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Liberty Hill, Texas – -( The 2015 Texas Firearms Festival is good to go. On November 14 and 15 2015, at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill, Texas, some of the firearms industry’s heaviest heavy hitters will be presenting – and selling – their guns at the “come and shoot it” event. Exhibitors include . . .

Smith & Wesson, FNH USA, SIG SAUER, STI, PWS, Walther, CMC Triggers, Blaser USA, LWRC, Bergara, Henry Repeating Arms, Republic Forge and IWI. That’s in addition to knife makers, Second Amendment groups, holster companies, authors, gun trusts and more selling their goods and services in the Retail Village. More than 50 companies have reserved their spot in the Retail Village.

“We’ve created the firearms industry’s number one brand-building experiential marketing event,” the Texas Firearms Festival’s COO asserts.

“It’s a Texas-sized live-fire gun show, where bullets go down range and cash changes hands. With our expanded Retail Village, FastPass VIP system, new Competition Zone and Austin food trucks, this year’s Texas Firearms Festival is bigger and better than ever.”

Johnson says there’s room for more exhibitors.

“I’ve got one exhibition bay, three rifle range positions and two shotgun fields left. And we’re making room for more Retail Village vendors.” Aspiring exhibitors can claim their place at the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival by calling 401-835-5054 or emailing [email protected]. “It’s first come, first-served,” Johnson says.

“We’ve already sold 500 tickets and it’s not even July!” Johnson boasts. “We’ll have three thousand shooters and at least a thousand non-shooters checking into the Festival . . . Last year, 83 percent of participants said the Festival influenced their choice of future firearms. If you want to fly the flag, meet the folks, shoot some guns and make customers for life, you need to be there.”


The Texas Firearms Festival is held annually at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill, Texas. This year’s Festival runs on the 14th and 15th of November. For more information, ticket sales or exhibitor details, go to, call 401-835-5054 or email [email protected].

UPDATEWarSport Industries, Armalite, LANTAC USA and Texas Custom Guns have just signed-up to the
“come and shoot it” event.

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  1. no, ; (

    But would really like to.

    No KJW this year, tougher to get super-psyched up looking at the ads compared to last year. I guess they could get a different tradition to offset the depleted spokes-person. Maybe a bon-fire, or an ammo easter egg hunt or something?

    : )

  2. There are three reasons why I will not go to the Texas Firearms Festival on the 14th and 15th of November, 2015:
    (1) It is right in the middle of the deer hunting season.
    (2) Open carry will not yet be legal.
    (3) The weather is still fairly nice in most of the country … I would rather travel to Texas in March for a break from winter weather.

    I know, it is probably too late to change the date. Please consider moving the next festival to December or February.

  3. Can’t go – ticket prices are entirely too high. Evidently the organizers are trying desperately to make this an exclusive event – Hoi polloi not welcome. We’ll see if

  4. During the start of Deer season in South Texas, really, what are you people thinking?

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