Perry’s speech and internet postings, if true, is an excellent example of what I advise people not to do.
      A person’s speech and internet postings can come back to haunt and damage a person in a court of law just as it has in this case. No matter if a person is merely venting or joking, all the court will consider is the ‘words’ spoken/written. Best to play it safe and be silent and by all means don’t post anything in writing.

    • How many microseconds from low ready to muzzle in your face? I’ve seen a still shot of of the asshole with the AK47 aiming at Perry. That isn’t low ready. Seems to me Perry qas correct in tell his friend hemay have to sh a protester. Doesn’t mak him a murderer it makes him a critical thinker.

    • Dude half the country has played the “what if” game on social media. It’s not “premeditative”, it’s questioning grey areas in the law. I’m not saying it’s smart, but I am saying the information has assisted in constitutional carry in how many states now?

  8. Daniel Perry is the kind of person America needs to patrol our schools,,
    Flash a weapon & your time on this planet is OVER,,,
    Good job soldier…👍🇺🇸

  9. I kind of half expect the governor of Texas to pardon this guy only to have the child sniffer & chief’s admin to cook up some sort of federal charges.

  10. Appears many here don’t actually believe in any right to carry a gun while protesting. Unsupported claim that the victim raised his gun while approaching (entirely absent from Mr. Zimmerman’s earlier article in the incident) and affiliation with BLM is enough for some to declare it a justifiable shooting, rather than a criminal attack on a citizen exercising their right to open carry.

    • So don’t believe the screenshot from the video where the firearm is not at low ready but pointing directly at Perry.

        • Well it wasn’t presented at trial because the fucking liberal DA had over 100 slides removed from the Sheriff’s presentation.
          Funny how a Google search doesn’t show the screenshot that shows it perfectly. Imagine that. Ive seen it before it was scrubbed so do your own fucking research.

        • As much as can be seen from the blurry photo, does look as though it could be low ready.

          Comment was based in the article and the earlier one, neither of which feature this [inconclusive] photo.

        • “the fucking liberal DA had over 100 slides removed from the Sheriff’s presentation“

          The video you claim proves Perry’s innocence is available on the Internet, and his defense attorneys were able to present the video at trial.

          But still, a jury of his peers found him guilty of murder…

          Do you think maybe there was some evidence or testimony that convinced them?

        • Yeah Miner they were probably swayed by his social media posts. Which is unfortunate and should have had zero influence in the outcome of the verdict.
          Waiting for you to answer to your slanderous accusation as to those who post on this forum. Normally you don’t waste any time replying.

          “most on here have expressed the desire to kill protesters in cold blood just because they disagree with their political positions.”
          Name one liar!

          As to you Serpent even in that poor photograph you can see that is not low ready. His shoulder is up not relaxed and you know it.

        • they were probably swayed by his social media posts. Which is unfortunate and should have had zero influence in the outcome of the verdict“

          That’s incorrect.

          The texts and social media sre prima facie indication of criminal intent, he was looking for protesters to shoot as he expressed in his own words.

          Looks like he found one.

          The jury certainly thought so, and found him guilty based on the testimony at trial and the evidence presented.

          Just as the United States Constitution requires.

        • MINOR Miner49er. Clearly you are clueless. The District Attorney committed PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT. A DA is REQUIRED to present both sides of the issue to the Grand Jury. I seriously doubt of the DA had presented exculpatory evidence as is REQUIRED by law, the officer would never have been indicted in the first place.

    • “Appears many here don’t actually believe in any right to carry a gun while protesting.”

      What was now dead guy protesting, exactly? Cars on the street? Was he trying to hand the driver a BLM-antifa pamphlet? Why wasn’t he standing on the sidewalk beside his wife, holding a protest sign? It’s almost like his purpose was to intimidate, as he put it, “the people who hate us but are too big of p-ssies to actually do anything about it.” That’s also known as terrorism.

    • I carry every day but no one knows it. Carrying an AK-47 in a mob sends a signal of nothing but intimidation. Is that how you prefer gun owners to behave? Is that how we get others on our side? That idiot is dead because he thought looking and behaving like a badass was better than being a responsible citizen.

      Not sure why you think the smart thing is to show up in a mob protest, which could go from Zero to Insane in a moment, and we know it could (and did) because it happened all over the freaking country in the same kind of protests – this to you is a good choice?

      It appears to me you don’t use your brain as much as you pretend you do.

      • “Carrying an AK-47 in a mob sends a signal of nothing but intimidation“

        How is that different from carrying an AR 15 in a mob as Kyle Rittenhouse did?

        So Kyle was signaling nothing but intimidation?

        Oh, I get it, special treatment if you’re on the reich side.

        • MajorLiar,

          Yeah, I bet that really chaps your ass, doesn’t it?? Only the Leftist/fascists are entitled to special treatment. Just ask Lyin’ Joe Biden and Assclown Bragg. Hillary Clintoon and Hunter Biden can get away with EGREGIOUS security and federal law violations, but God forbid a Republican try it!!

          You are so transparently, absurdly partisan and dishonest, you should get some Soros bucks and run for DA somewhere – you could be at least as incompetent, and even more partisan.

          Eff off, assclown.

        • I thought you were supposed to be a nuanced thinker? You really are terrible at this.

          It is somewhat different because he wasn’t a rioter, he was there to defend against rioters, also had a medical kit in case he had to help someone.

          You don’t know me and I’m glad for that, but when I first read about Kyle Rittenhouse in 2020 I thought he was an idiot for going there. Unlike you, I am consistent in my thinking. You will not find me carrying a GD rifle in a mob ever.

          Can you do such a thing? Of course. And I am not going to stand in your way or demand laws be passed that say you can’t carry a rifle at a protest.

          Is that something that’s smart?
          Well, look who I’m talking to, who can’t really answer that question….

        • By the way, Andrew Branca, who I pay, along with CCW Safe to be on my legal team if God forbid I am ever in a self-defense shooting, says Perry is guilty of murder.


          No one understands self-defense law better than Andrew Branca, and I defer to him here and accept the jury’s ruling. At the same time, as Branca notes, the trial was not televised so he and everyone else are basing conclusions from what ignorant, leftist (repeating myself) media thinks we need to hear.

          So yeah – again, unlike you who is nothing but an obtuse parrot who can’t come up with an original thought if you had an AK pointed at your head, I am able to take my emotion and politics out of this and accept the world as it is and not how I pretend it to be.

        • “who can’t come up with an original thought“

          I confine my posts to pointing out the actual facts of history and provide verifiable links to supporting documents, this isn’t about original thought, it’s about facts.

          “says Perry is guilty of murder”

          Yes, I concur, and thank you for sharing this expert’s opinion regarding the validity of the verdict.

        • Fight fire with fire.

          The difference is that “intimidation” was to STOP riots, and it did.

        • MajorLiar,

          “I confine my posts to pointing out the actual facts of history . . . ”

          *snort, guffaw* Sure, MajorLiar, go with that. Coming from you, it’s very persuasive . . . NOT.

          ” . . . and provide verifiable links to supporting documents, . . . ”

          “And provide links to my cherry-picked, Leftist/fascist sources, that reinforce my narrative.” There, FIFY.

          ” . . . this isn’t about original thought, it’s about facts.” Lucky for you, since you are incapable of original thought. And you wouldn’t know a “fact” if it fell out of the sky, landed on your face, and started to wiggle. The only “facts” you know are those that your think support your narrative. ANY transgression by a right-of-center person is to be decried; any equal-or-worse transgression by a Dimocrat is totes OK with you.

          You are a transparently partisan, lying assclown. Go expire in an excavation.

      • Point isn’t whether or not it was a wise choice, but whether or not he was within his rights and thus should not have been shot. Under a similar “bad choice = OK to shoot premise, someone could have shot Kyle Rittenhouse if they felt threatened by him carrying an MSR; would people here be so quick to defend the shooter in that case?

        • I don’t think the Rittenhouse incident is a good comparison because he was running away from the violent BLM-antifa mob. Was Mr. AK trying to run away?

  11. “someone could have shot Kyle Rittenhouse if they felt threatened by him carrying an MSR“

    Watch the video of Kyle earlier in the Kenosha protest, he muzzles everybody, just as a 17-year-old would.

    So that made him fair game for the gentleman with a skateboard to defend his life from this imminent threat.

    I find it interesting that you folks have finally come around to realize that Kyle Rittenhouse was guilty of murder.

    • lol no. Pursuing someone and surrounding them? These cases are apples to oranges. Mob rule was trying to execute him after he defended himself. They got what they deserved, same as the ones who surrounded an innocent commuter with their rifles – something Rittenhouse was trying to prevent by ALLOWING commuters to get through the town the assholes he showed up to intimidate from rioting. You can carry, but better chose your side wisely. Your argument is basically “anyone there is a threat”. Wrong. Half the people that show up in a majority of these places are a response to the threat and you don’t show up under equipped.

      Get over it dude. The country disagrees with your bullshit. Over, and over, and over again.

    • MINOR Miner49er Clearly you have no idea of what self defense is about. But then most Lefties are as clueless as you are. i’ve reviewed the vids you claim show he was being aggressive and he was clearly not.

  12. That is why a speedy hanging is needed.
    He was charged with murder, and now getting set free. The states going have a lot of back pay going to Perry.
    Charged with murder should be: Bed, fed, and dead the next day.
    save the State a lot of money.
    I Love My President
    Happy ,,,,the eggs the eggs,little kids, uhhh, damnit, little kids, hair, rabbits have hair? Uhhhh,,,???
    My wife’s name is Jill and I like Chocolate Chip Ice Cream,,,uhhh, Blue Bunny ,,,Chocolate Chip,,,,
    Easter Bunny, ,,,I knew I’d get it,,, [I hope the secret service finds where I hid my easter eggs because I certainly cant.]
    Merry Easter America
    JRB N 2024

  13. April 9th Miner49er slanders almost every single person who posts on TTAG.

    “most on here have expressed the desire to kill protesters in cold blood just because they disagree with their political positions.”

    And still refuses to back up his claim.
    Proof Miner or maybe apologize for the slander itself.

  14. “April 9th Miner49er slanders almost every single person who posts on TTAG.

    “most on here have expressed the desire to kill protesters in cold blood just because they disagree with their political positions.”

    And still refuses to back up his claim.
    Proof Miner or maybe apologize for the slander itself.“

    In this case, I’m happy to do the research and provide the evidence you requested.

    The fact is, many of you have made statements indicating you think just because a person stands in the street you feel justified in killing them:

    “Montana Actual
    July 26, 2020 At 18:25
    lol. Chief you are seriously trying hard man. Get a fucken life. Go stand in the street and get it over with. I’d gladly “unjustly” deal with you.”

    But wait, there’s more!

    “Montana Actual
    July 26, 2020 At 18:16
    Starting to think a SAW is a perfect vehicle carry. I honestly would not even bother allowing them to surround me at all, or be anywhere near me. The second they try, I am plowing through them. I’ll turn around and fucken do it again too.”

    July 26, 2020 At 17:58
    You are exactly right Ed Schrade…these dumb ass scumbags should be shot and killed everytime a driver encounters them, or better yet run over their ignorant asses …. “

    July 26, 2020 At 10:10
    These “peaceful” protests are becoming more and more TRE (Target Reach Environment)”

    July 26, 2020 At 11:17
    Don’t blame the driver these vile animals are not NOT protestors they are paid violent criminals and allowed by democratic communist party this needs to be put down immediately”

    “Montana Actual
    July 26, 2020 At 18:10
    The “story” may change, the facts wont. Block traffic, prepare for the consequences.”

    July 26, 2020 At 11:52
    Apparently they WERE allowed to march in the street . I would not shed a tear if they all became road kill.”

    July 26, 2020 At 12:29
    No we do not as long as you block a road and are willing to die for it I have no issues with citizens dealing with “protesters” in this manor. If I am ever o one of these juries not only total acquittal but also my personal thanks.”

    “Montana Actual
    July 26, 2020 At 18:4
    …Obviously, it’s time to stat playing offense if we want to be able to drive home after work, or just drive for that matter. We are free to move, right? So block my movements and find out what happens the hard way. I will not allow someone, let alone a group of people, to surround me.”

    James Crawford
    July 26, 2020 At 16:30
    “ …Rioters who block roads and swarm cars should know their rights.
    You have the right to die.
You have the right to stay dead.
Any weapon available to me can and will be used to kill you.
If you do not have a body bag, one will be provided for you.
If you do not wish to die, don’t have a riot.”


    Here’s some info many of you may not realize:

    “Right-of-way laws in Texas.
    Under Texas law, vehicles are required to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians in a crosswalk, marked OR unmarked, when in the same half of the roadway as the pedestrian (or if a pedestrian is approaching your half of the roadway from the opposite side of the road).”

    Sorry, reich wing extremists gun nuts, you are not allowed to summarily execute folks because they are jaywalking or obstructing traffic.

  15. Impressive 7 different names with 4 of them not being very familiar (at least to me).
    So I’ll just call it hyperbole.
    I guess July 26th 2020 was a pretty violent day for Burn Loot Murder and Antifa.

    • muckraker,
      The claim was “most on here have expressed the desire to kill protesters in cold blood just because they disagree with their political positions.”

      One of the comments was, “I would not shed a tear if they all became road kill.” That doesn’t indicate a desire to kill. It indicates a lack of sympathy. Furthermore, the claim was most. Do these comments represent over 50% of the comments on that page? And how many years did he have to go back to find that tiny sample? So, Miner is still very wrong. In other words, he was using hyperbole to complain about hyperbole.

      • Nope, that was a representative sampling of the comments on just one article.

        And I would point out, several of the most violent opinions expressed come from our very own Montana actually, who’s posting on this very thread.

        And we can disagree whether it was many, most, some or whatever. The fact is, many of the regular posters on this forum often express their desire to murder their fellow citizens for, in this case, Jaywalking and obstructing traffic while expressing their first amendment rights.

        Face it, in the case at hand the shooter declared his intentions to kill protesters months before he went hunting on the streets of Austin.

        The jury saw the evidence presented, heard the testimony and reached a verdict of guilty on the murder charge.

        • “The fact is, many of the regular posters on this forum often express their desire to murder their fellow citizens for…”

          More extreme exaggerations, also known as lying. You were given a chance to provide proof, and the above handful of 3 year-old comments was the best you could provide. How many total comments were on that page, anyway?

        • Dude,

          How do you tell if MajorLiar is lying? His fingers are typing.

          That cretin would lie if the truth would serve him better. I honestly don’t think he even knows HOW to tell the truth.

        • “the above handful of 3 year-old comments was the best you could provide“

          Those were the comments from an article when this unfortunate incident happened in Austin, they are relevant and part of the context of this issue.

          No, I’m not going to parse every single comment section on every single article on TTAG in order to satisfy you.

          I did a five minute scan of the comment section of one article related to this incident and found seven separate posts wherein the posters waxed poetic on the opportunity to run somebody down for protesting in the street.

          You know, occasionally some nut job left wing extremist will make some violent threat via Twitter or text.

          But the reich wing ‘conservative’ extremists make violent threats against their political opponents on a daily basis, it’s endemic on TTAG’s comment section as I showed with the above post.

        • “I did a five minute scan of the comment section of one article related to this incident and found seven separate posts”

          A comment section with 551 comments, and that’s all you came up with after you claimed most of the people here made those types of comments? That’s a major fail, Miner.

          “But the reich wing ‘conservative’ extremists”

          Get it? Reich? Because it’s German, and everyone you don’t like is a Nazi, although using that in place of right makes zero sense.

        • MINOR Miner49er, that is an outright bold faced lie! The post stated that he would not hesitate to DEFEND HIMSELF and his FAMiLY. Since when is self defense “murder”? Oh I forgot you don’t believe in self defense. That fast is your wonderful DA deleted OVER !00 PAGES of exculpatory evidence from the Grand Jury presentation. We call this PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT!

  16. @Old Lefty

    “That said, with that opinion and $5 you can probably get a plain coffee at Starbucks.”

    Seems rather cheap for Starbucks in CA.

  17. @Old Lefty
    “Did you notice in Texas the goobinator doesn’t have the right to issue pardons?”

    Yes. Sam Houston (hew-ston, not house-ton) scared the crap out of Texas politicians, and his popularity with the voters led to emasculating the office of Governor.

  18. According to the media, the BLM/ANTIFA dude was soooo nice, a good husband (black wife that really fit the narrative), patriotic, a veteran, community activist, social warrior, etc., etc.. No mention he threatened the driver or was actively involved in the riot. He was the victim, doncha know?

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