America’s Worst School Massacre That No One Wants to Talk About

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By National Editorial Association/Associated Press – Various newspapers including The Detroit News and the Benton Harbor News Palladium (Benton Harbor, Michigan), Public Domain

Few today even remember the Bath School Massacre, and it is rarely – if ever – even mentioned by the media alongside those other mass killings. The reason is that it sadly doesn’t fit the modern narrative.

While it left forty-four people dead, including thirty-eight children, no one could blame video games, and suggesting movies had an influence would be a stretch as this day of infamy took place on May 18, 1927. Unlike other mass school killings that have taken place largely in the suburbs, this one took place in the small Michigan town of Bath Township located about one hundred miles northwest of Detroit.

Even more noteworthy is the fact that the killer, farmer, and school board treasurer Andrew Kehoe, didn’t shoot up the school either. Rather he used surplus dynamite and other explosives from the First World War and blew up the school with the children inside.

As both a farmer and the school board’s treasurer, Kehoe had been unhappy that all of the region’s students were moved to a new school. It improved the education the students would receive, but it also resulted in higher taxes, and Kehoe was openly against the decision and accused the school superintendent of fiscal mismanagement. Unlike the stereotypical “quiet loner,” Kehoe was married and had a reputation of being hot-tempered as well as frugal. …

Many believed he might have been contemplating suicide. They just didn’t know he didn’t plan to go alone.

On May 18 he murdered his wife, killed his two horses and blew up his farmhouse.

Tragically that wasn’t enough for Kehoe. He had secretly planted explosives at the school, and at 9:45 am the dynamite was detonated in the north wing of the school. An alarm clock was used to trigger the explosion. Thirty minutes later Kehoe, who had driven his truck – which was filled with explosives – to the school, set off another bomb, killing the school superintendent, three others, and himself.

Police later discovered an additional 500 pounds of dynamite in the south wing of the building. Only a short circuit in the wiring kept the tragedy from being far worse. A total of forty-five people were killed and another fifty-eight injured. Nearly a quarter of the children in the town were among the dead. …

Yet in the days before the 24-hour news cycle, the story didn’t hold the attention of readers. It was just two days later that Charles Lindbergh successfully completed his first-ever nonstop transatlantic flight and the bombing was no longer front-page news.

— Peter Suciu in America’s Worst School Massacre Involved No Guns

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  1. History is irrelevant. Moar gun control cuz muh feels.

    BTW, if David Hogg is a survivor of Parkland, I am a survivor of the VA Tech shooter because I was in the same state.

    • Not the weapon. The evil in humans is the killer. JESUS was murdered so all don’t have to pay for that evil. HE IS Risen!

      • He is risen indeed!

        And remember…He went to the cross willingly, for a purpose. For us. For anyone who chooses to turn to Him as Savior.

        He always knew his fate, which was why he was in emotional agony s as he prayed beforehand in the Garden of Gethsemane, and asked the Father to “take this cup from me, though not my will be done, but Yours.”

      • Murdered? He was tried, convicted and sentenced to death. BTW my relatives were there screaming give us HayZeues but to nobody listened.

        • “BTW my relatives were there screaming give us HayZeues but to nobody listened.”

          Biblical-era Marsupials weren’t exactly polite to humans.

          If you demand to be fed, they might tell you to get lost. Or, turn you into the daily chef’s grill special… 🙂

    • He wasn’t even in the same building. If ever there was a publicity hound, grifter scum bag he’s the poster boy.

    • I know how you feel. I was at VA Tech in the late ’90s for a few days for a robotics competition. I should start a Twitter account as a VA Tech survivor.

    • Yes, this was a terrible tragedy but it hasn’t been hidden or underreported, it just happened decades ago so you’re not gonna see it on the front page today.

      “the killer, farmer, and school board treasurer Andrew Kehoe“

      And there you have it, proof that angry old white guys on the school board can indeed be domestic terrorists who pose a threat to school children and teachers.

      I’m glad our modern DOJ is paying attention to these radical school board members, “those who ignore the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them”.

      • You don’t even pretend to be anything but a troll these days, miner.

        We used to have such good trolls here and now we’re stuck with the bench warmers. Shows how far this site has declined under its new management.

      • What school board member are you referring to? Last I heard Garland had directed the FBI to investigate the parents who ATTENDED those school board meetings for “domestic terrorism…

      • radical school board members ??
        like the ones that call in the FBI and doj ?
        because they don’t like being held responsible to the parents of the kids they teach.

      • MajorLiar,

        Once again, the point flew right over your head. The “focus” of the modern “mainstream media” is on sensationalism (“if it bleeds, it leads”) and supporting the common narrative.

        Attend, while I (vainly) attempt to put you some knowledge. If an actual sentient human has evil intent (I won’t ask you to empathize; you’ve never been sentient), laws ‘intended’ to restrict access to the tools by which he/she/it would commit evil are . . . objectively a failure, logically stupid, and laughable to any other sentient human.

        I have challenged your and dacian’s lying nonsense so many times I’m bored, but try to absorb this learning. I can walk into any Home Depot with a benjy in my pocket, and walk out with the materials necessary to make a functional, reloadable firearm. Add in a stop at the local garden supply store, and I can supplement that with an IED and/or a chemical weapon.

        The ONLY ‘deadly weapon’ that exists is the individual wielding whatever tool is employed. I realize that a “gun ban” might deter a quarter-wit like you or dacian; trust me, it isn’t even a speed bump to functional human beings.

        My first objection to all ‘gun laws’ is: only a blithering idiot would consider them an impediment to evil. Hell, even YOU, in your ineptitude, could probably find one of your scumbag Antifa/BurnLootMurder buddies to set you up with a stolen gat. Try to wrap your tiny little mind around the idea that functional humans have more ways around ANY such legislation.

        We laugh at your pretensions. And your abject ignorance, masquerading as erudition. You are a transparent sophomore (the original meaning).

        • There’s a folkloric tale of when the Czar was told of Bolsheviks using dynamite he banned dynamite. Bombs didn’t didn’t stop. He asked what needed to be banned. The answer was salt, wood ash, and electricity. He gave up.He realized banning physical things has no effect on the motivated enemy. The background was that the educated students were cleaning wood ash to get sodium / potassium hydroxide, adding salt, and electrolysing to get hydroxide. Mixed with things like grease, makes a poor man’s demo charge.

        • Just wait; the day is young. I have confidence in MajorLiar, he will rise to the occasion and post something even stupider, more false-to-fact, and even more partisan.

          He is nothing but a partisan, idiot, lying propagandist for the Leftist/fascists.

  2. And your point is??
    Nothing at all remotely do do with today’s attempt’s to bring some order to America’s gun owning fraternity. It’s almost as if there is an attempt to JUSTIFY the use of firearms in school shootings because a couple of crazies once blew up a school with dynamite. Is the use of this incident to illustrate ”something” though what that ”something”is I’m not quite sure.

    • @Albert L J Hall

      “Nothing at all remotely do do with today’s attempt’s to bring some order to America’s gun owning fraternity.”

      In typical anti-gun fascists you ignore the significance in favor of a biased interpretation for agenda.

      it’s got a lot to do with it.

      This killer was mentally ill, as all mass shooters are (school mass shooters are mass shooters just in a school).

      What you deceptively term “today’s attempt’s to bring some order to America’s gun owning fraternity” is nothing like that at all. its attempting to control and supress and remove a constitutional right for the law abiding using tyranny and threats and illegal actions to intentionally endanger life and liberty and weaponize the government against the American people and ignore that its the mentally ill that does these horrible acts, actually facilitating them, while allowing private special interest to literally make law and policy via the ATF they have compromised.

      why don’t you keep out of discussions for which you have no understanding.

      • .40 cal,

        “why don’t you keep out of discussions for which you have no understanding.”

        Umm . . . because then he would be silent the rest of his worthless life???

        • Lamp – having him be silent would be ‘almost’ as good as silencing miner and dacian. Although ‘occasionally’ they are good for cheap entertainment.

    • No, the point was that PEOPLE are the source of this type of violence. The irony of you completely missing the point given the fact that Brazilian man just murdered several school children with a knife and yet there was almost no attention given to it by gun abolitionists.

      • Is the REAL point for society to contemplate that: “PEOPLE are the source of this type of violence”?

        I readily grant that that is A point, one that serves to shift the focus away from the implement and onto the perpetrator.

        So, suppose we’ve accomplished this. Now, our attention is on the perpetrator. NOW WHAT?

        Shall we all be self-satisfied that we have identified the TRUE source of the problem? ‘Our job is done here now; we will return to our shops and farms and homes.’ This posture does nothing to respond to the cry: ‘But we MUST do SOMETHING!’

        Shall we play into the hands of the gun-controllers by neglecting to articulate any affirmative response?

        Perhaps the REAL point should be to:
        1. – strive to figure out HOW to deal with those prone to perpetrate such acts of violence; and,
        2. – strive to figure out how to mitigate EFFECTIVELY such violence when – inevitably – it occurs.

        We ought to strive to do BOTH simultaneously.

        Most perpetrators manifest troubled souls. We ought to look into WHAT came to trouble them. Probably early childhood traumas. C-PTSD is an issue we prefer to look away from. It will take centuries to address, but better that we START to address it now. The potential for pay-off is enormous. Not from any reduction in gun violence. Instead, in the reduction of mental health suffering and fostering of productivity and joie de vivre.

        And, with respect to the gun-control/-rights debate, we need to redirect public attention to EFFECTIVE solutions such as school security and AWAY FROM fantasies such as gun-control (or drug-control, or alcohol-prohibition or any other wishful thinking).

    • How about returning or paying for all those weapons we shipped over under lend lease. Instead of just dumping things into the Atlantic.

    • sir albert of nuttingham…The story says a lot about you. You are right around the corner from Auschwitz where defenseless Jews were taken after being rounded up like cattle headed for slaughter and still you wallow around like a pig in Gun Control…no different than a Gun Control nazi.

      You see defenseless people murdered today and still your solution is to disarm more people. Your Gun Control insanity does nothing more than supply defenseless victims for criminals and tyrants.

      And where are your calls for Hatchet Control after 4 Brazilian day school children were terrorized and murdered and 4 other children mamed? If you want to live your life as a subject that’s too bad. When you attempt to force people to join you that’s a problem. A really Big Problem that will end like it ended for the third reich.

    • You should do something about all of those knife wielders and child groomers in your own country.

    • i believe the point is that evil people do evil things. they will use the tools at their disposal. i see no purpose in more gun laws when the ones we have are not enforced. for that matter, law enforcement has become more an more lax over the years. people feel alienated and disenfranchised. but i have never felt threatened by an honest man with a gun. i even encouraged my sisters to carry to avoid being victims.

    • I suspect that when killers use guns instead of gasoline many less are murdered. Tbe Japanese crazy guy who killed so many young women comes to mind.

    • Why are you more focused on the “school” part and not the self defense part. Clearly you don’t understand the point – much like the rest of your gun grabbing buddies. Self defense is anywhere. Church, schools, movie theaters, day care… doesn’t matter. If someone wants to carry the most capable means of self defense it should not matter where they do it. Age is one discussion most are willing to accept, same as the age to be considered an adult etc etc, but location? No. So if a teacher wants to carry, they should be allowed. If a college student – an adult btw – wants to carry, they should be allowed.

      We are absolutely justifying the means of self defense and it’s clear why – because crazies prey on the easiest targets.

  3. The Bath bombing and other attacks on unarmed civilians shows 2 things. First is those with evil intent will find a method of doing whatever the wish to do. Second is the implement chosen is irrelevant. It always comes back down to the person using it.
    Explosive, guns, knives, axes, incendiaries, motor vehicles, poisons/gasses. All readily available or easily manufactured.

      • I was told that the terrorist publication (name I forget) gave detailed instructions on how to build fireworks and cooker weapons.

        • Probably Anarchist’s Cookbook or The Poor man’s James Bond. Better stuff on the internet nowadays.

  4. To play devil’s advocate, one could argue that psychopaths no longer have access to dynamite like they used to and that’s why we don’t see this type of attack carried out any longer. *before you start typing, Timothy McVeigh didn’t use commercial dynamite.

    • Why do you imagine they no longer have access to dynamite?

      Dynamite is a perfectly legal explosive. Anyone who can pass a NICS check can get a “license” to buy blasting supplies. This was confirmed to me by an ATF employee.

      Moreover, access to the internet means access to the formulas and instructions for all manner of improvised explosives.

      Have you never seen a patron at a gasoline station filling a red can for his lawnmower? I can think of NO OTHER dangerous substance more suitable for mass lethal damage that is less controlled. The only applicable regulation enforced is that the buyer must present either a motor vehicle or a RED-COLORED container to be lawfully dispensed gasoline.

      We are all very vulnerable. We live in a dangerous world. Weapons control is no more effective than alcohol Prohibitin or the War on Drugs. Weapons – whether they be guns, cutlery, clubs, incendiaries, or poisons – are ALL TOO PROLIFIC because each serves its respective useful purposes. None of them can be controlled effectively. It’s magical thinking to attempt the fool’s errand. And to promote such errands is to distract from the identification, evaluation and promotion of effective measures. To prevent mental illness, to treat it as it manifests. And to implement countermeasures.

      • The lethality of gasoline is truly astounding. The Japanese killer used about 5 gallons spread at the different exits and the rising combustion products killed most in the building.

      • brother buys it. hole in mine shaft, pack the tnt, trigger the detonater, come back next day pick up all the pretty rocks.

    • TJ Wolfcall,

      ” . . . McViegh didn’t use commercial explosives . . . ”

      EXACTLY – but you apparently didn’t draw the obvious conclusion from that. Even if access to dynamite or other ‘commercial explosives’ were restricted (they aren’t nearly as restricted as you seem to think), so what???? Any high school kid with access to the Internet can make functional explosives AND chemical weapons (biological are a little harder, but not beyond the reach of competent people).

      Restricting access to explosives will be every bit as effective as Prohibition, or a new “Assault Weapons Ban”, and for most of the same reasons.

        • To 30 L120
          The Boston marathon bombers got instructions from a Jihadist newsletter. But probably hundreds of similar sites give the same info. Once you ban fireworks, guns, dynamite, matches, gasoline, you just end up like the Czar did – being asked to ban wood ash, salt, and electricity (makes bombs).

        • Once you ban fireworks, guns, dynamite, matches, gasoline,

          Diesel fuel, ammonium nitrate, plastic spoons, popsicle sticks, flint, steel, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen…

  5. unfortunately; this regrettable incident lent credibility to efforts to severely regulate explosives. growing up, I knew stump farmers who had hauled wagon loads of firewood into town for sale then used the money to buy a few cases of dynamite. most had a few cases sitting around in their barns, unattended, so that the nitroglycerin was separating from the clay and sawdust. discovering such a cache enabled some explosive fun.

    • Yep. If it’s not one attempt to control our tools it’s another. The good news is, now days there is tons of info to get the tools you need, and they are legal. Responsible people usually never have a problem… Usually…

  6. As a kid I had a chance to play with explosives but we did our best to avoid harm. We had no malice in our hearts. We hurt no one and damaged no property. Something has gone wrong with people now.

  7. The biggest mass killing this century, so far, by one person was the German wings pilot who purposefully crashed his jet into the side of a mountain killling 150 people back in 2015. People seem to ignore that it was a mass killing because it wasn’t a gun.

    • MH370 probably has it beat with 238 innocents who a loony pilot crashed into the middle of the Indian Ocean.

      • Ah yeah, I should add that to the list as #1 and #2 for the century. While it was inconclusive on what happened, it was probably a nut bag pilot.

  8. I am beginning to wonder if the mRNA vaccines, after say 10 years have gone by and all the kids with myocarditis scarring begin to die, will become the largest mass killing.

    • Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, have already died due to Fauci & Company killing off viable treatments so they could keep the emergency authorization going. Big Pharma (along with government workers, yes look it up) making bank was the priority. Saving lives wasn’t. That doesn’t even include the excess deaths due to Fauci’s Covid policies.

      • Starting point of 10k just in nursing homes in NY. Not counting the psych centers or developmental disability homes let alone the heavily pushed remsdiver and ventilator combo. Luckily ivermectin was still somewhat available in New Hampshire if it was needed but our first plan was driving till we hit at least the Carolinas if anyone got badly infected before we got the omicron strain.

        • Despite numerous large scale studies showing Ivermectin’s superiority over Remdisivir, if a doctor prescribed it in most jurisdictions he would list his license. The injury rate for Remdisivir is grossly worse than Ivermectin’s. The cost is thousands of times higher. The power of the drug companies to do this is terrifying.

        • The cost is thousands of times higher.

          And THAT in the answer to the 2.4 TRILLION dollar question…

        • Wait till you see what is being pushed for flu shots from more current failed experiments.

  9. What gets ignored by the anti-gun and nanny statists is the simple fact that anyone who wishes to kill can and will find a way of doing so.

  10. I now know I can’t trust pharma and know they have muscled doctors. This team of pharma and their purchased henchmen have now killed millions and climbing. They also seem to want to disarm the peasants.

  11. Can you guys figure out a better way to pay your bills…I was going to share this article until the obnoxious nose hair ads took away most of its credibility…who are you TMZ now?

  12. In 1958 n arson attack at a school in Chicago killed 92 children and 3 nuns. Years later a student confessed to setting the fire. What are the chances of a lunatic settting a fire?

  13. Supposedly, using a firearm in commission of a crime is a MANDATORY 5-year enhancement, which is routinely ignored. How about both Federal and State laws mandate a 20 year sentence, on top of, and not concurrent with, whatever other time the defendant gets. Then let it be known that crimes where a firearm is used will be vigorously prosecuted. Include the Gang pee-wees (juvies the gangs use because they go to juvenile hall). Let the kids know that Bubba needs some fresh meat. Enforcement and trial must be swift and sure for this to work. If a judge rejects this philosophy, let the public know, they can start a recall. Or prosecutors can just reject his courtroom. Let him handle jaywalkers…

    • I wish criminals would be punished no matter what weapon is used. In the UK they throw acid in peoples faces to steal their purse, or hit elderly in the neck with a hammer then steal their wallet. How about we lock up such people? Better yet, kill them at third offense? Why is using a gun in a hold up worse than spraying acid in someone’s face?

    • 90% of the time those charges are dropped to get a “plea deal”, minimum (or no) time in exchange for a guilty plea…

      • MADD – THAT is a big part of the problem with the legal (NOT ‘justice’) system – far too many persecutors oops prostitutors I mean prosecutors are far more concerned with their ‘conviction rates’ than actually seeing real justice done. Most of the time the pain and suffering and economic loss to the victims doesn’t even come into play. Look at how many of the ‘elected’ (with or without soros $$$$) ones tout their ‘conviction rate’ to bolster their re-election campaigns.

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